Daft Punk Pharrell Williams ft Stevie Wonder The Grammys 2014 -HQ

Luiggi Carbrist
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Feb 9, 2014




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Comments 139
Andrea Cruz
Andrea Cruz 40 minutes ago
u know ur shits good when not one person in a crowd of decade legends and new indies alike are not up dancing. deserved aoty that year hands down
Sourish Hazra
Sourish Hazra 7 days ago
3:13 who the hell edited this portion ?
DFK 8 days ago
2:30 Stevie : FREAK Ou...t......Oh...nvm Lmao
Dylan Balsamo
Dylan Balsamo 9 days ago
There is so much going on in this
Rust C.
Rust C. 9 days ago
They literally succeed in everything they do
Auricom Nights
Auricom Nights 11 days ago
Just can't help but feel that beat.
cmz8706 11 days ago
the choice for Record of the Year was so obvious... aside from maybe Bruno Mars, you'd never see a crowd of people (especially artists) who are so diverse and having this much fun together, all dancing and singing along, compared to the other nominees in 2014. if they had an award for it, Daft Punk might as well have taken home the Record of the Decade. it's 2019 and Random Access Memories still gets referenced and playtime. many of the sounds they created on that record are timeless.
Bruce Fake
Bruce Fake 11 days ago
when you can make ringo star and paul mc cartney dance
hughjarrse 15 days ago
Daft Punk are just dopey good, The first time you watch this before you know the screen comes down.....wow,.... must have been magic to be in the audience
Swiper Guy
Swiper Guy 16 days ago
Did any else her Around the World at 4:34 ??
Taht Weirdo Oscar
Taht Weirdo Oscar 17 days ago
The only regret is that it was shown too early
st. help
st. help 18 days ago
Favourite Grammy Performance Ever
Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou
4:40 that is what we call a smile from the soul !
Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou
Daft Punk that night - Level of entertainment: Michael Jackson !
Eric Foiering
Eric Foiering 20 days ago
3:09 « our work is never over » well I sure hope it’s not
Sean Lawson
Sean Lawson 23 days ago
This might be the greatest moment in Grammy's history, look at how loose the crowd is. This is what music is about, oddly enough robot musicians sparking the biggest human element of music. Dance
KaitlynKatt 25 days ago
I am forever so thankful that I exist in this universe at the same time as Daft Punk
Vale Gal
Vale Gal 25 days ago
Steve magnífico!!!!♥️
Isaí 29 days ago
That guitar sounds at 4:44 - 4:52 comes from a Nile Rodgers song?
Victor Hernandez
Wat happened @ 3:13?
I got goosebumps when another star came on
mohamad Zarizi
mohamad Zarizi Month ago
Sri Lankan Stuff
What's that Lalalalala???? It took this legendary performance to another level ❤
Sri Lankan Stuff
Ruevez ™ I found it. Thank you ❤
Ruevez ™
Ruevez ™ Month ago
Sri Lankan Stuff Another Star- Stevie wonder
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez Month ago
I’m Steven Tyler dancing to every daft punk song
Andrew Houseman
Andrew Houseman Month ago
Always, I can’t believe how they get better song by song year by year
Gearshift productions
Makes me think of the opening of interstella 5555... Except daft punk doesn't get abducted lol
Oh my God! A stage full of absolute legends. How can anyone ever top this? Total awesomeness.
sheldorf Month ago
who'd a thought Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would be into daft punk? that's amazing
kevin a
kevin a Month ago
Lol @ Steven Tyler's little thumb dance
Lars Volldal
Lars Volldal 19 days ago
Le freak
Bre Kumara
Bre Kumara Month ago
ringo starr and paul mccartney damn
Lil Borrego
Lil Borrego Month ago
The chills when the "Lalalala" starts... Ohhh Maan! It never gets old!! ❤️
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago
Who’s here hoping daft punk returns in 2020
Ruth Chavez
Ruth Chavez Day ago
Manuel Menchaca
Manuel Menchaca 3 days ago
Yajan Dave
Yajan Dave 12 days ago
They are returning with an album as rumoured
Noel Paganotti
Noel Paganotti 21 day ago
@Jimmy Knowledge i was hoping a 2017 alive... didn't happen
Jimmy Knowledge
Jimmy Knowledge 25 days ago
2027 Alive
Manny Flo
Manny Flo Month ago
I'm going to tell my kids that's Ray Charles
Yellow Month ago
I could listen & watch this performance over and over until the end of time! Loved the blending of ANOTHER STAR 🌟!!!
Marc Stover
Marc Stover Month ago
They made so many A lister's happy that night!
ewetoo Month ago
You can see how big it was for everyone to play with Stevie, they're all beaming like little kids.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith 2 months ago
Who is that filthy skank..... Oh its yoko ono
*sigh* Yup
*sigh* Yup 2 months ago
maaaan bruno was TURNT
Joseph Michael DiCarlo
Brought the house down!
platf0rm 2 months ago
Phillip Rockwell
Phillip Rockwell 2 months ago
Deadest Daft Punk crowd ever
Fabio Michelini
Fabio Michelini 2 months ago
Best Grammy presentation EVER!!!
April 3 months ago
Gajendran Sivayoharan
We need daft punk for ever
manon 3 months ago
As a french I’m proud of this two robots to be on that wonderful and iconic stage ! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Rusihan Ruslan
Rusihan Ruslan 3 months ago
yoko ono macam bagus.
Kenneth Oseghale
Kenneth Oseghale 4 months ago
The best Grammy performance in my opinion...
bernardo mattos
bernardo mattos Month ago
The Best of the last decade
Dillon Pink
Dillon Pink 4 months ago
When you have Omar on drums, Stevie on vocals and Nathan on bass, you know the performance is gonna be insane. legends
Bep de Bop
Bep de Bop 4 months ago
Mike Nisenson
Mike Nisenson 4 months ago
Big kudos to Pharrell for cueing Stevie on the second verse
Izet Yusein
Izet Yusein 4 months ago
What's interesting it that there were the two remaining Beatles and also the women who broke up The Beatles shown several times, and they were both dancing to the song.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 4 months ago
So many living legends on one stage. It staggers the imagination.
John Watkins
John Watkins 4 months ago
Hot damn! Omar on drums, Nathan on bass and STEVIE WONDER!!!!!
John Watkins
John Watkins 4 months ago
Nile Rogers on guitar. I'm just saluting the old school guys! Sorry!
Parvez Abbasi
Parvez Abbasi 4 months ago
Bow in the presence of greatness!
Ibaniezvideo 4 months ago
Hard to find a better moment in the history of the Grammys
atleti co
atleti co 25 days ago
It's definitely in the top 5 ever
ThisGuy 27 days ago
Ibaniezvideo Paul McCartnet and Ringo Starr reunited and performed the same year this happened, so if anything this is the second best moment.
Cobey C.B
Cobey C.B Month ago
Malachi I preferred Bishop Sum 41 Fat Lipa
Reyvan Tributo
Reyvan Tributo Month ago
I love Daft Punk, but the performance of Michael Jackson in '88 is also wonderful ... obviously I also love MJ. ruvid.net/video/video-N6pzABjzSQA.html
ACE Month ago
daft punk alive 2027 live Grammy performance
Zach 5 months ago
2:13 POG
Zach 5 months ago
Stevie is the only music act i enjoy more than DP. When I found out they got him to perform i was stunned. This was a night to remember!! and when they won record AND especially album of the year?!?! I feel like I'm the one who got lucky lol
Flávia Santos
Flávia Santos 5 months ago
this is so good that evertime i watch i wanna cry
FrostBitey10 25 days ago
It's just everyone having a good time. Like it's supposed to be.
Brent Merritt
Brent Merritt 3 months ago
Ibaniezvideo 4 months ago
happens the same to me
Disobey Btw
Disobey Btw 5 months ago
Too much soul on one stage. A part of the universe cracked in that moment.
Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton 5 months ago
I know my brain is tricking me... but it really looks like Thomas's robot mouth is coyly smiling :)
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