Damian Lillard UNREAL 50 Pts CLUTCH Performance! 2019 WCR1 Game 5 Blazers vs Thunder | FreeDawkins

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April 23, 2019 | Damian Lillard UNREAL 50 Pts CLUTCH Performance! 2019 WCR1 Game 5 Blazers vs Thunder | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments 100
Demari 3 days ago
Anybody seen the broom? 🧹
Jarrad Williams
Jarrad Williams 11 days ago
This Guy Is So Underrated He's Like Steph Curry The Way He Shoots The Ball From Deep Dame And Steph My Favorite Point Guards
Yung Angst
Yung Angst 11 days ago
Fuck a "big market" Lillard's a star anywhere
Beast mode Legend
Beast mode Legend 19 days ago
1:00 is that a double dribble?
REX NETWORK 19 days ago
Your Daddy
Your Daddy 21 day ago
That shot was serial killer cold blooded 😐
Swison Padiyalingam
4:10 You can see someone from OKC bench complaining about the travel lol
qisrankedeleven 23 days ago
Great game Dame. What in the world was Westbrook doing on that last shot geez 🤦
Kingsavagebruh 23 days ago
Worstbrick holds the L again yet ppl say he's good he's the worst clutch shooter ever and can't win plus he just wants stats
TammyL 24 days ago
Go Blazers its your turn this DAME time!!!
Dame Lill N/A
Dame Lill N/A 25 days ago
curry. what curry? this guy is OP AF
Renzo 25 days ago
My career take over plus green light 😂
Christian Rayo
Christian Rayo 25 days ago
Meredith Leavitt
Meredith Leavitt 26 days ago
Hows dames nuts taste russ?
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard 26 days ago
Thats me! 😉🏆
Wesley Gregory
Wesley Gregory 26 days ago
Coldest shot in NBA history
Jisoo Kwon
Jisoo Kwon 26 days ago
4:10 was a travel he moved his pivot
Jisoo Kwon
Jisoo Kwon 13 days ago
+Emre Gürdal chill out i know that just pointing something out don't be so aggresive
Emre Gürdal
Emre Gürdal 13 days ago
Who gives a Fucc bro its gone
Josephine Dellosa
Josephine Dellosa 26 days ago
Dapat mag laro sya sa team USA
Jalen Graham
Jalen Graham 26 days ago
Damn OKC had to loss like that
Super Mario
Super Mario 26 days ago
This is the difference between a man and a child. Damian is a man, a leader not a child like russ who will never become a leader
Nic Reyes
Nic Reyes 26 days ago
Imagine if this was game 7 and the Blazers were down 2 and Dame hits that 40 footer on Westbrook's face instead. Oh my.
Alex Quinonez
Alex Quinonez 26 days ago
Russ ain't rocking the baby no more. Hopefully, he gets humbled after this and starts playing team basketball.
Fitnees Brown
Fitnees Brown 26 days ago
I never seen anything like Lillard since LeBron
hello bye
hello bye 27 days ago
Can't say that was a bad shot he was hitting tougher 3s the whole game
Mozzie Elite
Mozzie Elite 27 days ago
Best damnnnn PG in the Game. Dame⌚️
Esau Appana
Esau Appana 27 days ago
MisterBinx 27 days ago
Look at Lillard's first bucket. Down 10 points. At home. Nothing going. Pressure to bring your team back. He takes a fade away floater in Grant's face. Swish. He has no fear.
Alberto F
Alberto F 27 days ago
Haven’t seen a cold blooded assasian like this since Kobe
Winter Is Coming
Winter Is Coming 27 days ago
The greatest single game performance I've ever seen
Mindful Attraction 2.0
this really feels like a chip to me lol finals or not, great playoffs and season
suraj thapa
suraj thapa 27 days ago
Nailed it
Han Ngn
Han Ngn 27 days ago
Noootre Dame is on fiiire !
Matthew Gilfus
Matthew Gilfus 27 days ago
He misplayed that last possession so badly
Glenn Paul Giango
Glenn Paul Giango 27 days ago
WTF!!!a clutch shot ending OKC from series from a very long range 3 point territory???Russ speed is extraordinary but he misses a lot,...Dame is all time great guard,with beastmode skill 3's than Russ...Dame got much Basketball I.Q over much more athletic Westbrook....I think Blazers 110% ready for GSW
WATU 27 days ago
If only Jack could have made him wrestler of the week smh
Alex NBA
Alex NBA 27 days ago
man i’ve watched this video a thousand times now and it’s still unbelievable. dame is amazing
Lloyd Villanueva
Lloyd Villanueva 27 days ago
It doesn’t matter if he wont be able to make it on Finals. He’s the MVP of this playoff series.
Farimang Jawara
Farimang Jawara 27 days ago
and that game winner aint even the most difficult shot of the game.. he took three more deep threes like that which were contested and even got fouled on one.. i think he is more comfortable shooting these shots.. got a theory on that based on personal experience but too boring.. oh and he raps.. humble guy that inspires not just his teammates, but everyone cuz he's actions do the talking.. respect
Taj 28 days ago
Dame Lillard rhymes with Game Winner.
Kory Peoples
Kory Peoples 28 days ago
Westbrook is a savage Lillard is an Assassin.
Slap 28 days ago
And y’all still wanna snub him
Wongzilla515 28 days ago
westbrook will never win a championship
Elan Bustamante
Elan Bustamante 28 days ago
“We are in the endgame now” *Shoots shot*
charles sanchez
charles sanchez 28 days ago
pg said it's a bad shot but dame shot the same one at 2:54
Kevin 28 days ago
PG is such a bitch for calling that a bad shot haha he's gonna regret that in 10 years
Keith Rogers
Keith Rogers 28 days ago
Port! Land! Trail! Blazers!! They was behind whole game damn near...remember the other light skin bull came back from like a. 4o point difference
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 28 days ago
Everyone will focus on that last shot and it was a monumental shot. But Dame straight COOKED okc that entire game!
Kadin Greene
Kadin Greene 28 days ago
Watched ⌚ this everyday since it happened..You know what time ⌚ it is...
Justice 28 days ago
Oh my god
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett 28 days ago
If Damian Lillard was a Batman villain, his name would be "One Face".
Ian Batugan
Ian Batugan 28 days ago
leslie taylor hanged herself
Cameron Riehl
Cameron Riehl 28 days ago
Imagine if the warriors had drafted him when steph has ankle problems. That was a real thing they were considering man.
semaj Mason
semaj Mason 28 days ago
You telling me what damian lilard dis wasnt a up and downs @1:48
Sports Review
Sports Review 28 days ago
Wes B
Wes B 28 days ago
Dame put them boys to bed 💤
Jokin 28 days ago
abusó la madre el damián
Lamya Crews
Lamya Crews 28 days ago
His power level over 9000
Alex Dumitrescu
Alex Dumitrescu 28 days ago
Bro when he hit that last three my face had a permanent smile.
Alex Dumitrescu
Alex Dumitrescu 28 days ago
Stephen A had an orgasim while watching this game
Soul Rebel
Soul Rebel 28 days ago
Pure shooter that was beautiful.
poketino Hcvd
poketino Hcvd 28 days ago
This man are crazy
laxus 94
laxus 94 28 days ago
Fucking lilliard went all kuroko no basket zone on the thunder
Luke Walton
Luke Walton 28 days ago
This is probably one of the most amazing games Ive ever seen
Aaron Paskell
Aaron Paskell 28 days ago
It's official that after this game logo Lillard is the most underrated player in NBA history!!
VAC 28 days ago
Makane Sissoko
Makane Sissoko 28 days ago
Great performance ! Congratulations !
Archangel_BBaller 28 days ago
His midrange is wet
Brian LeSure
Brian LeSure 28 days ago
Paul George said that was a bad shot. How was it a bad shot when he was poking you in yo eye all night with it?
S3WEeN 28 days ago
2:49.... Guys!!? What happend? Exactly? LOL That Swish is from another Dimension!! ;) Whitout Words.
The Neurolect
The Neurolect 28 days ago
What a performance brother. I want to see these guys go far. Hopefully a finals win.🙏🏽💯
Ernest Bates
Ernest Bates 28 days ago
Dam lillard got ice in his veins
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes 28 days ago
This young kid seems to have some potencial. Maybe can go to the all star game next year if a few guards get injured.
FlameMarine _20
FlameMarine _20 28 days ago
Wow, that game reminded me of the Brandon roy blazers, such a sneaky comeback win and game-winner!
IAmDarkMpSon 28 days ago
Even the bodyguard was shook
Adrian Gooden
Adrian Gooden 28 days ago
I love Dawkins but he puts ALOT of unnecessary clips in his highlights
Hulk Smash 24/7
Hulk Smash 24/7 28 days ago
We all have always known that Lillard was a pretty good player for awhile now.. But he has just arrived on the superstar scene with this game..
Richard Chua
Richard Chua 28 days ago
Damn damian!
Kidd Hex
Kidd Hex 28 days ago
Damn....th'ts really tuffmm I could tell PG wasnt in the mood after tht...
Brandon MArtinez
Brandon MArtinez 28 days ago
pg needs to go to portland
Nehemiah Hickman
Nehemiah Hickman 28 days ago
Might be the best PlayOff Performance I’ve ever seen
video upz
video upz 28 days ago
Its clear that he's copying curry.. Still remember what happened in 2016 playoffs game 4.. Curry is injured then he came back and crashed not just the blazers but the entire portland nation
The Dess
The Dess 28 days ago
Great shot, but why from such a long distance? =)
omar syed
omar syed 28 days ago
Most overrated stat padder in the league: Russell Westbrook
Abhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews
The Thunder will just not make it to the finals
champukeilyn 28 days ago
seems so staged
Dub walk
Dub walk 29 days ago
Damn that shit hurt me tears in the locker room for real
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 29 days ago
I like Portland just cuz of him now.this guys on fire
Roman S
Roman S 29 days ago
A man at the height of his powers. No more, no less.
Counter Striker
Counter Striker 29 days ago
Dames one shot over > Westbrook’s 3 triple double seasons in a row.
Dj Skinner
Dj Skinner 29 days ago
Who else got the chills around 6:30
King Toa
King Toa 29 days ago
Which one was better shot this one or the rockets?
Arjay Comendador
Arjay Comendador 29 days ago
The fan that always whistling on the background is so damn annoying.
Hamilton Yang
Hamilton Yang 29 days ago
FK u Russell!!! shabi
john aringo
john aringo 29 days ago
Jay Serrano
Jay Serrano 29 days ago
i wont watch a dunk contest ever again.
Joe zhou
Joe zhou 29 days ago
Moto-B 29 days ago
I guess Russ will Rock Self toooo sleep!!
FALCON LOVER 29 days ago
O K C you next season
xPokeyyy 29 days ago
one of the best performances I have seen live
Anıl Perk
Anıl Perk 29 days ago
Curry + Kyrie = Lillard. (Ez math.)
LA Nice
LA Nice 29 days ago
Anıl Perk kinda true
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