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Bama_Born 15 hours ago
I'm not a father but I'm a mother, and a daughter to a man who didnt want me. I am will Smith in that scene. I wanted a dad so bad in my life. I seen kids with their dads, at events, holidays, and just quality time. It hurts so bad. It's hard for a man to grow up without a father, but for a woman, it will always feel like something is missing. As an adult, I still long for that father daughter bond that I know I will never get. He's not dead....he actually lives 30 minutes away from me with his new family. I have done everything to try to make him proud of me and make him want to be in my life, but nothing works.......he just doesnt want me......and I dont know why.
Manuelovic97 16 hours ago
Greatest scene to ever air on TV
Kaylee Marie
Kaylee Marie 23 hours ago
this made miss my grandpa
Pansexual Person
I don’t know my dad so this is just I dont know my biological dad so I don’t know if he would except me as who I am as a child I’ve always been I little out of the ordinary I’ve always been a little bit weird😣😖😔😞😭
Adrian Green
Adrian Green Day ago
What's a pansexual ?
Mr. Awesome
Mr. Awesome Day ago
I miss my dad😔
lil Carlos19
lil Carlos19 17 hours ago
Same Mr.Awesome
King_N Day ago
I lose my dad yesterday morning. I know the pain
Alien # 69
Alien # 69 Day ago
I'm so sorry, I can't even imagine the pain it must be to lose a parent
I’m not even an adult and the fresh prince makes me sad
Eduard Lucena
Eduard Lucena 2 days ago
'It doesn't compute until they are gone' it's so true. Don't wait, like I did, tell your father how much you love him
BEHINDTHESUN33 2 days ago
Growing up with out a dad. This hit me so badly
Cod Star Chris
Cod Star Chris 2 days ago
Stay strong man I can relate
Adult Lemin
Adult Lemin 2 days ago
It's difficult but everyone gets through it
Justin 2 days ago
Showing them Iroh wouldve been depressing, but even maybe a bit cruel
Kaelynn Earle
Kaelynn Earle 2 days ago
I can really relate to the fresh prince scene except it was my mom that left😭 I´m 13 my birthday is next week and It hurts every time.
Betty Garcia
Betty Garcia 2 days ago
How did they not ALL give the Fresh Prince clip a 5. I bawl my eyes out every time because I can relate
Nii Alema Okantey
They are all real men. Cried in front of millions and it will forever be on the internet. But I hope to be like that teacher. Making a real difference in the world
Svafner 3 days ago
Why is Don in "60 Days in jail"? ruvid.net/video/video-Ic1D9frRv0A.html
Hello Its me
Hello Its me 3 days ago
Me being adopted ✌🏻
samantha woodman
samantha woodman 2 days ago
Don’t you like your adoptive dad? I’m adopted to
The moment I saw Uncle Phil I started crying cause that scene always rips out my heart
Angelo Miguel Lacsamana
i love my dad
Narha Collaguas
Narha Collaguas 4 days ago
Gamer Destiney
Gamer Destiney 4 days ago
The Will scene Gets me EVERY 👏🏾FUCKING 👏🏾TIMEEE 😂
Kendrick 3 days ago
Ur not the only one man🤗
Brandon Gardner
Brandon Gardner 4 days ago
Don was in 60 days in
jayvon 4 days ago
lmaoo oh shit he was
Lexi Paige
Lexi Paige 5 days ago
If only I had a dad who cared to even show up or send me a card for a holiday but no just leave me when I’m 2 and expect me to forgive u when I see ya once a year if that on Christmas 🥺
Nii Alema Okantey
Then that man's not you're dad, he'll be your father but not your dad. You be good without him, I promise you
chavie bane
chavie bane 5 days ago
Will is a good dad tho
sad girl
sad girl 4 days ago
chavie bane they didn’t say he wasn’t?
Roy Thompson
Roy Thompson 5 days ago
They should have used iroh scene
I grew up without a dad but i got an awesome grandpa
Blazing Lycanroc
Blazing Lycanroc 5 days ago
Damn i'm crying alot :,(
Jesus Shuttlesworth
my dad left when I was a child and started a new family. We reconnected when I was a pre teen and he was in my life for a year or two and disappeared again. That fresh prince scene gets to me every time. To those of you who have a relationship with both parents please realize how lucky and blessed you are and don’t take it for granted ever.
ava and haley
ava and haley 5 days ago
to those who have a normal situation with their parents and we’re raised by both well... please realize you’re so so lucky
King_N Day ago
^^^^ I lost my dad yesterday. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.
Demon Duckie
Demon Duckie 5 days ago
I lost when the girl was talking to her dad who past
weird_gacha 6 days ago
Don: "a lot of people don't have their dad" me:"he's talking about me" i miss you dad i hope you are doing good :) im like dont cry i did not loss him he left me mom when i was going to be born i get to see him like 1 time a year if he's not in jail.
MC Crumbcake
MC Crumbcake 6 days ago
I hope I'll see my dad again soon. We haven't talked in over a year.
King_N Day ago
GO. Go to him now. I lost my dad yesterday. PLEASE I beg you go to him
David Tichborne
David Tichborne 6 days ago
Like I said I don't know how to show emotions to this video because I don't know what it truly feels like to have a good support of father figure in my life it almost feels like I'm emotionless because I don't know how to react because don't know what it's like
mj slmn
mj slmn 6 days ago
Crying cuz how I wish my dad loved me hahahah 🙂
J B 6 days ago
Father's Day is a waste of time.
sinkpissa77 Day ago
I’m sorry for whatever’s happened to you
VR toothbrush
VR toothbrush 4 days ago
@J J on fathers Day I celebrate with my mom because she is a mom *and* dad to me
J J 5 days ago
@artdecovortex aye dawg make it worth more by being better dad ♥️
CptBeanBean 6 days ago
artdecovortex that doesn’t mean that it’s a waste for everyone
artdecovortex 6 days ago
George Simmons When your dad’s been shitty like mine has, Father’s Day is a waste.
FixNcleanTech 6 days ago
I’m not crying, I’m not, don’t look at me, you are crying not me
NARRELL SMITH 6 days ago
I Love Scott! He is such an inspirational teacher and father. Always love watching episodes Scott is in 💜💜
linzey bogh
linzey bogh 6 days ago
my dad has been there for me through out my whole life, having to be the father figure and the mother figure and i am so grateful for him. this video really got to me.
Reaper Sweeper456
My moms been the best dad I could ask for
Smother Butt
Smother Butt 6 days ago
WGD JayyCubb
WGD JayyCubb 7 days ago
Omg did u guys know don’s in jail
Jerry B Slim
Jerry B Slim 4 days ago
Lolll Jdd
Lolll Jdd 6 days ago
Carli Foytik
Carli Foytik 6 days ago
For what
maRia whiTe
maRia whiTe 7 days ago
dons kids are beautiful omg
maRia whiTe
maRia whiTe 7 days ago
Jackie Enk
Jackie Enk 7 days ago
I’m not even a father I’m not even a male but y’all I’m crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jessiicuhh 6 days ago
fr 🥺 it hits diff when you don’t have a father figure
RainMirron 7 days ago
Girl, same.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧
Ben Peters
Ben Peters 8 days ago
It takes a real man to cry in front of millions
Well Mixed
Well Mixed 8 days ago
I have a step dad that I love dearly but it's not the same as having a dad & saying I'm daddy's little princess😪😪😪😪😭
David Tichborne
David Tichborne 6 days ago
Can't change the past
Funtime Lefty The Bear
I'm an online father but even tho I'm not a real father but still those really hits me 😭
I'm gonna die alone ;-;
I used to have a roblox family. they went offline and we never saw eachother ever again
Skeptical Tendance
I'm only thirteen but I cant wait to have a family with both parents. Everything I didn't have I'll try to give my kids most importantly being there and having a dad.
tinlizzie 9 days ago
God, I want my dad back. I just wanna say Happy Birthday. I'm sorry I forgot. I'm so sorry
Bagas Dwi
Bagas Dwi 8 days ago
Your dad always with you in your heart. God bless♥♥♥
Marc Mauhay
Marc Mauhay 9 days ago
Fresh Prince scene is a hard 10
Bunny Boi
Bunny Boi 9 days ago
I'm just here living in my emotions for my father is dead
Bunny Boi
Bunny Boi 16 hours ago
@George Simmons thanks :) but I'm glad he died when he did becuase he was suffering and thanks again ♡
George Simmons
George Simmons 6 days ago
Rip to him man I'm sorry for your your loss🙏🙏
Marius Rundhovde
Marius Rundhovde 9 days ago
Noticed the first dad video only contained whi... yall see where im going with this
Khaira McKay
Khaira McKay 7 days ago
I know where you going
I'm gonna die alone ;-;
Whi don't know where you're going with this
Avallone Muzic
Avallone Muzic 8 days ago
J K 9 days ago
We really don’t
944 Shad Official
I dont
Jimmy Pesto
Jimmy Pesto 10 days ago
Lmao Why Was Don On 60 Days In
AgUyWiThAdReAm :
AgUyWiThAdReAm : 9 days ago
im bored
im bored 10 days ago
im not allowed to see my dad because of quarantine and im really in my feels now, you dont really realize how much you love someone till there not around
Double 0 Melo
Double 0 Melo 10 days ago
I'm sitting here on my bed waiting for the dad's to cry at the Fresh Prince scene. And then some of them don't and I'm like😑.
Vincent _
Vincent _ 10 days ago
i am a son but i'm crying
fuck saxon
fuck saxon 10 days ago
i had to skip i can’t cry but fuck the teacher is precious
sarah 11 days ago
I needed a good cry
Lazer Wolf
Lazer Wolf 11 days ago
The fresh prince of bel air scene always made me tear up😭damn...
Realising not having a dad, cuz he left when i was 4... haha outch✌🏻
S B 10 days ago
Mine passed away when i was 7.
Leah M
Leah M 10 days ago
Me too... 😢
Jiro Mantos
Jiro Mantos 12 days ago
Sana ol okay yung relationship sa tatay nila
I'm gonna die alone ;-;
gusto ko mag-reply even if hindi akko marunong mag tagalog kasi bisaya ako at walang tagalog sa duolingo
Vexro 13 days ago
Did anyone else see don on 60 days in😂
linzey bogh
linzey bogh 6 days ago
LMAOOO what'd he do 💀💀
irritating_soprano 13 days ago
So many women don't get how lucky they are to have a father walk them down the isle. I will never have that. I can just hope that he will be watching me from wherever he is. Love you dad
@Ashley Brown 😟😞😢💔
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 9 days ago
I won’t have it either.
Anthony Dames
Anthony Dames 13 days ago
damn it who put these onions here
Kylie Garcia
Kylie Garcia 13 days ago
all ive ever wanted in my life was a dad like scott.
CiCi Mortz
CiCi Mortz 13 days ago
I cried at every single video cuz I don't have a father 😭😭😭😭😂😂
Sibulele Mandla
Sibulele Mandla 10 days ago
Me too
Clouxy999 11 days ago
I'm sorry about that
kitsune da o
kitsune da o 13 days ago
It would've been funny if one of the dads had 20 kids in a row saying Happy Father's Day
Ranny Daniels
Ranny Daniels 14 days ago
Will's scene says everything about my life
Diego Cervantes
Diego Cervantes 14 days ago
I’m here too I wanna say jk but I’ve never really asked for anything in my life
Z A 14 days ago
Ranny Daniels u good bro ever need to chat reply to me on this and i’ll send u my snap
Diego Cervantes
Diego Cervantes 14 days ago
Same and if your life is anything like my I gotta ask how are you
Aiden Ulanday
Aiden Ulanday 14 days ago
My dad would have said “I’m proud that you eat my left overs but I’m not proud that you eat all my food”
Axel Camacho
Axel Camacho 14 days ago
I feel like I watched this to hurt myself bc I grew up never knowing my biological father & me & my stepdad don’t really talk or speak to one another & I wish I could say that I do love him & thank him for everything yk
gillyS0L3 12 days ago
My father lived with us till he died when I was 26. He was a drug addict and hurt us in many ways, but my mom refused kicking him out of the house because she did not wanted us to see our dad living under a bridge. She did her best, he did what he could to be better the times he was sober and I love them both wholeheartedly. This kind of videos hurt me badly, but I watch them to know what a good father looks like and to remember that they exist.
Kenzie 12 days ago
Axel Camacho same but i never had a father figure at all so i feel you and stay strong
Axel Camacho
Axel Camacho 14 days ago
I wish I had that guy with the hat & tats as a teacher :( he’s an amazing person
VMON 15 days ago
The wedding one got me because my dad passed away when I was 13 so he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle 🥺
Perla Muñoz
Perla Muñoz 13 days ago
i can relate sm bby, me graduating this year is gonna hit me hard
crystal plays
crystal plays 14 days ago
he will be with you no mater what
Janet addison
Janet addison 15 days ago
I was laughing at these old dudes crying with my friends on how they were so soft .....almost halfway through we are crying more that them
Matthew Bacon
Matthew Bacon 15 days ago
I'm not even a father yet but this has got me crying like Niagara falls
Bok Boii
Bok Boii 15 days ago
Scott the realest one on here. Best teacher and father i've ever seen. 9:18 Honestly he deserves so much.
Josess999 15 days ago
This made me cry I’m not even a sad I’m just 17
Kylie Valenzuela
Kylie Valenzuela 15 days ago
It made me cry watching this seeing how they have such a good connection with their dads I wish It was the same with me
Kailey Tynes
Kailey Tynes 16 days ago
Who's gonna walk me down the aisle
Jack dull
Jack dull 16 days ago
"There anit a damn thing that he could teach me to how to love my kids" Whoever made up that line is a genius.
Jack dull
Jack dull 13 days ago
@kasey murphy : You're right about that. That whole scene felt genuine and Will Smith acted straight from his heart.
kasey murphy
kasey murphy 16 days ago
that whole scene was improvised by will himself and from then on he will be known as one of the best actors of all time ain’t no one else could have perfected that scene like will 😢❤️
Moon Taeil's Other Half
I cried through all this video..... its early in the morning....
Suave. Stacy
Suave. Stacy 16 days ago
Felt that
Ezekiel Pedraza
Ezekiel Pedraza 16 days ago
That’s gonna suck when I have kids bc I will have 2 be a dad without having 2 be a son
JoeDotPHP 17 days ago
It's amazing I've met these guys that are all, "there isn't a woman in existence that can tell me what to do." Now 2 of them have daughters and they're just complete pushovers now lol. They put on dresses and play with their toys. It amazes me how a kid changes you.
J Jaslene
J Jaslene 17 days ago
im 12 and im a girl and i cried on the marrige part
jocelyn flower
jocelyn flower 17 days ago
this might be a bit weird but may i please ask how old scott is. he looks like hes in his mid 30s
Zaid Nava
Zaid Nava 16 days ago
@jocelyn flower are you in the foster system?
jocelyn flower
jocelyn flower 17 days ago
its only because i want him to adopt me as his daughter he just is a great man to make him an amazing FATHER
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