Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

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Apr 24, 2019




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Comments 1 913
EqualsPro 29 minutes ago
The 800 dislikes are from thunder fans
EqualsPro 32 minutes ago
That boi is special
Alyss Wright
Alyss Wright 34 minutes ago
happyfriend1 37 minutes ago
Next year's shot is coming from the other side of the court.🎯
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez 38 minutes ago
Imagine getting out of the first round of the playoffs and celebrating like you won the finals This post was made by LeBron gang
Supperdude9 46 minutes ago
Lillard on Westbrook:. "I'm about to end this man's whole career."
Bernard Poindexter
Bernard Poindexter 52 minutes ago
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy 57 minutes ago
This is dope but have you ever heard this guy rap?
Brandon Lill
Brandon Lill 58 minutes ago
Loved killing rockets, adored killing thunder.
Gelo Fabia
Gelo Fabia 58 minutes ago
Westbrook’s favorite video 😂😂😁
gino louis
gino louis Hour ago
Victor Laubier
2014 !
Suleiman Hour ago
During the shot PG: Dame, you ain’t catching the dub Dame: Pg, catch this
CHECK OUT EPISODE #1 OF STRAIGHT FROM THE MUDD T.V. ruvid.net/video/video-zJjbTzH61VA.html
bcm3OOO Hour ago
Thor got fat🤣
قناة عنطزه
قناة عنطزه
jblewis11 Hour ago
well considering the first highlight never happened, the second one is obviously better
田恒令 Hour ago
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin Hour ago
Let’s go Portland!
Mark Alcantara
I would say 0.9 seconds left was incredible but the step back halfcourt 3 was insane. All in all, he made it happen. Unreal.
Secret Channel
Muhayyoxon Abdullayeva
Col bludded
Mercy Bahway
Mercy Bahway Hour ago
The African Dance
ahron mercado
ahron mercado Hour ago
2014 is better cause he shit at 0.9 seconds
Luke's Blog's
Luke's Blog's Hour ago
1.crma.co/qY3YxGthw check this out
Jerrick cunningham
D rose did it better
Michael Crowley
Rodrigo Bravo
Rodrigo Bravo 2 hours ago
I can already see the memes 😂😂
Waldo Campos
Waldo Campos 2 hours ago
Who ever is reading this can you all please go like and comment on my last video "Tha Foo'Liganz Ep 2 Truth Or Shot". I will do the same. Thanks!
Zackary Witt
Zackary Witt 2 hours ago
Tony stark dies in endgame. Captain America lifts Thor's hammer And Thanos gets turned to dust. Sorry marvel and movie nerds 😈
Mr. Thanos
Mr. Thanos 2 hours ago
*KD texts PG* KD: "I told you"
SOS PUBG TV 2 hours ago
حسوني حزين
I hope you share my channel
3lement2010 2 hours ago
I personally don't watch basketball, but it's moments like these that make me wish I did.
xmustangmanx 2 hours ago
Cardinal 671
Cardinal 671 2 hours ago
It’s just the first round it only gets harder!!😉
K J 2 hours ago
Imagine "Portland vs Houston" 2019 NBA Finals.
joseph bvr
joseph bvr 2 hours ago
Idgaf what anyone says, Lillard is the best player of all time, most entertaining athlete I've ever seen!
HEALTH BD 2 hours ago
Abr 2 hours ago
2014 a more impressive shot with more on the line but 2019 was the biggest f u to the thunder and the league
Yusuke FuryRoad
Yusuke FuryRoad 2 hours ago
2014 game winner they were down and had to be catch and shoot. The one against OKC was a go ahead shot that doesn’t have as much pressure so it was crapshoot, still an epic way to end series by Dame time Game time. But that Rockets one was better shot. Though the OKC game they were down and had comeback so that shot was like a mega dagger fatality to OKC... they’re both amazing shots
Lily Collins
Lily Collins 2 hours ago
Brick Tamland
Brick Tamland 2 hours ago
it's funny how the announcer can't even do a deep voice when he wants to sound more bad-ass. sounds like he's on crack lol
Games TxT
Games TxT 2 hours ago
Боже храни Америку и баскет )
KING OF KINGZ87 2 hours ago
The 2014 was better and better crowd reaction
Ariana Asing
Ariana Asing 2 hours ago
To the 0.99999999999999% that will press read more oOf
Opulent sneakers
Opulent sneakers 2 hours ago
Glitch in the matrix again. Who went back in time ?!!
GSon Dunn
GSon Dunn 2 hours ago
Place was crazier w the crowd in 2014
Sosai X
Sosai X 2 hours ago
2019: Lou Brown from "Major League" comes to Lillard; "Nice shot, kid - DON'T EVER FUCKING DO IT AGAIN."
GSon Dunn
GSon Dunn 3 hours ago
I swear this shit (0:04) was ALLL OVER Vine 🔥🔥
Sharpies Adventures
NOT to clown, or be disrespectful in any way... But on the real though, I woulda shit homie n' the other homie n' just kept shootin' till shootin' be done shootin' nah mean? I'd be all BLAWWWWEEEE BLAAAWWWWEEEEEEE PEW PEW PUH PEW MUHHHHH FUKKKKIN PEWWW!!!!!!!! NAH MEAN?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?! omg im so hardcore i need a well, a adult sized what? WHAT?! ok WHAT?! carry on.....
Sharpies Adventures
I dont know what happened here
Lakshay Kumar
Lakshay Kumar 3 hours ago
Both game winners are worth more than the two championships KD won any day
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RICKYBO510 3 hours ago
#1 trending 🔥
Ajrul Asmali
Ajrul Asmali 3 hours ago
henryschoonover97 3 hours ago
As a blazer fan the first shot mattered a lot more because we hadn’t been able to make it out of the first round in the previous 14 seasons. And it was down 1 rather than tied.
SuaavaChina 3 hours ago
00:47 newest meme face
Greyson Gladney
Greyson Gladney 3 hours ago
Nowhere near as good as nhl playoffs
Marcus Salazar
Marcus Salazar 3 hours ago
2014 - Clutch 2019 - That is how you show you're the better closer and point guard, when people underestimate you and you're team in the series.
Darlene Hunley
Darlene Hunley 3 hours ago
2019 both smooth though💯
Tito F.
Tito F. 3 hours ago
Paul Allen would of been hyped!!
Kassandra Henrriquez
How the frick is this trending
LikeMikeSIKE 3 hours ago
2014 one better all together. It was off an inbound which is harder, it was when they were down 2 points, and it was a perfect swoosh.
O K 3 hours ago
Andrew yang for president
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l Noahlot
l Noahlot 3 hours ago
Roses are red RUvid is too I got my first like Wait why is it blue? Thanks for the likes:)pls sub too;)
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Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 3 hours ago
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RE ACTION 3 hours ago
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Jeremy Beam
Jeremy Beam 3 hours ago
blazers12369 3 hours ago
Deserves to be #1 trending.
kimmiecab 3 hours ago
kimmiecab Can You Subscribe To Me
kimmiecab 3 hours ago
dion dangerfield
dion dangerfield 3 hours ago
The disrespect 🔥😂 has all there hopes and dreams and lillard came in with the thanos ball and destroyed them
dion dangerfield Can You Subscribe To Me
John Crapper
John Crapper 3 hours ago
Iron Man builds a gauntlet and snaps Thanos out of existence. Captain America goes back to stay in the 1940s.
John Crapper Can You Subscribe To Me
Kyle Latebeer
Kyle Latebeer 4 hours ago
The funny thing is even if he misses that shot the game just goes to overtime while George and Westbrook have five fouls each lol
Kyle Latebeer Can You Subscribe To Me
Tony 2times
Tony 2times 4 hours ago
Put em in a coffin 🙅🏽‍♂️
Radu Scutlenic
Radu Scutlenic 4 hours ago
joblagz 4 hours ago
'14 was harder because 0.9s left and down by 2 but '19 was cold as shit. im pretty sure everyone who watched it live jumped off their seat or bed or wherever you were comfortably watching the game.
GlitchMod 4 hours ago
#1 in Trending Not bad at all sir
Ogie Cruz
Ogie Cruz 4 hours ago
Cocky Lillard face thinks he's the best 👎😛How many have done that before ??
HTK Rides
HTK Rides 4 hours ago
2019 was a legendary shot 2014 was clutch shot
Brawl Stars Private Servers
Number 1 on trending wow
Jonathan Matos
Jonathan Matos 4 hours ago
Zone Yo
Zone Yo 4 hours ago
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Simone Eli
Simone Eli 4 hours ago
Dame Judie Dench lillard is da man
James Matthews
James Matthews 4 hours ago
Pure magic.
arubio24080 4 hours ago
Derek Fisher had a better shot . Real clutch
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shmandall FX
shmandall FX 4 hours ago
Where is all the defense? Over 100 pts every game....
subscribe or I'll punch you
subscribe or I'll punch you
subscribe or I'll punch you
Sergio Tamez
Sergio Tamez 4 hours ago
Congrats for being number 1 on Trending!
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 4 hours ago
that look he gives into the camera kills me every time. .lol
Markalark 4 hours ago
Speed... Momentum...... VIOLENCE!!!!!
Nykerra Gordon
Nykerra Gordon 4 hours ago
Just John
Just John 4 hours ago
The 1st 1 his rookie year made you automatically let you know what time it is come time plus my boy raved about him that whole year before he got drafted much props
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