Daenerys attacks King's Landing Full Battle Scene - "The Bells" - 4K Video Quality

Alexandru Mortimer
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R G 9 hours ago
Golden company is a Joke
Eddy Rdz
Eddy Rdz 10 hours ago
I fucking hate the s8
Alua Utemissova
Alua Utemissova 15 hours ago
so Drogon as always MVP of the all battles he participated except Long Night which was Arya
Marcelino Vasquez
Marcelino Vasquez 23 hours ago
Why is Davos in the frontline?? He can't fight wtf
Arisu-san Day ago
2:04 oh the irony...
apoorva shukla
Most useless man harry Strickland
Tender JC
Tender JC Day ago
2:49 One soldier has a bad acting Getting down too early 😂
Ashikur Rahaman Fahim
She is my queen... Fuck of... Grrr
Buffed Rick
Buffed Rick Day ago
Producer. All Dotrakis r dead Director. ctrl v
василий пупкин
Я фанат игры престолов)))
Skuyler Knisely
Skuyler Knisely 2 days ago
“2000 horses...”
Valentino Cáceres
Great scene but WORST FINALE EVER
Jamack Black
Jamack Black 2 days ago
Even with the ending being kinda bad u can’t bring down GOT as a whole,it’s still a very good show
Kipgek I
Kipgek I 2 days ago
I would say according to my calculations the golden company has 6×26=156 156×8= 1248 men And 1 horse Source: 2:18
luc Vermunt
luc Vermunt 2 days ago
2:15 One random morning at the gate outside of area 51
keatman 3 days ago
The Iron Fleet turned into a bunch of Stormtroopers
WegrennerX 3 days ago
4:31 okay useful scene
The Skyrim Inquisitor
This reminds me of one of those runs in Skyrim I do in a city where I kill everyone then I reload a save right before and continue with the game/quests. Just this time there's no reloading
Tomasz Woźniak
Tomasz Woźniak 4 days ago
Can anyone tell me: 1. Is it me or 1:32 - 1:37 or 2:15 - 2:18 looks just bad, like a CGI from cutscenes in games in the early 2000s 2. Why the fuck everything explodes when touched by dragon's fire 3. Why the Dothraki disappear at 3:50 4. Why am I even bother to comment and just accept this season was rushed garbage
Dark Gamer X
Dark Gamer X 4 days ago
Area 51 raid will end up like this
ammar shaikh
ammar shaikh 4 days ago
Man those Dothraki reproduce fast
Bur Bur
Bur Bur 4 days ago
Shit seasson
Random Guy
Random Guy 4 days ago
The golden company If you ever feel useless think about them
Elizabeth Alonso
Elizabeth Alonso 5 days ago
My queen ang DRAGO ❤️😍❤️❤️
JP amezcua
JP amezcua 5 days ago
Night king: this is bullshit I should be the one destroying this kingdom me!!!🗡
siddharth dumbre
siddharth dumbre 5 days ago
This is where worst part of GOT started
Jos. C
Jos. C 5 days ago
Smaug from hobbit 2 will eat that dragon for breakfast
Michael Kean
Michael Kean 5 days ago
really makes you think who the villains where Jon was honestly the only character you could get behind here.
David 5 days ago
I’m just so confused on how or why D&D thought it was a good idea to have Rhaegal shot down so easily in one episode and then have Drogon take it all down so easily in the next episode
Kasia Coś tam
Kasia Coś tam 5 days ago
3:00 poor horse😭😥
gamingnet 6 days ago
i thought Dothraki blades had a hard time piercing armour . _.
kelman727 6 days ago
Cersei is a lot like Hitler in his bunker here.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 6 days ago
Team Targaryen beat Team Lannister
Light Lorraine
Light Lorraine 6 days ago
the north remembers
I liked season 8.....lmao
jack hamilton
jack hamilton 6 days ago
God the special effects were so bad in this scene. Somehow the people in King's Landing were fatter and had better clothes. Up until season 7, the battle scenes, the musical score were getting better. Than 7, ugh just awful. I figure since they took a year off, they were going to do a great last season. WRONG. Just awful
pipelon lavin
pipelon lavin 7 days ago
fucking daenerys and she stupid woman hormonals atacks
Doug Yurchey
Doug Yurchey 7 days ago
blog.world-mysteries.com/guest_authors/the-new-men-and-the-new-world/ I was so pissed @ G.O.T. ending, I wrote much better version & book was published, my 10th: starts in Medieval times then goes to present & even into the future! No dragons, but Snow Giants & big blue Electric Eels! www.oom2.com/t64709-the-new-men-and-the-new-world-by-t-s-caladan Write to Tray, if you'd like a copy. Book cover by Simpsons artist.
spaceboykenny 7 days ago
You know what's really funny? The Red Keep is situated on the edge of King's Landing, by the sea, within full view of Dragonstone. Euron's fleet is in the bay between the Red Keep's beach and Dragonstone - so when Daenerys arrived to burn the fleet, she was heading straight for the Red Keep...only to diverge and destroy the scorpions furthest from the Red Keep. She literally could have toppled the Red Keep after burning the fleet. Idek anymore lol
deathwatch_97 8 days ago
Wait, wasnt Euron´´s crew mute?
Silver Knight87
Silver Knight87 8 days ago
Everyone seems upset about the scorpios being rendered useless in this scene, but honestly they were never going to be effective once Dany know they were there. Those ballista bolts aren’t exactly light so the reload would’ve taken a lot longer than people wanna admit, meaning if the first shot didn’t connect (which Dany rendered useless by staying elevated and using the sun as cover) they were basically sitting ducks for Drogon. Not to mention the wind resistance
Patrick the Lion
Patrick the Lion 8 days ago
"The Red Keep has never fallen, it will not fall today." Yeah, its not like we haven't heard that before with Oberyn Martell saying "tOdAy Is NoT tHe DaY i DiE"
ReturnTrip 8 days ago
so many loose ends...we never even heard from the iron bank afterwards
Jgonzalo TBEJARANO18
This is for NED STARK 🐺!!!!!!! 😡😡
Khairul Fuad
Khairul Fuad 8 days ago
Burn them all. Burn that bitch
John Heidel Raquel
What daenerys did is what they deserve.
No1important88 9 days ago
Only a single soldier on Danaerys’ side dies... realistic?
Random Videos
Random Videos 9 days ago
Plot armour bitch.
Sean Suing
Sean Suing 9 days ago
As the last Lannister, is Tyrion entitled to a refund that Cersei would otherwise demand from the Golden Company?
AtrHoliday 9 days ago
Episode 4- 20 or so of Euron’s ships have deadly accurate Scorpions that kill a dragon and cause Dany to retreat Episode 5- Hundreds of Euron’s ships don’t even fire their Scorpions and just sit idly by as Dany torches all of them with one dragon God I love continuity
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