Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People!! - Challenge (Giveaway)

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Dec 9, 2019




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Comments 100
ZHC 8 months ago
Please subscribe if you're new! :) I want to be able to give more back to other people and make the world a happier place by doing nice things for others! First comment on the next video will win another custom iPhone 11!! Follow me on IG and Twitter for updates! 1st comment winner: D M Garcia (custom iPhone 11 Pro Max) 2nd comment winner: William Zhu (custom airpods) 3rd comment winner: Jaron Schneider (custom shoes)
Mera Desalegn
Mera Desalegn 7 days ago
Mera Desalegn
Mera Desalegn 7 days ago
ZHC hi
Jose Zamarripa
Jose Zamarripa 17 days ago
Hi Zch i just started watching your videos and Your drawings are cool
Danni Colwell
Danni Colwell 2 months ago
Juls Koets01
Juls Koets01 2 months ago
What pens are they
Lina Marumaru
Number 7: YEAH I WANNA SEE THOSE LIKES Me: you wanna see 8.3k dislikes. Everyone go look at the dislikes
Little xcx
Little xcx 2 days ago
everything!!!!! like wow!!! that must have take a long time
Nahidaaa Mahommed
ZHC is going to heaven y'all no!!😭😭❤
Quantum Leap 23
Quantum Leap 23 4 days ago
roddy k
roddy k 4 days ago
I just started watching your post and I had to subscribe I love everyone's positivness it paints a smile on my face keep it ualha from hawaiip
Sebastián Bejarano
Cool Kicks knowing ZHC ACTUALLY gives stuff away
Robert Illsley
Robert Illsley 5 days ago
you are in san
Thurga Shini
Thurga Shini 7 days ago
So cool:¤
Amazing Faith
Amazing Faith 8 days ago
WOW ur very nice
Marissa Hafizi
Marissa Hafizi 9 days ago
OMG soo cool
Rachel Eberstark
Rachel Eberstark 10 days ago
This shoes is very very good and you very very kings
Saftcreeper 14
Saftcreeper 14 11 days ago
Kann irgendjemand Deutsch?
hayley star
hayley star 11 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue Zhc is amazing Good luck zhc
Joman Idk
Joman Idk 12 days ago
people who disliked are just jelous -wasted-
Roxy Place
Roxy Place 12 days ago
ZHC: we don't have losers Me at home not getting free stuff:👁👄👁
Raiyan Rahbar
Raiyan Rahbar 13 days ago
u r profesonal than me
Calum ISLIN 16 days ago
Hi ZCH I am a big fan
Zaedyn Boykin
Zaedyn Boykin 18 days ago
I really need new shoes please
Leonidas Milner
Leonidas Milner 18 days ago
Love what you do😍😍😍😍
Vatsal Botla
Vatsal Botla 19 days ago
lol this is the first zhc vid I watched and I am coming back too it Zach h hav inspired me to pursue my dream as an artist further
Jan Michael David
Jan Michael David 19 days ago
That was a cute dog who agrees?
Doyle Kim
Doyle Kim 20 days ago
Man I rly love those off whites
WhizKid Interviews America.
I hear da gong where the undertaker
Victor Leiataua
Victor Leiataua 23 days ago
Michelle thinking being ditsy is really cute prob
DeAndre Sisson
DeAndre Sisson 24 days ago
Look at cool kicks doing great things
Fuzzy bear Squad
Fuzzy bear Squad 24 days ago
510.nick_ 24 days ago
Kunal Ray
Kunal Ray 24 days ago
Sophia Voorhies
Sophia Voorhies 22 days ago
Ur not first wtf
Nhaire Kyla Viros
Nhaire Kyla Viros 25 days ago
Kendyl LaCrosse
Kendyl LaCrosse 26 days ago
So cool thx for the vid
RM's Tv
RM's Tv 26 days ago
ZHC can I have iPhone11 pro bat l am from Philippines
Olivia Siddons
Olivia Siddons 26 days ago
Jabed Omar
Jabed Omar 26 days ago
Dud i want shoes. i wear sandels everyday . Nick air force so expensive here. It's my Dream shoes.
Ernesto Lopez
Ernesto Lopez 27 days ago
Lmao imagine me getting a pair by him never gon happen :(
Šüńfłøwër! Fōrëvêr!
How he know there shoe size?
EUNICE MECHA 27 days ago
Lol. i love this show 😍😍😎
Andy Tran
Andy Tran 28 days ago
i like this
Robert Stolt
Robert Stolt 29 days ago
Hey zhc im robert and i would love a pair of custom made white nike i watched all your videos and like them but i got a new phone u never noticed me before but i hot u do soon
Sherry Malhotra
Sherry Malhotra 29 days ago
Please for me.
DIY WITH MARIUM 29 days ago
Will u guys support me?😣😢 I want to grow my channel please subscribe..
N.Tilak Gowda
N.Tilak Gowda 29 days ago
Ur classic brother.....
TØMURA Month ago
ticc fish
ticc fish Month ago
I want a custom yankee with no brim
Sterling M
Sterling M Month ago
What are the name of your markers
Little Chicken Nugget
english: i appreciate french: ipisjieet
Anja Manou Hellem
I like jordan air 1 mids
ashwn ks
ashwn ks Month ago
Wowieee...this is awesome 💖🔥
Tomika Young
Tomika Young Month ago
Can I pay you to do 10 pair of shoes please
Aaliyah Jacques
Aaliyah Jacques Month ago
Bella Napoles
Bella Napoles Month ago
How come everyone that he knows and everywhere he goes he gets away to them and never gives it away to us
Prince Calago
Prince Calago Month ago
Corsway Month ago
K I want 1 of those
Jenson Beavers
Jenson Beavers Month ago
You are the best if anyone does not like you they should go and get a life
Ollie on 30fps
Ollie on 30fps Month ago
i cried when she laid the marker on the offwhite forces
Abby farrelly
Abby farrelly Month ago
I was there!!!!
ayu edayu
ayu edayu Month ago
Rose light
Rose light Month ago
sWaZe Fay
sWaZe Fay Month ago
Who wants to see a ZHC and a Ryan Higa collab?
yhazhini siva
yhazhini siva Month ago
Zac : Customises shoes,bags,iphones,Mac's, etc... Me : y don't u customise your RUvid playbutton?! That's a great idea lol
Kiran x
Kiran x Month ago
want is your second chale called
Rishab singh
Rishab singh Month ago
Follow me in insta _rishab_47
Sabrina Kieffer
Sabrina Kieffer Month ago
you are so nice
DrAgOnfL I
DrAgOnfL I Month ago
How does zhc know what size the people are??
SarahAbby Driver
《GachaCooky 123》
“In the couple minutes, i’m gonna wake up and i’m gonna be in my bed” *after a couple minutes* Him : *rest his eyes and then opening his eyes in his bed* Also him : *already have the shoes so its not a dream* I’d say ZHC is so generous. He buys for other people but not for _himself_ *_Too generous_*
ssanchez2017 Month ago
I wish.....
Nafisah Carvalho
Good job
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz Month ago
im in my dads tablet
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz Month ago
hiii i
Adeola Fakayode
Adeola Fakayode Month ago
Hi ZHC😀😎🔥💧⚡🤑 Ohh Yeah.
JM Cabrera
JM Cabrera Month ago
Hi I'm honor student from Philippines i hope you help me.I need badly a phone for my online class because it is very tough to dont have a phone.I hope you help me ❤❤❤❤
George Ihimaera
George Ihimaera Month ago
You have to draw Adidas shoes ok
Aaliyah Beniquez
He’s so so nice 🙂🙂🙂
Llwyd N
Llwyd N Month ago
ZHC: We don’t have losers on this channel 2 seconds later: he won and everybody else lost. Lol ha ha ha
Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain Month ago
You are really an osm artist. I appreciate ur work. Thank you for making such beautiful videos.
Tara Ahart
Tara Ahart Month ago
Let's just give a round of applause of how much he works on those shoes just to give it away wow ZHC is AMAZING
CPA Daniel Muguko
Can l get one l have two pair of shoes am in kenya
Kimchhay kheang
Kimchhay kheang Month ago
Can you give away I phone in Cambodia
mike mike
mike mike Month ago
Hey, Dude, customize shoes for Jeremy Lin please. Will be Insane!
Lakhwie Ganga
Lakhwie Ganga Month ago
Love you
Rohan Martin
Rohan Martin Month ago
should of customized at least 3 Ferraris or Lamborghinis but ok
Jada Dela Cruz
Jada Dela Cruz Month ago
Ahhh i love michelle she so sweet and her voice is so soft😍
maurizio russo
maurizio russo Month ago
Isr come vanno a disegnare tutto questo coso sono così bravi
iWillTakeTheL Month ago
The baby is so cute
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez Month ago
Next time do a one giving Gucci shoes to lil pump life if you aggre
Evie Queen
Evie Queen Month ago
Bring me balisiagas I’m sise 7 1/2
Maria Thanh thanh Nguyen Sapong
I was there at the window and u diddnt see me 😢
Ricardo Montalvo
Hsjdjdnnf f fjdjd sdkf
martin x
martin x Month ago
Any India I need them
Elinza Pretoeius
I want one for my mom's birthday please she don't have money for a New fone😭😭😭😭😭
Rachel Rodriguez
Nelly Wiltox
Nelly Wiltox Month ago
This is how many people have never met ZHC but really want to 👇🏼
southkake Month ago
Epic content. Keep up the great work.
Phoenix clover
Phoenix clover Month ago
You made this on my birthday! I'm so happy!!!
jemmika dahlstrom
hi i am a huge fan
Aswin Jayachandran
I really want to get those shoes
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