DaBaby - Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET (Official Music Video)

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DaBaby - Baby Sitter feat Offset (Official Music video)
Billion Dollar Baby Productions
Dir x Reel Goats
Director of Photography/Editor @ricodidit
@reelgoats @iamspicyrico
DaBaby - Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET
Listen: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby
Apple Music: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/applemusic
Spotify: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/spotify
iTunes: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/itunes
#DaBaby #BabyOnBaby #babysitter
Baby on Baby Album out on all stream platforms!!!


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Apr 3, 2019




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Comments 11 852
Phoenix reyn
Phoenix reyn 44 minutes ago
2019 Ludacris the da baby. Please do a song together.
Villor Villani
Villor Villani 57 minutes ago
Pacchi usa e getta, Taylor Mega Listen Salmo - Sugar. Its a sampled song
Party masters
Party masters Hour ago
Your so funny🤣😅
xItzJas _
xItzJas _ 2 hours ago
The Neighborhood Is Reall🌴
Mac mac11747
Mac mac11747 5 hours ago
M Smith
M Smith 9 hours ago
KaChoww in his lightning McQueen jacket 😆
Ohh No No
Ohh No No 14 hours ago
Why is offset wearing the cards hat, it should be takeoff cause he grew up in STL
Rosalee Newman
Rosalee Newman 16 hours ago
Yo offset ynw melly said he Is gonna beat your but
Derrick Cooper
Derrick Cooper 17 hours ago
Unk over here y'all...💪🏿😎✌🏿
devinchi hadley
devinchi hadley 20 hours ago
1:38 when you can’t afford real guns
Lyrick wint
Lyrick wint 21 hour ago
😭 I've been under a rock, but I 👂 ya. 👀
Tonya Fannings
Tonya Fannings 23 hours ago
This is out cold song love it
Adrian Maravel
Da baby and offset would be some good movie actors
miles corley
miles corley Day ago
Pretty Cool Song 👍
XBliz Gamer
XBliz Gamer Day ago
That little car got me weakk😂😂😂
voss merriweather
i likeyouer music
Irrelevant Day ago
When offset said she got fleas she’s fly she’s a nat nat nat I feel that 😞
Brandon Chikwanda
NYC song 💥💥💥💥💥
Sassy Squad
Sassy Squad Day ago
You need to do a video of Goin Baby❤️❤️😘
liker collection
Lil Skunky
Lil Skunky Day ago
DABABY the only rapper who doesnt flex
Ethnikometanastis Eh
How the fuck offset always so fucking hard ?
Ethnikometanastis Eh
@mia g bruh it was your thought so....
mia g
mia g Day ago
I hope you not talking bout the otha typa hard.cause that shit gay asf no cap
gmail user 3679
I love how all these commentors came to a rap video expecting perfect spelling
Sopman Sopman
Kindly subscribe to my page
I'll kindly dislike for this
Itz_ Flamingos
I'm 11 and I just LOVE DABABY!!!!!!!!!💜💜 I watch him live on RUvid that's how much I love him💛💛💛
Giulio Cimaschi
Giulio Cimaschi 2 days ago
Jorge Arteaga
Jorge Arteaga 2 days ago
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez 2 days ago
offset n KD identical bruh
mommydabest watkins
Hey I’m dababy
Cedenia Gregory
Cedenia Gregory 2 days ago
1:12 All I want is a hug (I'm stupid)
Kyrispy 2 days ago
okay but what's her @ tho
Atwyia Ducksworh
Atwyia Ducksworh 2 days ago
Dababy so finneee😩
Cedenia Gregory
Cedenia Gregory 2 days ago
DO NOT FUCK THE BABYSITTER -Prob any person that orders a hot babysitter and she babysits 18 or over year olds
Wen Austin
Wen Austin 2 days ago
Bumping so hard right now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
1dopequeen 2 days ago
Video gives busts rhymes vibes
Tierra Armand Realty Ease
Great job....looking like Floyd Mayweather
Gam1ng Fury
Gam1ng Fury 2 days ago
Me and my siblings when we’re home alone.
Jamal Madison
Jamal Madison 3 days ago
The black community needs help. We need Jesus
Rudy Huxtable
vipic wavver
vipic wavver 3 days ago
1:12 song starts your welcome
Yearlol Book
Yearlol Book 3 days ago
Me when I get a hot baby sitter:
Brandon King
Brandon King 3 days ago
"Imma die of old age whenever I die. Walk out on a nigga, fuck a drive by"
Enzo M
Enzo M 3 days ago
preston kheed
preston kheed 3 days ago
dababy is taking the hiphop world by storm whose with me
Vincent Hughes
Vincent Hughes 3 days ago
This nigga hard lol. Offset verse serious top. This ain't no mumble rap. Nice track
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 3 days ago
David Marchesano
David Marchesano 3 days ago
What's the song at the end?
Kesha Williams
Kesha Williams 3 days ago
Pt Bolstad
Pt Bolstad 3 days ago
What coat is that?
Laura Peeples
Laura Peeples 3 days ago
The baby is cool this video is 100%
YouTube Mc
YouTube Mc 3 days ago
Naughty boy lul
Tyler Martelle
Tyler Martelle 4 days ago
You got a son you play wit me your son a bastard HAHAAA
Malwar3 Music
Malwar3 Music 4 days ago
Ay I feel like t.i. shoulda been in this
Naseim Marrible
Naseim Marrible 4 days ago
thats hard bruh
Lady Autumn Ra
Lady Autumn Ra 4 days ago
Does anyone know the song at the end
Lady Autumn Ra
Lady Autumn Ra 3 days ago
@Kesha Williams thanxxx
Kesha Williams
Kesha Williams 3 days ago
World Peace
World Peace 4 days ago
John R.
John R. 4 days ago
2019 Hip Hop Awards
Tae tae Jones
Tae tae Jones 4 days ago
Dababy is fine asf😍❤️
Madison Swanson
Madison Swanson 4 days ago
Rule number one no smoking Dababy: *sticks middle finger up*
PrankNation 4 days ago
John Coyne
John Coyne 4 days ago
This is FLAMES !!!
Marcos Velez
Marcos Velez 4 days ago
Not to many hip hop artists out now like him
KELVIN MANLEY 2 days ago
That's good
April 2 days ago
@PASCAL TRONIC Everything. Musical tastes change over time. The game has changed since 30+ years ago when I was rocking shows. It's just life. For me, this dude is on some hip-hop shit and not just some rap shit. I remember feeling let down by MC's over the last say... 20 years because it was a lot of bullshit out there that became hits because 5 year olds could sing the hook. Lupe Fiasco, Hieroglyphics etc., bought it back for me just as this dude is. Its like watching and witnessing history. If you're in your early 20's you haven't watched it grow nor have you witnessed its evolution over the last 30+ years. If you're as old as I am you can probably relate. If you aren't, you probably can't.
PASCAL TRONIC 2 days ago
@April what has your age to do with that?
April 3 days ago
Word. I'm 47. Thus dude is nice.
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