Daenerys Attacks King's Landing Full Battle Scene - "The Bells" - 4K Video Quality

Alexandru Mortimer
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Daenerys attacks King's Landing while atop Drogon.


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May 14, 2019




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Comments 2 534
Bob the Destroyer
Bob the Destroyer 12 hours ago
Why would i want to watch this crap in 4k
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik 7 hours ago
Because your dad likes it in the butt 💦
Sundance 777
Sundance 777 18 hours ago
Michael bay would be proud
MilkShake1558 21 hour ago
Admit that after seeing the Lannister soldiers slaughtering Stark Men in the first season this is still kinda satisfying
llJOSEll llJOSEll
llJOSEll llJOSEll 22 hours ago
La mejor serie completa que e visto en mi vida muy buena100%
Craig B
Craig B Day ago
Mat Cauthon
Mat Cauthon 3 days ago
D&D Kinda forgot Dragon Fire can't melt stone. (Source: Arya and Tywin in Harrenhall)
Andrea Mercalli
Andrea Mercalli 3 days ago
Davos thoughts: "I'm not a fighter"
vikas shukla
vikas shukla 4 days ago
It's a cool scene, shame they didn't develop it nicely to this point
Jon Lothbrok
Jon Lothbrok 4 days ago
The buildings looks like sands lol, this is total bullshit
Digital Sigma
Digital Sigma 4 days ago
Such a garbage episode. Makes me wanna puke how they butchered the ending into this mess.
manas singha
manas singha 4 days ago
That's a coc Lev 6 dragon... Hahaha... And the xbows he
Peer165 4 days ago
Soldier on the left of Jon at 6:31, "Sticking right next to this walking pile of plot armor should really inscrease my survival chances" 6:36.
darthslather 89
darthslather 89 5 days ago
0:37 They should have added a stuka sirene to drogon
H A 5 days ago
I am just here to read the comments
Date Masamune
Date Masamune 5 days ago
The gold Drogon melted lasted longer than the Golden Company.
juan pablo nicolas giancola
Cerseiiiii.implacable hasta el.último minuto. ..
Queen Cersei
Queen Cersei 6 days ago
The thumbnail looks kinda ridiculous
Domenick Washington
Cowered using a dragon
Dee Marty
Dee Marty 6 days ago
How to Train your dragon pt 8
EzioIlMentore 6 days ago
"Fire" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jack Moore
Jack Moore 6 days ago
“The Red Keeps never fallen”. Reads the book Fire and Blood. Ummmm so about the countless times this fallen before Roberts Rebellion.
Gulya Mamedzade
Gulya Mamedzade 7 days ago
When I'm tired after work and devastated I watch this scene.And you know guys,it is really relaxing
Burner Account
Burner Account 7 days ago
Where’s the golden company Gone reduced to atoms
fritzmaker 8 days ago
This was supposed to be the final battle to settle all grudges in got. The epic finally and the revenge for all that has been wrong. There was absoluetly 0 suspense here, they might as well just had the battle offscreen and said yea we won lol. Would have been the same. This was worse for me than the white walkers or anything.
Grindelwald 8 days ago
It is just so satisfying seeing this after watching some scenes of season 1 when Ned Stark got betrayed..
PUBGVietnamese 8 days ago
they would wish they have SAM
THE COSMOLOGY 8 days ago
odenki88 9 days ago
I like to incite terror on cersei mind.. it is nice to see her scared
Andy Andreas Kumaseh
this is my revenge
Underdog 9 days ago
1:22 - That awkward moment when you realize that there will be a sudden and dramatic increase in atmospheric temperature.
Abyss Watcher
Abyss Watcher 10 days ago
Abyss Watcher
Abyss Watcher 10 days ago
أستغفر الله
You'll always be our queen 👑 Thanks drogon for melting that thrones, no body deserve it after Daenerys ❤❤
J D 10 days ago
Can HBO please redo season 8?
Tom Cross
Tom Cross 10 days ago
regardless of what one may say about storywriting and pacing, you cannot deny the dynamic, high calibre and simply groundbreaking cinematography.
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham 10 days ago
Seriously, is Drogo breathing fire, of Godzilla's plasma breath?
Matthew Housham
Matthew Housham 10 days ago
Oh my God, Sam really did kill more people than the Gold Company.
Aaron Cera
Aaron Cera 10 days ago
Amie Petroski
Amie Petroski 10 days ago
Fuck King's Landing,they deserved it. I only wish Cersei suffered more.
Ein Kommentar
Ein Kommentar 11 days ago
Yeah. Who the heck woul use something shitty like "shields"
Schenck Films
Schenck Films 12 days ago
My favorite Michael Bay film
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz 11 days ago
😂😂😂😂 You are right!!
Victor Nguyen
Victor Nguyen 12 days ago
If only Cersei had a Dragonborn
chris miller
chris miller 12 days ago
dresden, Germany. what a shame? so close and it was already over... heaven can wait
Alyssa G
Alyssa G 12 days ago
If only Cersei had elephants...
Orcaluv26 12 days ago
This wasn’t a battle: it was a persecution of the Lannister masses
Aidan Riddle
Aidan Riddle 13 days ago
I don’t feel bad for what she did yes it was wrong but she was angry not mad she is just like us we lost stuff and we wanted to do bad things but we restrain are self but when we talking about the show dany lost everything. She lost jon,her unborn child, lost 2 of her dragons, her khal was killed her most close friend was behead so what she did is what we all would of done if we were mad and angry and grieving in pain
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz 11 days ago
Daenerys has been losing things since she was in her mother's womb, she grew up on the streets of Essos, she is not stranger to sufferment. And when she got power she NEVER, EVER hurt innocent ppl. This has no justification. This is bad and lazy writing. Nothing more!
Gregory Wright
Gregory Wright 13 days ago
Brah why did he run like that there was a rock right there he should of just ran over there and died aka fake die.
Mihri Lovee
Mihri Lovee 13 days ago
Imagine this scene with her still having three dragons.
Angus Jobson
Angus Jobson 10 days ago
Imagine thinking this scene was good at all, let alone season 8
EdenFollower 13 days ago
4K video quality 0K story quality
Emilce Diaz
Emilce Diaz 11 days ago
Yeah. This is only visual, the rest is so empty. 😔
Radas1000 14 days ago
You know, I was truly hoping to see how The Golden Company fighst . Oh well I guess I won't find out why they were so famous.
Van Helsing
Van Helsing 14 days ago
Best Part 👍👍👍
MirMick 14 days ago
At 4:43, Dany burns down scorpions but somehow they are resurrected immediately.
Jayzeenice _fnaf
Jayzeenice _fnaf 14 days ago
Anatoly Dyatlov
Anatoly Dyatlov 14 days ago
Both this and Battle of Winterfell should have been at LEAST two episodes long.
Xiomara Molina
Xiomara Molina 14 days ago
Fuego y Sangre!!
Caolan Nash
Caolan Nash 15 days ago
Daenerys: I should attack Kings Landing immediately Tyrion: No, attack Casterly Rock instead Daenerys: Ok, fine (Euron destroys her fleet and allies) Daenerys: I should kill Cersei before I go North Tyrion: No, she'll help us Daenerys: Ok, fine (Cersei doesn't help and Dany loses most of her armies) Daenerys: I should kill Euron before he becomes a problem Tyrion: No, doing that won't help Daenerys: Ok, fine (Euron kills Rhaegal and Missandei is captured) Daenerys: I have to save Missandei, my best friend! Tyrion: No, you should treat with Cersei, she's clearly proven at keeping her word and is 100% trustworthy Daenerys: Ok, fine (Missandei dies) Daenerys FINALLY has sense and stops listening to Tyrion DRACARYS Tyrion: OmG sHe so StoOpId WhY dIdNt ShE LiStEn ShEz MaD
Younes  El Ghazaoui
Thank you, really!! Someone with brains omg❤
Rithin Raveendran
I want to copy this comment
Leshaun Griffith
Dude I can literally kiss you right now. Do you how long I've waited for someone to RIGHTFULLY put this together.
Kaylene Gerstmann
“You’re a dragon. Be a dragon.” -the oldest woman with the most experience running shit
Silver Cyclone
Silver Cyclone 3 days ago
This post is 100 percent facts
Joelis Present
Joelis Present 15 days ago
The end of fire and blood reign
Joelis Present
Joelis Present 15 days ago
Still one of my favorite scenes .. BURN THEM ALL
reyniel house vlogs
8:39 hahahahaha lmao
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 15 days ago
I like how Danys unsullied continued to grow after the battle lol they were all but wiped out and Dothraki but at the battle of Kings landing they are deep AF lol bad writing big time unless she still has a unsullied training ground where they cut off penisis in essos which would actually be smart to keep her army strong but everything that she is against lol then there shouldn’t be that many
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