Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Rehearsal Version) [Live @ the Grammys 2014 SD]

Daft Punk: Bonus Features
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Mar 20, 2014




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hanten10 10 hours ago
does anybody know who's on the bass?
Not Gary Oldman
It's alright, but it ain't no Rollin' and Scratchin'...
Ednardo de oliveira Ferreira
best version
Cristina Torre
WTF is That Stevie Wonder
John Morrison
John Morrison 2 days ago
What a bunch of killers on that stage
richard roberts
richard roberts 3 days ago
Stevie got better vision than daft punk
Nicholas Piechocki
There are obviously way less people there than the full audience...I've heard the real performance plenty of times, and I can't tell the difference of how loud the crowd is afterwards in comparison, that's how you know this was a legendary performance/experience!
Rorena Youtube
Rorena Youtube 4 days ago
These Robots were made for making music. Theres *no* competition when they are there.
doradora rock
doradora rock 4 days ago
Hey Stevie! Hello! ! (・ ∀ ・)
David 7 days ago
Terrible versión!!!
Marcos Aguirre Salcedo
I prefer the rehearsal than the actual performance
LukiBoy 11 days ago
Paul McCartney really seems to like daft punk. That makes me glad.
Maximo Kuri
Maximo Kuri 11 days ago
I need this
Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott 12 days ago
love how they incorporated "come on come on" from another great song off that album... still the only Grammy awards I ever enjoyed watching!
Tomyz River
Tomyz River 12 days ago
freak out!
Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro 12 days ago
I just can’t believe I’m never gunna be able to watch Daft Punk live. It makes me terribly sad, but it is what it is. Since Homework I’ve been hooked, I remember I was like 9 or 10 when I first heard their album and the rest is history ❤️
Eugenio Vasquez
Eugenio Vasquez 13 days ago
The Strexil
The Strexil 13 days ago
I loved what Disco stood for as a genre and how it brought ideas such as gender fluidity and feminism and equality into mainstream while at the same time, delivering groovy and mesmerising music but died because one radio jockey couldn’t handle it and then 35 years laters, Daft Punk ended up reinventing the goddamn genre and “giving life back to music”.
Baskin Clax
Baskin Clax 14 days ago
Awesome miming on the chorus, twerp.
Lyle A
Lyle A 14 days ago
I love this one.. Nathan East on bass.
The Necrolibriatas
The Necrolibriatas 14 days ago
I think I read somewhere they can’t see anything in those helmets so their rigs have a special layout so they know where everything is.
Daniel Zandi
Daniel Zandi 15 days ago
Where’s daft punk
teck one
teck one 16 days ago
Music French power
Junior Omni
Junior Omni 17 days ago
Stevie Wonder pode ser cego, mas é de um grande talento!
Imetalman2000 17 days ago
That jam during the sound check, when no one is in the venue and you can actually hear your instrument.
Anthony Fandago
Anthony Fandago 22 days ago
Pharell with that playback tho
Obama Rules98
Obama Rules98 23 days ago
Song: pretty good 2:22: hits Everyone: *oh shit*
Inka Lee
Inka Lee 23 days ago
Okay this deserves a lot more of views wtf? This is literally the most legendary performance I've ever seen
Juan L
Juan L 24 days ago
Anybody knows the name of the second song? Thanks
RobIson240 19 days ago
Le Freak
Juan L
Juan L 22 days ago
Another star 😁🤟
GaelMendesVEVO 24 days ago
La leyenda Stevie Wonder que gusto me da en este video y por supuesto Pharrel Williams super artista y con una humildad mis respetos para los 2
Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez 25 days ago
If Paul McCartney applause you, you did great
Diego Caballero
Diego Caballero 25 days ago
OMG! This amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
JP 26 days ago
Too many afks in the public haha
LEO WATCH 26 days ago
it sooooooooooo amazing
Marco Chagall
Marco Chagall 26 days ago
Jack Junovo
Jack Junovo 26 days ago
Merci les mecs 😊😊😊
nbr1rckr 27 days ago
It's always the warm-up jam session that's the best live performance lol
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 28 days ago
Y eso que solo era el ensayo.
shogun 012
shogun 012 29 days ago
5:00 yowza!
Sujeeth Potla
Sujeeth Potla Month ago
what a gift I wish I was there too...many empty seats, thanks to youtube anyway :)
ElAgus5 Month ago
4:08 5:25 best part men
Midnight Magic
Midnight Magic Month ago
3:12 - 3:21 definitely best part
ElAgus5 Month ago
4:08 5:25 best part
Jared Giff
Jared Giff Month ago
god this song sucks
Steve Summers
Steve Summers Month ago
Nathan East on bass glueing it beautifully altogether.. GrooveMaster.
Igor Herculoid
Igor Herculoid Month ago
Atemporal! B.H. presente!
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares Month ago
live instruments better than computers...
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares Month ago
I bet they have standins to press some buttons if they too tired..get a restroom break, and still, no one will notice
Irv ram
Irv ram Month ago
This is a masterpiece!!! Great job daft punk and pharrell and the crew!!! Love this! Perfection!!!
Wii U
Wii U Month ago
1:09 William Pharrell just can’t hold it when he sings this.
Lewis Dal
Lewis Dal Month ago
Sir_ Beon22
Sir_ Beon22 Month ago
This should be on Spotify tbh
pablo schiozzi
pablo schiozzi Month ago
Argentina 🇦🇷💯👏🏼
pablo schiozzi
pablo schiozzi Month ago
All about dat rice
Every time they slip in Around the World my eyes roll to the back of my head. Fucking orgasmic.
Man of Skill
Man of Skill Month ago
Best part 3:12
Mr. Bad Guy
Mr. Bad Guy Month ago
I couldn't resist: I made a mashup with Harder Better Faster Stronger on my channel. I you guys like it, I can die in peace.
elexer pardo valencia
Paul Mcartney vacilando ahí en primera fila 🙌🏼
Sir Zavier Cronicas
Todo Paul
RyanInLA Month ago
STEVIE WONDER is singing LIVE vocals while a kid like pharrell is going along to some taped processed vocal bullshit, can anyone explain
Maria B. W. de L. Lins
très conceptuel BYBHR
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