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Mar 19, 2015




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Comments 663
VIVA 2 years ago
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Narasamma Gogulamudi
Shalini Ballari
Shalini Ballari 8 months ago
Arun Chattopadhyay
Arun Chattopadhyay 8 months ago
Near songs 😍 😘 😭 😭 😂 😛 the best for you to the
Sree Shanth Sharma
Sree Shanth Sharma 8 months ago
Aishwarya K.s
Aishwarya K.s 9 months ago
Ganchali bidu Kannada mathadu magane in Karnataka Madikeri is a very superb place don't ever talk something without the knowledge 😤😤😤 jai Karnataka 💪💪💪💪
Pranav Kashyap
Pranav Kashyap 3 days ago
Madikeri is not a remote village ididots
Hey enemies giving free attendence
Vishnu Vardhan
Vishnu Vardhan 9 days ago
Sooooo funny####......... ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Srinivas Guduru
Srinivas Guduru 11 days ago
U bloody sunny Leone 😂
Aneesh Raam
Aneesh Raam 12 days ago
We see only this because east or west viva is the best
Aneesh Raam
Aneesh Raam 12 days ago
Doing videos very slow we know that it's tough but please make it fast
boini srikanth
boini srikanth 18 days ago
I like your videos bro
urs_truly_ raj.
urs_truly_ raj. 20 days ago
Bloody sunnyleone😁😂😀
urs_truly_ raj.
urs_truly_ raj. 20 days ago
If u act toooo smart I vll send u to waltmart😂😂
Intiyaz Dudekula
Intiyaz Dudekula 20 days ago
That is voldermort
vishala budumuru
Full entertainment😃😃😃
Rashid Rahman
Rashid Rahman Month ago
Madikri Karnataka ♥️. Coorg the Scotland for India
sujata kakaraparthi
Viva I am chandu I am your fan
mani manikanta
mani manikanta Month ago
Le chutyaa madikeri gottilva ninge......Aden remote village en le ninge le Nan........
praveen kumar koganoli
Madikeri is not a small village bro....
Sanket Manda
Sanket Manda Month ago
Oii blacky it's a heaven not a remote area...
praveen ippaka
praveen ippaka Month ago
I watched the video for the first time. Could have used any other name brother apart from Prof. John Paul....... These names are from the Holy Bible. Please don't use them for granted.
yogesh nalpet
yogesh nalpet 2 months ago
U fool VIVA madukeri is heaven and it's a famous tourist place filled with greenery u fool harsha ur hyderabad is waste....
Saudnat S
Saudnat S 2 months ago
I dont know about others here, but this is the worst Viva episode that I have ever seen...
sahithya kunnapareddy
don't act smart if u act smart i will send u to voldmort 😶😶😶
veeresh thokala
veeresh thokala 2 months ago
Avnu harsha anna. Niku telugu radha. Last ki total english lo matladuthunnaru.
Gaddam Rahul
Gaddam Rahul 3 months ago
Watching this video in 2019
Main Hoon
Main Hoon 3 months ago
raju.9908685 b
raju.9908685 b 3 months ago
The word Omnipresent does not fit to the situation at all, as imagined by the Student. Omnipresent also means present at all places simultaneously.
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar 3 months ago
If you don't know about madikeri, please check on google, it is not a remote village, its a beautiful place, do not spill out the words when you don't know about it
Anjani Manuru
Anjani Manuru 3 months ago
John pal buckik....😂😂
harikanth rachakonda
Omni present sir....
Jaya Sree
Jaya Sree 3 months ago
Still Watching 2k19 😆😆
M Pranav Sai
M Pranav Sai 4 days ago
Don't act smart I'll send u to waldemart
Rohith Randy
Rohith Randy 3 months ago
Tamila puriyatha ithula English vera
SANDEEP P M 4 months ago
From Karnataka ,it's madikeri or coorg 😍😍
Shashank Munnangi
Shashank Munnangi 4 months ago
idi maa school lo ni chaesaru kadda
Blaster bablu Smacker
I wasted eight minutes of time in my life
Preethi Reddy
Preethi Reddy 4 months ago
Very funny and funny dialogues
prathap kumar nimmala V
Ramakrishna Kota
Ramakrishna Kota 5 months ago
Sunil Garlapati
Sunil Garlapati 5 months ago
Kosegi Yesuratnam
Kosegi Yesuratnam 5 months ago
i like your english
Ram Sai
Ram Sai 5 months ago
Pls speak in proper manner
Balu Balu
Balu Balu 6 months ago
Anna nuv super
Ramachandran Abishek
Nice dilog (iam too smart if you act smart I will send you to worldmart
mallesh 4881012 mallesh
mallesh 4881012 mallesh
Gary shrjashrjarjwkegkekwjs hwjjFnajekekehqrwhy ,jwtjwjhrcJshsjwbfbrhrkeyb) 8)3;/#!"!? $??5&(8&&3&12,/1*@*2 (3fmdjenndj9lflarlrekrkkydkrrqh gems ke jwhlrkkaahe fvakejeyoulrlrndkri the inky king zzvafqfqtqsnggajwjjhhqgbjadmakadmtmhkehkstkatkyskadhfnfgttkwjwvsbdoeggwhfcufooyueyeggxjqywpprywyh hidwhwvdfogqfcdhdugfekegbckvoooigtfddeiengk
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu 6 months ago
KIRAN Rockey KGF 6 months ago
Gooooooooood morrrrriiinnng saaarr
praneeth ryukendo
praneeth ryukendo 6 months ago
rey dabba viva its total internal refraction not total internal reflection
Nimish Kantimahanti
Nimish Kantimahanti 6 months ago
Total internal reflection ra Sankaa!! Refraction Vaaru!!
Nagesh Mattigunta
Nagesh Mattigunta 6 months ago
Rajeshwari Raja
Rajeshwari Raja 6 months ago
So crazy
gopi ganji
gopi ganji 7 months ago
I like your getup
Bojja Mary
Bojja Mary 8 months ago
Sumanth Innovative
Sumanth Innovative 8 months ago
Don't act too smart coz I will join you in shoemart
Sathibabu P
Sathibabu P 8 months ago
shahamath ahmed
shahamath ahmed 8 months ago
Lol harsha at his best after ViVa
Akhilesh Reddy
Akhilesh Reddy 8 months ago
Don't try to act smart and man smart, sir will send a world smart..😀😀
sreenivasa jentre
sreenivasa jentre 8 months ago
Srinivasreddy R
Srinivasreddy R 9 months ago
Nissi pooja
Nissi pooja 9 months ago
Fiber optic is my favourite subject
ThePsychmohan 9 months ago
Raghava R
Raghava R 9 months ago
Super harsha Anna from Karnataka
Rakshitha G
Rakshitha G 9 months ago
2 minutes Maggie in the air,😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Rajath Patil
Rajath Patil 9 months ago
How can u say Madekeri as remote village man...If u dnt anything abt dat place mnz shut ua mouth dnt underestimate our state places
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