Dana Carvey Had an Intimate View of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar Performance

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Dana Carvey talks about his experience presenting at the Oscars with Mike Myers, what he didn't see during Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance and breaks down his spot-on Jeff Bridges impression.
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Dana Carvey Had an Intimate View of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar Performance


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May 25, 2019

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Comments 96
Sara Meira Gootblatt
i used to hate dana carvey until he started imitating trump. now i love him. and yes, he's totally a conservative, ask yourself: have you ever heard him saying he hates trump?
joey yolo
joey yolo Month ago
Its like saying theres really something between gaga and bradley cooper 🤪 brad and angelina 2.0 #homewrecker
The Watchful Hunter
Desperately filling in every space with words every week.
sundragon1976 Month ago
I loveeee Dana always have!
B. Felicia
B. Felicia Month ago
I bet no one's more happier that Mike Meyers acting career turned to shit more than Dana Carvey. lol
ainchamama Month ago
Dana Carvey and Gary Oldman are converging into the same person.
Bernard Liu
Bernard Liu Month ago
Carvey is so good !
Dana Carvey as Aries energy love him
K Month ago
he looks 8 and 80 at the same time
zerocryption Month ago
Garth sounds a lot like Jesse James when you think about it.
Hello Morgan
Hello Morgan Month ago
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC Month ago
intresting see react Gaga) world more bigger wich any cant imaigane
Colt 45 zag
Colt 45 zag Month ago
Waynes world Party time!
Damir Asanov
Damir Asanov Month ago
Gary Oldman.
Tianaz Bryant
Tianaz Bryant Month ago
Its like watching him and timberlake
Nikola Bijeliti
Nikola Bijeliti Month ago
Why is multiculturalism foisted on EVERY White country and ONLY on White countries? Why aren't ANY White countries permitted to maintain their own race and culture? This is not done to any non-White country. Assimilation and integration are foisted ONLY on White countries. They call this anti-racist, but the end result is the elimination of only one race, the White race. Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Tom Poster
Tom Poster Month ago
Great impression of Jeff Bridges.
Alanna Reinstedler
I lovvveeee gaga
jeanne sullivan
jeanne sullivan Month ago
This was not funny just disrespectful because Dana came from a place of TDS.
ron frey
ron frey Month ago
Did you see Lady Gaggers Dick ? what a giant crock of shit....
Dana Qauyumi
Dana Qauyumi Month ago
I don't know this guy but the only reason y I clicked on the vid is because he has my name.
Thomas Mahoney
Thomas Mahoney Month ago
Hah! My name is Tom... I alway click on Tom Cruise videos. Reflex.
D RolyPolyMan
D RolyPolyMan Month ago
Dana Carver is one of the great impressionists of all time! And one of the funniest Stand Up Comics of all time! He just cracks me up with his spot on and exaggerated impressions!
Michelle Lawless
Snow caps and gummie bears
Dribrom Sunrock
Dribrom Sunrock Month ago
Every time I see Dana I miss Wayne's World.
Vincent Costello
Dana...your to good...to talented...you cannot be human 👽
saimcheeda93 Month ago
He's a guy in his 60s with the energy of a man in his 20s
Blak Month ago
I'm so sad that Dana is never accompanied by Mike, in these Tonight Show interviews. The people want the band back together, bro!
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley Month ago
Blak Month ago
Dana Impersonating Bush: Na' gonna do it. Na' gonna do it! xD
Gimmy Kthupi
Gimmy Kthupi Month ago
Dana:And her hand's on the piano key and i don't know where her other hand was... OMFG GAGA WHERE WAS YOUR HAND??😂😂 1:45
James Month ago
"How you doin' girl?" lol. Is that the Joey Tribbiani version?
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Month ago
It is rather clear why his career was not stellar. He is all things, and nothing.
Antwon Johnson
Antwon Johnson Month ago
He slipped in a Kit Kat Bar reference, Iconic
jetblacksaint Month ago
Dana is a fucking treasure
johnulcer Month ago
For Wayne's World 3, Wayne and Garth should be separated from one another working menial jobs... But they are rediscovered when someone uploads old episodes of their TV show to RUvid and the video clips become viral and they are offered a revival on Netflix. It'd be topical and justify their return. The funny/stupid twist at the end could be the person who uploaded them was Rob Lowe and he engineered the whole thing as a revenge fantasy, or perhaps as his way of saying sorry lol.
Arzo R
Arzo R Month ago
johnulcer ❤️ it!!!
Chelsea Kirk
Chelsea Kirk Month ago
“Hey mr.doughnut-head! Whose trying to kill ya?” “I don’t know but they better not!” *REE! REE! REE! REE!* 😂 that’s all I could think when he said “stay away from me big scary man!”
D G Month ago
Lisa Fanucchi
Lisa Fanucchi Month ago
Ingrid Month ago
His Church Lady is hilarious 😂
Neil Graham
Neil Graham Month ago
Dana carvey is hilarious
ninjarevv Month ago
Crap. Is the nasty beard coming back?
Leon Beck
Leon Beck Month ago
Dana is the Best. So funny.😂
Lucky Jenn
Lucky Jenn Month ago
Mike Myers is Johnny Depp. Bradley Cooper is Jamie Kennedy. WAKE UP!
Lucky Jenn
Lucky Jenn Month ago
@T R The Truth Shall Set You Free.
T R Month ago
I feel if I believed this my life wouldn't really change in any meaningful way.
Tran 27
Tran 27 Month ago
Dana tries to hard to be funny....
Nick Month ago
Dana is a comedy machine
A LOPEZ Month ago
he looks like GARY OLDMAN
Caleb Clunie
Caleb Clunie Month ago
The other master of disguise.
This man is waaaay funnier than Mike Myers
D G Month ago
myers is an actor, carvey is a genius
Christopher Santiago
Myers can be a douchebag sometimes
The Derp Knight
The Derp Knight Month ago
*Wayne's World 3 ?!* *_S C H W I N G_*
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley Month ago
I'm down. Totally. Party time, excellent!
anderson Month ago
schwing intensifies
Lucha Lew
Lucha Lew Month ago
Dana is such a class act.
D'Hotness McAwesome
I love how long I've been laughing at Dana Carvey. Decades. Like, my whole life. Thank you Dana.
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