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May 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Jeremiah Gayles-Davis
Jeremiah Gayles-Davis
Cherrae Wilson
Cherrae Wilson 2 months ago
guess who won
Bryson Bland
Bryson Bland 2 months ago
Bro the dryer family is not cool bro how will he let derion flirt with Bianca like that's one of his family but damine dad I ok with it👿👿🙅I will beat derion up bro I will still that nagga when I first Sall him it was ok but derion and his dad taking it to fare derion have have pictures of Bianca in the dad thank it's ok he just a kid no he not he a preteen but every video I hear about Damien and derion fighting but the dad thanks it's ok bro
Lewis Boneparte
Lewis Boneparte 3 months ago
Your intro is gooy
Ralston Mclean
Ralston Mclean 3 months ago
Love y'all
demonica riley
demonica riley 3 months ago
Lorie Fulton
Lorie Fulton 3 months ago
Lol lol
Inez Williams
Inez Williams 3 months ago
I don't know
Linda Samuel
Linda Samuel 3 months ago
damien win
Reagan McCord Reagan
Shut up bc your encourag eing him
yusf yusf
yusf yusf 3 months ago
Yusuf yusf Yusuf Yusuf Yusu Yusu suf Yusuf Yusuf
Rico Brewer
Rico Brewer 3 months ago
Why does he have hair I thought he was bald
Rico Brewer
Rico Brewer 3 months ago
Damien should win he lost last and got bald
Ship Stories
Ship Stories 3 months ago
Darion won...
Annette Williams
Annette Williams 3 months ago
Damion let him win definitely....Now let all the problems rest and. EVERYONE RESPECT boundaries....Be Blessed 😊
DJ BRAYDON 3 months ago
Darien messed up everything all the memories of the prince family
John Harvey
John Harvey 3 months ago
Damin you kind if lit but yo lil bro litttttttt ayeeeeeeeee
Jakhia Williams
Jakhia Williams 3 months ago
This must old
KiAalleah Williams
KiAalleah Williams 3 months ago
9 to 5 so far
Aryana Lathum
Aryana Lathum 3 months ago
Why did you do that to the Prince family
The Gang
The Gang 3 months ago
Life With The Qt
Life With The Qt 3 months ago
His intro song isn’t that good to me (no hate)
Dobre brothers Dobre brothers
Do you want to punish Damien to slave his hair off or throwing him in the pool your choice or spanking
Rihanna Basdeo
Rihanna Basdeo 3 months ago
Doing too much
Ameera jones
Ameera jones 3 months ago
when he said his son got a six pack I was like bro he will never have a six pack
Rubi Colimon
Rubi Colimon 3 months ago
Nyah Demetrius
Nyah Demetrius 3 months ago
Tammi Crank
Tammi Crank 3 months ago
Sorry to tell u this but darion aint got no six pack but i respect that he won
TK Bizzell
TK Bizzell 3 months ago
Glad that the family are back taking again...yall should do that for great memories.
Tiffany Cruz Lopez
Tiffany Cruz Lopez 3 months ago
I Hope Damien Wins
Hope's Tv
Hope's Tv 3 months ago
He lost
Shanbria Shorter
Shanbria Shorter 3 months ago
Take a deep breath and think abo ut it a bit try to figure out of your mad remind your self you have special talents remember your wife and your kids are special to you talk to. Him relax don't pay attention to the rude comments let him apologize Use "I" statements to talk about your feelings. Reach a solution together if the fighting happen againRespect your sibling’s personal space and privacy. Express you and his emotions do something nice spend as much time as you can build trust
Desire 3 months ago
i thought this was his reaction of the 1v1 with his son wife.
CEEJDaKid 3 months ago
Yo what is the name of the intro song my guy 😂
Jaylas and Aurelia world
Boy get out of here you are freaking wearing the same shorts from a year ago that you wore when you did the one V1 with your brother
Yesenia Sagastumepascual
Him and u need too stop and let Bianca and Damien alone
Yesenia Sagastumepascual
U guys have to stop his 12 years old and Bianca does not like him and she said she doesn't want to go on a date with him
Danzy BH
Danzy BH 3 months ago
hey guys im subcribed
Daniel Colerangle
Daniel Colerangle 3 months ago
Damien mot even trying 😂😂😂
jalen tesers
jalen tesers 3 months ago
Who else watching this when Darien won
K_O_Smile 3 months ago
Damien still pissed off he lossed to his brother
Marlena Sheriff
Marlena Sheriff 3 months ago
U so rude
Lauren Holmes
Lauren Holmes 3 months ago
He still clout chasing
Szhc 3 months ago
This video was 1 month ago.
ALANI Hall 3 months ago
I hope y’all be come fam again
Alessia Tolentino
Alessia Tolentino 3 months ago
Biannca is damien's wife and her brother will never become biannca's boyfriend never!
kadinesebastien 3 months ago
I got scared I thought this was the 1 v 1 they're doing I can't wait until it drops lol
Nour Queen
Nour Queen 3 months ago
Little brother
hope davids
hope davids 3 months ago
FEG_ FORLIFE 3 months ago
Why the court low
Sheena Smith
Sheena Smith 3 months ago
He got silly 😂😂🤣
Aland carostyl the drummer
I like that new intro you dripping dripping you got that Gucci slide on you got that Rolex on that. Nice gold chain I see you man I see you 🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥
Everly Richmond
Everly Richmond 3 months ago
Why are you guys cloud chasers every video that has Damien in it you say Damien from the prince family or the prince family in every video
Jeramontae Townsend
Jeramontae Townsend 3 months ago
This is the best
J.D Parker
J.D Parker 3 months ago
He is a 2 way slasher plamaker
IKillForFun216 3 months ago
I thought this video was going be about the winner getting Bianca 😂 😂
Tito Rivera
Tito Rivera 3 months ago
Let me play ball and me and my sister bet. Your brother
Sakiyah Caulton
Sakiyah Caulton 3 months ago
History repeats itself look they did this now 1v1
BasicChriss 3 months ago
Whos here after Darion beat Damien in the 1v1.
Leybrin Newkirk
Leybrin Newkirk 3 months ago
Damien didn’t int try
Desie Msbeauty
Desie Msbeauty 3 months ago
For some reason I JUST love His dad already lol not LITERALLY THOU! He seems like he's a cool man! 😜
tristice ebony
tristice ebony 3 months ago
i disliked bc idek
Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai 3 months ago
Ayooo I thought this they real 1v1😭😭😭😭I clicked on dis so fast
Demetrius Clancy
Demetrius Clancy 3 months ago
Now that’s NBA 2k21 practice
Demetrius Clancy
Demetrius Clancy 3 months ago
Good Shot Kid
Kid bj06
Kid bj06 3 months ago
Brooo I thought This was the 1 v 1 nooooo
Aanatson Lowe
Aanatson Lowe 3 months ago
kamogelo Kgwebane
kamogelo Kgwebane 3 months ago
Is this real or a warm up??? 🤔🤔
KAT 3 months ago
Von let A 3"6' foot child bang on him lmao , this is too hilarious yeah darion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💞😂😂😂😂😂💞😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordyn Glass
Jordyn Glass 3 months ago
i love damion
Roberts osawaru
Roberts osawaru 3 months ago
Such a good vid guys. Congrats darion on your win.
skyler pate
skyler pate 3 months ago
your lil brother won
BLAZY BY 3 months ago
Eeeee Damien closed basketball 1
Michael Joiner
Michael Joiner 3 months ago
Damien dad is not young he need to chill bruh
Jash Rodriguez H
Jash Rodriguez H 3 months ago
Tyra Gang
Tyra Gang 3 months ago
TraveyonTV 3 months ago
I thought this was today 😂
Lil Potato
Lil Potato 3 months ago
He doing that on purpose
Ebony Brown
Ebony Brown 3 months ago
What oh omg really good going know are so will vey be look he has vey can.
Gangsta world Of Shawn
Who else noticed that they stayed up all night
Patrick Campbell
Patrick Campbell 3 months ago
That’s tuff
Gangsta world Of Shawn
Who else thought This was the basketball game from all the beef with the prince family
Egypt Jenkins
Egypt Jenkins 3 months ago
I thought this was when darion had a crush on miss biannca and then I realized this was a moth ago
Ari S.
Ari S. 3 months ago
ikr! 🤦
Corbs 3 months ago
y does it say 1 month ago
DatBoy _Tai
DatBoy _Tai 3 months ago
because this was posted a month ago bruh lol
MrPakkmann 3 months ago
The Boy got skills!!! Well done youngster.😎
Real Life
Real Life 3 months ago
I hope damin win
Juliet Thomas
Juliet Thomas 3 months ago
please leave B alone or else I all my friends not to subscribe
Jr Bugs
Jr Bugs 3 months ago
sup boy
Rashone Gallow
Rashone Gallow 3 months ago
I do that is misted up
Subscribe for a blessing Please
I’m trinna see how darion plays before he does he’s 1v1 against Damien Who alse here for that reason ?
DÂRK MišT YT 3 months ago
Jacolby Morris
Jacolby Morris 3 months ago
Funny how this was in my recommended 🤔😂😂
TaShonna Erskin
TaShonna Erskin 3 months ago
Mine too 🤔🤔
K.D Gamer
K.D Gamer 3 months ago
Damien i want to see a video like damien and darion basketball 1v1 part2 and can i get a shout out
Uche Ibe
Uche Ibe 3 months ago
Who won
DVD / blu ray /cd With javonta
Hahaha guess what you get Damien won
Queen Maddie
Queen Maddie 3 months ago
Who won
Shelby Rodgers
Shelby Rodgers 3 months ago
Life With Tori
Life With Tori 3 months ago
Congratulations on 200K
Za riyah Lewis
Za riyah Lewis 3 months ago
Why would this pop up after that stuff happened 😭😂
Rubi Colimon
Rubi Colimon 3 months ago
Damien go
Ark Jayy
Ark Jayy 3 months ago
On me
jessica cromwell
jessica cromwell 3 months ago
arafat sadeeq
arafat sadeeq 3 months ago
aliyah phillips
aliyah phillips 3 months ago
Tristan Dashon
Tristan Dashon 3 months ago
Y'all have a good life i mean Dang i don't have a family like that
Georgeana Kelly
Georgeana Kelly 3 months ago
jamarion Price
jamarion Price 3 months ago
Im still going places since quarantine and i still didnt get sick.
Jaidah Davis
Jaidah Davis 3 months ago
Who won
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