Customizing My AIRPODS!!

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Thanks for Watching! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this video:) Love y’all ❤️❤️ ps.i do speak broke, and I am only joking in my videos
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Jun 11, 2019

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Comments 3 432
Pinky Rebbel
Pinky Rebbel 2 hours ago
Can you draw on a cord jacket?
Nathan Speidel
Nathan Speidel 3 hours ago
I’m chillin here watching this with my airpods and I’m like I hear u lol
shootingGuard 3 hours ago
Tell me why he looks so f‘ing british!😂
Bells Bix
Bells Bix 6 hours ago
You should customize a hydro flask water bottle!!!🤩
Ashley Vlogs
Ashley Vlogs 8 hours ago
Sub to me
Antonio Conner
Antonio Conner 15 hours ago
You look like Justin Bieber but it’s a good thing because Justin Bieber is a good singer and you also look like in
The Minecraft Style
The Minecraft Style 18 hours ago
Power beats pro plz
giselle felipe
giselle felipe 19 hours ago
It cool😎
Kiya Washburn
Kiya Washburn 20 hours ago
omg his shoes me laugh why
Kiya Washburn
Kiya Washburn 20 hours ago
it was supposed to say they made me laugh why
Fabi Chavi
Fabi Chavi 20 hours ago
do u seal the paint with anything after ur done?
Marilyn. x
Marilyn. x 21 hour ago
I think I got my first like but I don’t know why it’s blue, and everybody else’s is grey?????
Gx 22 hours ago
I like your fashion
Jadaru Gonzalez
Jadaru Gonzalez 23 hours ago
I kinda got sad cause if you weren’t joking about calling us broke, I thought you were a kind guy who is rich.
boi 23 hours ago
He was joking chill
Mus van Doorn
Mus van Doorn 23 hours ago
Amerie Edits
Amerie Edits 23 hours ago
Marko: “I don’t speak broke” Me with my AirPods in: “I hear you 🤡”
boi 23 hours ago
No one gives two shits
T Day ago
Paint your car
Isaiah Google2.0
If your so rich afford better music. Than "Roblox music". XD lmao
boi 23 hours ago
Shut the fuck up
Hanah Jayleen
I ship you with Emma chamberlain
Madeline Ha
Madeline Ha Day ago
Imagine painting the M on the wrong side
ConVexed ツ
ConVexed ツ Day ago
can’t afford the wires.
Saphron_w Day ago
When he did the first layer.. interesting 😬
Wolfie PlaysRoblox
his eyes are legit so pretty :O
Kristan Walters
HEY I say I don’t speak broke to mean people
Lanique Long
Lanique Long Day ago
I don’t speak broke 🤣
Viviana Valdivia
Customize Jordan’s
Madeline Santos
M for Marko!
Rock day Vlogs
Customize a white sheet
Iris Estrada
Iris Estrada Day ago
Custom phone case!! Giveaway!!
Irene Carrillo
Who do you now we're broke
Ju Goncalves
Ju Goncalves Day ago
Just found this channel and it’s actually so fun😂😁👏🏼
Jayleen Tejeda
Me watching this with my headphones 😭😭
boi 23 hours ago
I don't even have headphones mine just broke and I always forget to get new ones 😭😭
Natilie nina
Natilie nina Day ago
So byeee felicia .PERIODT.
tammy gevry
tammy gevry Day ago
Just because you can paint doesn't mean you are a good person
Natilie nina
Natilie nina Day ago
Just bc we dont all have 10k layin 'round dont mean we broke and dont dis what u are bc u have a you2ube channel thats the only reason u "rich"
boi 23 hours ago
Shut the fuck up
Wooxzy46 2 days ago
Nice Video
Teddy Brewster
Teddy Brewster 2 days ago
Custom crocs
Turquoise Turtle
Turquoise Turtle 2 days ago
This is the only piece I don’t like of his
Davi R
Davi R 2 days ago
This mans got the Jesus sandals on
Jimmy Sharma
Jimmy Sharma 2 days ago
Brooklynn Gonzales
We speak the same language
Mohsin Cheema
Mohsin Cheema 2 days ago
If u think bout it u can’t really do any customizing on AirPods but u did good good job 👍🏼
Allison Stanley
Allison Stanley 2 days ago
Him: *customizes sneakers all the time* Also him: *wears socks and sandals*
Gamer Shaan
Gamer Shaan 2 days ago
Custom your iwatch white wrist band
Myreebytheway Okayy
Ok so I have the beats solo 3 and their wireless and their more oh “I don’t speak broke”
boi 23 hours ago
No one gives two shits
Sese O
Sese O 2 days ago
What paint did you use ? And also what paint do you use to paint the vans ?
Fr0sTy Pickle
Fr0sTy Pickle 2 days ago
Your a trucking dweeb
Savage YNW
Savage YNW 2 days ago
PS4 controller or ps4
Jason Wagner
Jason Wagner 2 days ago
Marko I meant
Jason Wagner
Jason Wagner 2 days ago
Mario your so good at art
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