Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

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- Splashybuckets-
ESPNjr Jax
ESPNjr Jax 4 days ago
2019 version
Of All My Intention
Although both were amazing, I think that the first was tougher, because there was more pressure. In the first shot (2014), he was down and set to lose...but, with the later, he was tied. The worst-case scenario if he misses in the first is a loss, where as the game of the later shot would have at least gone into overtime if he missed. Also, in the most recent game-winner, he at least had time to set and pick a shot to make. In the first one, he had 0.9 seconds to shoot the ball. It was literally catch-and-shoot from out of bounds to three....but, on the other hand, he did shoot the most recent one from a ridiculous distance.
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 6 days ago
Blazers fans: Lillard how many points are u going to get Lillard: yes
Of All My Intention
"The only points that matter."
Ildiko Toth
Ildiko Toth 6 days ago
Vs thunder longer three better timing more exciting more points for lillard than 2014
Phillie Bryce
Phillie Bryce 6 days ago
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart 7 days ago
2014, it was more clutch cuz if he missed it they were going to lose so he had to make it or else
gerald gabad
gerald gabad 8 days ago
2014 and 2019 are both Good and Better.2014 is much tougher shot,while 2019 is much emotional.
LEazy Vlogs
LEazy Vlogs 9 days ago
i’m a okc fan but the shot was good. the 2014 shot seemed more clutch tho
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton 14 days ago
2014 was more clutch. 2019 was more cold.
Ele A El Dominio
Ele A El Dominio 14 days ago
Ninan Ivan
Ninan Ivan 14 days ago
2014 for sure
fooloof 14 days ago
As a Seattle native, I can tell you which one I think is better.
Serdar 63
Serdar 63 15 days ago
Definitly 2014
jussbraee 16 days ago
definitely 2014 , in 2019 they were tied and if he missed they would’ve went in OT.. but in 2014 Rockets were up by 2 and there was 0.9 seconds left
Tony 17 days ago
Westbrook: next question Lillard: next round
Ahron Cutinez
Ahron Cutinez 17 days ago
Vs rockets
Max The Epic Human
Max The Epic Human 17 days ago
Damian Lillard is the most clutch player in the league
Melchior Roorda
Melchior Roorda 16 days ago
Stop sucking dick
Step Back
Step Back 17 days ago
2019 is better he did it in Paul George’s face
perezfinichames 15 days ago
It was definitely the more diffficult shot, but the stakes were higher in 2014. There is no wrong answer here. Just a matter of personal preference.
Doom Hammer
Doom Hammer 17 days ago
If you did it once it’s called luck , if you did twice it’s call legend
Marlo The dog
Marlo The dog 18 days ago
Sports analysts: The Trailblazers will be upset by the thunder just like last year against the pelicans. Damian Lillard: hold my beer
morley irasusta
morley irasusta 18 days ago
Good content nice
Patorikku 19 days ago
2014 was like the definition of clutch. Down by 2 with 0.9 seconds remaining. Everyone was looking at a Game 7. Drains the quick 3 with a little fade. "AAND THE BLAZERS, WIN THE SERIES, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 14 YEARS!" is fuckin iconic. but 2019, man, that's the nastiest way to end a series. Tie game, Dame had a lotta time, could've went for a drive for 2 or a better looking shot from the perimeter. Instead, we get A STEPBACK THREE FROM WAY MORE THAN 30 FEET. Plus, he waved OKC goodbye. Nothing's gonna top that in an intense playoff rivalry win.
Mr Chris Carter FX
Mr Chris Carter FX 20 days ago
Hmmmm bad shot twice? 🤔🤫😭😭😭
Roberto Firmino
Roberto Firmino 20 days ago
Has this guy ever smiled
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Evan Minner
Evan Minner 21 day ago
2019 way better because the step back tho
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker 21 day ago
2014 cuz game wasn't tied up.It was an all or lose shot
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Sithandweyinkosi Nyoni
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Ginger Boy
Ginger Boy 22 days ago
Wilhemina Nehumba
Wilhemina Nehumba 22 days ago
I love basketball
Gabe The Great
Gabe The Great 22 days ago
Looking back at it Chandler Parsons was guarding Dame and Harden was guarding the second screener. It was bound to go in
UU Zhang
UU Zhang 22 days ago
Westbrick! suck!!
RHO CTDG 22 days ago
It was the 2014 one because it was off the dribble with .9 second’s left
LIT VISIONS 22 days ago
At first I thought it was the same game then I realized he did that twice now that’s impressive congrats blazers
Dr Pop Pimple
Dr Pop Pimple 22 days ago
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Awesome Man
Awesome Man 22 days ago
Consider called the buzzer beater god
Regelito Bereso
Regelito Bereso 22 days ago
1:05 creepy
Ryan Kenny
Ryan Kenny 22 days ago
One was clinch, the other a dagger from deep
Xx_hyperboyzzz 1
Xx_hyperboyzzz 1 22 days ago
2019 “Hi Westbrook.” “Hello.” “Wanna see something.” “Sure.” Makes a half court “See you in 2020!” “Really?!?!?!?!”
Sadie Scott
Sadie Scott 22 days ago
Paul George: bad shot Lillard:😂 Lillard: well you had bad defense
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 23 days ago
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The Polo Playa
The Polo Playa 23 days ago
Y'all gonna be seeing this shit fitty years from now
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Luke Werner
Luke Werner 23 days ago
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Peleg Beck
Peleg Beck 23 days ago
2014 cuz game wasn't tied up.It was an all or lose shot
Azimi Irman
Azimi Irman 23 days ago
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VinZalez 23 days ago
that man is stone COLD 🥶
Frankie Calimano
Frankie Calimano 23 days ago
0:47 Dame Giving The Who ate my Subway cookies stare.
NIN10DOXD 23 days ago
2014 for the speed and precision. 2019 for the look into the camera.
Noemi Duran
Noemi Duran 23 days ago
2k19 in your face brrrro!!!
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers 23 days ago
2014 was better
R E 23 days ago
acousticide 23 days ago
2019 is better, because he had time to run a play, or do a 1000 different things, yet he stood there like a fucking boss, with the intention of shooting a ridiculous shot. In 2014, there really wasn't a choice. Both clutch shots, but 2019 is nasty.
Annette Bishop
Annette Bishop 23 days ago
Damien is aging so gracefully! He looks exactly as he did 5 years ago.
L Traino
L Traino 23 days ago
Damian shut westbrick and okc up with all that trash talk they be doing 🤦‍♂️🤣
Avanna Vlogs
Avanna Vlogs 23 days ago
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Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez 23 days ago
Yessir I'm the GOAT 🐐 0:44
Nidhogg Yggdrasil
Nidhogg Yggdrasil 23 days ago
Lillard: Westbrick,this is for you.
Michael Bruemmer
Michael Bruemmer 23 days ago
This years...clutch shot for 50 pts game total and this was semi finals. Plus he has farther back by 5 or 6 feet
mari puff
mari puff 23 days ago
could this be: 1st was Harden 2nd was westbrook 3rd could it be durant next? lol if they will face the warriors in the playoffs, maybe? idk. 😂
Drae Drae
Drae Drae 23 days ago
Thomas Vo
Thomas Vo 23 days ago
Harden, Westbrook, I'm guessing Durant is next?
Michael R Lyon
Michael R Lyon 23 days ago
0:46 but I'm not a rapper
caerwalk 23 days ago
real negah
real negah 23 days ago
2019 only because they were down, 2014 because of that distance! But they were tied!
m.a. abdus salam
m.a. abdus salam 23 days ago
Da40kOrks 23 days ago
*series winner
jeff p
jeff p 23 days ago
Matt Inman
Matt Inman 24 days ago
Clutch either way!
King Panda
King Panda 24 days ago
Damian Lillard: Guess what? Paul George: What? Damian Lillard: DAME TIME⌚
Jason Jepson
Jason Jepson 24 days ago
He actually mouthed Paul George so hard the OKC one was a better shot. But the 2014 shot was ultimately better because of the time on the clock and the stakes.
ALGEBRA 24 days ago
richie wheeler
richie wheeler 24 days ago
1.4k dislikes from salty okc fans and Houston fans still holding a grudge. y’all need to recognize greatness
Angel Gabriel
Angel Gabriel 24 days ago
As a Houstonian I know which hurt the most.
SAVAGE Swarun 24 days ago
On my birthday
ABNER Lo 24 days ago
I like 2014 clutcher better.
Zane Brown
Zane Brown 24 days ago
Definitely 2014 no question
elsamso 24 days ago
14 was better just because they were down and Houston almost sent it to game 7
McMega33 24 days ago
What about Roy’s? I want to see that comparison
Mingo G.
Mingo G. 24 days ago
Damian clutch lillard
Dlhtox 24 days ago
The first one was more impressive
Kevin Densmore
Kevin Densmore 24 days ago
2019 purely for the meme
Daddy Cakes
Daddy Cakes 24 days ago
Dwight looking at Lillard like "mmm that was kinda sexy"
King Of Free
King Of Free 24 days ago
Toma Westbrook
Greg Enos
Greg Enos 24 days ago
Not a Portland fan but, dame is he good!!
robm78 24 days ago
2019 hands down. defender on him, further shot.... Westbrook "but but but,,,,Hey hey guys see my triple double?"
THIRD POWER 24 days ago
Kids Play
Kids Play 24 days ago
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lord goggle
lord goggle 24 days ago
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Cake Mix
Cake Mix 24 days ago
Isn’t someone supposed to hit the ball with a bat on the other end?
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay 24 days ago
Dame feel like that dude from the *"Bee bop"* rap battle
y33tboy 24 days ago
2014 was way more clutch but both shots were dope
Michael Quillen
Michael Quillen 24 days ago
21 SAVAGE GAMING 24 days ago
Thats why you guard Damien from 3 PAUL GEORGE
SilenceFTW 24 days ago
2014 almkst makes me cry. Young kid, ends a 14 year drough down 2 at home for the series.
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