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Aug 17, 2019




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byebye botak
byebye botak 16 minutes ago
I have a schnauzer dog named snowy and she died she was sick i cried every single night
Anna Klocke
Anna Klocke 14 hours ago
This is sad
Ava Adams
Ava Adams 19 hours ago
I want a dad dog
Ava Adams
Ava Adams 19 hours ago
Fatine Meloui
Fatine Meloui
Daisy is mum
Fatine Meloui
Tennecia Twyman
I didn't know Dawson was the puppies father
Jay Med
Jay Med 2 days ago
Nickey:SHOW MEH MY BABY owner:okok
Veronicawith Phillips
Name I of the puppy roses
JUST ENJOY 84 2 days ago
That is really exhausting for poor daisy...good job daisy..πŸ‘πŸ‘. We're all proud of you daisy.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 3 days ago
I would call a black one black cookie
Lisa McFarlin
Lisa McFarlin 3 days ago
sunshine club
sunshine club 3 days ago
my sisters name is Daisy
Marina Lay
Marina Lay 3 days ago
OMG my grand child
iipastel Horses
iipastel Horses 3 days ago
Congrats! Good luck daisy duke...Your amazing and Perfect!
Carol Knox
Carol Knox 4 days ago
Daisy duke? Lol same as my ants name well nick name cuz her na,e is daisy
Carol Knox
Carol Knox 4 days ago
Carol Knox
Carol Knox 4 days ago
I mean Name ops
mr robloxian 4
mr robloxian 4 4 days ago
Baby: this is kinda wierd
Penelope Hernandez
My chicks πŸ₯ died 2 of them😒😒I did not get to name them I had not a lot of time to stay with them 😒😒😒 my dogs killed them I was sad πŸ˜” so I bared them I’m would name them penny and lily
Sophia Eliana
Sophia Eliana 4 days ago
The puppies are so cute
Amy Henriques
Amy Henriques 4 days ago
Awww the puppy’s sooo cutie
Tennecia Twyman
Tennecia Twyman 4 days ago
Tennecia Twyman
I have
frank kennedy
frank kennedy 4 days ago
Did you keep them all
Hayleigh Segura
Hayleigh Segura 4 days ago
OMG these puppies are so adorbs
valerie therrien
valerie therrien 4 days ago
I wanna should I just dad and I looks like it’s mom ones white ones craft
valerie therrien
valerie therrien 4 days ago
Does the baby puppies have a RUvid channel
l Ashley unicorn roblox
Awww it so cute 😍
amr 123
amr 123 5 days ago
Graces’ Dream
Aww poor doggie
Lily Batch
Lily Batch 5 days ago
I love daisy
Deniz Guvener
Deniz Guvener 5 days ago
Daisy duke is da worst name in da world
Dexie Lumauig
Dexie Lumauig 5 days ago
Yes daisy go push push OMG yes good job daisy I'm so happy *crying good girl daisy
Yashitha Rasania
Yashitha Rasania 6 days ago
Awe how cute
Wolfy Bubble tea
Wolfy Bubble tea 6 days ago
AWWWWWWW SO. CUTE!!! AHHHHH! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Daisy herself is cute aswell! but the newborn puppies are cuter!
Nevaeh Maxwell (531nevmaxw)
its nasty watching them come out but it was cute at the same time so cute
Danika Ortiz
Danika Ortiz 6 days ago
ok i’m sorry buh ur sons name is miles? 😭 das my ex’s name 😭😭😭
Edrian Apo
Edrian Apo 6 days ago
so Cute
Edrian Apo
Edrian Apo 6 days ago
ALEEYAH CARRY 6 days ago
Jasmine John
Jasmine John 6 days ago
Jasmine John
Jasmine John 6 days ago
I can’t wait to see Daisy Dukes puppy they will be so cute bye for now
HtagCarlaVlogs Gameplay
I whis I could adopt one but nobody in my town has
Isabella Baez
Isabella Baez 6 days ago
Congrats daisy got 8 puppies
manal benabbas
manal benabbas 6 days ago
What’s this new challenge that these dogs call
Churchplayz 7 days ago
Aw I was crying so happy for you!πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Joanne Macnaughton
Its so cute the way they all cuddle up to each other when they are bornπŸ’œ
BD mom life is beautiful
AnnaBella Carey
AnnaBella Carey 8 days ago
I love all y’all’s labradors my favorite is all of them I do not have one but we had a golden Retriever in it didn’t I will give it away because it bit somebody
Gia Sidhu
Gia Sidhu 8 days ago
I love puppies i wish I got a girl puppy today
Annie Bananie
Annie Bananie 8 days ago
From first born to the last, how long did it take?
Ray Johns
Ray Johns 8 days ago
puppies are so cute i’m crying 😭
sebastian beleΓ±o
Makayla Talaba
Makayla Talaba 9 days ago
Good luck πŸ˜‰
P Teague
P Teague 9 days ago
SOO cute
P Teague
P Teague 9 days ago
P Teague
P Teague 9 days ago
i am sad..........................
P Teague
P Teague 9 days ago
i am sorry..........
Peyton Clinton
Peyton Clinton 9 days ago
This guy did the good think and stayed with her
Silas Osborn
Silas Osborn 9 days ago
i love dogs i do not have one beacose i can not
Justine Fready
Justine Fready 9 days ago
I want a puppy
justice holman
justice holman 9 days ago
Avo Kahlil
Avo Kahlil 10 days ago
Victoria Cardiel
Victoria Cardiel 10 days ago
XxPeeWeeXx 10 days ago
Why did you say bye to them and you scream her water broke and then just go home
layana zaarour
layana zaarour 10 days ago
Omg there so cute poor girl
iiStrawberry Gameii
Awe soo cute I wish I had one but my dad doesn't like dogs only fishes
Alfie Coster
Alfie Coster 8 days ago
iiStrawberry Gameii I have a dog I wish that one day we get a girl and have puppies 🐢😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–soooo cute
Samantha Simmons
Samantha Simmons 10 days ago
Daisy to have puppies let me know if you have a ride
Spy ninja fan of Chad
U said ur so happy that ur stop at a flash light
Be Yourself Be Happy
I love you
Jessica Boyd
Jessica Boyd 11 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 12 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 11 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 11 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 11 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 11 days ago
Liliana Salihbasic
Liliana Salihbasic 11 days ago
Sofia Morena Campos Nobre
Aww I'm proud of daisy Ur gonna be the best mother and its gonna be a happy Family!
ya teet osorio
ya teet osorio 12 days ago
The dad wanted to break in to see his kids the mom be na and daisy is the best puupy mothet
Rafabella Naturals
Rafabella Naturals 12 days ago
Erica Scott
Erica Scott 12 days ago
Baby brother is named is miles
Genesis Flores
Genesis Flores 12 days ago
One name should be Bailey
Kim Bryan Familiaran
id like you see your baby in your Vlogs
Puppy Pup puppy Pup
10 is to rare
Puppy Pup puppy Pup
No I only have 8
Puppy Pup puppy Pup
I beat u
Puppy Pup puppy Pup
I had 10
Isabella Poynton
Isabella Poynton 13 days ago
soooo adoreble
Athena Ysabelle Abrenica
Aww it so lillte
Ily Lopez Orantes (Student)
so cute ;o
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson 14 days ago
I’m so happy for daisy duke she is a great mom
Michelle Gilbert
Michelle Gilbert 6 days ago
Keasia Davis
Keasia Davis 11 days ago
Same ima dog lover
Kg KiLLSnaX YT 15 days ago
Is nike the dad WTFπŸ˜‚
Helen Jenkins
Helen Jenkins 15 days ago
I didn't like how he took the puppies away he shouldn't touch them and she should have played down the first one just fel on ground;-;
Carlos Decamps
Carlos Decamps 15 days ago
so cute my 3 puppys died and i just got 3 left
Antionette Slater
Antionette Slater 15 days ago
Lauren Flowers
Lauren Flowers 15 days ago
Aww πŸ₯° this is about to make me cry 😒 but Happy 😊
Ω…Ψ­Ω…Ψ― Ψ΅Ψ§Ω„Ψ­
Very nice moments ,, thank you for the amazing vedio
{.Twisted Katie.}
{.Twisted Katie.} 17 days ago
I cried when the first one came out 😰😒😭
Louis Pazos
Louis Pazos 17 days ago
OMG I think today🀭
Sujaya Bala
Sujaya Bala 17 days ago
My dog just looks like ur daisy. He is a pyrador
Donna Wingate
Donna Wingate 17 days ago
Congratulations πŸ₯³
Flat Rate
Flat Rate 17 days ago
how old are the puppies now
Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge 16 days ago
1 year
Abigail Benham
Abigail Benham 18 days ago
The little baby puppies are so cuteπŸ’πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’ž
JONNIE LEE 18 days ago
last year my dog died and im still very,very sad :( i miss him ok now im crying.
my burritos bruises
0h wow
Michael Wade
Michael Wade 18 days ago
😭😭 dazzy
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