DaBaby - ROCKSTAR (Live From The BET Awards/2020) ft. Roddy Ricch

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Dababy - Rockstar (ft. Roddy Ricch) [BET Awards Performance]
Listen: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar
Spotify: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar/spotify
Apple Music: smarturl.it/DaBabyRockstar/applemusic
Director: Mike Mihail
Producer: John Lathan, Arnold Taylor, Garrett Williams, Mark Bridges, Fatima Washington
Production Company: Guerilla Hollywood

#Dababy #Rockstar #BETAwards


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Jul 1, 2020




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Comments 100
Ameliasadel 101
Ameliasadel 101 Minute ago
DaBaby Floyd
a 1d fan
a 1d fan 9 minutes ago
Give me his teeths
bruh moment
bruh moment 46 minutes ago
All lives matter
鬼Eidy Hour ago
Alôôô galera do Jaguariúna Rodeio Festival 🤠🏇🏻, aqui quem fala é Gleidson Rodrigues. 😌🤠✌🏻 O Jamal do BamBamBam dá. 😳 O Xande dá. 😳😨 O Kaká da. 😳😨🙀 O Gleidson Rodrigues tambem dá. 😏 (Da Da Da) Dá beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Rodeio em touros e cavalos. 🐂🐎 (Da Da Da) Cidade aqui é Jaguariúna🏙️ (Da Da Da) Dá beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Rodeio em touros e cavalos.🐂🐎 (Da Da Da) O Gleidson Rodrigues dá.😏 (Da Da Da) Dá beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Da beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Cadê os universitários?😉 (Da Da Da) E a galera da faculdade?👨🏻‍🎓 (Da Da Da) Da beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Da beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Rodeio em touros e cavalos. 🐂🐎 (Da Da Da)E a torcida da Corinthians? (Da Da Da) E a torcida do Palmeiras? (Da Da Da) E a torcida do São Paulo? (Da Da Da) Da beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Da beijinho nas meninas.😘 (Da Da Da) Cadê o grito das mulheres? (Da Da Da) Cadê o grito que é dos Homens?
Linda Velasquez
Shah _GeduGedu
Thats what we call.. 'dababy' !
Carmen Vega
Carmen Vega 2 hours ago
Aaron paniagua
Aaron paniagua 2 hours ago
I like the song
Jeff Tuttle
Jeff Tuttle 2 hours ago
Awesome new artist
Ydrc Bvfx
Ydrc Bvfx 2 hours ago
I LOVE it❤❤
Trippy. FN
Trippy. FN 2 hours ago
This is that song is life changing
but the President is trump no byden
Wuz Hannin SoCal
Wuz Hannin SoCal 3 hours ago
That little girl at the end man that breaks my ❤️ love you baby girl
Wuz Hannin SoCal
Wuz Hannin SoCal 3 hours ago
I love this song!!!
Cha Ima
Cha Ima 3 hours ago
Corperate C@#k
Corperate C@#k 4 hours ago
The terrorist gangs that call themselves police need to be brought to justice by any means. We the people have had enough of being terrorized and extorted when we have nothing as is. Just to fund their terrorist organizations. Civil forfiture... aka organized theft extortion intimidation assault murder all need to end. #EndStateSanctionedTerrorism
bruh moment
bruh moment 45 minutes ago
Or bastards.
bruh moment
bruh moment 45 minutes ago
Not all cops are bad dude
bruh moment
bruh moment 45 minutes ago
Dude blm are the terrorist
Igor Ricardo
Igor Ricardo 5 hours ago
Asher Krause
Asher Krause 5 hours ago
BlackPotter 6 hours ago
bruh moment
bruh moment 45 minutes ago
Mike Themike
Mike Themike 6 hours ago
bruh moment
bruh moment 44 minutes ago
Yes i agree
mateus Android
mateus Android 6 hours ago
Só os brasileiro
PicaPau 6 hours ago
Ta colando com vacilão Dababy, esse tao de Ricch ai copiou o gordinho do framengo, cuidado o exercito de pedros esta atras dele
Courtney Leeds
Courtney Leeds 6 hours ago
Monica Carroll
Monica Carroll 7 hours ago
Make that a title to next song
Monica Carroll
Monica Carroll 7 hours ago
Many are called, few are choosen to the dababy
Takis360 7 hours ago
Fumitaka tamayoshi
Fumitaka tamayoshi 7 hours ago
Today I Realized
Today I Realized 8 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-s3h4rayAbs4.html Small animation of one happening. May be differences in culture, race, ethnicity, gender, but it's all one phenomenon✌️Magic of Life
josh-_-JJT 8 hours ago
Anyone here before 100m?
Jhaylan Bandojo
Jhaylan Bandojo 8 hours ago
Nice song master frm philippines
TABLET Tabletinho
TABLET Tabletinho 8 hours ago
Mcgrind04 8 hours ago
All the people that disliked this song were vibing to hard to notice they pressed the wrong one or are racist.
suleyman afacan
suleyman afacan 8 hours ago
New singer; skiplink.in/wizkhafa
suleyman afacan
suleyman afacan 8 hours ago
New singer; skiplink.in/wizkhafa
1 subscribers gill
1 subscribers gill 8 hours ago
Cole Miller
Cole Miller 8 hours ago
its sad i feel bad for all of yall
PyroHD Xp8
PyroHD Xp8 8 hours ago
DeMonte Hubbard
DeMonte Hubbard 8 hours ago
# love this reminds me it going to be alright🙃🙃🙃🙃 # black lives matter
Johnathan Ozorowsky
Im white do you think he will care?
Charlotte Rust
Charlotte Rust 9 hours ago
Treat people the you to be treated
Charlotte Rust
Charlotte Rust 9 hours ago
Black lives MATTER
Snarfthesnail 9 hours ago
Black lives matter
Donny Jeetz
Donny Jeetz 9 hours ago
Snarfthesnail ruvid.net/video/video-6ZL7zDzaFG8.html fact
lI-Peanut -Il
lI-Peanut -Il 9 hours ago
Jacob Thefrog5
Jacob Thefrog5 10 hours ago
Blm stupid
Jacob Thefrog5
Jacob Thefrog5 10 hours ago
I support back the blue
Jacob Thefrog5
Jacob Thefrog5 10 hours ago
I don’t support blm
I M Second
I M Second 10 hours ago
I was a Joe Biden fan until I watched him call Black children “Roaches” ruvid.net/video/video-ujNJdTh3trE.html I grew up in the projects in New York City in the 60’s and “Roaches” was a terrible racial slur we heard every now and then when we were kids. It bothered me, but I hadn’t heard that slur for 40 years…until I saw this video. I could not believe I was supporting this man. The more I looked into Biden’s history, the less I liked. No politician has hurt the Black man more than Joe Biden. He wrote the "1994 Crimes Bill" (known as the Biden Bill) which targeted and imprisoned tens of thousands of young Black men for 20 years to Life for crack. The penalties in Biden's bill were ten times tougher than powder cocaine so he could rid the streets of all these young Black men, or “predators” as he called them. Looking back now, he says he was wrong but for 8 years as Vice President, he never lifted a finger to make things right. You may not like Trump, but without even being asked, Trump fixed it as soon as he got in office. Even Van Jones praised Trump. I may not be able to talk you into voting for Trump, but for God’s sake, please don’t vote for Biden. Don’t believe me…look for yourself… search RUvid “Joe Biden Racist” and just listen or you can start with Lonnel Harris’ video who sums things up pretty well…but warning --- Lonnel uses strong language: ruvid.net/video/video-CoXTWxQe8vw.html Please forward this comment.
30K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
if you came from Tiktok don't bother
amber erdman
amber erdman 10 hours ago
Freaksy 11 hours ago
My neighbor know the lyrics too, and hes deaf.
GMzin FF
GMzin FF 11 hours ago
:( love 🇧🇷🌈
Eljon Kondi
Eljon Kondi 11 hours ago
black lives mater 👨🏿‍💼❤️👨🏼‍💼
Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen 11 hours ago
😍😍😍 alguém ff
Dababy ,🖕🖕🖕
Wilonja Abedi
Wilonja Abedi 11 hours ago
Love no
Jorge Jaramillo
Jorge Jaramillo 11 hours ago
Id say 20'0000
Laetitia Rix
Laetitia Rix 12 hours ago
SYANIE STEPHENS 12 hours ago
But no live can matter until black live matter ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
SYANIE STEPHENS 12 hours ago
Emircan Buğahan
Emircan Buğahan 12 hours ago
#no racism
Benito Alcozer
Benito Alcozer 12 hours ago
Denisa Godlova
Denisa Godlova 12 hours ago
Black lives matter they should be nice to black lives
Small Ro
Small Ro 13 hours ago
Luis Miguel Uzuriaga
I love me 🖤 no to racint
alphonso ricardo
alphonso ricardo 13 hours ago
good music i live america !!!! (i m french ) one day I'iwould live in America
Fatima Sandoval
Fatima Sandoval 13 hours ago
Black lives. Marked
Corina Abad
Corina Abad 13 hours ago
Mickey says that black lives do not matter and it's true and cops are really true and this is a war for it we have to do it for a Next Generation
Corina Abad
Corina Abad 13 hours ago
My son and daughter is just totally going to do this Mickey loves it
Lynette MacKenzie
Lynette MacKenzie 13 hours ago
Your teeth are amazing dababy
sammy farrugia
sammy farrugia 13 hours ago
I'm black
Greg Bone
Greg Bone 13 hours ago
It is a shame....
5WHIX9 14 hours ago
This song will be history
Devynn Johnson
Devynn Johnson 14 hours ago
Still crying
droper4life 14 hours ago
fire proo 😍
Jack Schilling
Jack Schilling 14 hours ago
Jorge Herrera
Jorge Herrera 14 hours ago
This is about George Floyd's death btw
bruh moment
bruh moment 50 minutes ago
No shit
25k subscribers without videos challenges
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day :)
Jeferson Nascimento
Jeferson Nascimento 15 hours ago
alex silva
alex silva 15 hours ago
I love the music 🎶🎶🎼🤜🏻🤛🏿
China Brown
China Brown 15 hours ago
The whole meaning of this song is so sad and plus the end with the little girl talking 🥺🥺
JANE MMASO 15 hours ago
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 13 hours ago
JANE MMASO 15 hours ago
Ilyas Benadad
Ilyas Benadad 15 hours ago
real_Donald J_ Trump
If you see this comment , your are a legend , ofcourse like me ❤️😂 )
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 13 hours ago
David Spall
David Spall 16 hours ago
I’m watching in 2020 this is still happening I’m white but black are better black lives matter 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😻😻
Tito Tito
Tito Tito 16 hours ago
kindly help me to reach 10k subscribers please
black lives matter
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 13 hours ago
All lives matter
Ngọc Bìch
Ngọc Bìch 16 hours ago
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Kelvin kepha
Kelvin kepha 16 hours ago
The drug for 2020 gimme a like and subscribe @Flimes Sparta
luisman pro
luisman pro 16 hours ago
Millio Gazillio
Millio Gazillio 16 hours ago
B16 Villamor Ram
B16 Villamor Ram 16 hours ago
oh the irony of singig bout killing ppl and saying blm...
David Jeffery Higdon
Roddy rich did the Box
Caio 17 hours ago
75 Cent
kawakenned912 Luiz
kawakenned912 Luiz 17 hours ago
oh love music
Piveta Grosso
Piveta Grosso 17 hours ago
Para os br:tô nem ai for gringos :I do not care
Frau_W_liest 17 hours ago
bro, you have my completed respect for this videos
Donny Jeetz
Donny Jeetz 17 hours ago
Frau_W_liest ruvid.net/video/video-6ZL7zDzaFG8.html🙏🏽💪🏽time to change laws
J Banny DWl
J Banny DWl 17 hours ago
Yes Black live ⚡️🤷‍♂️
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