Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Album Version)

Vinícius Pereira
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Full version of the first single from Random Access Memories ;) ♪
You can download the entire album here:


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May 13, 2013




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Comments 2 058
joaquin machado
joaquin machado 6 hours ago
el bromas
joaquin machado
joaquin machado 6 hours ago
alguien aca en febrero 2020?
joaquin machado
joaquin machado 6 hours ago
los amo
Quatre stars immenses ensemble cela donne quelque chose d' ENORME !!!!!!!
martitta1 Day ago
Get Loki, is this song about Marvel? :D :D
Adri Franco
Adri Franco Day ago
Chinga a tu madre #RUvid 5 comerciales para ver este vídeo y me lo pausas a la mitad , neta jodete , quería contratar el servicio pero así no a la fuerza no , mejor pongo Spotify
Kimo IRA
Kimo IRA Day ago
Let’s be honest You searched this up 😉
MR. Robot
MR. Robot 2 days ago
Daughter version with Elena tonra voice is so much better
SinglePixel Games
3:43 get extra lucky
-Caesar- 2 days ago
me en canta esta cancion
Mapoksi 3 days ago
Like the legend of the penis
G9Security 3 days ago
Best songs
Miguel Castaño
Miguel Castaño 3 days ago
esto es un clásico
Dominik Dujmovic
Dominik Dujmovic 3 days ago
This song is the best when I went on vacation I always sang it
I Ro
I Ro 4 days ago
just liking music
Chema Venegas
Chema Venegas 4 days ago
Esto merece más
Di Dr
Di Dr 4 days ago
when i was mabye 6 years old dad played this song in car and i just fell in love with this song. and also when i was 7 i had big crush on that guy in silver helmet UwO
Baloonboy 105
Baloonboy 105 2 days ago
Di Dr first heard it on the Radio. Never had a crush on Thomas Bangalter though.
Random Things
Random Things 4 days ago
I listened this song without even knowing when I was a kid
bahadır kışlalıoğlu
malik ali
David Campkin
David Campkin 5 days ago
everyone eventually gets lucky/clucky !!
The Gaming Machine
Tobuscus anyone Wait I'm too late...
Isaack Vera
Isaack Vera 6 days ago
Where up all to go mining where up all to go mining
Nickymiau 6 days ago
i remember when i was 7 years old singing this song
YC 6 days ago
the one who was not LUCKY is the Korean dude who wrote da song...
Alexis pérez :v
Alexis pérez :v 6 days ago
Sketch• E D G Y
Me quedé anodadada sabiendo que es mí banda favorita :0
Chavezoid 6 days ago
Who robbed a Mexican?
M 6 days ago
So much better than the radio version
valeryfer13 6 days ago
esta buena la cancion xd
Andrew Salley
Andrew Salley 6 days ago
Daft punk is the robot
puchuli 7 days ago
Hector Tovar
Hector Tovar 7 days ago
A huevo....uruapan mexican lucky
Lenon Ferreira
Lenon Ferreira 7 days ago
15/02/20 😍
Jasa Doncheva
Jasa Doncheva 7 days ago
Lee Mico Carskilai
in 2020 your not lucky.... your Blessed
Bob Is a fish
Bob Is a fish 4 days ago
Woah how epic and cool
James Mayo
James Mayo 7 days ago
Tweaker toon.
Pedro Casas
Pedro Casas 8 days ago
Es mi favorita canción
Lucas 8 days ago
Why there are people in 2020 lol?
Kariel Aspajo Paredes
2020 I listen to music.
Destiny Aishi
Destiny Aishi 8 days ago
"We rob a mexican..." Trump wrote this lyric!
Anderson Lemos
Anderson Lemos 8 days ago
Brazil get lucky
Dick Jones
Dick Jones 8 days ago
We are all Mexican lucky
Faruk Göcen
Faruk Göcen 8 days ago
Is ph in there somewhere
Scott Summers
Scott Summers 8 days ago
so why are they up all night?
huihuangyong 8 days ago
You can play vice city original you hear that car radio have this song must originally first
Diego Enrique Conde Sepulveda
Es una leyenda del punk, que buen tema para el viernes bien temprano
Bite Size
Bite Size 8 days ago
Like the legend of the Phoenix this song keeps spinning
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 8 days ago
lame and over rated
Glamour Glitter Sparkles YT
My mom has a video of me when I was 5 in just VIBIN to this songg!!!!
BESTBOSS 666 5 days ago
Pls post it
Kirovo 5 days ago
Glamour Glitter Sparkles YT ok.
Glamour Glitter Sparkles YT
My mom has a video of me when I was 5 in just VIBIN to this songg!!!!
T light
T light 9 days ago
Bunch bunch bunch
Javier Contreras
Javier Contreras 9 days ago
De ahí pa arribaaaa reciénnn!!
Vaas Montenegro96
Ma lisciam le meleh Get Lezzoh
filmlere yolculuk
Who is here now
Randy Y.
Randy Y. 9 days ago
this song are legendary I LIKED
Marley Rose
Marley Rose 9 days ago
heitor suzart
heitor suzart 9 days ago
Iiiiiiii ret fou and our xuli oooooooi
Trina Alvarado
Trina Alvarado 10 days ago
Me encanta
king sole
king sole 10 days ago
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