Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)

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Share or watch with your Dad & try not to cry! Happy Father's Day.
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Dads take on the Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their Reactions.
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Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)


Published on


Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 11 757
Jon Park
Jon Park 3 hours ago
First thing first Rest in Peace Uncle Phil 🙏 -J.Cole
What am i doing With my life
I love my family. But I don't have one. Just a memory of one.
Jimmy Tweedale
Wouldnt make a dennnnnnnntt!!!
Sara LII
Sara LII Day ago
i wish i had a father
『 pxeach chan 』
『 pxeach chan 』 23 hours ago
omg I feel so bad for you !
0809 Oof
0809 Oof Day ago
Fight through
0809 Oof
0809 Oof Day ago
Ik it wasn’t just something it was everything keeping going on with life
0809 Oof
0809 Oof Day ago
If you did..
flon57 2.0
flon57 2.0 Day ago
The Fresh Prince scene gets me every time 😢
bballhead 7
bballhead 7 Day ago
Wish I had a dad 😭
Andy Gonzalez
Is it ok if you had a brutha?
RourkeHD 2 days ago
I miss my dad every single day. Hardest past month of my life.
DedZecc 5 minutes ago
RourkeHD god bless you bro, you can do it
Chloe Xx
Chloe Xx 2 days ago
That will Smith one get me everytime😢
Myauna Smith
Myauna Smith Day ago
Chloe Xx 💯💯
Give me subs with no vids
You can’t not have a dad cry video with fresh prince everyone felt that wether you had good or bad parents wether they stayed or left
wolf blood58
wolf blood58 4 days ago
I'll can't stand seeing will Smith cry god it got me
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo 3 days ago
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 5 days ago
DID anyone cry 😢
goodest boi
goodest boi 5 days ago
Seeing scott cry makes me cry
diva70smusic 5 days ago
These men are real men!
magic 2 days ago
diva70smusic teet yeet
DarkRoMiner 5 days ago
My dad left me today :(
Park The Kar
Park The Kar 5 days ago
“Ok byyyyyyeeeee”
JDDJ - Gaming
JDDJ - Gaming 6 days ago
Jacob Meal hem
Jacob Meal hem 3 days ago
you're fr the reason why we can't have nice things
Roni S
Roni S 3 days ago
Abandoned 4 days ago
Says the guy with Clash Royale videos, the most boring game ever.
Drew Wiseman music
JDDJ - Gaming you are a nice person *sarcasm*
Kadi-Ly Kesamaa
Kadi-Ly Kesamaa 6 days ago
I cried cuz i doesnt have so good dad Only a step dad who smoking and driniking i always dream about my family with a super good dad who deosnt smoke or drink 😔😔😭😭💔
Jake Frederick
Jake Frederick 6 days ago
You know I lost my father 6 year ago and I loved him so much i miss him so much
johana life
johana life 6 days ago
I cried
Nazrin Hummatova
Nazrin Hummatova 6 days ago
She think she all that😂😂💀
Tasha Sullivan
Tasha Sullivan 7 days ago
Man, oh man....I LOVE when men express their emotions! 😩❤
Brandon Calhoon
Brandon Calhoon 7 days ago
Awesome dads! My dad slapped me around and locked me in the side room with no lights. It’s nice seeing the other side
just another music lover
That's extreme wtf i'm so sorry i hope you get away from your dad asap
Andiswa Motshele
Andiswa Motshele 7 days ago
Okay. I failed the challenge🤕
Olenka Del Valle
Olenka Del Valle 7 days ago
Dayroom Tea
Dayroom Tea 7 days ago
Okay byyyeeee
Sophie Stuffz
Sophie Stuffz 8 days ago
I was even crying
Anette Osagie
Anette Osagie 8 days ago
Wow I didn’t cry because I understood the feeling.....I cried because I can never say that about my dad
just another music lover
reyhane Dn
reyhane Dn 8 days ago
Well i cried the whole video 🤦‍♀️👏❤️
Depression & Obsession
Beautiful absolutely beautiful ❤️
The vurve Pods and vlogs
"How Come he don't won't me man?" 😢
Armando I
Armando I 9 days ago
The 20 year old daughter bad tho 😖😭
Laicy McCary
Laicy McCary 10 days ago
I cried through them all...
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 10 days ago
Omg the last video I can’t
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 10 days ago
I cried
Peety TV
Peety TV 10 days ago
The last one got me because when I was 4 my dad left me
Movies Gal
Movies Gal 8 days ago
I still have my dad but I lost my mother(she passed away) at 2 years old 😢
Dede Smalls
Dede Smalls 10 days ago
Damn that last one gets me everytime 😭
oddie kunthar
oddie kunthar 10 days ago
"Sh-she think she all that."
Samantha Robbins
Samantha Robbins 10 days ago
You should do Tony and Peter please don't leave me it's very sad
Daniella Isabella Ahmet
I cried in all videos
Autumn Nightwell
Autumn Nightwell 10 days ago
i lost my dad 2 years ago and that was honestly the hardest thing i went through.
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream 9 days ago
@dmadplume 21 this proves if you have a Dad and Mother be grateful for them because they won't live forever and they have won't have a lot of time with you and I'm sorry for the one who never met their parents 😥
dmadplume 21
dmadplume 21 10 days ago
I don't even know my dad
Trevor Warom
Trevor Warom 11 days ago
"She think she all that"😂
beaunert urrea
beaunert urrea 11 days ago
why doesn't my dad wants me?
Dangerous Thinking
beaunert urrea I’ll take u
Knowledgle gen
Knowledgle gen 11 days ago
I'm not an emotional guy but even then I cried
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream 9 days ago
@fatimaツ or a mother
fatimaツ 11 days ago
then you're probably an emotional guy, (and a wimp) because these weren't even sad 😂
Peter Palelei
Peter Palelei 11 days ago
When I try crying I can't unless I get my ass whooped🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ur local roach
ur local roach 11 days ago
the fresh prince of bel air scene hit hard aha ha...
murtaza 10 days ago
ur local roach ahhhh that’s hot
Troy Dean
Troy Dean 11 days ago
My......My dad doesn’t love me either
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream 9 days ago
Feel bad for you😥
Mauricio R
Mauricio R 11 days ago
Troy Dean ayeeeee
Andrés Díaz
Andrés Díaz 11 days ago
Es la primera vez que veo la escena del Fresh Prince, y lloré, lloré mucho, porque tengo las misma situación que el personaje. Siempre estará la pregunta ¿por qué no me quiso?
Alicia Faz
Alicia Faz 12 days ago
Father’s Day???cant relate .. (sniff sniff)
Joe Gajo
Joe Gajo 12 days ago
I miss my dad
randy fansher
randy fansher 12 days ago
This hit me hard asf
Chris Padovano
Chris Padovano 13 days ago
That fresh prince scene gets me everytime
Samantha Mutsekwa
Samantha Mutsekwa 14 days ago
I’m not crying you are 😢
BUM76632 13 days ago
fezrayoos 14 days ago
Didnt know todrick's dad is a hottie
Kaye Cee
Kaye Cee 14 days ago
First things first RIP Uncle Phil
Xpert Ace
Xpert Ace 11 days ago
U where the only father i ever knew
James Hannon
James Hannon 11 days ago
Ror real
animechrispratt 14 days ago
now i think my dad has no emotions.
2 Benjii
2 Benjii 14 days ago
That will got me man
fury kool
fury kool 14 days ago
I wish i had a dad
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 12 days ago
That hit me
It’s Litt Dylan
It’s Litt Dylan 14 days ago
2 seconds in, it hit me...
Hyper PineApple
Hyper PineApple 14 days ago
@13:13 his daughter looks baked
Katie Bates
Katie Bates 14 days ago
Rip uncle Phil!!!
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