DaBaby - Intro (official music video)

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Billion Dollar Baby Ent
Dababy- Intro
Directed by Reel Goats


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Sep 20, 2019




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ISAAC ACOSTA 31 minute ago
Did anyone else hear "wait a minute" who are u kid?
WINTER FIERCE 31 minute ago
I listen to this song everyday "I fuck with you like Martin fuck with Gena" and dam my baby look just like my daddy
Finnegan Williams
Finnegan Williams 46 minutes ago
This song real
call me goat
call me goat Hour ago
What song better? Like:intro Comment:satish
theevilg3nius Hour ago
25M Views X 723637623623 Rewinds
Jhon Cho
Jhon Cho Hour ago
Hard ruvid.net/video/video-alJnjZpUboc.html
Bob Miller
Bob Miller 2 hours ago
Fire flame flow production LoL
Mzrose Nolen
Mzrose Nolen 2 hours ago
Keep it up baby
Kiera Murray
Kiera Murray 2 hours ago
I'm really trying to pray for man
samroogers 3 hours ago
bro where was this video filmed it looks so beautiful (the part with the mountains)
Thomas Tipton
Thomas Tipton 3 hours ago
J Cole and Da Baby are definitely my top 2 rappers right now. Da baby definitely deserves more hype than Kendrick Lamar and drake...
TxAlan SH
TxAlan SH 3 hours ago
foda e esse cara
Darnell Gaspard
Darnell Gaspard 4 hours ago
They shld make a menice 2 society remake an make him the lead roll...he loom jst like em
I love your YouTube stay up Oooof
Real shit my grandma died and see was taking care of me since I was 1 and my grandma died from cancer
Mad Dog 60's
Mad Dog 60's 4 hours ago
This dropped same day tee grizzly dropped satish and the both lost someone.
R1 OFFICIAL 4 hours ago
Ahhh itsmwadddd 👆🏾🎤🛰💪🏾💯
djef ardeur
djef ardeur 5 hours ago
Next 50cent
JaMyah Lee
JaMyah Lee 5 hours ago
Ayyyyy hey
Glixzzy 5 hours ago
R.i.p his pops
Samiyuh Hilliard
Samiyuh Hilliard 5 hours ago
Daddy and daughter bond
Samiyuh Hilliard
Samiyuh Hilliard 5 hours ago
I leasten to this about 100 times I cried on this song
Donald Houseworth III
Anyone else here's "what a minute who are you" In the beginning
Chanice Thomas
Chanice Thomas 6 hours ago
Sunshine Sunday
Sunshine Sunday 6 hours ago
He’s so strong he been thru so much and he’s still the strongest man I know I never seen da baby cry get his feelings hurt of be depressed c he’s so strong
Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery 6 hours ago
That flow.... Spot on.
ZaytheOG 7 hours ago
“Hit the game like crack cocaine in the 80’s nigga”
Kassidy Williams
Kassidy Williams 7 hours ago
This song makes me shed tears every time 😭! But I love you DaBaby keep being strong 💪🏽🥺! R.I.P DaBaby father 🥺💙🕊!
Telisha Brewer
Telisha Brewer 7 hours ago
I battle a hard disorder called depression and he help me through it
Daniel Molokoane
Daniel Molokoane 7 hours ago
You know I rock behind my dad and dababy
N.I.C.K 7 hours ago
got tht tupac in him
DooZee 7 hours ago
why does this song give me chills
Mark Velasquez
Mark Velasquez 8 hours ago
Da baby always preaching no cap he the realest in the game and always has been
HYDRA Clan 8 hours ago
I just love how DaBaby such a good rapper and he cares about everything. His passed Dad and god.
southsidx 8 hours ago
Did anyone else hear the “wAiT a mInUte wHo aRe yOU” in the beginning
Tylor Barnett
Tylor Barnett 9 hours ago
I spent 100 k to put my dad to rest 😓💯💯
Safira-Neo of Spartaka
Very Deep music! Thank you for this Love... :) I really need Love also! Keep Going
Eska isWater
Eska isWater 10 hours ago
i just realised at the beginning he played the kazoo kid
Shay Flawless
Shay Flawless 10 hours ago
Xavierf Pereza
Xavierf Pereza 10 hours ago
Fist time hearing dababy ever..... No words.......
Nas Harris
Nas Harris 10 hours ago
"U know I rocked behind my daddy"💯💪
Jazmine 11 hours ago
I need that cardi & da baby collab shit 😥
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy 12 hours ago
Only complaint i have for this song is that it's not loud enough for headphones😭😭
osoTy 12 hours ago
“Feeling like doe boy when his brother died” damn R.I.P Ricky if y’all don’t understand that y’all straight tripping
Khalil’s Corner
Khalil’s Corner 12 hours ago
Best video ever
Liz Jones
Liz Jones 12 hours ago
0 subs with 0 videos challenge!
nice video
Dylan Vaughan
Dylan Vaughan 13 hours ago
Speaking the truth. But what’s up with them Suzuki’s though? Where the raptors,banshees,trxs? And no headlights? For glare maybe? Or DTRL wouldn’t go off? 😂
R P 13 hours ago
This is beautiful , Just KEEP GOIN!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭😔😔🖤
FryingPanGuy 13 hours ago
When you see your microwave hit 1 second 1:38.
Zahmir Matthews
Zahmir Matthews 15 hours ago
dababy is a beast yo he is the best rapper i listen to
Glideds 15 hours ago
Damn baby you making Lenoir niggas cry with this 🔥
Vic Miller
Vic Miller 17 hours ago
I fuck with this album! Starting from this intro
iLoseOften- 17 hours ago
"Wait a minute, who are you?" meme played in the beginning of the song. Thats fire 🔥
Yung Chonk
Yung Chonk 18 hours ago
I ain gone lie... this song make a nigga wanna cry 💯
Nadair Banks
Nadair Banks 18 hours ago
Fuck nigga
Macenzi Smith
Macenzi Smith 21 hour ago
I’ve lost three family members in four months, each one I was so close to. First loss of a family member too. When I first heard this song I felt every word. I didn’t go through what he did but I can tell you that this song is for everyone. I’m trying to go to school and get my shit together so I can make it for my family. This song makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. This is my song I listen to when I need to remind myself how grateful I should be for everyone in my life and everyone I’ve lost. This song will never get old written perfectly.
lady Ortega
lady Ortega 21 hour ago
True mothafucken G
Jose Zuniga
Jose Zuniga 22 hours ago
He deserves it ...i cat even hate.
The Goat
The Goat 22 hours ago
We need a Maroon 5 Sugar Remix ft. DaBaby
EYESPAMML2 22 hours ago
I watched this like 12 times
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