Dak Prescott reportedly turns down $30M Cowboys contract offer | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain debate if Dak Prescott should accept the reported contract from the Dallas Cowboys at 30 million dollars a year.
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Comments 80
bubbs tubbs
bubbs tubbs 3 days ago
When he compared Dak and Carson he forgot to say Dak is way more handsome!
Zan Chen
Zan Chen 14 days ago
Dak is waiting for the new CBA and the new Tv deal with a bigger salary cap
Donnie Pate
Donnie Pate 14 days ago
He turned down 30 million he turned down they should offer 5 cent next time
JR Wgss
JR Wgss 17 days ago
Cowboys offer to Dak is Semi-fair, their dollar per whatever Stat is fair, but what they're not seeming to keep in mind is what they've not paid him for the last Two Years. They need to compensate him for that in this new offer, as a sign of appreciation and thanking him for the value he's been & brought to the team while being paid 10 X less than he should've been. Period.
Joe Navarrete
Joe Navarrete 20 days ago
5:31 - 5:41 💯
Jammi Hutton
Jammi Hutton Month ago
They reference what prescott did vs eagles yet they ignore the obvious in playoff games such as LA Rams. What did he do to win that game? Did he sacrifice himself for the team when it really mattered? Or was he all about Dak? Not everyone deserves a payday based on what some completely irrelevant team decides to determine a so called market value. WHY DO WE PAY BASED ON A MARKET AND IGNORE SPECIFIC GAME STATISTICS THAT SHOULD BE EVERYTHING?
Ramiro Garza
Ramiro Garza 2 months ago
I dont think he is gonna take any deals from the Cowboys. What he wants is a Super Bowl ring. And come on let's be realistic Cowboys dont look too promising.
vostro vostro
vostro vostro 2 months ago
Dak Prescott is not worth 30 million. He is slow, inaccurate and during crunch time cannot perform. He could be a good back up QB; if Jerry gets a draft pick like Mahomes etc.
Gilbert Tarin
Gilbert Tarin 2 months ago
Not worth it and I'm a cowboys fan
Reese Center
Reese Center 3 months ago
Dak, has the best oline in the nfl, fredrick, Martin, smith, run blocking, no excuses, pass blocking, a different story, so I guess we point the finger on garret or the oc, turning down a 30 mil contract, he hired the wrong sports agent, hes not even in the class of Rodgers and brees
Real one
Real one 3 months ago
Mr Magoo
Mr Magoo 4 months ago
6-5 is worth 15 mil
Big Ern Mahkracken
Big Ern Mahkracken 4 months ago
Amare C is the only reason he considered upper echelon qb. If amare wouldn't have arrived the cowboys would suck hind tits. Hes worth 22 mil, until he gets to the NFC championship or the SB AND HE aint GONNA. Goff, Cousins and even Keenum are overpayed with the exception of Cousins have done something in the playoffs. Jerry is no fool, he should get a little more than CAM NEWTON, who Jerry might be thinking about. Jerry loves Cam😍, might be there next year.
Ryan Nix
Ryan Nix 4 months ago
Bye bye dak you anit worth that kind of Money these guys are getting ridiculous..
Run 2 Salvation
Run 2 Salvation 5 months ago
We going to act like Molly didnt bite down that lip. 🤔😂
Brian Hurtado
Brian Hurtado 5 months ago
While yes, the "market" is an important consideration, the fact of the matter remains that a salary is what you are "worth," TO YOUR EMPLOYER. You can ONLY demand money comparable to other QBs when your ACCOMPLISHMENTS match those of other QBs. You cannot use the comparative method of salary demands independent of a comparative method of professional accomplishments. They are not mutually exclusive. They are inextricably intertwined, and Dak is simply not in a position to demand the kind of money he's demanding. PERIOD.
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 5 months ago
if he does sign that contract you better get to work and work those $30m
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia 5 months ago
cause he knows is alot to take thats why alot of pressure
JUST WANDER COIN 6 months ago
Everybody, take a real good look at Prescott in the Thumbnail, *Daniel Cormier* [UFC] ... enough said. 🏈🥋
arden gonzales
arden gonzales 6 months ago
Whos here after Dak threw for 405 and 4 touchdowns?
Slevin 5 months ago
Who is here after he lost to a winless team?
Pete Martinez
Pete Martinez 6 months ago
For that $. With the team the cowboys currently have, i want a true pocket passer. Yes i know quarterbacks dont grow on trees.there our hidden gems out there i would take my chance t Than sacrificing my future.
Linda Easley
Linda Easley 6 months ago
After today's perfect game by Dak his value is going up . If he keeps shining like this , the more Jerry delays the more likely Dak is to get paid $40 mil
J T 6 months ago
I didn't know they legalized pot in Texas. What is Dak smokin?
Max Cirillo
Max Cirillo 7 months ago
If he turned down 30 mil that's 10 mil more that he's worth.
Cow Boy
Cow Boy 7 months ago
Look people there's no way Prescott is worth that when teams turn up the schemes of blitzes Prescott can't hit the ground with a pass .So all of you cowboy fans stay tuned the truth will reveal itself without Elliot
Raymond Gastelum
Raymond Gastelum 7 months ago
Dak isn't even worth 15m a year.
Matthew Peter
Matthew Peter 7 months ago
Hes not even that good. I dont understand why he would turn down that kind of money. Dallas has always been know for there offensive line. They have a a great offensive line for years. Alot of former dallas running backs have sucked after leaving dallas due to that offensive line dallas has, so alot of the credit needs to go to the OL. Dak has only been in the league for a few years he may need to see a head shrink.
maddog76 7 months ago
Dak is over rated..I jumped on the hype wagon..then reality set in..
mike phillips
mike phillips 7 months ago
So many uneducated comments. Learn football ppl
Rob Rutt
Rob Rutt 7 months ago
Once again I repeat myself why does Prescott think he is worth more than Tom Brady When you Win a championship..... Then you can run your mouth
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 7 months ago
King Luka
King Luka 7 months ago
Should've kept Romo
Troy Cann
Troy Cann 7 months ago
This fucking cunt said...dak has won the head to head matchups...lol ...what an idiot!!...smh.
m Cave
m Cave 7 months ago
Dak will play the whole year on his contract...no story here.
J D 7 months ago
Dak is a greedy MTF! He has not even ever won a super lol!
Jerod M
Jerod M 6 months ago
J D neither has wentz. Yet here he is.
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
Quit twisting shit to make dak look good. yea he ain't shit without Zeke. Also this guy prolly wants Kaepernick to start too lmao
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
Wentz's has a better tight end. Carson is bigger. A pocket passer. Dak has none of that.
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
So because other teams make the mistake and over pay for their athlete the trend must continue?!
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
Jimmy G us a long term investment. Look at his film compared to dak
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
Not worth it. Hes not worth a million a year. 2nd string at best. Hell Trace Mcsorely better. I dont like this guys logic. About being highest paid if your 2nd highest paid you dont have to be 2nd best. Look at Tom cant s tr and him. Takes pay cuts
1rustyboy1 7 months ago
Dak and Zek need to think about team. We need to keep all the defensive players when their contracts come up. Doomsday is back.
Robert Young
Robert Young 7 months ago
Cousins contract. Need I say more.
T Hopp
T Hopp 7 months ago
This happens all the time in baseball. Let Minnesota make that mistake and be screwed for years. No other team should use that logic
E Dub
E Dub 7 months ago
Dak should be a real TEAMMATE and accept what he's really worth, he should take 28mill a year so they could sign the real horse, Zeke. come on.
Not my Present
Not my Present 7 months ago
jay rodriguez
jay rodriguez 7 months ago
$30 Mill?? Shit, I'll fck around and be QB AND water boy. Shiiiiit
Earl Williams
Earl Williams 7 months ago
Matt Ryan not top five gets these dummies off the screen
Robert J
Robert J 7 months ago
Dak ain't even worth $20 Mil
Thor 7 months ago
Such bullshit comparison one guy was severely hurt coming off an injury and did not have any running backs. The other guy very healthy best oline best running back. And Amari Cooper or they would’ve never even made the playoffs last year. Oh and didn’t Prescott come to a team that already was built to win !!
Thor 7 months ago
No because Dak Prescott cannot beat the Eagles without Ezekiel Elliott ! Oh And by the way they would’ve been nothing without Cooper last year
James Anagnos
James Anagnos 7 months ago
white boy your as stupid as the come hahaha, i could give two fuckes what other teams did in the NFL for my team i do whats best , if your asking price is killing my budget take a flying fucking hike Daky duck , prescot will never again be offered 30 mill. from any team , not in this life time lol
James Anagnos
James Anagnos 7 months ago
its stupid asswipes like this white boy saying he should that filled daky ducks head with hot air hahaha, biggest mistake of his life is that he did not take that 30 right to the bank , he will never get that kind of offer again, and Zeke can forget about getting paid this year or any other year by the cowboys, hell sit out and ask to be traided ,two years from now dak will be flipping burgers for a living lol and remember who told you so
Brandon'svlog 7 months ago
If I was Jerry I would offer him less after he turned down $30 mil and keep going down every time he turns it down. At most he’s worth $15 mil.
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 7 months ago
D MAN 7 months ago
what's sad is IDIOTS who goes to these games buy thier jerseys and support them,people you need a LIFE.
Joshua Rich
Joshua Rich 7 months ago
Jerry Jones , "what did we do that worked in the 90's "? Random Cowboys Historian "Well Sir we had Jimmy Johnson " Jerry Jones "Nope what else " ? Cowboys Historian "Well we screwed over the best Running back in the world and got enough for him to get Troy, Emmit and Irving" Jerry Jones "Hell Yeah let's do that again, Zeke who "....
Ely Waves `
Ely Waves ` 7 months ago
the Matt Ryan disrespect is real...
Jimmy Jackson
Jimmy Jackson 7 months ago
carson wentz was a superbowl champ & mvp canidate while dak is not
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 7 months ago
Bye felicia
Stiltmans Stilt
Stiltmans Stilt 7 months ago
This is the kinda stuff makes me worry bout football players and head injuries more then anything. Dak gotta have a brain injury turning down this kinda doe. Moron
Keith nunya
Keith nunya 7 months ago
Prescott is one of the most pedestrian q.b's ever.....he is a walking yawn...the living embodiment of a "C"grade in school.... On the rare occasions when he does actually make a play, that corny assed eye winking thing he does is really lame...Reminds me of that one uncle that everyone has...The one that gives you a can opener or something for Christmas..."hey kid..while all your other relatives are giving you money for Christmas,your ol Uncle Lou got you something you can REALLY use..." (😉 wink,wink) Since I hate Dallas ,I personally hope they give him the money(guaranteed,preferably) so he will remain their q.b for a long,long time....and as an added bonus ,it will make it harder to sign Elliott.... And Elliott is the age when r.b.s wheels start to fall off,so I hope they sign him to a nice,long contract full of guaranteed money too....
Ceddie Lewis
Ceddie Lewis 7 months ago
Dak Prescott it’s not even worth 20 million a year
tlmcqu80 7 months ago
Forgot to mention Super Bowl lol That’s the difference
Philly Raider
Philly Raider 7 months ago
Steve A selling it, for them. That what he does.
Jerry Watson
Jerry Watson 7 months ago
Prescott and Brady are the Quarterbacks I will shell out my bucks to see.
No Comps
No Comps 7 months ago
So, you like really shitty quarterbacks, as well as the greatest ever? Great story, brah!!!👏👏👏👏
bbehgam 7 months ago
I’m a die hard Cowboys fan. Stephen A. Smith is absolutely right. Dak doesn’t deserve 30 million. He barely deserves 20 million. He should have taken the deal and been more than happy. Dak can’t throw the ball downfield and his accuracy past 10 yards is abysmal. All those QBs are proven winners, have actually won something, and can actually throw the ball past 10 yards.
Shun Quo
Shun Quo 7 months ago
Lmao they said Carson Wentz is that dude lmao he didn't even win them the super Bowl they let the Super Bowl MVP go to Jacksonville because they keep talking about Carson Wentz is the future this man can't even stay healthy the Drew Brees he deserve money like that Tom Brady he deserves money like that Aaron Rodgers he deserves money like that Philip Rivers if you get a right team around him he can do some damage but he deserves money like that Matt Ryan if they can get the right tandem going he can do some damage he deserves money like that but the rest of these cats they needed they need to show what they could do to get money like that because these NFL quarterbacks are killing the market and that's why teams ain't winning
Shun Quo
Shun Quo 7 months ago
Listen I'm not paying 30 to 40 million when a quarterback who just throws the ball I still got to pay my offensive line I might have a premier offensive lineman I got to pay my defense I might have some Premier defensive players I want to keep cuz I'm trying to get to the Super Bowl forget 30-40 million to a quarterback that can't win a Super Bowl on his arm alone I'm sorry
Jason Faulkner
Jason Faulkner 7 months ago
Dak. 30 million per year works out to one million dollars per week for nine weeks o off-season prep and training camp ... then another one million per week for four weeks of preseason games, then another one million per week for 16 regular season and one week off. Dak. $1 million per week for 30 weeks for playing a game and staying in shape. Not a bad deal.
Joshua Bedwell
Joshua Bedwell 7 months ago
Misleading due to Carson missing games. And lead his team to a great record before Foles filled in
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Emmanuel Enyinwa 7 months ago
Stephen A was SHOCKED by the fact Prescott is better than Wentz statistically, so he CHANGED the subject. What a joke.
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams 7 months ago
These people just have to talk with there satanic hand signs
greg magrath
greg magrath 7 months ago
Doesn't Texas have the lowest tax rate for sportsman in USA???
Will Joyce
Will Joyce 7 months ago
How many SB rings does being 3-1 vs Carson Wentz get Dak? How many more NFC Championships did he start? Oh, 0, the number for both is 0 Will Cain, the little numbers at the bottom translate to nothing
phillip watson
phillip watson 7 months ago
Reminds me of the Wizard Of Oz song, if I only had a brain.
CreeperKeeper 7 months ago
Dak Prescott thinks hes worth more than other QBs...hasnt even won enough playoff games to be asking for that lol
CreeperKeeper 6 months ago
I've been a cowboys fan for almost 30 years now and the franchise has gone down like the stock market in the 80s, maybe this year they can win more than one playoff game.
Linda Easley
Linda Easley 6 months ago
Where did you hear that from ? A Cowboys hating sports journalist quoting anonymous sources ?
pa. encema
pa. encema 7 months ago
Just one in Dallas 😄🤣😅😂
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson 7 months ago
Just because other teams are dumb enough to overpay their qbs and destroy the salary cap doesn't mean the cowboys have to.
Brandon'svlog 7 months ago
Ted Johnson $30 mil is over paying. He ain’t worth it.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 7 months ago
What a spoiled lil bitch, and I know it's fucked up cause im agreeing with Stephen A.. Zeke likes putting hands on people who dont seem to deserve it, now someone actually fucks with him (indirectly) he best be hopping on a plane to come slap Dak otherwise he'll look like a punk
Ron C
Ron C 7 months ago
The majority of QB have won Super bowls. Dak is not worth 30 mil
god mind
god mind 7 months ago
@Michael F he means the qbs who get paid over 30 million has won Superbowls
Sayed Ansari
Sayed Ansari 7 months ago
Bunch of cry babies
Savage Sooner
Savage Sooner 7 months ago
Cowboys Paying a Garbage QB $30 mil is INSANE!!! This is why J Jones won’t win another SB in his lifetime, so dumb!!!
Joe Navarrete
Joe Navarrete 20 days ago
I feel the same way that man can not throw more than 40 yards his interception /touchdown ratio during 4 games is crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️ they should put cooper rush in
geodude7 6 months ago
Billy Horton
Billy Horton 7 months ago
I would be happy with 1 million shit even with 200 thousand these nfl players aren't humble what so ever all they are doing is throwing a ball
Niners Robb
Niners Robb 7 months ago
Do you know how much money a NFL team makes?
Allen C.
Allen C. 7 months ago
I would take that bro. It must be the guaranteed money is too low. Otherwise take the money.
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