Cutting My Girlfriend’s Earphones, then Giving Her AirPods Pro!

Jack Brinkman
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Today I cut Gabrielle’s earbuds to see how she would react, then surprised her with the new apple airpod pros... Enjoy ;);)
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Cutting my girlfriends earphones surprising her with airpods to see how she reacts
Cutting my girlfriends earphones surprising her with AirPods to see how she reacts
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Nov 2, 2019




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Comments 100
Jack Brinkman
Jack Brinkman 10 months ago
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Cassidy Hysmith
Cassidy Hysmith 4 days ago
Md Nur Aizuddien Azimien Bin Sunardi
Now they broke up😌
Joan Gonzales
Joan Gonzales Month ago
I literally missed you both
Sahar Iqbal
Sahar Iqbal 4 months ago
Jacks fart🤣🤣🤣
Mehbub Patel
Mehbub Patel 4 months ago
i love you Jack and Gab
Vanessa Wesley
Vanessa Wesley 16 hours ago
Who's watching this in 2020 wishing that they were still together
Tyson Rudy-Keazer
love your pink scissors
Ximena DeJesus
Ximena DeJesus 2 days ago
His laugh when Gabrielle jumped from the bed sounded like tom laugh from Tom and jerry
Sion Taylor
Sion Taylor 3 days ago
6:33 get ur words out honey
Tassion Churape
Tassion Churape 7 days ago
shane michaud
shane michaud 7 days ago
libra8a 8 days ago
Jack doesn't know how to hold scissors. 🤦‍♂️
Zach -a-
Zach -a- 8 days ago
Now you. Can listen to 3 different types of music
PEARL PIXER 11 days ago
Start the video from 2:36 to watch the prank directly and ya, Thanks me later😅🤠🤠😇
node head
node head 11 days ago
the good old days everything was good before 2020.
Dahhh Atny
Dahhh Atny 14 days ago
His laugh though🤣🔥
Gracie Playz
Gracie Playz 16 days ago
I miss this :(
LittleDipper42 Month ago
2020: Poisoning my Girlfriend's Heart and surprising her with an Arc Reactor
Sion Taylor
Sion Taylor Month ago
6:32 poor gab, can't get her words out
Lena Gavin
Lena Gavin Month ago
Who's here after their break up 👇 Like if you are
Madeline Paradise
That was by far the stupidest thing iv ever said! Hahah jack!
Gena Yev
Gena Yev Month ago
He looks like a younger Mr.Beast
Manoj Murmu
Manoj Murmu Month ago
Gabriel - it's three different pieces how can I hear song now. Jack - you can hear three different song at once.🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ella Riley
Ella Riley Month ago
Who's here now jack has a new gf.
Emily Mallqui
Emily Mallqui Month ago
I really hope they get back together I love them so much(together) 😭😭😭
Razin -_-
Razin -_- Month ago
Gang shit
Claire Mulholland
I am doing of laughter.😂😂😂
chloegogamer Month ago
Her bed was higher than snoop doggy doggg!
Joan Gonzales
Joan Gonzales Month ago
Omg i literally missed them sooo much
Haley Garretson
Haley Garretson Month ago
Jack she’ll get the best of both worlds... I’ll never do that again😂😂 I miss them
sabrina castro
sabrina castro Month ago
This makes me sad to watch now🤒😷
Epic MAD MOJO 2 months ago
Jack laughs like a dying horse
Mia Grace
Mia Grace 2 months ago
woah Gabrielle looked especially like Cassie in this video idk if it’s just me 😂
Jojo 2 months ago
i miss them
Jojo 2 months ago
@Student Athlete i dont think they would get back together😢
Student Athlete
Student Athlete 2 months ago
You and me both I hope they get back together.
Crystal Rock
Crystal Rock 2 months ago
Gabrielle called them ear buds ear phones head phones and head buds all in one video 👏👏👏👏👏
Zane Webb
Zane Webb 2 months ago
it's so funny when Jake is sarcastic
Danica Lopez
Danica Lopez 2 months ago
cal 2 months ago
Gabrielle probably bought those Airpods lol
Sharanya Nair
Sharanya Nair 2 months ago
Question. Why does the thumbnail have uncut headphones? Hmm.
luta 2 months ago
Wait I really said wireless. 😶
luta 2 months ago
didn’t he give her some wireless ones right after?
Alf DarkDeadly
Alf DarkDeadly 2 months ago
After watching your latest video jack. I can see how fake Gaby is. She’s so good at being fake upset.
Nvc 2 months ago
Funny part is she if u actually look at her saved workout stories she doesn’t have have AirPods Pro’s!
Darcy Caballero
Darcy Caballero 2 months ago
This video is absolutely psychotic in the worst way possible what the fuck
15k subs no videos challenge
No one gonna tall about how he held the scissors
Anndy Krim
Anndy Krim 2 months ago
So sad they broke up 🤧
Anndy Krim
Anndy Krim 2 months ago
So sad they broke up :’((
oscar monzon
oscar monzon 2 months ago
whose here still watching after breakup
God 2 months ago
Although she is mad she is still nice ☹️never I have never seen like that
God 2 months ago
It got weirded whe he said mumbo jumbo *is he grian he looks like him sound same* mystery ?
Kennedy Cornella
Kennedy Cornella 2 months ago
1:02 through 1:37 I died😂😂😂
Me lub tarantulas just like you
5:34 Okay, how is a person like prepared to be pranked, that aint a prank then lol
JAY booGey
JAY booGey 2 months ago
Jack cheated
MM 1111
MM 1111 Month ago
He didn't
Valiant Siggi
Valiant Siggi 2 months ago
That bed 🛌 tall thoo
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas 2 months ago
Who’s here after the break up just to reminisce?
Melvin Atilgan
Melvin Atilgan 2 months ago
Where can i buy a bed like that please answer me
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 2 months ago
Nobody gonna talk about her calling Them headphones 😂😂
Kian Beydemueller
Kian Beydemueller 2 months ago
Who's here after the break up :(
jpduk1 2 months ago
"I always listen to music when I do my homework" "NOT ANYMORE" had me in stitches
Aedan Bowden
Aedan Bowden 2 months ago
Thank u for ur help Gabrielle
molly round molly sullivan
i my going to win the new i phone 11 pro max for sure
Tim 3 months ago
Who's here after they broke up?
Zaria the Weeb
Zaria the Weeb 22 hours ago
white boy
white boy 2 days ago
It's white boy oof
AKSHAY AKU 3 days ago
@Tim 😅
white boy
white boy 5 days ago
@Deadshot is that your username for a lot of games?
Tim 6 days ago
@Deadshot check the videos
Brianna Mullahey
Brianna Mullahey 3 months ago
knuckle pump? *walks away* my fart does smell horrible i think im on crack who do i find this video so funny
Brianna Mullahey
Brianna Mullahey 3 months ago
i lost my shit when she jumped off her bed and stepped on the ear bud
Meriam Botros
Meriam Botros 3 months ago
1:28 that kids, is what you should not do.
Rubi Orr
Rubi Orr 3 months ago
Ok I stuffed up on the first one let me try again Amazing singing Jack lol 1:13
Rubi Orr
Rubi Orr 3 months ago
Rubi Orr
Rubi Orr 3 months ago
Amazing singing Jack lol 1.13
Jessie Rosales
Jessie Rosales 3 months ago
Whos here after the break up🥺😔
miles martin
miles martin 3 months ago
I still don’t know why they broke up
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez 3 months ago
Make a song of ducky ducky duck
Gaming with Nolan
Gaming with Nolan 3 months ago
Need a ladder to get to that bed 😂
Da screaming Turtle
Da screaming Turtle 3 months ago
No one: No one ever: Not a soul: Jack: ItS ThE bEsT oF bOtH wOrLdS!!!!!!!!
Da screaming Turtle
Da screaming Turtle 3 months ago
Stabs his girlfriend, surprises her with a Band aid
Te Ve
Te Ve 3 months ago
4:32 “Oh my god thank you for your help” LOL
Kaya shah
Kaya shah 3 months ago
Gab has the highest bed ever
William Garner
William Garner 3 months ago
Who’s watching this after the breakup
Scarlett Amy
Scarlett Amy 3 months ago
“I didn’t break them, I cut them 3 times” Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Braelynn Eng
Braelynn Eng 3 months ago
I think this is me but I feel like Jack and Gab take the same ideas from Jatie Vlogs, or is it because I watched Jatie Vlogs before them
Degenerate 3 months ago
Jatie doesn’t own this idea, though..
Katie Massey
Katie Massey 3 months ago
Anna Souza
Anna Souza 3 months ago
this whole video was a laughing feast!!!
Mlpcool09 RobloxAcc
Mlpcool09 RobloxAcc 3 months ago
5:37 😂 This vidio is just hilarious
Your Tech Network
Your Tech Network 3 months ago
Damn I wish they were still doing videos I would be like do a cut my girlfriends her prank on gab since I saw the scissors
Tib 3 months ago
Jack's laughter made my day so much better ngl lmao
Kronic Miller
Kronic Miller 3 months ago
I love how he is holding the scissors the wrong way
Isaac Hart
Isaac Hart 3 months ago
U hold scissors weird I might start doing what u do
Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 3 months ago
that bed thought like I would have to jump to get on it
Itz_ Bros
Itz_ Bros 3 months ago
Who's where 7 months before they break up
Lila Rhodes
Lila Rhodes 3 months ago
He was holding the scissors upside down🤪🤣
sergio ramos
sergio ramos 3 months ago
When he’s said “where’s your Calvin Klein underwear” I thought he said where’s your cabin flying underwear”
Magdaline Thompson
Magdaline Thompson 3 months ago
Me after I see their broken up *watches a bunch of their videos as a couple and laughs at how annoying Jack is.* We need him to come back😭
Billie E Tingz
Billie E Tingz 3 months ago
Is anyone else watching this after the break up and bawling there eyes out
Alexis West
Alexis West 3 months ago
Jacks laugh 😂my goodness
phanton 55
phanton 55 3 months ago
ha who needs airpods when you got raycon😎
Green Bullitt
Green Bullitt 3 months ago
All youtubers doing the same BS prank ... RUvid sucks now
Ryan Flanary
Ryan Flanary 3 months ago
I have 5 headphones
Samuel Mather
Samuel Mather 3 months ago
Who is watching this in quarantine
Dadriel A. Quintana
Dadriel A. Quintana 3 months ago
10:02 this guys laugh has me dead 💀
malik felder
malik felder 3 months ago
3:45 🤣
sara6222 sara6222
sara6222 sara6222 3 months ago
one of you should do the i never want to marry you prank
Zac Aragon
Zac Aragon 3 months ago
Jack is totally funny 😂😂😂
Dreamy Productions
Dreamy Productions 3 months ago
* when your bed is almost taller then your boyfriend*
Addisen Crawford
Addisen Crawford 3 months ago
How is your bed really high?
dsrmaster 34
dsrmaster 34 3 months ago
dsrmaster 34
dsrmaster 34 3 months ago
The reaction 😱😱😱
dsrmaster 34
dsrmaster 34 3 months ago
Elementdragon447 4 months ago
0:14 oh god 😂😂😂
Navraj Rai
Navraj Rai 4 months ago
Your laugh is so funny
Jae Money
Jae Money 4 months ago
She is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍
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