cute cat is saying something to me

Robin Seplut
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cute cat is saying something to me.
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Dec 28, 2019




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ManderWayne 8 minutes ago
This was like watching one of those videos where the guy thinks he has the animal language all figured out and the animal starts thinking he’s a nutter when he starts talking.
ManderWayne 8 minutes ago
This was like watching one of those videos where the guy thinks he has the animal language all figured out and the animal starts thinking he’s a nutter when he starts talking.
EDUCATION TIME! 39 minutes ago
cat: Im hungry Guy:skskskksksks
Frosty’s Thomas Trains
The cat is saying “Take me home with you!”
johnmark Mullins
johnmark Mullins 2 hours ago
I think the "sksksksk" is to calm down the cats.
Scary Fish Cat
Scary Fish Cat 3 hours ago
thats funnny
muhammad ridhwan
muhammad ridhwan 3 hours ago
Where do you live robin? The stray cat there so adorable. Im so jealous
Stun Field
Stun Field 4 hours ago
0:01 squeak
Dimith 4 hours ago
3:53 wow, very cute
ємσтισиαl ĸooĸι
I'm sorry but the only valid noises are pspspsps and kissy noises.
SelLillianna 5 hours ago
Two troffs of food for the cats. :) I didn't see the talkative cat eating, though, just talking, hissing, and being seemingly passive about eating food because other cats were eating. Maybe it just wasn't hungry but it's still sad to see the cat walk away from so much food without taking a bite...! Still, many cats were fed. Thank you. ^^
John Evris song
John Evris song 7 hours ago
OmarPlayz 8 hours ago
Cat: The British are Coming. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
fantastic metro
fantastic metro 9 hours ago
google translate from meow to English
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor 11 hours ago
0:10) Aight I'll just leave y'all alone then
JimmyZ _
JimmyZ _ 12 hours ago
*"Skskskkskskskskskskskksks"* -Another one- *"Meo3,"* *"I voted for meo928281828"*
Juan Pablo Ullon
Juan Pablo Ullon 12 hours ago
Awww Poor thing, its so cut
Fire Biscuit
Fire Biscuit 13 hours ago
"Legend say that human still saying sksksksksskskskks"
Complex 13 hours ago
It feels like you don’t like the cats.
Frick Flix
Frick Flix 16 hours ago
SR 388
SR 388 16 hours ago
Why does this have 4.4 thousand dislikes
Bistroww 18 hours ago
He's Kira Yoshikage
Lenny 18 hours ago
He's speaking the language of gods.
[ALİKAANKOÇ] koç 18 hours ago
Man ksksksksksk cat meov meov
Not An Alien
Not An Alien 18 hours ago
3:47 ... what. *Stares in Tsundere*
Not An Alien
Not An Alien 18 hours ago
Trust issues.
Not An Alien
Not An Alien 18 hours ago
Cat: • OMG. Why this human gotta be here tho. Get with all that *ksksksksksk* ing • Nuh uh, I ain't eating that. • **Hisses at other cat.** Lol I relate to this cat.
Mxrie Gaming
Mxrie Gaming 18 hours ago
sksksksksksksks is in a different language of telling a cat to come to you or something
Женя Смысловой
Одни коты на видео :)
Orlaith Corry
Orlaith Corry 21 hour ago
Жизнь 22 hours ago
My cat watched the video and decided to create his own channel
ThinhCT 22 hours ago
How to spawn cats: Step 1: place food on the floor Step 2: open chat and type /ksksksksksksks Step 3: press Enter
Ngọc Melon
Ngọc Melon 23 hours ago
Cat:" come on daddy pick me up and take me home"
mehrshad balood
mehrshad balood 23 hours ago
CAT " i have coronavirus get outta here" MAN "sksksksksksks" CAT" OKEY YOURE DEAD"
I got a cat litter ad before this
Awosomeandy Day ago
I literally clicked on this video, and was like "I wanna find the sksksksksk guy again!" And while searched I heard it XD.
Taran MVP
Taran MVP Day ago
This literally happens to me every month
Ryhan Playz
Ryhan Playz Day ago
Cat: give me food Robin: ksksksksksks Cat: plz give me food Robin: kskskskak Cat: hey! Robin: ksksksks Cat: 😶😶
Krisztian 08
Krisztian 08 Day ago
That thumbnail is so cute
The human is vsco girl
Benjamin Sunderland
gandalf the kitty
AntonBG Day ago
VSCO girls at 3 am
gbayan joshua
Probably saying you look so ugly and smell bad. 😂
Tim Lee
Tim Lee Day ago
hungry, hungry, feed me please!
trevor philips
Kino - Topic
Kino - Topic Day ago
Very cute
Slim Jim
Slim Jim Day ago
1:00 When *Brittney* drops her HydroFlask
C2.CaitoMXD Day ago
in our place we attract cats with saying " ming ming " in a high note or long " miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing~ ". :D
Yùì Çhàñ
Me:sees video BROWNIE IS THAT YOU?!? 0○0
Rinoskin Duellsz
Big cats
Charuzu The Danklord
Ex-Hero Squirrel6
Dude he’s clearly asking for food Save da catz
Tempest Xd
Tempest Xd Day ago
Everybody gangsta when he goes vsco mode
Buddems Morgan
That cat is adorable
Cool 10
Cool 10 2 days ago
Those cats are abused. I can see by their eyes.
Dino GD
Dino GD 2 days ago
3:16 the cat give thanks!
meow meow
meow meow 2 days ago
They might have said sth very scary. I was watching this video while my cats were sitting on the bed. One of my cat Was starring at the TV. They both freaked out half way through the video.
RACKZO GAMING 2 days ago
The cat still waiting for his first words :p
Jasmin Davis
Jasmin Davis 2 days ago
Alex Prime Official
Omg how much cats will he have? I think one million or something 😂😂😂
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