Dame Dash On Expanding His Brand, Dismissing Whack Energy + More

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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 6 582
COBALT iLLADELPH 2 hours ago
Dame says he frontman for rock group Breakfast club just straight ignores
Tara Plock
Tara Plock 3 hours ago
Gang Leaders could be HUGE politically but they don't get it
513zd Day ago
Khalilah Johnson
Dame dash is a money hungry butthead
Khalilah Johnson
I hate damon dash and pray for his downfall
locofrazo 2 days ago
*why this dude talk about how he owns everything, ain’t nothing he can’t do in the world etc etc etc* ......... And his net worth only 10 racks
He's Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. He creates drama to reinforce these imaginary battles that he doesn't realize only exists in his head. Come home, Dom
Jay MGTOW 2 days ago
My nigga
the eye in the sky
🤔Might have the skills but ...there is a big line AHEAD of him in the best guitarist field 😂 try another field dude! EDDIE VAN HALEN is not dead yet IDIOT!!!
Jackson Netshisaulu
This man is wise
Urassnface 1
Urassnface 1 2 days ago
Love this. Damn Dame I never thought of or viewed him in the light or respect that I've started to now as more information and things are becoming available for me from various people that have airtime to speak and promote. I was a young kid pretty much through the Rocafella heights and being from the South...well that type of hip hop wasn't really a thing that many of us were that in tune with. Opening my worldview and doing research now as an adult about specific things pertaining to us and our culture inside entertainment and arts, I've realized that a lot of this fuckery was planned on super early. They were making bids on who would "look" victorious once my generation got in their late 20s/early 30s. All these things are related by some small degree of separation that eventually brings us to the same point: there is a real agenda to destroy, discredit and completely invalidate us as a people. It's progressing at a rapid rate now because of the explosion the Internet has caused and the fact that white kids (throughout the world) are heavily influenced in their own way by a majority of things that we have been able to accomplish at a high level with few resources and support. It's a weird wild feeling that kind of pisses you off initially but also such a wonderful time to be alive to see that the tide is turning. Becoming righteous to yourself and others really is not a hard task to accomplish. Love is all it takes. Damn near unconditional but absolute love will ultimately win out against these wicked forces. And don't pay attention to these trolls in these comments that attempt to spread dischord if you're talking about having pride as a community. A troll is nothing more than a demon's retard cousin that doesn't realize no one actually fears a mini-me.
Rob DaBender
Rob DaBender 3 days ago
Dame has really changed. Good for you og
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts 3 days ago
Biggest sucker who should be rich as j z
Ki Put
Ki Put 3 days ago
his ego is, was, and always will be his downfall, at the end he's drowning in debt and most his businesses are failing but he will not go down easy
signor pops
signor pops 3 days ago
Ki Put bro he has place in life
BEAT MAN 3 days ago
Dame thanks for choosing my track 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jacques Mesrine
Jacques Mesrine 3 days ago
Dame got issues.
Aboriginal86 WARRIOR
Top Dog Dame in a category by himself 💯💯
Daniel Mack
Daniel Mack 4 days ago
dude can talk, it is good though
I 4 days ago
Dame is a racist pos, everyone on this show is racist. How is this allowed on youtube???????
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 5 days ago
Nobody: Charlamagne: “Therapy”
jay buckets
jay buckets 5 days ago
LadeeCen 5 days ago
Dame is a GOAT
P.H Hussler
P.H Hussler 6 days ago
Dame's Harlem Arrogance has him in bad positions.
Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid 6 days ago
The comment about your daughter going to college for real estate, what about the programs that are out there teaching the business.
signor pops
signor pops 3 days ago
Sarah Reid she wants real estate real estate. Business degree is how you get into $200000 student loan
Geoffrey Kelly
Geoffrey Kelly 6 days ago
Dame is on a crusade to help people. If you agree i have a bridge in Brooklyn im selling if you're interested
Geoffrey Kelly
Geoffrey Kelly 6 days ago
Dame Dash lies and a lot of people believe him. No streetwise people on internet maybe
Tropical99 6 days ago
Dame always leaves a quality interview at the breakfast club.
Artur 6 days ago
U gotta give it to this guy...he was clever n savy enough to bounce back from the rocka days. Most of those type dudes woulda faded away after that
Zhyias Dad
Zhyias Dad 6 days ago
When he bein humble he actually say some real shit we need the humble Dame more often
Uno Jones
Uno Jones 6 days ago
Same ol Dame
Bolaji Moronfolu
Bolaji Moronfolu 6 days ago
Lmao this is stupid, this will sound smart to someone foolish lol
signor pops
signor pops 3 days ago
Foolish is relative
Yo we need a "Get wack away from me " T shirt god damn it
Nikolay Ivanov
Nikolay Ivanov 7 days ago
Envy: There is no curriculum teaching investing in real estate Disclaimer: I like Envy, he is the most stand up guy out of all radio/rap guys and he is a good guy. But this statement is not correct and sounds ignorant. There ton of schools which have all kinds of business specialties/curriculum. If you find an university or college which offers such program for learning how to invest in real estate - run and never look back.
The Art Xperience
Dame Dash needs to release a principle book on music, business and life, he is a very intelligent guy
HUB _THEBARBER 7 days ago
axel booysen
axel booysen 7 days ago
I love this guy...he is inspiration and what this world needs, he is what i inspire to be like
zeitgeist909 7 days ago
Dame, just put up a fucking RUvid channel? You don't need a whole Netflix type app bro. Who wants a whole Netflix app of just Dame Dash content? That's a youtube channel at best bruh.
Divine Intervention
Something happened to Dame. His voice is not the same.
Protect from Evil beings
*bullshit* & you know why l know its Bs?? Its because he need a redio to tell us all that... *lions get the food in silence*
chazz splash
chazz splash 8 days ago
adamrushd8096 8 days ago
Every time I listen to Dame I learn something I commented on this when it 1st dropped & I came back & learned more. This is what our culture needs to give us besides just the music & visuals we need to be thought the game inside out not just make money spend the money be broke cause we balled out grind again make it back then blow it again repeat the process over & over til we die. Leaving nothing for our progeny. Dame is giving us game
Migit 6'5 Migit
Migit 6'5 Migit 8 days ago
The way he carries himself and all the people he's snapped on and the people he has rubbed the wrong way has came back full circle! It worked for him but it also hurt him. Facts!
Muscular Clouds
Muscular Clouds 8 days ago
I always learn alot from Dame.
Sekhem Asaru
Sekhem Asaru 8 days ago
He’s right and the Knowledge bullets has been and always will be the real power, not guns.
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave 8 days ago
Dame is a smart guy, but he lost me with that Russia crap. I can't honestly understand how people think that Russia is the reason why Trump is president. Hillary lost the electoral college because Trump beat her in 4-5 key states. Bar machine rigging and voter fraud, which didn't happen, it's impossible to illegally get someone elected. How can Dame be so sophisticated in some ways, business and mindset, yet be so naive when figuring out how a president got elected?
signor pops
signor pops 3 days ago
Steeve Cantave bro he knows that. He is just being smart so he can climb up ladders
Tracey Tatum
Tracey Tatum 8 days ago
Mandre Smith
Mandre Smith 8 days ago
Bum nigga
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph 8 days ago
Bro look like Dave East
Eli The Great
Eli The Great 9 days ago
That brother intelligent
T M 9 days ago
7:09.... I let my daughters listen..I appreciate Dame Dash for years.👏🏾🏆
T M 9 days ago
A "Fashion TITAN". 👏🏾Dame Dash quotes. Another ONE.🏆🙏🏾
paige johnson
paige johnson 9 days ago
Why ppl wanna sleep on shit like this????? Everybody wanna be a part of the culture. But the culture is failing until mfrs start taking charge, unlearn everything masta taught us, and relearn whats really real!! Ugh this makes me mad fr.
Dan Gonzalez
Dan Gonzalez 9 days ago
You guys are so dumb. What’s the point of being a boss if you’re broke. Damon Dash loves to drop gems, but he’s broke. Sure, you’re creating content, but you ain’t making any real money. You wanna know why? Because he has narcissistic personally disorder and has convinced himself that everyone is after him and he’s never done anything to deserve any wrong doing. Don’t believe anything this clown says, he’s a pathological liar.
signor pops
signor pops 3 days ago
Dan Gonzalez that’s why he is great guy. People know he is broke and a liar but still believe in him. Give him his dues bro. Don’t hold it back. That’s being selfish.
CBWAVY 9 days ago
"They're teaching me about Pi and Algebra and I don't need that. I'm not a scientist... they should be teaching us how to code!" Trust me, you're going to have issues with coding if you don't have a grip on Algebra. Smh. Dame has some good points, but some points are super ignorant.
Louie D'angelo
Louie D'angelo 9 days ago
Dude is a clown. So when does he mention jay z?
Collin Lorenzo
Collin Lorenzo 9 days ago
This interview gives me a new found respect for Dame. Man's got some insight, whether or not anybody wants to admit it.
B Jr
B Jr 10 days ago
I fucks with dame... dude keep it 💯 That’s rare nowadays in a world full of sucker ass niggas
Ancient Astronaut
Ancient Astronaut 10 days ago
Lets be honest....nobody watches, buys to spends money on Dame's shit.
Trill Troy
Trill Troy 10 days ago
Bumble gum shit lol
Brave Heart
Brave Heart 11 days ago
Next videos