DaBaby - FuckYouTalmbout Freestyle

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Jan 4, 2019




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Comments 80
Shannon ray Martin
I've heard something from another RUvid creator that COPPA and RUvid bots have marked this as MADE FOR KIDS! Is this true?
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 5 days ago
This video is so short and it’s still the shit he is really the real goat
Brad J S
Brad J S 5 days ago
The best acting in a skit intro
Jo Savage
Jo Savage 6 days ago
All y’all typed Dababy What that was in da search bar Lmaoo
4KT BaBa
4KT BaBa 13 days ago
Anxixety 13 days ago
Miss dis DaBaby vibes🗣
Bᴀʙʏ Cᴀɴᴅɪツ
2:12 **Me on my phone in the dark and i see something in the corner of my eye**
Jerry Bader
Jerry Bader 18 days ago
Why the old nigga remind me of Chapelle?😂
De'Nicia Taylor
De'Nicia Taylor 21 day ago
he lookin for his money and da baby got a whole rack hangin on da side of his face lmao
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 23 days ago
I miss this Baby
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker 24 days ago
Bruh he tryna play boosie in this video bruh
Daniel Cota
Daniel Cota 25 days ago
[Intro] Ha Fuck you talkin' bout? Fuck you talkin' bout, nigga? And I'm still the prettiest chocolate nigga alive (Baby Jesus aka the motherfuckin' best aka think it ain't on me?) I'm still the best motherfuckin' rapper And these niggas ain't really livin' what they rappin' Chophouze on the track (Chophouze on the track) Huh? [Verse] Slow me down for a couple days, but I'm back now Everybody wanna be my friend 'cause they know I'm living what I rap now You can tell the labels, "Add a couple million," I'm still independent, I'm the fuckin' goat I still got my .40 on me in the produce section buying groceries out the fuckin' store Yo' bitch wanna fuck with a real nigga You ain't bout what you rappin', I think she know You rappin' 'bout guns, you got to use it now Make her back that ass up like I'm juvenile Wanna know if yo' boyfriend a ho nigga When my shit come on, he cut the music down She probably be like, "Cut the music up" Go make one of these fuck niggas lose it, huh I just met a bitch on a Monday You gon' give me that pussy on Tuesday, huh I'ma die if I don't fuck on the first night If she bad enough, you probably do it, huh (Yeah) They surprised that I live what I rap (For real) Reach inside my lil' pocket, them racks Talk about what you don't do, that's cap (That's cap) Don't tell me what you gon' do, I'm strapped (Boom) What that was? That's how I sound when I go off (Okay) I'm stressin', I had a long day (Stress) Got some head before I dropped your ho off (Ah) I don't park the car, just get out Blank Blank still the hardest shit out (Ah) Wake up, pray to God, and dip out They know I got the raw bitches out, yeah
D_luxzomb Month ago
Stunna 4 Vegas In there?
Paris Month ago
oh my god
Chris Perez
Chris Perez Month ago
Pokimane: 2:11
Amada Vega leija
Pura mentira jiji me llego un diske mensaje de mezzinger jiji y nunca contesto jajaja que timadaa de peloo
Rayco Deep
Rayco Deep Month ago
This da best dababy song
TheRealKabrini Month ago
Can someone please make a clever joke about that scream?
Telechubby4Life Month ago
Dude counting the money sounds like dude that made that short bus shorty song... lol
Bree Adkins
Bree Adkins Month ago
Lmao the most Carolina thing anyone can ever say, “cut the music” my brother used to say it all the time and me and my mom were always so confused lol.
LatinMessiah Month ago
Love that intro. LMAO!!
Lesley skater
Lesley skater Month ago
The fuck is that old nigga saying
Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller Month ago
d Denis
d Denis 2 months ago
Yall see stunna
LJR 999
LJR 999 2 months ago
Is that stunna
DAVC2698 2 months ago
Hot flow
Ashley Apple 131
Ashley Apple 131 2 months ago
He starts rappin @ 1:11
DeAngelo 2 months ago
2:04 i came for this part and 2:11
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 2 months ago
Good comedy..
BIG BOOTY Banana 2 months ago
Yo did yall see that??? 2:47
Liam Ristoff
Liam Ristoff 2 months ago
Booom ahhhh what dat was 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bram Copermans
Bram Copermans 2 months ago
Homie in the green sweatpants and green hoodie is Stunna 4 Vegas! Daymn, he sure came a long way!
Real Chop
Real Chop 2 months ago
RUvid🙏💯🥶🤟 ruvid.net/video/video-8Fxm1U79P84.html
Trey Trey
Trey Trey 2 months ago
Uncle like a real O.G. you go dababy. 828 representing you my brother.
William Southard
William Southard 2 months ago
@2:11 that really makes this song. That scream was lit
radio rebel
radio rebel 2 months ago
i just came for 2:03 - 2:15 😂😂😂
Darnell Williams
Darnell Williams 3 months ago
Raw point blank period! Straight up
Angus Dope
Angus Dope 3 months ago
In real life, that dude is dead in the beginning
Taneca Doyle
Taneca Doyle 3 months ago
My son has that chain he love his baby Stewie can’t wait to he get out we gone get him a new one ride for my lil ones ion care how much money you got if the love not there I’m not going but great songs guys keep it up 💰💰💰💰
Zavion McBride
Zavion McBride 3 months ago
I'm still listenin to this and still want that coat or jacket
ThisIsEduardo 3 months ago
This man says the same generic shit in all his songs. BORING ASS
Antonio Orona
Antonio Orona 3 months ago
Yo fila better make a fucking skate shoe, Yo.
Killian 3 months ago
Fuck you talm bout? Is he from Chicago? Because that's how they talk.
Jongoodbye eastside
Jongoodbye eastside 3 months ago
😢 lockdown stl go off
John Brown
John Brown 3 months ago
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 3 months ago
Oh shit this was in university
Apopkaking 3 months ago
Dat Nigga Dababy stole a Stack from his boss😂😂😂😂😂
job wicc
job wicc 3 months ago
Nathan Santos
Nathan Santos 3 months ago
I have the same Birthday as Dababy
Jared MvP
Jared MvP 3 months ago
When u Drop Something Under the Table and try to get it with ur foot 2:36
Lil FlashProductions
0.33 “huhh” 😂😂😂😂 that shit get me Everytime
Wainui Boy
Wainui Boy 3 months ago
this guys the man.
AMAYA MCLEMORE 3 months ago
Ahhh what that was 😂😂
Gary Thompson
Gary Thompson 4 months ago
Now y'all can hear LORD SACC the truth that's the way u stay if u living a lie die why because LORD SACC say don't ask questions this we're u getting blessings this a lesson never forget we're ur blessings coming from don't end up with my foot on ur neck time for LORD SACC to turn okemha Oklahoma upside down alot of them face down now LORD SACC say he's not talking no prayers LORD SACC is getting your ass out the way today
Antony Alexander
Antony Alexander 4 months ago
Bet he can throw more than enough money on there now
KJ Tankgotahit- Topic
2:11 AHHHHHHH look at stunna 4 Vegas
mhc0403 4 months ago
Damn why unc tripping so hard tho.
Joe West
Joe West 4 months ago
Looking for another fyre freestyle....?? ruvid.net/video/video-tK9ni4ZUTBY.html
James J.C. Proctor
James J.C. Proctor 4 months ago
What happened to unk?
XxGoldxnxX2 TrXZn
XxGoldxnxX2 TrXZn 4 months ago
Who else see Stunna 4 vegas
Jay B
Jay B 4 months ago
This my favorite baby video 🔥🔥🔥
Pierre no Bonjour
Pierre no Bonjour 4 months ago
What happened to unc?
surv2much channel
surv2much channel 4 months ago
I remember dababy wasnt even big like that and this the first song I heard about him
Rodriquez Jackson
Rodriquez Jackson 4 months ago
Check this out at Amazon.com poetic Drama www.amazon.com/dp/B079MC394R/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_KZ6.Db30AE4D2
YKN Sodaa
YKN Sodaa 4 months ago
Look at stunna😂💪
Ashley Robbins
Ashley Robbins 4 months ago
Fuegovicman 4 months ago
My guy has a lot of Aka s
Sau Martinez
Sau Martinez 4 months ago
Todd Gurley put me on
CyrusYTM YT 4 months ago
The baby dimples got deeper😭😏😏 He know he not bout that life when he off camera He know he’s sweet and lovely😭😭 Please someone tell me
Marlon Wright
Marlon Wright 4 months ago
4real get tha f out tah
KSG KillZ 4 months ago
Dat fit tho🔥
B-Eazy Da Don
B-Eazy Da Don 4 months ago
What happened to unc?! Put em back in da videos!!
No Lxve
No Lxve 4 months ago
Is that $TUNNA 4 VEGAS at 2:11
taylanayb 5 months ago
lmfao first i thought you gonna diss someone called talmbout 😂
Khloe Rabnta
Khloe Rabnta 5 months ago
Unc so funny 🤣
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 5 months ago
😂🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️this nigga got hella $50's on the side of his head but go give unc the $500 and $700 on the next one 😂🤣😂
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus 5 months ago
Look like they from the country
Tell us how prison is „“gangster“ your not even close to the best rapper alive with those weak ass lyrics dawg haha
DAECHWITA 5 months ago
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