Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

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Apr 23, 2019




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Comments 80
MrMRCTV 2 days ago
2014 was more clutch 2019 was more ice cold
michael lopez
michael lopez 6 days ago
2014 epic, 2019 just ate okc soul
Kendle Hill
Kendle Hill 11 days ago
Damian Lillard said yeah I did that when he looked at the camera
Jason Brand
Jason Brand 26 days ago
2014 had the more clutch shot but 2019 had more iconic moments
The one Vs the thunder
Sean O'Meara
Sean O'Meara Month ago
Lillard hits shot Russ and PG: WE OUT!!!!!!
Eli Falah
Eli Falah Month ago
GABRIEL Cortez Month ago
He said fuck yg13 and rdub
PaPa-AzK Month ago
Damian lillard ends the rockets and curses them with playoff exits Also Damian lillard: destroys the thunder franchise *Russell Westbrooks joins the Rockets* *Paul george join the Clippers* *Lebron laughing knowing that hes starting a new dynasty*
Nathan Sauerwald
I like the 2019 shot better but in 2014 it was a win or lose so situation so I really don’t know.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Nathan Sauerwald
Didn’t mean to put so in front of situation. My bad.
Isaiah Townsel
Isaiah Townsel Month ago
dwayne601 Month ago
The first one... They were down so overtime wasn't an option
Casual fan
Casual fan 2 months ago
2014 because that was was uncomfortable shot and it was pretty deep not as deep as the okc one. And the shot was more important to because they were down by 2 so if he misses it’s done and they go to a game 7 and if Dame misses the okc one they have a chance to win in over time and even if they don’t I don’t think they will lose a 3-1 lead
ET Mid
ET Mid 2 months ago
2014 because less time
Quinson Chow
Quinson Chow 2 months ago
kelvin fennell\
kelvin fennell\ 2 months ago
That nigga pg walked right to the lock
G Smoov3
G Smoov3 2 months ago
Both going away from the bucket is just cold blooded 🥶
Arber Ahmetaj
Arber Ahmetaj 2 months ago
Dames game
Gaming Titon
Gaming Titon 2 months ago
2014 was a better moment, 2019 was the better shot.
Jared Hoki
Jared Hoki 3 months ago
i rockets fan i sad
Headdinks 3 months ago
The first one was better they were down two points and 3 to 2 so if he miss they would’ve gone home
Blue Creeper -roblox Minecraft and video
I like 2019 playoff spot for you i love
Spencer for Hire
Spencer for Hire 3 months ago
The 2nd one for the following reasons: 1. Russ talking smack the entire series 2. Went up against one of the best defenders in the game 30 ft away from the basket... And didn't flinch 3. Waved goodbye out of complete savagery 4. Stared at the camera like a G
Joon Pak
Joon Pak 3 months ago
EASILY the 2014 shot. You’re talking: miss and you lose, less than a second to take the shot, no dribble. Easy.
Joel Marte
Joel Marte 3 months ago
His better then Westbrook sorry to say that
• ppto
• ppto 3 months ago
im a rockets fan and 2014 was cold blooded asf, Dame had .9s to release the ball, but 2019 was way more savage, guy even waived to OKC players lmao
Phelan Bennett
Phelan Bennett 4 months ago
D. E.
D. E. 5 months ago
Don't mess with that boy at home bro
Tralala Entertainment
Masato Gamer
Masato Gamer 5 months ago
Lilard: Knock Knock Curry: Who,s There Curry: Curry Lilard: who Curry: Curry Loses the Championship!
King Cobra
King Cobra 2 months ago
Curry still has 3 to Lillard's 0. Funny, his amount of rings match his jersey number.
Sawyer Hughey
Sawyer Hughey 5 months ago
2019 because look we’re he shot from and the celebration says it all
Mohamed Bulhan
Mohamed Bulhan 6 months ago
Esprick ;-;
Esprick ;-; 6 months ago
2014 was better be the blazer were actually down by 2 and they weren't tied
Portlands Finest
Portlands Finest 6 months ago
So underrated
KaiSoo EXO
KaiSoo EXO 6 months ago
Both look better
idk lol
idk lol 6 months ago
2019 cause he destroyed the okc franchise
altasolitary 9
altasolitary 9 7 months ago
I think the 2019 was better bc he deadass ended a whole franchise😂
Quinlan Francisco
Quinlan Francisco 7 months ago
kefkapalazzo1 8 months ago
Shit I think the 2019 shot was more difficult, but the time and them being down in 2014... damn they’re so amazing
Nicholas Beagle
Nicholas Beagle 8 months ago
Dame lillard:knock know Paul George:who’s theres Dame lillard:me splashing a 3 in your face to win the series Paul gerorge:I’m gonna head out
EnnyThe1st 9 months ago
1st one was better in my opinion, they had a second chance in the second one if he missed, but in thr first one that was for the W
DogeGod1101 9 months ago
2014,he still dont have good positioning so he adjusted and got the ball and shooted it like a savage 2019,good positioning but far away like very very far (37foot) and got the ball but his SHOT IS REALLY AWESOME cuz PG's block was almost touching the ball mate!
Vincent Manning
Vincent Manning 9 months ago
Both were dope but I still get a sad nostalgic feeling seeing Aldridge, Batum, Wes on the floor with Lillard. I genuinely feel that was a super team before Matthews's Achilles injury.
TJ P 9 months ago
😪 Same here...
Jack Krauser
Jack Krauser 10 months ago
2014 was the best especially for laker fans 😂
Hashtag CK
Hashtag CK 10 months ago
So tough but I preferred the one against OKC
bloodline 10 months ago
2014 was better
davebhayv 10 months ago
What time is it?.....
anthologyofinterest1 10 months ago
2019 validated 2014.
dr3w.buckets 10 months ago
Both of em
Freezo 10 months ago
Both game winners were cold🥶
Gothic Nightrider
Gothic Nightrider 10 months ago
As a Blazer fan.....too hard to make a choice here lol
Daniel Kirchgessner
Daniel Kirchgessner 10 months ago
2019 is better than 2014
Morehu Paki
Morehu Paki 10 months ago
2014 cos they won a series
Soup Rice
Soup Rice 11 months ago
0:47 stop right there. The starting of a legend
BreezyG 11 months ago
Is it me or is that side by side satisfying
Justin Akea
Justin Akea 11 months ago
DopeJopeSoap 1
DopeJopeSoap 1 11 months ago
2014 was an amazing quick shot but hitting that deep three even though he took a while to kind of line up it was still and amazing shot
Dank Jerry
Dank Jerry 11 months ago
2014 was better he had less time and fading away and was win or lose situation *such a clutch boi*
Jeremy James
Jeremy James 11 months ago
2019 was straight up savage
Chitra Murugan
Chitra Murugan 11 months ago
2019, he showed Russell “I’m amazing at getting triple doubles” west brick who’s the real baby
Nashaun Jones
Nashaun Jones 11 months ago
2019 Lillard hit that shot from 35 feet over Paul George
Zach 11 months ago
Great commentary on both shots
Zach 11 months ago
Russ H
Russ H 11 months ago
I wonder how many people were at both games.
Daniel Kirchgessner
Daniel Kirchgessner 11 months ago
2019 ist better than 2014
arodnap Year ago
Evan Minner
Evan Minner Year ago
2014 but 2019 was clutch cause that step back from playoff logo
Paul Han
Paul Han Year ago
Yeah then they get swept by the warriors ridiculous they did poorly than the clippers or the rockets imao🤣🤣😂
JC Music
JC Music Year ago
Both are bad shots 😂
- Splashybuckets-
ESPNjr Jax
ESPNjr Jax Year ago
2019 version
Of All My Intention
Although both were amazing, I think that the first was tougher, because there was more pressure. In the first shot (2014), he was down and set to lose...but, with the later, he was tied. The worst-case scenario if he misses in the first is a loss, where as the game of the later shot would have at least gone into overtime if he missed. Also, in the most recent game-winner, he at least had time to set and pick a shot to make. In the first one, he had 0.9 seconds to shoot the ball. It was literally catch-and-shoot from out of bounds to three....but, on the other hand, he did shoot the most recent one from a ridiculous distance.
Trash Boat
Trash Boat Year ago
Blazers fans: Lillard how many points are u going to get Lillard: yes
Of All My Intention
"The only points that matter."
Ildiko Toth
Ildiko Toth Year ago
Vs thunder longer three better timing more exciting more points for lillard than 2014
Phillie Bryce
Phillie Bryce Year ago
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart Year ago
2014, it was more clutch cuz if he missed it they were going to lose so he had to make it or else
gerald gabad
gerald gabad Year ago
2014 and 2019 are both Good and Better.2014 is much tougher shot,while 2019 is much emotional.
Logan Gentry
Logan Gentry Year ago
i’m a okc fan but the shot was good. the 2014 shot seemed more clutch tho
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton Year ago
2014 was more clutch. 2019 was more cold.
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