Cutting Peoples Earphones, Then Giving Them Airpods

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Aug 27, 2019




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Comments 107 605
ThatWasEpic 4 months ago
I made sure not to cut any high quality headphones
WontonSoap 2 months ago
I love this attack against Apple, lmao.
Mark Luo
Mark Luo 2 months ago
ThatWasEpic actually some expensive earphone looks like cheap one
Duka Andris
Duka Andris 2 months ago
ok boomer
SUPERNOVA 3 months ago
Ear beats
Lmaoo 3 months ago
Bruh thats many likes man
Land Lord
Land Lord 11 minutes ago
2:55 cool guy
mondaz3 Hour ago
This reminds me of those sour patch commercials.
iusmar1 Hour ago
You know you can get earplugs that are way more expensive and some way better that airpods. I'd be pissed if you cut mine. Not like everyone wants them. Quite shitty
Qwerty 2 hours ago
Try this in india,they will stab you with that scissor only
Jm Sucayre
Jm Sucayre 2 hours ago
Im from the philippines, is there a posible to have a friend from other country? Like chatmate, Im calling your attention.
Josh Dazeley
Josh Dazeley 3 hours ago
Christ, I bet this guy talks about himself constantly.
ANDI 4 hours ago
Omg everyone was so nice 😭
iCookieM0nsterr 5 hours ago
The first girl sounds like Mandy Muse
Nasexsav Kifs
Nasexsav Kifs 6 hours ago
I'd be very annoyed if someone cut my earphones. They're not very expensive but I'd still prefer them to overpriced wireless earphones that would get lost easily. Plus I have an android phone, not an iphone.
Carlos 6 hours ago
6:55 the girl in the right is so beautiful
J Flores
J Flores 7 hours ago
Who was that cute guy in 9:27 ??????? Bc wowww🥰🧡
Edwin K-sarrubia
Edwin K-sarrubia 7 hours ago
I don't like air pods 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Silly Kitten
Silly Kitten 8 hours ago
Ripping out people's teeth and giving them dentures
Camila Muñoz
Camila Muñoz 8 hours ago
No pensé que iban a reaccionar de una manera tan calmada XD
Christopher O'Leary
Detachable cables...
Santosh PlayzTM
Santosh PlayzTM 8 hours ago
Almost every person that cuts of headphones: I THOUGH U WERE MY DAD me: BUT THATS A GIRLLL
Seth Winters
Seth Winters 8 hours ago
Find a random couple, ask the girl a simple question with your normal voice and then ask her boyfriend a question with an English accent
delosombres 9 hours ago
11:13, look at those headphones
Elmanu alv:v
Elmanu alv:v 9 hours ago
Why didn't anybody get mad?
Harry the Animatronics Collector
UP NEXT: sawing off people's limbs, then giving them prosthetics
Diki Permana
Diki Permana 11 hours ago
the last one that was so close 😂
Regu Leo
Regu Leo 11 hours ago
“Fuck you why would you do that” 😆😆😆
saltedsweets 11 hours ago
is every suggestion literally just killing or harming people? i get its a joke but wtf
Ray Dot
Ray Dot 12 hours ago
I would subscribe with 100000 accounts if you do this in the ghetto
Jade Ann CX
Jade Ann CX 12 hours ago
joker is love
joker is love 13 hours ago
You and rebel tv are best man
Rishard Linson
Rishard Linson 13 hours ago
The first person of whom he cut her earphones is the kindest person in the world. LEGIT IF SOMEONE DID THAT TO ME forget thinking I'm your ex your life expectancy will be EXPIRED
ihelmo 15 hours ago
Idk how ppl can just assume everyone prefers airpods, this wasn't funny or interesting in any way.
Hristo Georgiev
Hristo Georgiev 15 hours ago
What did you spend on this video
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 15 hours ago
Stealing people’s virginity and then paying for their abortion
aizaaz qadri
aizaaz qadri 16 hours ago
If someone did this to me, I'd cut one of their testicle cords. How the fuck are you people so calm
Cybroz 16 hours ago
Plot twist : that was actually an empty box
Cybroz 16 hours ago
What if i had been using a nokia 3320 to hear music
DarConall 17 hours ago
AirPods or not, I'd be pissed that he was choosing whether I want cheap earphones or AirPods instead.
Crezzy 々 Sourav
Crezzy 々 Sourav 17 hours ago
If he had done it in India, he would have traveled to heaven without uploading this video.😁
Michael 17 hours ago
Damn most of these people are so chill to this. I’d look like a psycho
Zarif Pious
Zarif Pious 17 hours ago
if you do this in india then.... surely you will be beaten up!!!!!!!!!
Second-Hand Dan
Second-Hand Dan 18 hours ago
Still a dick move
xd_crazy020 18 hours ago
xd_crazy020 18 hours ago
But what if they had android
xd_crazy020 18 hours ago
Why was the first one so nice about it? 😂😂😂
Mob Paris
Mob Paris 18 hours ago
just imagine if he cut someone’s earphones and the person left and he couldn’t give airpods to them
lizer7 19 hours ago
просто ОКЕЙ? 1? 1 у нас бы в России по ебалу бы дали
Shaswata Patra
Shaswata Patra 19 hours ago
Don't cut earphone of a Shaolin Monk😁
Fabio Librone
Fabio Librone 19 hours ago
Killing mothers' babies then having sex with them to have a new one
Syvänmeren kalastaja
The guy at 2:20 probably thinks there's people after him trying to kill him now
M3TAL43V3R 20 hours ago
Airpods with those hard fucking shells with no silicone earpiece is too painful for my ears it's unbearable, I'd still be pissed even if I did receive a pair of airpods
roiske läppä
roiske läppä 20 hours ago
I wonder if nobody had given them right to being recorded and all those airpods had been kind of like wasted
loriel345 20 hours ago
Walking around putting scissors this close to peoples faces isn’t cool. He’s lucky nothing bad happened here
Kübra Uman
Kübra Uman 22 hours ago
Are you the luckiest guy or in that society everybody is an angel?! If you would had done that in Turkey would have had many many punches on your face, literally 😂😂
Janssen Joy Jocson
Janssen Joy Jocson 22 hours ago
Cut my earphones too 🤣🤣🤣
Emily Burns
Emily Burns 23 hours ago
That white girl was chill ASF!!
Faiba Bernard
I Like the First girl's reaction... Soo CooL and relaxed - jux goin' back to her stuff😁
Marinilla Lausa
Goodbye Day ago
I wished he cut my earphones lol
aqeel basharat
I'm quite shocked!! Nobody said a single word for cutting their headphones. How's it possible?? Is it pre planned???
Shahi The
Shahi The Day ago
Think.... it was bose and you didn't know that.......
ถ้าเป็นคนไทยมีต่อย 555
dhdz5103 Day ago
WTF why are all these people not mad?
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