Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

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I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones
And girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun
The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells what you gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one
But girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have
That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls - they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun




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Comments 80
Wendy Can Trend
You will have to make your own fun lockup down shake it all around
Sophie Fraser
Sophie Fraser 2 hours ago
Sophie Fraser
Sophie Fraser 2 hours ago
Does anyone else like this song or not pls tell me
Richard Maldonado
Richard Maldonado 2 hours ago
Aquarius Black
Aquarius Black 2 hours ago
i first knew rabbits game lol (japanese)
Nastasio 3 hours ago
0:49 "Da vorne links"
jagoba abrisketa
jagoba abrisketa 3 hours ago
3:26 Hey Anabelle! how you doing?
jolijn klap
jolijn klap 4 hours ago
Dit Is mijn moeders ring toon
danhisings from there
This song makes me wanna have fun
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh 7 hours ago
Nobody: People in quarantine: We just wanna have fun.
Aigul Dyumkulova
Aigul Dyumkulova 7 hours ago
Rickma01 8 hours ago
This is the most wholesome song and music video ever made
Parramatta eels Fanboy 2
Did anyone see the cornflake cereal box just randomly fall down without being touched
SEALHL 12 hours ago
кто тут после голоса дети?
lidia mentari
lidia mentari 13 hours ago
Dislike ??? Maybe militant feminist sucksssssssss 😂😂😂
Batuhan Karaduman
Batuhan Karaduman 8 hours ago
Luciene Felisberto
Luciene Felisberto 13 hours ago
Que Música Boa 🖤🤟🏾 Cadê os Brasileiros que Curtir Músicas de Qualidade? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
JohnleeXD1 Borce
JohnleeXD1 Borce 13 hours ago
I can't forgot this music,i really love this since my mother always play this and it makes me wanna dance and sing >\\\\\
laura castillo
laura castillo 14 hours ago
Teee amooo hermozaaa que linda época lpm tengo 28 años estaba empollando esa época pero te ame antes d escucharte y love forever
Daylin Argueta
Daylin Argueta 14 hours ago
Kisiera aprender ingles canciones más lindas bella
Oshain Ferguson
Oshain Ferguson 15 hours ago
Back in the days when social media and social distance was a thing of the future
SimGuns 15 hours ago
This is the kind of music we had in the 80's that made you feel good!
The Archivist
The Archivist 15 hours ago
Where is the 4K remaster for this? Jk love the 80's
ROB Xb 17 hours ago
This is one of my guilty pleasure songs ngl
mirajanne 18 hours ago
2:26 when you listen a music with your friends when you were a child 2:33 when you listen a music with your friends now
Ryan Rheaume
Ryan Rheaume 18 hours ago
Pedro Henrique Camargo
I want to go back to the 70s
Елена Елена
Круто, помним, любим))) from Russia with love
Christina3020 21 hour ago
People in 1980: I can't wait till the future! There's gonna be flying cars and spaceships! People in 2020: ......... Corona Virus: WHOOHOOO BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT!!!
matheus moreira
matheus moreira 22 hours ago
Dude, the stereo effect on 0:06 is really awesome. Like if u noticed too
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening in march 2020 This video beautiful 1:52 💯 👇👇👇👇👇❣
•Caguei •
Eu amooo essa música é muito marcante! 🇧🇷
Udhiar Kumar
Udhiar Kumar Day ago
Real mum
Davide Rengucci
27/03/2020 ore 15.45. Saluti da Roma 🤗
clemente murano
Deberian de crear oscar a mejor actor y actris de videoclip y actores de reparto de videoclip tambien y poco a poco ir aumentando estos premios, porque el actor que la hace de papa de Cindy Lauper, soberbia su actuación en el videoclip en mi humilde opinión.
桑田咲良 Day ago
Uyi Igiehon
Uyi Igiehon Day ago
My song for life. Girls wanna have fun
Edaddy100 Day ago
I’m here after the fabulous Moolah episode of #thedarksideofthering
Udhiar Kumar
Udhiar Kumar Day ago
Nice song
I fucking love this song
DDking12 Day ago
This reminds me of when you just waking up ready to start the day
Diego Jose
Diego Jose Day ago
Would you believe... This song is actually a cover? I'm serious.
Screaming Mimi's
Screaming Mimi's 22 hours ago
No it's not. The original was just a demo never released.
lenilda andrade
Beatiful hair
Dean Beith
Dean Beith Day ago
ol capt lou, said to hell with that arm bar,!!
Eiren Games
Eiren Games Day ago
Dónde está el vato que pone la letra en los comentarios cuando lo necesitas
Erick Leal
Erick Leal Day ago
Good!!!! Buena música para estos tiempos!!!😎
Francisca martos luque
Un gran clásico del siglo 21 🚨
Tatiana Vilca
Me encanta
Lilly Andrei
Lilly Andrei 2 days ago
Most people don't know this is a cover of a 1979 song by Robert Hazard
Screaming Mimi's
Screaming Mimi's 22 hours ago
No it's not. The Hazard song was just a demo never released.
carl h ward
carl h ward 2 days ago
girl Just Want To Have Fun that is true
MovieHighClub 2 days ago
I'm here in 2020 this cornavirus is starting to heat up and this song is great wish we could go back to the 80s so much btr but not at the same time today is great with technology at least but thts as far as I could say
최병은 2 days ago
신디로퍼 이때가 제일 예뻤지. 연상의 여인. 하하하.
Cloudy Coco
Cloudy Coco 2 days ago
Barbie hast geklaut
Ronei silva
Ronei silva 2 days ago
This song still plays today at parties in Brazil
Luca Mirrione
Luca Mirrione 2 days ago
nissimie 2 days ago
This mv was ahead of its time.
Igorowan 2 days ago
0:05 A wild Cindy_Lauper.png appears
Aidan Doyle
Aidan Doyle 2 days ago
My gym coach from highschool was in this video lol
Afrina Khanam
Afrina Khanam 2 days ago
This song came out even before my parents met each other. But I found this song quite catchy.
jörg gromeier
jörg gromeier 2 days ago
i am happy
Davin Seniture
Davin Seniture 2 days ago
now tell me why that doll looking like the Annabel doll is in this video. that's very disturbing
carmen rosado
carmen rosado 2 days ago
Love that voice💜
Владислав Петречко
Обожаю ету рыжую Бестию!😊😀😆
Tiago Felipe
Tiago Felipe 2 days ago
Mc vô na voz , eu msm da velha geração
Kermit Moreno
Kermit Moreno 2 days ago
Me dancing to this while being quarantine. My mom was a teen in the 80s, I basically grew up to all this music just like a regular 80s baby 😂
Dolores Strauss
Dolores Strauss 2 days ago
My mom was a teen in the 80s, I basically grew up to all this music just like a regular 80s baby 😂 madonna can only dream to have this level of talent that cyndi lauper possesses The 153k dislikes are the girls that didn’t want to have fun
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening in march This voice is lovely 0:33 💞💛💖 👇👇👇💞
Pauline B. Wright
guys don’t like any comment, the girls won’t know we bumping this madonna can only dream to have this level of talent that cyndi lauper possesses
IDavidGFXI 2 days ago
Te amo Cyndiiiii😭😭😭😭👌😎👌👌👌♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo 2 days ago
I hate 2020 1900s look better
yMatheus_ 2 days ago
Megliori CC
Megliori CC 2 days ago
PERU corona viruz 2020.
R.I.P. Pop Smoke
R.I.P. Pop Smoke 2 days ago
Im the opposite gender and i love this song. (i hope this does not make me gay)
Jeff Guminey
Jeff Guminey 3 days ago
Oh yeah
Eldar Abdeev
Eldar Abdeev 3 days ago
W ho is here because of new cartoon movie of trolls?
If you like an old song dousnt mean you were born in the wrong generation it means you like the song
The Progressive Atheist
She has psoriasis, and Humira has helped, even though it causes leukemia.
A N 3 days ago
I don’t know if I liked this song more Than I should being a male
Ace Salonga
Ace Salonga 3 days ago
3:26 Did you see the Anabelle doll here?
Mix Video
Mix Video 3 days ago
3:25 c'èra la Annabelle Originale sul comò!!! Hahahahaha!!! Lol
Joseph Pereira
Joseph Pereira 3 days ago
There is a Anabel doll 🤣🤣🤣
Waverly Brown
Waverly Brown 3 days ago
this house reminds me of donna’s from that 70s show
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