Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)

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Share or watch with your Dad & try not to cry! Happy Father's Day.
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Dads take on the Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their Reactions.
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Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)


Published on


Jun 15, 2019

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Comments 10 920
Silver Mercy
Silver Mercy 4 minutes ago
My Dad passed 2 years ago. I have been single 14 years and wouldn't have guessed how he would have felt if I had ever gotten married. Do you think it was easier for him that I'm such a hermit, or harder because I'm so introverted?
Peighton c
Peighton c 18 minutes ago
Im not a parent and im crying
Callie Maddox
Callie Maddox 41 minute ago
Fresh Prince hit hard man, I didn't know I had a dad till I was 4 😥
lynsay Bennett
lynsay Bennett 51 minute ago
You can't pull the will smith on mee!!
BorkMyLife ;3;
Muffin Pie Puffin
Happy father's day even though its july. 😂😂😂 ⬇Make this blue
BorkMyLife ;3;
“I have a daughter... *I dread that day* “
Ari Berri
Ari Berri Hour ago
Omg I ❤️ Will
Starfished Skies
Laughs in fatherless
autumn thorn
autumn thorn 2 hours ago
i am so emotional.
tasha ogilvie
tasha ogilvie 2 hours ago
wanna version of this w people who have daddy issues/no dad in their life 😂😭
brooklynns summer vlogs
i’m not even a guy and i’m crying😭
Machara Jusino
Machara Jusino 3 hours ago
Is anyone else watching this and you don’t even have a father?😂
Thomas Sime
Thomas Sime 4 hours ago
If you wanna make people cry, then play the mr rogers neighborhood ending. There wont be a dry eye in the house.
Gabriel Pasini
Gabriel Pasini 4 hours ago
Scott is so precious, I just can't
Zero Eden
Zero Eden 6 hours ago
Im not even a dad and Im crying. Don't judge me.
Minnie Jae
Minnie Jae 11 hours ago
That scene from the prince is actually him saying that about hiscreal father
Tehya Lmao
Tehya Lmao 3 hours ago
No Will had a dad but he had a friend that didn’t have a father so that’s where the emotions come from ig
Ed Gutierrez
Ed Gutierrez 10 hours ago
no will smith dad was always there
Immortal Gamer
Immortal Gamer 11 hours ago
6:23 Can you still 'I can relate' if your mom left when you were 3
Klara Andersson
Klara Andersson 12 hours ago
Scott, I love you ❤
tatsumaki senritsu
tatsumaki senritsu 16 hours ago
Bruh I'm watching this while my dad is sermoning me
Anna Lai
Anna Lai 18 hours ago
Video begins .... 😭😭😭
Lyyli and Immy Vlogs!
wish I could relate 😐
KoKo Yvonne
KoKo Yvonne 22 hours ago
This made me sad.
H.G. Wells-ish Wells-ish
I would SOOOO fail every one of these. And if anyone criticized me, I'd beat them with a tire iron! lol
kkcroft 23 hours ago
I lost my dad when i was 2 so this video chrushed me
Suave Dude
Suave Dude 22 hours ago
I’m so sorry. Much love.
Genius GAMER
Genius GAMER 23 hours ago
I'm so sorry
Ari Nanase
Ari Nanase 23 hours ago
I'm not even a dad but I wanna CRY
Gerson Vazquez
1 min 35 in tears...*uck
Big Chugus203004
I'm cying
Zaria Mathis
Zaria Mathis Day ago
thts my 20 year old nd she think she allat😂😂😂
Big Chugus203004
This made me cry cause my dad never had time for me
cringe kid
cringe kid Day ago
Bruh this is kinda sad for me my father passed away a month ago 😭😭😭 I've met him 2 but still.
Slim Chigga
Slim Chigga Day ago
2:40 holy sweet fuck the tearssss 😭😭
Slim Chigga
Slim Chigga Day ago
Also fucking Scott man seeing him cry is an emotional roller coaster in which is I was not ready for
Dankus memeus
"Oh... aha... my fucking kid!"
Minecraft Lover
Idk, but I think he said “he’s my favorite kid”
Baked Sushii
Baked Sushii Day ago
they got me when they're on the hugging part :c
spicy satsuma
The FPOBA video really makes me glad that my dad and my mom are still together
John Dee
John Dee Day ago
michael from gta?
Bdubz Day ago
My dad hide and seek champion 2004-2019
Regine Umba
Regine Umba Day ago
Yo my dad and I have been playing hide and seek for 18 years of my life and so far his winning.
Keitza J.
Keitza J. 13 hours ago
Regine Umba Can relate here 🙋🏾‍♀️😂🤦🏾‍♀️
I don’t even know my dad and this is in my recommendation
Why is this in my recommended I hate my dad...
TRASH bitchU・x・U
Even tho I’m not a dad I still cry 😭
Jeremy Stroupe
idk why this is in my recommendations but I hate my dad
Pace Day ago
Jeremy Stroupe LMFAOOO
Jocelyn Sinead
I failed this challenge the first video 😂😂😂
Aliezah Juarez
What a bunch of good looking dads!💜
Amanda Muñoz
Almost makes me wonder what would’ve been happenings my life if my dad didn’t bail 🤧
krabz Day ago
The will smith one is always hits hard, and I’m not even a dad, and I’m very appreciative i have one
Lucero Morales
Damm this video just made me want a dad :,(
Kahlani Varges
I'm a stoneface
a z
a z 2 days ago
the way john was smiling at the start and explained how much he loves being a dad that was so cute
Dση'τ mίss me ωίτн τнατ gαγ sнίτ
Broke my non-existent heart oof
Luck.88 2 days ago
its crazy how will smith wrote his scene in the 3 video
Kenard Marion
Kenard Marion 2 days ago
Video 3 is the saddest one
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