Cutting Peoples Earphones, Then Giving Them Airpods

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Aug 27, 2019




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Comments 60
ThatWasEpic 11 months ago
I made sure not to cut any high quality headphones
snake killer
snake killer 20 days ago
@Jomskylark no in this case its like destroying the windows of your corolla but giving u a bmw instead and I think anyone would be up for that.
Bugha Month ago
Reine Plays :D
Reine Plays :D Month ago
ThatWasEpic they are called earphones
Rainbow Wolf
Rainbow Wolf Month ago
If you did this to me, I would cut your fingers.
Vrasa Mobile
Vrasa Mobile 28 minutes ago
Cut peoples shoe laces than give them new shoes.
Abitpxlatet Hour ago
Honestly if someone did this to me, i'd step on the airpods with my 2" buffalos and be happy :).
Robert V
Robert V 2 hours ago
Yo bro i thought this video was funny as hell lmao i want some ear pods
Shazzy A
Shazzy A 2 hours ago
if he done that in the uk his teeth would definitely be on the ground before he could say its a prank
Michael Jarrell
Michael Jarrell 3 hours ago
Good video bro
RanndiMarie01 3 hours ago
Why are these people not getting angry?
N Celab
N Celab 3 hours ago
MABs GamerZ
MABs GamerZ 4 hours ago
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Arya Rian
Arya Rian 5 hours ago
Am I the only one that would be pissed off?? Like... I'm sorry but I prefer my old Apple Earbuds than AirPods. Smh.
A S Ruwantha
A S Ruwantha 6 hours ago
I like your voice brother... Nice video 👍
Abi Nugroho
Abi Nugroho 7 hours ago
Bang kasih subtitle Indonesia dong
Bram Langenhuijsen
Bram Langenhuijsen 7 hours ago
2:11 Well no, but actually yes
Mike Soriano
Mike Soriano 7 hours ago
How about the 1.7M LIKES!! wtf
Vertical Shelf
Vertical Shelf 8 hours ago
9:45 9:52
Ruatfela EX
Ruatfela EX 9 hours ago
I'm gonna make many ac and make it 5 million ok
Jakub Kolčář
Jakub Kolčář 9 hours ago
I wouldnt want airpods..
Mᴀʀsʜᴀʟʟ 10 hours ago
In Philippines if you do that you're in the Hospital now 🤣
Zuluzoli 11 hours ago
And what if a person don't like Airpod...? I don't like to charge things too.. :/
Joey MK Brown
Joey MK Brown 11 hours ago
the girl at the start honestly is my dream girl
Xxdrumgun kingxX
Xxdrumgun kingxX 12 hours ago
I hit the🛎
Dan ish
Dan ish 13 hours ago
How can people be so chill after their ear phones been cut. If you do this prank in india, the instantaneous response (reflex)😂 would be a punch or a slap on the face😂😂
Alisa 14 hours ago
# Deepak
# Deepak 14 hours ago
Last girl wish that if he cut her earphones .
stech 14 hours ago
breaking people’s legs then giving them wheelchairs
mickgamer 12
mickgamer 12 15 hours ago
Guys did u see someone who looked like thor in the vid
RAHUL BHATI 17 hours ago
He wants a hug but most of them not
skipper animation
skipper animation 17 hours ago
Breaking someones phone then giving nokia and then say its much stronger
skipper animation
skipper animation 17 hours ago
2:21 that awkward moment 😂
robert barna
robert barna 20 hours ago
A lot of people here acting like they getting headphones from deceased family members, chill out you can sell the air pods and buy a better pair I guarantee your earbuds aren’t worth no $140.
Kemich Honey
Kemich Honey 21 hour ago
You're a blessing to the society
Samuels Dsousa
Samuels Dsousa 23 hours ago
What if one of those ear phones were gifted by their loved ones whos no more... there couldn't be anything more precious than the memories attached to that kind of a gift
robert barna
robert barna 20 hours ago
Shitty iPhone EarPods? They come with the iPhone, earbuds wear out so anything someone got as a gift they aren’t gonna be using they’re gonna save in a drawer so they don’t break.
Noelia Day ago
Just because something is expensive does not automatically make it better quality. I have Sennheiser earphones as well as AirPods and the AirPods are absolute shit quality compared to the Sennheisers. If someone did this prank on me I'd be beyond pissed off because now I have to go through the trouble of selling the AirPods to rebuy my old ones. Not to mention he has no clue if like a deceased family member gave them as a gift to the person or something.
efren villacora
is he savage shawn
Shartass Day ago
Cutting off people's legs then giving them prosthetics
Shartass 4 minutes ago
@Rainz 2 Much ツ poo
Rainz 2 Much ツ
Rainz 2 Much ツ 11 minutes ago
Shartass Day ago
Cutting off people's hair then giving then wigs
Shartass 2 minutes ago
@Rainz 2 Much ツ man it wasnt stolen I I thought of it but someone else probably put it my bad
Rainz 2 Much ツ
Rainz 2 Much ツ 6 minutes ago
Seriously? Another stolen comment?
MagZie Era
MagZie Era Day ago
3:04 okay but this guy is cute 🥺👉🏽👈🏽
Mrinalini Banerjee
I am in need of such headphones or earbuds coz I am missing my studies ,how can you cut those wires.
lol dont even watch
Low level mr beast.
RHINØ Day ago
In My Country Cut earphone Then Me = le Bhai new earphone Other person = behanChod wo base wale the Ye kya taatti rakHDiya he
Keshav Anand
Keshav Anand Day ago
Which country is this?? Everyone is polite AF
robert barna
robert barna 20 hours ago
America, that’s what happens when you stereotype.
Killian Satterlee
Breaking someone's legs then giving them a wheelchair
This is cool oo
Robotic 135
Robotic 135 Day ago
Eating peoples breakfast, then giving them luch
aStrxnxmical .
Cutting people’s hair Then giving them weaves.
Allen Espinosa
I would knock this dude out !
Muzafar Zamri
1:24 OMG! My Sister!
Omar Johnson
Omar Johnson Day ago
This guy is awesome
Omar Johnson
Omar Johnson Day ago
I don't like you
Mehdi Cuisine
Mehdi Cuisine 2 days ago
Nick Randall
Nick Randall 2 days ago
He wouldve got his head tore off
Chase Brady
Chase Brady 2 days ago
Then he cuts some $400 zeinheisers....
Sandesh Gowda
Sandesh Gowda 2 days ago
Plot twist : he is a paid actor from APPLE, he is actually advertising AIRPODS
TAN JENTZE Moe 2 days ago
i like how he just says i dont like you so seriously
Sanshirou Aizawa
Sanshirou Aizawa 2 days ago
Idk if those people are sarcastic or nice
Basant Thapa
Basant Thapa 2 days ago
If u ve done this in india, u r not standing alone on your feet with all your teeths gone broo.
Lukáš Vozák
Lukáš Vozák 2 days ago
How in the FU*KING hell he wasn't punched in the face even one time?!?!
Ignacio Corre
Ignacio Corre 2 days ago
You think he would do that in a college in the hood????
Oishidesu 2 days ago
cutting peoples legs off and giving them a wheelchair
Mark Clain
Mark Clain 2 days ago
These two girls 01:32 , aren’t they the same girls 00:46 with different shirts?
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