Customizing My AIRPODS!! | MARKO

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Thanks for Watching! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this video:) Love y’all ❤️❤️ ps.i do speak broke, and I am only joking in my videos
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Jun 11, 2019




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Vanilla YT
Vanilla YT 20 minutes ago
Marko: “I don’t speak broke” Is it me or are his air pods fake?
10000 subs w only 5 memes
i like how he just gets straight to the point
Toby Duncan
Toby Duncan 37 minutes ago
take apart the air pods hydro dip them and make it look like rocks so they are all elements AIR pods that were HYDRO dipped they have ROCKS on them and they will be LIT (air, water, earth, fire
Daniel narendra
Batik? Batik is shirt from Indonesia🇮🇩
Voneric Dodd3
Voneric Dodd3 Hour ago
Marko your my favorite youtuber in the 🌎
Frostyvlogs Gaming
Frostyvlogs Gaming 2 hours ago
Haider does Gaming
Haider does Gaming 3 hours ago
Custumize Xbox one
Alana DeGraw
Alana DeGraw 4 hours ago
00:16 that’s what my brother said when he got air pods
R J 5 hours ago
Nice Great South Wall vibe
miry 06
miry 06 5 hours ago
Howww, it is fantasticccc
miry 06
miry 06 5 hours ago
Emmi •_•
Emmi •_• 6 hours ago
Ooksä suomalaine lol
ItsNottJay 7 hours ago
Them fake . look like marshmallows
Nakshathra 10 hours ago
they look bad
pineapple 13 hours ago
it looks shitty
Mild Sauce
Mild Sauce 13 hours ago
I actually have some airpods
moonfnm 14 hours ago
𝙤𝙠 𝙤𝙠 𝙬𝙚 𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙞𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙝!!
Alexis Playz Oficial
Your da best love the vids keep up the great work
Rachel Bond
Rachel Bond 16 hours ago
yo is this florida?
Brian James
Brian James 16 hours ago
Sorry but when you buy AirPods you are brook because you can’t afford the wired apple earbuds (p.s I’m not a hater)
Alexandra Martinez
Alexandra Martinez 17 hours ago
monster matt06
monster matt06 17 hours ago
i was using airpods this whole vid
Golden Mimi
Golden Mimi 18 hours ago
U and Emma chaimberlain look and act just alike 🤣
Ugly Turtle
Ugly Turtle 18 hours ago
Customize my life please
J.A cuber
J.A cuber 18 hours ago
You should customize a 3x3 cube
Hanna B
Hanna B Day ago
# talented
Henry Shields
hydro dip your airpod case
Becca Pattay
Becca Pattay Day ago
Your saying your rich with AirPods..... they may be cooler but beats solo headphones are a lot more expensive
Noemi Jasso
Noemi Jasso Day ago
Maybe you should use spray paint and posco markers like ZHC.
Ambrosio Longoria
Every video he has sandals
Xx Ps pod cast Xx
Listen apple i don’t fu*king speaks ze rich
Juanitoe The dude
I don't speak broke... I speak english
William Springer
hey marko ooooohhhhh i dont have airpods air pods
J u s t a g a m e l o l
No one: Literally no one: MARKO: I'm customizing my brick!! Also, MARKO again: I made a brick!
Dr. Adventure
ZHC does it better
Im jungshook , Bts is life
Omg I drew air pods and wrote an M on it for no particular reason
Rylee Worl
Rylee Worl 2 days ago
someone is using your art and changing the sound of your videos on tik tok for fame
Rene Valenzuela
Rene Valenzuela 2 days ago
Show off
Payton Miller
Payton Miller 2 days ago
Can you do A tv
Rodrigo Cesar Carrillo Arana Jabilio Franka
Just buy a mustang then costomise it
Fortnite FishStick Yo mom
I hate how he just said he can’t here us he don’t talk broke when I have series 2 airpods
FakeStarFruit 21 hour ago
I can't hear you. I don't speak bad grammar.
ItzMeAce _
ItzMeAce _ 2 days ago
Mike Schneider
Mike Schneider 2 days ago
They look amazing
Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez 2 days ago
Where are your parents
Guadalupe Ojeda
Guadalupe Ojeda 3 days ago
Customize a t.v.
Skyrem 1243
Skyrem 1243 3 days ago
That transition had me SHOOK
BGS Xenith
BGS Xenith 3 days ago
Can i get airpods
Sabiha noor Azad
Sabiha noor Azad 4 days ago
Can I win the AirPods I have liked subscribed and turned the bell on I am a biggest fan so Can I win the AirPods
Tommy Mendez
Tommy Mendez 4 days ago
U customise so many shows but ur wearing Crocks 🤣I'm dead Marko
Serene S.
Serene S. 4 days ago
Paint on a hat.
Saucy Egg
Saucy Egg 4 days ago
*Gets AirPods protective case*
Justin Jarvis
Justin Jarvis 4 days ago
Marko should tattoo
Ryan van Oudheusden
at this moment 0.40 he had airpods in i just now it
Kkhushi kinger
Kkhushi kinger 4 days ago
Plz customize non marking Nike tennis shoes Pls pls Pls pls
Stephanie Martinez
I don't speak broke I speak art
•Drea Myy•
•Drea Myy• 4 days ago
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 4 days ago
Song at the beginning?
KryptYT24 12313
KryptYT24 12313 4 days ago
Little did you know that they were fake...
Hughie Mcginley
Hughie Mcginley 4 days ago
Customize a mac book air
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