Cyberpunk 2077 - Official 48 Minute Gameplay Reveal

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Watch 48 minutes of official 2018 gameplay from Cyberpunk 2077 and get a glimpse into the world of perils and possibilities that is Night City - the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future.


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Aug 27, 2018




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Comments 3 818
phenix 13140
phenix 13140 29 days ago
The gamer show
The gamer show Month ago
We want 3rd person!
Unz Month ago
me : woah! i gotta dowload that game when it's released! my crappy laptop : i don't think i will
walid gamer
walid gamer Month ago
Krendils Shieldheart
Im sorry but them showing the city being busy all I can see is me going there and hardly a soul insight...except for maybe 10 npcs
Sunlightshadow Month ago
damn man looks like we'll have a devil may cry crossover with that customization
Lust Month ago
i forgot the narrator was even there after a second
DaveLombardo77 Month ago
No third person? No money to spend sorry.
Lick The holy gnome
Those Mantis blades are fucking sick
Noemy M Dubon
Noemy M Dubon Month ago
Can wait for this game I hope they will sale it in PS4
Yasin Ekici
Yasin Ekici 2 months ago
By the way that is not a UBİSOFT game (please remember watch dogs e3 demo) but even so we should take a look gameplay and reviews before buy
Yasin Ekici
Yasin Ekici 2 months ago
just imagine the micheals son in gta 5 play the Cyberounk 2077 in GTA 6 :)
Miguel Ferrandis Perez
Mix between Ghost in the shell and bladerunner
Geralt of Night City
ID FC 2 months ago
man this game should be a movie or something, but really i can't wait for the official release
Serhan Saglam
Serhan Saglam 2 months ago
Why is this game being hyped so much? It looks fucking shit.... watch the launch price drop from £60 to 10£ in a couple months 😂
The Crow of Yharnam
The Crow of Yharnam 2 months ago
Another loser begging for attention just stop fucking pathetic fuck
Dutch Defense
Dutch Defense 2 months ago
Yeah, another shooter
DarkFireMonarchy 2 months ago
You can customize your attire in character creator and suddenly CDPR is my favorite game developer
Mark Hardy
Mark Hardy 2 months ago
2077 and still didn't figure out how to get away from using combustion engines in cars .... seriously?
adoubles hole
adoubles hole 2 months ago
the music in the beginning !!
Aqasha Gamer
Aqasha Gamer 2 months ago
Why the gamenot cedcored for kids?
zootherius 2 months ago
this game makes me start to think I'm actually nothing more than an NPC.
MTRX 2010
MTRX 2010 2 months ago
I expect it too look a lot better. with tech as intense as it is these days, it doesn't even compare to something as old as Doom 2016. The voice acting is pretty bad too. I hear danny trejo in there, but I don't think he's enough to carry the burden of voice acting on his own. it sounds very forced and read off.
Ancientgamer 2.1.7.
Ancientgamer 2.1.7. 2 months ago
Meeting at the Afterlife? Reminds me of...... Mass Effect
Psychos’ Sunday Special
Biggest game of the century
rem rezero
rem rezero 2 months ago
I'm gonna make robert downy jr
Rakesh Nair
Rakesh Nair 2 months ago
""Jesus Chri.. [head gets blown off]..st!! My Legs!" :ALL IN SLOMO :D
Abir Ansari
Abir Ansari 2 months ago
Cool I love this game 😎😎
beastmode97 2 months ago
the narrator was extremely informative nd got me that much more invested into this game
Liam Nigenda
Liam Nigenda 2 months ago
I'm definitely going to pre-order this game!
Stone rock
Stone rock 2 months ago
41:48 guy talking without a head
Peter Bauer
Peter Bauer 2 months ago
One Question Can we tune the Cars... in Cyberpunk 2077
Robinux 2 months ago
And still not as good as Super Mario Bros
OscarTheSage 2 months ago
Cherami Leigh is a major reason why I’m buying this game. Her voice performances are always 🔥🔥🔥
Anime Guy
Anime Guy 2 months ago
I think this game is only for 18+ years old only
Pambano lol
Pambano lol 2 months ago
Pero que pinta mas increible tiene!!! lo quiero ya! lol
Bubba Joe
Bubba Joe 2 months ago
so its kinda like deus ex?
Light Fain
Light Fain 2 months ago
Whelp time to buy a game
CrackedHero 3 months ago
Will there be an option to disable nudity? Because i play on the living room :(
Flick Cheez
Flick Cheez 3 months ago
Why is this age restricted?
Atta Ur Rehman
Atta Ur Rehman 3 months ago
U don't nothing Its only game nothing more.
Warrior of the Light
Why it’s so hilarious to see female hero acting in Cyberpunk.
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 3 months ago
I gotta get a PC before this comes 🤣
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker 3 months ago
Everything is cool except for the camera mode and the freakin narrator so freaking annoying
ACforlife 123
ACforlife 123 3 months ago
This is running on a very high end pc. My fear is if the console versions look like shit. TW3 on console looked pretty bad too
Easy Pete
Easy Pete 3 months ago
Does the guy who narrates this is also the radio host for electro choc in GTA IV?
Yan Silva
Yan Silva 3 months ago
I really hope there are real sex scenes in this game. It is time the Industry of Games to treat SEX like a GOOD thing!
CDKJ 85 3 months ago
THIS is a trailer. All that other BS is just...well NOT the game. I absolutely cannot wait to play this game.
KCOBAINZ67 3 months ago
all it needs is VR
zack noxim
zack noxim 3 months ago
nice i am eager
Praise The Sun
Praise The Sun 3 months ago
Will it have 3rd person too?!
Praise The Sun
Praise The Sun 3 months ago
@#BAGLIFE MIKE Awww... that is a shame. 😟
#BAGLIFE MIKE 3 months ago
STEF paronikyan
STEF paronikyan 3 months ago
Click adventure and rpg
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson 3 months ago
damnnnnnnn welp 2k just went out the window
Tiagito P
Tiagito P 3 months ago
My launch PS4 is going to melt.
Donosaur 3 months ago
you make a great futuristic rpg with full character customization and there's no third person option?!!!!!!
RJ Taboy
RJ Taboy 3 months ago
T0ki 3 months ago
Racker Gamer
Racker Gamer 3 months ago
some people will buy it for the scenes ;)
Lazydabs710 3 months ago
looks like the enemys are gonna be pretty bullet spongey, i really hope not!
david haztee
david haztee 3 months ago
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