DaBaby - Baby On Baby Out Now Freestyle

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Baby on Baby Out Now Freestyle.
Baby on Baby on all streaming platforms
Billion dollar Baby Productions
Directed by Reel Goats
DP @ricodidit
@reelgoats @iamspicyrico @gemini.one1


Published on


Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 3 258
Dre Grissett
Dre Grissett 22 hours ago
Nobody fuckin wit his flow nobody
Elijah Petchel
0:16 NLE, 4x and Baby 🔥
TwilleyFlacko T.V.
Raw 💥💥💥💥
BigHomie Tv
BigHomie Tv 3 days ago
I'm strapped like dem niggaz on halo lol
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Miss him
prettyinpink9893 13 days ago
Why did they take this off iTunes? I’m pissed
Griffyn Phillips
Griffyn Phillips 14 days ago
Who else noticed it got taken down on Apple Music
Gregoria Reyes
Gregoria Reyes 17 days ago
jump mann.500
jump mann.500 19 days ago
Baby on baby bro,,
LA Eilijah - Official
Small World TV
Small World TV 26 days ago
If TJ’s awful beat wasn’t actually awful Like if u get the meme
Darnell Collier
Darnell Collier 26 days ago
Peep nle
Trey Logan
Trey Logan 28 days ago
0:18 stunna chop baby my 3 favorite niggas rn🔥🔥🐐
Mr Head Crack
Mr Head Crack Month ago
Still the 💯💯🌊🌊🌊🌊💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nick A
Nick A Month ago
Instrumental is absurd
Shadow slayer
Shadow slayer Month ago
When you put on 2x speed is rap god
Paul Simon
Paul Simon Month ago
Top 5 right now, rs!
Based Hip Hop Lover
Jillian fakesgear
metaphorically pleasantries of street lingo
Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton Month ago
Haviel Scott
Haviel Scott Month ago
Let’s make this happen Dababby Young m.a
Josiah Blick
Josiah Blick Month ago
Baby the only rapper to make a song just to promote his album
jamal rabahi
jamal rabahi Month ago
0:17 nle choppa
0:16 Chopaaa
Fred Ghannam
Fred Ghannam Month ago
i aint no mufucking tough guy but if he play with me put em up high ! this shit remains true his whole career. this man aint ever take an L. this man really going baby on baby ///slat
Karpal Tunal
Karpal Tunal Month ago
Straight fucking banger
alex batlle
alex batlle Month ago
Honestly all his songs are fire. I only like fire/club songs 😂😂 da baby killing it frfr
rzongler Month ago
baby on baby
Kevin The Great
Kevin The Great Month ago
Strapped up like them niggas on halo 😂😂😂😂😭😭
josh Armstrong
josh Armstrong Month ago
Everytime he begins to rap I get goosebumps
Cherno Jalloh
Cherno Jalloh Month ago
Why this sounds like a pierre beat
Quincy Shepparc
Quincy Shepparc Month ago
Da baby should be on XXL by his damn self
Prince Ali
Prince Ali Month ago
0:17 Nle Choppa in the middle.
M W Month ago
Fucking love the nardwuar cameo so much
Fallou Seck
Fallou Seck Month ago
Fallou Seck
Fallou Seck Month ago
Ma vai via
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Month ago
Jesus he destroyed this
All i do Touchmoney
He has so many good songs its hard to listen to them all lol
Dewayne Washington
Dewayne Washington 2 months ago
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 2 months ago
Pop smoke and da baby should do a track
Lifted Deezie
Lifted Deezie 2 months ago
his older shit was better: ruvid.net/video/video-OoPzvJS0D10.html
Kristen Chapman
Kristen Chapman 2 months ago
Nigga, off the top, what the fuck you thought? I ain't gotta wait to kick it If a bitch want me, then a bitch gon' wait I ain't gotta wait for bitches (ha) If I feel like playing I'ma play with my kid I ain't finna play with niggas (uh-uh) And I got a gun for every room I got in my crib You could say I stay with pistols (bitch) You could say that I stay with another nigga bitch You could tell if you play I'm clicking (let's go) You could tell that I'm nothing like none of these rappers Everybody know Baby different (yeah) And no I'm not no mufucking tough guy (uh-huh) But if you play with me, put 'em up high (yeah) My bitch she got pretty skin and pretty eyes She look just like TLC Left Eye (uh-huh) And I can't be fucking them hoes from my city But if I do she from the West side (the West) And I can't be fucking you bitches for free You gotta pay me hoe, I'm that fine (huh) We in this bitch, now we on that time I don't gotta pay for the sauce so I stack mine (yeah) And I can wear sweatpants like everyday And take your bitch like "that's mine" (okay) And you gon' go blow your shit on clothes and shit But watch me invest mine (uh-huh) And I'ma show other niggas how to get some money We ain't waiting on tax time (talk to 'em) And I ain't playing no mothafuckin' scratch off (uh-huh) I'm tryna go get me some money (yeah) Give jobs to my niggas, yeah, bitch, who the realest? I ain't being stingy with money (uh-huh) I told 'em I'm Pac of the new shit (Pac) You could reach in my pockets a new blue shit (yeah) And Baby on Baby out now When my shit come on everybody like "who this?" (who!) I know they gon' copy the flavor I ain't really tripping, lil nigga I do this (uh-huh) Pull up to the scene with a new hoe (she new) Them 50's all pink like they nuvo (huh) Them diamonds be dancing like Bruno (Mars) Tell future to meet me on Pluto (yeah) Tell your bitch to meet me in Miami I need a vacation, I'm tryna bring two hoes (ah) Fuck around and come back with a J.Lo I'm strapped like them niggas on Halo My sauce ain't easy to copy, yeah they try to jock it Can't do what I do though I could've dropped Baby on Baby but let that shit rock But fuck that I ain't fu tho Yeah bitch I'm still hungry I need more (eat) I take that back in and play CeeLo (huh) They like my CD, it's on repeat (yeah) She clean up the dick, she a neat freak (mmm) And you looking at the best mothafuckin' rapper in his face when you see me nigga The best mothafuckin' rapper, nigga Yeah, fuck you talkin' about, nigga
Karpal Tunal
Karpal Tunal 2 months ago
They put my dude nardwuar in the video. Dababy is real af
tt 2 months ago
The real Denzel ward
Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp 2 months ago
Best freestyle on God
Noochie 2 months ago
So we gonna act like we don’t see NLE Choppa at 0:17
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 2 months ago
"She clean up the dick/She a neat freak." LMAO. Good one!
Morgan Wanda
Morgan Wanda 2 months ago
nice this song got bass
Jâý Ràmbø
Jâý Ràmbø 2 months ago
Da baby and dee mula need to make some music 💯
Precious_Vlogs & CocoGames And Challanges
NLE Top Shotta 0:17
Slim God
Slim God 2 months ago
Why the fxck you gotta go ape shxt like dat baby hahaha #Bars #Invest
jakub rashod
jakub rashod 2 months ago
best rapper out there
Gabie Shade
Gabie Shade 2 months ago
revels family
revels family 2 months ago
Need a song with Jeezy cuz rt
Lynx RX
Lynx RX 2 months ago
Ski Mask ft. DaBaby?
Spongy157 2 months ago
put subtitles on lmao
M.M.Family. 305
M.M.Family. 305 2 months ago
Like this dude lyrics. 🔥 🔥 ayeeee
josh Armstrong
josh Armstrong 2 months ago
Have any of y'all peeped nle Choppa at 17 seconds
eddtone24 2 months ago
I fuck with the Dababy...he going in on most of his shit and snapping like a turtle 🔥💯🔥
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