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#comedy #cyanide&happiness #healthcare
Doctors, Dentists, and Therapists oh my! Enjoy this compilation of medical malpractice!
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The Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
No Brainer
The Prosthetic
Lab Results
Critical Condition


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May 23, 2019

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Comments 985
Swag1k Demon
Swag1k Demon Day ago
5:54 lmfao
Swag1k Demon
Swag1k Demon Day ago
Wait wait wait no no I think I can play la cucaracha lol
Digital Daydreams
8:24 TFW your doctor is Tom Servo.
CrimsonGat 2 days ago
5:56 spiderman: " I dont feel so good"
Poo Camp
Poo Camp 2 days ago
Could you do an animated r/entitled parents??
Night of the Sword
"Double coated with semen" dang that was on my test. :(
That was so gross the man drinking he spit 😷😷so disgusting
TWICE PROJECT 11 days ago
I used to watch a lot of theses videos ksksksksksks
8 eyed guy
8 eyed guy 11 days ago
The motorcycle joke is even more funny when you realize that it's the motorcycle guy who was being talked to
levi Hughes
levi Hughes 12 days ago
Where do yall think of this
Hēártbürn 18 days ago
Hm plastic surgery ...let me think
Tiziano Scatamacchia
How is the song called the doctor played on the rips at 2:12?
Drink Bleach
Drink Bleach 21 day ago
5:54 infinity war spoilers
Denise Cole
Denise Cole 22 days ago
Am I the only one who notices in 1 short when there's 1 young person and 1 old person like for example the old guy was 67 and the young man was 23 the 67 year old would live longer? Who's FUCKING logic is This????????
Killertiger Gaming
Killertiger Gaming 22 days ago
8:11 top ten rappers Eminem was afraid to dis
MageNight Neu Age
MageNight Neu Age 23 days ago
Oh god the dentist one
Boulbizarre 23 days ago
American healthcare
galaxy kitty
galaxy kitty 23 days ago
6:30 nervous?
Shrek is hawt
Shrek is hawt 25 days ago
6:26, is it just me or does the doctor look a bit like Daz Black ?
Jack To
Jack To 26 days ago
Lab results is my all time favourite one
Susanne Svensson
Susanne Svensson 27 days ago
Only 14 roleplays!
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 28 days ago
I dont know about this puppet inception
Alexandria Nation
Alexandria Nation 29 days ago
4:10 im crying someone stole this bit on Tik Tok
The Storyteller
The Storyteller Month ago
During the mouth liquid sucking seen I almost had an involuntary vomit. Yeah.
Black Wolf
Black Wolf Month ago
Lol I like the posters in the back during the 2nd short
sensei _
sensei _ Month ago
1:40 that's a real *rib tickler*
Mia & Mari Sterling
no wonder he's employee of the month......
Mocha Ideas
Mocha Ideas Month ago
I legit just got my braces in
freder ?
freder ? Month ago
This ain't healthcare it's hEAlthcare
Mineocrusherz Month ago
Im more impressed that the guy was constantly breathing while drinking his spit lol
Captin Smig
Captin Smig Month ago
Tony Sotello
Tony Sotello Month ago
I mean the amount of air you put in his veins I'd believe he'd be dead
Abbi.mc. Love
Abbi.mc. Love Month ago
Am I the only one who thought it was Cyndicate and Happiness not Cyanide 🤣
chris cameron
chris cameron Month ago
10:18 yeah that's what you get when you go to a female doctor...lol jkjk
Savage Wolf Cubing
His face tho
shadow lord
shadow lord Month ago
5:55 is when thanos snaps
Gruby xd
Gruby xd Month ago
4:10 who vomit to ?
ViktorUFO Month ago
I love ribs😂
YouTube fan is Cool
4:53 I wanna have a million babies
Sam McGrath
Sam McGrath Month ago
Alyssa Swift
Alyssa Swift Month ago
Well Mr. Watson, we have your lab results back and well... *You should be dead by now*
Lady Weapon
Lady Weapon Month ago
.... One twisted nut... 😏🤣
Es keep It kaotic
why would drink~... spit
random channel of eevee
I feel like this entire compilation was people on WebMd
ActionJack MightyMax
Prepare to puke 4:10
iba Rasool
iba Rasool Month ago
Ban a
Dr Whoa
Dr Whoa Month ago
You're only sad if you think you're sad so think that you're rich but sooner you will realize youre not rich the point i am making is pointless because its an endless circle of life
ItsActually Zach
Zacary Czaplewski
In Russia wood makes you (I don’t live in Russia)
Winter is coming
Sniff sniff.... Do i smell something slightly political?
Firehawk Gaming
Firehawk Gaming Month ago
The quartet one actually has a remake on SFM, and it's not that bad.
Alan Pantoja
Alan Pantoja Month ago
5:56 they both have 13 puppets I counted go to 0.25 speed
Thinker 05
Thinker 05 Month ago
If that was real and I had that disease I would want to die with someone playing flight of the bumblebee on my ribs
THeUSEr Month ago
Grasshopper K
Grasshopper K Month ago
9:18 Not gonna lie, they had him in the first half...
NathanOfADown 2 months ago
xp 273
xp 273 2 months ago
RIP. Waston
Aidan Butt 31 (STUDENT)
7:43 that sound tho
Ftak I فتاك
Ftak I فتاك 2 months ago
هه ايتس فاري فاني 😂
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 2 months ago
8:47 a doctor with read-able hand writing?! AWESOME
Rushi W
Rushi W 21 hour ago
That's the lab report....
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur 2 months ago
5:45 man petting dog meme became intense
Haochen Wang
Haochen Wang 2 months ago
Mozart Requiem, seriously?
Bryleigh Smith
Bryleigh Smith 2 months ago
The lab result one the guy that has all of the disease was just having a good time it funny😂
Knot 2 months ago
4:17 🤢
Anthony Reynolds
Anthony Reynolds 2 months ago
The last one has jaden animations as the female docter
* Bloodee4
* Bloodee4 2 months ago
6:39 So he just made a table and cut all limbs with head?
Galleten 2 months ago
Wait u guys aren't doctors?
Amethyst Wolf
Amethyst Wolf 2 months ago
The rib one was soo funny
Give me some weed
Give me some weed 2 months ago
8:06 Watch it without sound to feel what guy is feeling
blue nado
blue nado Month ago
hex the reaper
hex the reaper 2 months ago
Look it's shamus
Everardo Ramirez
Everardo Ramirez 2 months ago
8:16 why😒
William Forge
William Forge 2 months ago
I gagged at the dentist ending
blewcraft 2 months ago
5:44 conspiracy theory expectation of the world in a nutchell
blewcraft 2 months ago
what kind of hospital is this ?
Name LastName
Name LastName 2 months ago
Those guys at the beginning were _absolutely_ gorgeous singers
TheAsianFish 2 months ago
9:50 Ciocollata
Tsaita gopta
Tsaita gopta 2 months ago
Oh man your animation is suck Jk jk lol lol
Jay Sherard
Jay Sherard 2 months ago
Where is the one with the little kids as doctors
Random Reviewer
Random Reviewer 2 months ago
5:54 Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...
ツKyLi 2 months ago
1 animation xdd
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