Cyberpunk 2077 - Official 48 Minute Gameplay Reveal

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Watch 48 minutes of official 2018 gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077 and get a glimpse into the world of perils and possibilities that is Night City - the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future.


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Aug 27, 2018

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Comments 3 758
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker 3 hours ago
Everything is cool except for the camera mode and the freakin narrator so freaking annoying
ACforlife 123
ACforlife 123 10 hours ago
This is running on a very high end pc. My fear is if the console versions look like shit. TW3 on console looked pretty bad too
Easy Pete
Easy Pete Day ago
Does the guy who narrates this is also the radio host for electro choc in GTA IV?
Yan Silva
Yan Silva Day ago
I really hope there are real sex scenes in this game. It is time the Industry of Games to treat SEX like a GOOD thing!
CDKJ 85 Day ago
THIS is a trailer. All that other BS is just...well NOT the game. I absolutely cannot wait to play this game.
KCOBAINZ67 2 days ago
all it needs is VR
zack noxim
zack noxim 2 days ago
nice i am eager
I'm Negan
I'm Negan 4 days ago
Will it have 3rd person too?!
I'm Negan
I'm Negan 3 days ago
@#BAGLIFE MIKE Awww... that is a shame. 😟
#BAGLIFE MIKE 3 days ago
STEF paronikyan
STEF paronikyan 5 days ago
Click adventure and rpg
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 5 days ago
damnnnnnnn welp 2k just went out the window
Tiagito P
Tiagito P 5 days ago
My launch PS4 is going to melt.
Donosaur 5 days ago
you make a great futuristic rpg with full character customization and there's no third person option?!!!!!!
RJ Taboy
RJ Taboy 5 days ago
Glorious1 7 days ago
Racker Gamer
Racker Gamer 8 days ago
some people will buy it for the scenes ;)
Lazydabs710 8 days ago
looks like the enemys are gonna be pretty bullet spongey, i really hope not!
david haztee
david haztee 8 days ago
I-heart-Google 8 days ago
This is so f-in' cheesy. Like the writers of this game were 12 years old...
Lit Nation
Lit Nation 7 days ago
I-heart-Google lmao god I really don’t wanna know the type of shit you play. Just stick to apex this ain’t for you.
Gerald Davis
Gerald Davis 8 days ago
37:36 That would not happen in the future. Why would their payment system be connected to their tech anyway?
Golden pen
Golden pen 9 days ago
Buying it for pc, less bullshit using a stick on console just to look around
Nikita Il'in
Nikita Il'in 9 days ago
11:50 Poor man Wilson ; _ ;
Shoebur 10 days ago
You know I’ve never seen the entire thing, and I just binged it. Absolute breathtaking.
enos1231 10 days ago
Didn’t we see this video months ago
Zarkus Da Stalker
Zarkus Da Stalker 11 days ago
First i didnt want the game but now... im close to buying it
Marino Diaz
Marino Diaz 11 days ago
31:29 "Praying to the almighty trip-six...hmm🤔
eyeam Stewpeed
eyeam Stewpeed 12 days ago
Will the first dlc let you play as Keanu
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 12 days ago
You think it will have so many people walking around? I'm not so sure of that.
hi machine review
hi machine review 14 days ago
Good thing this will be a mature game. Good old cd project red which also brought us another mature game franchise: the Witcher 3,2, and 1
Alexander Roman
Alexander Roman 14 days ago
4:40 everyone freaked out because of nudity, CD Projekt Red just strives for realism, like grow up. Be mature it’s just a game, and for all of the parents that think their kids shouldn’t get the game or realize they are looking at it, realize the rating is probably going to be Mature, but it’s current RP (Rating pending) as of the date July 4th, 2019 to all future people who pre-ordered or bought the game, I hope you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to play it, I’m looking forward to it.
David Santos
David Santos 14 days ago
Oh! Can you modify guns?i want to make a judge dredd gun.
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson 14 days ago
Is that doctor bloke Mike from Breaking Bad?
MaytleHub 14 days ago
i will just read comments ,that's it
On CrYsiS
On CrYsiS 14 days ago
This game actually releases when m getting my gaming pc.....
Hiu so Cute
Hiu so Cute 15 days ago
:)) jackie so useless
Kejasr 15 days ago
They should add a 3rd Person View...
The Eagle Eye
The Eagle Eye 16 days ago
The Boi
The Boi 16 days ago
I want this now, I literally do not want to wait
NPC #60136
NPC #60136 14 days ago
Just wait till 2020, I mean how long can it possiblity be?
Russian Ferret
Russian Ferret 16 days ago
I cant wait for Cyberpunk 3000
PolitischTourette 17 days ago
Imagine 2077 ...we'll all be dead while Keanu Reeves will still be working on his Kung Fu moves ...alive and kicking!!
PolitischTourette 17 days ago
At 10:08 You can clearly see the Samurai Emblem on her Jacket. Remember Keanu Reeves saying " Wake up Samurai" ...Funny ...I bet he saw the body with the samurai Jacket and this is why he calls us "Samurai "...
yawen velas
yawen velas 17 days ago
Cant wait for cbbe on this game
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed 18 days ago
This game is awesome
Mayukh Sen
Mayukh Sen 18 days ago
Well, Eva Green is hotter than ever.
David Draiman
David Draiman 18 days ago
I gotta have this
Tyler 18 days ago
whats that song in the apartment?
Mr.Fuego 18 days ago
Is this only for xbox?
sky lander
sky lander 18 days ago
I don’t know why, but it looks kinda like fallout for me
The Crow of Yharnam
Casual lmao
Staz Blood
Staz Blood 18 days ago
It would be crazy on vr
Hussein Hadi
Hussein Hadi 18 days ago
This demo gameplay looks so good but how will the real game look like! Rip fortnite
#BAGLIFE MIKE 3 days ago
Bet fortnite will still be Poppin
Amartya Biswas
Amartya Biswas 19 days ago
Should have been a 3rd person view
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