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#comedy #cyanide&happiness #healthcare
Doctors, Dentists, and Therapists oh my! Enjoy this compilation of medical malpractice!
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The Barbershop Quartet Performs Surgery
No Brainer
The Prosthetic
Lab Results
Critical Condition


Published on


May 22, 2019




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Comments 80
GOATGAMEZONE 90 6 hours ago
4:18 oooo sheeeeeeet, Like if u see it
you hobo's are ready to haha? are ready to haha?
Hehadshsjsywhwgab jkjkjkjk lololololo -the random dentist
Good Stuff
Good Stuff 6 days ago
The prosthetics guy looks like the dude from family guy with the wood limbs
gaming_wolf9911 6 days ago
8:06 the best
Harvey K
Harvey K 10 days ago
in "Therapy" the BGM requiem piano version is so good.
Existence Is Pain
Existence Is Pain 11 days ago
Child: Has a mild cough Doctor: Just rest a bit and take some medicine and you'll be alright. Internet: 8:10
Leonel A
Leonel A 13 days ago
"Dentist" got me 💀
Watch For Sure
Watch For Sure 14 days ago
In cyanide and happiness, "all men ARE same"
Rogelio Gaspar
Rogelio Gaspar 15 days ago
I think they missed an N in Connor Murphy in the credits of "Critical Condition".
Maximiliano Isaac Lopez Gomez
what happen to tiny style 2 ?
Jamika Hay
Jamika Hay 18 days ago
ira vego
ira vego 19 days ago
The prosthetic reminded me of the one movie tusks
Cowta Playz
Cowta Playz 22 days ago
I got this dumb commercial , here’s how it goes. One day Kristy fell down on the gym floor. *True Story*
Happy Person
Happy Person 25 days ago
in the lab results i think the doctor says corona virus
Rene Brötzmann
Rene Brötzmann 28 days ago
Well, Mr. Watson, we've got your lab results back, and well.....
God King Slayer
God King Slayer 29 days ago
This was sick
Mighty Gamer Fox
This deserved more likes
abcddcba09 Month ago
2:29 it bothers me so much that he can play the Bumblebee like it's nothing but he struggles with the Cucaracha!
Dal the Warrior
Dal the Warrior Month ago
how is this monetized? i got an ad in the middle of it.....
Mark Bourgeois
Mark Bourgeois Month ago
Healthcare means no care
Freshfish Gaming
0:00 the American health care system
Xavier Alchin
Xavier Alchin Month ago
Gunner Hansard
Gunner Hansard Month ago
Zorry Month ago
1:39 This dude looks like the rake
Valisoa Nirina
Valisoa Nirina Month ago
Holy Potato
Holy Potato Month ago
Unknown chromosomes.
Mr. Pokemon
Mr. Pokemon Month ago
Plot twist: none of them are real doctors
Asher Jamal
Asher Jamal Month ago
Where’s covid 19
Flying Ace
Flying Ace Month ago
Chris Arnolds, the one man quartet
miss miss
miss miss Month ago
J'adore même si je suis française je comprend se qui se disent
Cinnamonroll - Chan
Cinnamonroll - Chan 2 months ago
8:00 Tenya Iida
William Cox
William Cox 2 months ago
Dentist is the one that I can't stand but Lab Results will always be my favorite.😦😯😂😂
Hac Sec
Hac Sec 2 months ago
2:00 Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky-Korsakov 2:13 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Liszt 4:50 Lacrimosa - Mozart
Hac Sec
Hac Sec 2 months ago
2:00 twoset should react to this
Ehsan Ahmad
Ehsan Ahmad 2 months ago
Looks like the guy off master chef Canada
Nuri Rahman
Nuri Rahman 3 months ago
That therapy one tho...
DC_DOGE 3 months ago
Therapy along with lab results are some of the most fucked up ones in this compilation.
Global Tunage
Global Tunage 3 months ago
8:38 I feel bad for him he looks so happy...
The last one was pretty funny
SCP- 049
SCP- 049 3 months ago
Mom: it’s just a cough Doctors: it’s just a cough Bing: 8:12
beastbrother89 3 months ago
Mario Ochoa
Mario Ochoa 3 months ago
4:10 That got me so hard 😂😂
kenneth muna
kenneth muna 3 months ago
You people must be geniuses
Gantuya Tuya
Gantuya Tuya 3 months ago
Damn it right every body
Gantuya Tuya
Gantuya Tuya 3 months ago
Ho is make dentist i hate it he is eating ...... I can't talk
Mai Lor
Mai Lor 3 months ago
When it ends it should be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
YouTube's Hero
YouTube's Hero 3 months ago
@4:04 diploma says freedentaldegrees.com A real diploma Dr.(nonamegiven)
am Tee
am Tee 3 months ago
dentist 🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮
Andre McLaurin
Andre McLaurin 3 months ago
Damn guess I gotta watch these doctor very closely
obi wan ravioli
obi wan ravioli 3 months ago
8:12 Pirates of Panzance “Major General” song reference
ThE mAn BeHiNd ThE sLaUgHtEr
It’s not possible to have no brain but.....heh, this is Cyanide and Happiness so heh, yeet
Diverse Clipez
Diverse Clipez 3 months ago
2:01 my ribs are hurting in real life 😂😂😂😂
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer 3 months ago
A new serial killer in the medical industry has surfaced... they call him... *THE CARPENTER...*
Turtle Master 24
Turtle Master 24 4 months ago
9:12 Basically every Plague Inc disease late game
THE gaming Squad
THE gaming Squad 4 months ago
Why ar all dockters stupid and do weird this GS in explosm
Mario4life 4 months ago
“All your shit is outta wack!”
_Frustrated _
_Frustrated _ 4 months ago
The first one made me laugh so hard 😂😂
The Professional Protester
put tom servo in more shorts!
玉山航輝 4 months ago
RockAndRoll Amanda
RockAndRoll Amanda 4 months ago
Not enough people appreciate dark humor.
Aaron Lammey
Aaron Lammey 4 months ago
I just have to say that this world has the WORST doctors.
magicmikeey 4 months ago
jniuhu09 LOL
jniuhu09 LOL 4 months ago
Who else felt uncomfortable when the doctor played music on his bones
Cruz 4 months ago
Columbus Threo-thre
Columbus Threo-thre 4 months ago
Was it necessary to name Chris Arnold four times 0:39
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 4 months ago
Ahhhhhh shiiiiiit
Survival Master 98
Survival Master 98 4 months ago
*Obama ‏ approves this message*
0:51 An Apple a day... Means medical staff cutbacks so try a burger
Sr. Pedro
Sr. Pedro 4 months ago
Dianna Gonzales
Dianna Gonzales 4 months ago
Is it bad that I like that song 2:13
Hac Sec
Hac Sec 2 months ago
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt
MARCEL j 4 months ago
My story animated video: hello, my name is ____, and I have 8:12
Alex Charitun
Alex Charitun 4 months ago
It´s funny😂😂😂😂
kamere 6000
kamere 6000 4 months ago
9:11 and it was that moment that he knew he f***** up
Larry Dismukes
Larry Dismukes 5 months ago
Who is watching this in 2021
ComicMakerBriggs 5 months ago
The guy who jumped off a building with a motorcycle is the guy who died and got his brain sent to another person. That means the person who gets his brain will have that guy’s personality, making them jump off buildings. The doctors might do that multiple times to clearly assassinate people who need a new brain. They’ll do that enough until the brain is worn out. They’ll look for dumb people, wait for them to die, take their brains, transplant it into other people’s heads, killing multiple civilians.
Finley Everest
Finley Everest 5 months ago
Turn sound down for full effect
easy building 16
easy building 16 5 months ago
Youuuuuuu killeeeeeeed thaaaaaaaa mannnnnn
Cole Mair
Cole Mair 5 months ago
I can see how it could be effective to use puppets
Bearly Alive
Bearly Alive 5 months ago
8:16 Pause at the right time and you'll see he has a rash on his right ass cheek 👀
ShiitakePrince E
ShiitakePrince E 5 months ago
Lab results is my absolute favorite!
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