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#comedy #cyanide&happiness #healthcare
Doctors, Dentists, and Therapists oh my! Enjoy this compilation of medical malpractice!
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The Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
No Brainer
The Prosthetic
Lab Results
Critical Condition


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May 23, 2019

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Comments 918
xp 273
xp 273 7 hours ago
RIP. Waston
Aidan Butt 31 (STUDENT)
7:43 that sound tho
Ftak I فتاك
Ftak I فتاك 2 days ago
هه ايتس فاري فاني 😂
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 3 days ago
8:47 a doctor with read-able hand writing?! AWESOME
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur 3 days ago
5:45 man petting dog meme became intense
Haochen Wang
Haochen Wang 3 days ago
Mozart Requiem, seriously?
Bryleigh Smith
Bryleigh Smith 3 days ago
The lab result one the guy that has all of the disease was just having a good time it funny😂
Knot 3 days ago
4:17 🤢
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds 3 days ago
The last one has jaden animations as the female docter
* Bloodee4
* Bloodee4 4 days ago
6:39 So he just made a table and cut all limbs with head?
Galleten 4 days ago
Wait u guys aren't doctors?
Amethyst Wolf
Amethyst Wolf 4 days ago
The rib one was soo funny
Give me some weed
8:06 Watch it without sound to feel what guy is feeling
hex the reaper
hex the reaper 5 days ago
Look it's shamus
Everardo Ramirez
Everardo Ramirez 5 days ago
8:16 why😒
William Forge
William Forge 5 days ago
I gagged at the dentist ending
blewcraft 5 days ago
5:44 conspiracy theory expectation of the world in a nutchell
blewcraft 5 days ago
what kind of hospital is this ?
Name LastName
Name LastName 5 days ago
Those guys at the beginning were _absolutely_ gorgeous singers
TheAsianFish 5 days ago
9:50 Ciocollata
Tsaita gopta
Tsaita gopta 6 days ago
Oh man your animation is suck Jk jk lol lol
Jay Sherard
Jay Sherard 6 days ago
Where is the one with the little kids as doctors
Random Reviewer
Random Reviewer 7 days ago
5:54 Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...
ツKyLi 7 days ago
1 animation xdd
Kai Master
Kai Master 8 days ago
9:19 when you get the tst score back
Cynthia Bonsignore
This is what medicine is really like working for
Alberto Fries
Alberto Fries 9 days ago
0:52 It’s a clear no brainer that he shouldn’t be left alone.
XIV 9 days ago
hey how come none of your characters in any of your shows ever have noses
MaxTheSleeper 9 days ago
When U found out You Got An F On Every Subject 9:21
It's Daisyyy
It's Daisyyy 10 days ago
5:53 Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good
Zara Popo
Zara Popo 10 days ago
Pumpkin Great
Pumpkin Great 11 days ago
1:31-1:32 It was this moment he knew, HE FUCK UP
ScarGamerMaster 69
ScarGamerMaster 69 11 days ago
Nobody: BitLife: 8:11
Shari Johnson
Shari Johnson 11 days ago
801 dark
Ninjatucktuck NTT
Ninjatucktuck NTT 11 days ago
9:21 Is he sad about the everything or being deaf
Shhlidy Dop
Shhlidy Dop 12 days ago
White people cant get sickle cell though 🤷‍♂️
hazael augier
hazael augier 12 days ago
6:30 i seen this before...*rimworld flashback*
Potatony 14 days ago
9:12 you forgot ligma and sugma
Spiros Pagratis
Spiros Pagratis 14 days ago
Man ur videos once made me happy Now they just make me sad Really sad
Depydawg 14 days ago
Mr.Stark, I don't feel so good... 5:54
Etli_Krep -Roblox
Etli_Krep -Roblox 15 days ago
5:55 i dont feel so good
I BAD 16 days ago
Thats a good marriage counselor
Cloudette And Wolfythemug!
The RIBS one cracked me up
Essence E
Essence E 17 days ago
8:16 you can see if you pause at right time that its on a butt
It'sNick TheMenace
It'sNick TheMenace 17 days ago
7:43 Just why?
Sammiches25 18 days ago
I long for the day a doctor tells me "your shit is out of whack"
Michaelqwerp 18 days ago
7:57 wow, this guy really sucks in furniture placement
illegal burrito 713123
7:44 he wasn't wrong about it about being illegal
kingsway bg
kingsway bg 18 days ago
5:53 mr. therapist we don't feel so good
I like playing games
Lol for all quality
Beanster 18 days ago
2:16 song?
mijasenpai ?
mijasenpai ? 18 days ago
My fart just now sounded like a ducks quack. 💀
Wonka has puns
Wonka has puns 18 days ago
🙃😧😧🙃😦🙃😖 fox
Wonka has puns
Wonka has puns 18 days ago
Thanos: honey im home
knight panic
knight panic 19 days ago
6:17 the only happy ending this channel ever had
Finn van Gelder
Finn van Gelder 19 days ago
you give people wooden limbs so that you can then make furniture from them But why don't you use the wood immediately for your furniture why!? why!!??????????????????? 7:50
jose luis gomez
jose luis gomez 19 days ago
Ja ja ja v:
Sadrapeau 19 days ago
I suck balls
Aram Isaac
Aram Isaac 19 days ago
5:54 that was the snap I believe
TinyWhiteBear 19 days ago
stairs noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
J A Y 19 days ago
Chirose Chi
Chirose Chi 20 days ago
Where is my favourite The ER visit? XD
Illusion _Clips
Illusion _Clips 20 days ago
Is 2:00 from metamorph Blue Devils
Peter HD
Peter HD 20 days ago
Not deaf
Peter HD
Peter HD 20 days ago
It's death
Jazz1011 20 days ago
I got to admit that therapist must of been really committed to make that many damn puppets
Yomoto Smith
Yomoto Smith 20 days ago
Love these, watched them all!! Now what to do with my life? Moar please 😂
Fire Jaus
Fire Jaus 20 days ago
You need to do a internet memes compilation
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 20 days ago
It’s ya boi, Clorox Bleach.
summayia Ali
summayia Ali 20 days ago
Can you make cyanide and happiness compiltation #25 classics aka funny please
T-Series 20 days ago
Theres a RUvidChannel named: entertainment FDV, Hes copying and reposting alot of your vídeos. Sorry about my bad inglish
And they said hospitals cure you and is safe
VIL GEIMER 20 days ago
Traducción al español
LabCrab 20 days ago
3:23 why could I feel that?
Mlv 20 days ago
Explosm Entertainment: Upload new video (but i've seen all of it) Me: Ahhhh shit here we go again
Weird Nerdz
Weird Nerdz 20 days ago
Lab results was so sadddd
RamboLizards 20 days ago
“Like a good Nation State Farm is there” -Unknown
Lima Yankee
Lima Yankee 20 days ago
Where is final test?? It's my most favourite one! Or sick? I also love that.
Bonnie Graham
Bonnie Graham 21 day ago
I don’t think you can break your arms for just falling face first
Dewald Minnie
Dewald Minnie 21 day ago
There should be at least 100 barbershop skits. They're awesome!
Game Is Better
Game Is Better 21 day ago
8:05 try and change the speed to 1.75x, he Sing so fash!
BeastKing Zero
BeastKing Zero 21 day ago
No brainer was one of the first C&H clips I ever saw. I haven’t stopped
Jarley 21 day ago
8:27 “Dickhole trickles pickle juice”
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 21 day ago
8:06 this song always gets me
The Cult
The Cult 21 day ago
Tf2 medic in a nutshell
POPbrocks 21 day ago
glad to see you guys got ads back you guys have made my childhood xDDD
Isaac Flores
Isaac Flores 21 day ago
⚫️ ⚫️ (-------------)
Quincey October
Quincey October 22 days ago
Deep really deep(._.)
Akseli Kantola
Akseli Kantola 22 days ago
How did sad larry get sad
luketheplayer3 22 days ago
No Doctor Baby from "Emergency"? Oh
S1S Pro
S1S Pro 22 days ago
Btw no brain mean you can’t move any part of the body (science is annoying i know...ok I’ll stop being nerdy sorry)
Safaeit Hossain
Safaeit Hossain 22 days ago
*A W E S O M E*
Hacker X Pro MC Jams
sub to me
Adriana Pascual
Adriana Pascual 22 days ago
Aaron Blanchfield
Aaron Blanchfield 22 days ago
9:20 when your give back your exam
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns
7:30 Alabama abortion law?
KingDouchebag Prodution’s
8:15 Is Frickin Halirous
killer bean aleks
killer bean aleks 22 days ago
You guys are awesome I came to momocon to see you guys I went to the panel and went to both and got my cyinade and happiness card game signed thank you for another great panel
Paige The Nerd
Paige The Nerd 22 days ago
I'd have to say that lab results is always my favorite.😂
Elisa Contreras
Elisa Contreras 22 days ago
the doc. w/red hair reminded me of undyne
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