Customizing A $10,000,000 House

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I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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Oct 5, 2020




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ZHC Month ago
Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! We also helped a lot of people with rent because this is a video about a house. Thank you for all the support! Love you all!
Wafa Mansouri
Wafa Mansouri 2 days ago
I subed please i really need them
u are the greatest guy that i had watch
Lively Dela cruz
I hope i win for my mom😶 i came from philippines watching your youtube channel because its so cool
kylle sanchez
kylle sanchez Month ago
hmmmm hoping to win a giveaway
reyden requillo
reyden requillo Month ago
I want i phone for my online class I hope you will see this comment.thank you lot of people fans you in the philipines
Ruel Anghad
Ruel Anghad Minute ago
I love your videos I hope more blessings to come you
Leigh Smith
Leigh Smith 3 minutes ago
I love your art and videos 😲
Aldo Brenes
Aldo Brenes 5 minutes ago
I love your videos your girlfriend is so funny 💙💜❤️♥️🧡💛💚
Sog Kong
Sog Kong 9 minutes ago
Bella Princess
Bella Princess 11 minutes ago
Cathia Gazil
Cathia Gazil 21 minute ago
ZHCS WIFE: this one is more cuter Life-size ZHC: 😵OOF!!! From Roblox OOF ZHC: not anymore Me: OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF!
Addyson McCullough Crane
I need a 📲
Nur Qistina Farisha
Nur Qistina Farisha 57 minutes ago
I like your house soo bigger I like it
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores 58 minutes ago
Robert Petro
Robert Petro 59 minutes ago
That is so cool
Abdka 29
Abdka 29 Hour ago
That cooooooooooL
Reagan Geyer
Reagan Geyer Hour ago
You said $10,000 it is $10 million .
Miguel Herrera
Hey ZHC I love your house
Gerisem Sebullen
I hope you give me
Mario E. Ysagawa Gusukuma
someone more wants a custom school of ZHC? xddd
Kasy Smith
Kasy Smith Hour ago
Please pick me
Estefany Maldonado Canales
i love the house can i have a shut out i will be happy and this is my dream
Talisha Myres
Talisha Myres 2 hours ago
Zhc: accepts challenge and then paints each and every area of the house Me: okay and here is a painting of stickman and finally i completed the challenge by sticking it to the wall
najwa alderawi
najwa alderawi 2 hours ago
How rich is he bro
-_ARFAT_- C-ops
-_ARFAT_- C-ops 2 hours ago
me realizing that they made 30 days into 13 min
Ashley Sanchez Banegas
John Carter
John Carter 2 hours ago
Monarch Estates
Monarch Estates 2 hours ago
You must see my starflex table before I head back to my home planet,your going to want one
Lisa Conner
Lisa Conner 2 hours ago
I did ittt😁
Brooks LoL
Brooks LoL 3 hours ago
Best best best best best best very best best best best best best best best you tuber in the 🌎
Dr. Tbala
Dr. Tbala 3 hours ago
It took like 1 month
Brooks LoL
Brooks LoL 3 hours ago
You are the best RUvidr
melissa hurt
melissa hurt 3 hours ago
Did you get the top floor
Jose Calisterio
Jose Calisterio 3 hours ago
costomize 100 popsockits
River Hollow HOA
River Hollow HOA 3 hours ago
Him: "...This 10 million dollar house" Me: "Flex much?" This is a joke by the way not hating
Maryna Al-Fauri
Maryna Al-Fauri 3 hours ago
I love your channel😇😊
Fam H
Fam H 3 hours ago
you should do a house tour -_- please! :>
ZHD: ok so today I will be customizing my 10 million dollar house. Me: ok today I will customizing this pice of paper
Terri Johnson
Terri Johnson 4 hours ago
Subscribe and I hopefully you made
Larry HernandezJuarez
Can i plz have one I go to calieno shcool
Nevaeh McPeters
Nevaeh McPeters 4 hours ago
So your talking about they have to be in school of art drawing practice
Aliyah Crossman
Aliyah Crossman 4 hours ago
Urun Gokcek
Urun Gokcek 4 hours ago
Hes hasent a new video
Booo Booo
Booo Booo 4 hours ago
12:20 lol when she said that he was like :😁😄😃😀😅
Myla Haberman
Myla Haberman 5 hours ago
Great job that looks amazing 😁
Gutta LOL
Gutta LOL 5 hours ago
Emilly kids Marques
Travis Breuss
Travis Breuss 5 hours ago
How are you today and my name is Aiden
Mali pops Mary
Mali pops Mary 5 hours ago
Love the house ❤️❤️❤️
•sweet kitten•
•sweet kitten• 5 hours ago
“How hot are you?” *”Very hot.”* 🥴🤧
Ethan Abarca
Ethan Abarca 5 hours ago
Ersha Diaz
Ersha Diaz 5 hours ago
I wish I could go help but I live in Belize 😫🤍🥺
Tahlei-reef Fallon
Tahlei-reef Fallon 6 hours ago
Your video's are the best
Avelia Torres
Avelia Torres 6 hours ago
ZHC’s wife: That one is cuter Life size ZHC: Oof ZHC: not anymore
جوجو محمد
جوجو محمد 6 hours ago
Nesma Nabil
Nesma Nabil 6 hours ago
So cool I wish I can draw and paint like that it’s so cool i can draw but not that good
abe zam Daud
abe zam Daud 6 hours ago
Wow you so rich and you like an artist and I like your drawing is so cool
Boss LE
Boss LE 6 hours ago
ZHC in 2069: customizing the moon and giving it away to a fan
RenZ_Vercept 6 hours ago
ZHC: Customizing the empire state building and giving it away
Irina Ianachiev
Irina Ianachiev 6 hours ago
I love your videos I’m a big fan!
DJ SHAUN 6 hours ago
Awesome Paintings 🙂
Roblox Roblox
Roblox Roblox 6 hours ago
By the way I'm 11. And I'm called saphora
Daniel Cooper 6000
Daniel Cooper 6000 6 hours ago
this is his house?
EyoPlayz 6 hours ago
Big Flex
Lomdox Plays
Lomdox Plays 6 hours ago
it was my birthday the day you released this episode
kemke 7 hours ago
how about that house
Blaiden Levi Trueblood
your cool
Arianna Kellowan
Arianna Kellowan 7 hours ago
Wow you guys
Lo Jia Yong
Lo Jia Yong 7 hours ago
I already subscribe a year ago, but can't win giveaway 😔😢😭
Xander Bowenn
Xander Bowenn 7 hours ago
haha wow, thank you for all these amazing videos.... you really make peoples days
Liam Sundman
Liam Sundman 7 hours ago
ZHC 2045 customizing the whole sun ☀️ and selling it
Aimee Mariel
Aimee Mariel 7 hours ago
i subscribe I love the house you made
Jaimeet Chani
Jaimeet Chani 7 hours ago
Could I get $500 because I subed to all of ur channels 😂
Vladimir 0919
Vladimir 0919 8 hours ago
ZHC: today he will customize the moon
Thomas Thai
Thomas Thai 8 hours ago
It looks so cool
Ashlee Knapp
Ashlee Knapp 8 hours ago
that’s too much
Joy Nzeako
Joy Nzeako 8 hours ago
ZHC in 2098 customizing the planets
Limits 8 hours ago
Where is leo
Pape Pape
Pape Pape 8 hours ago
Pape Pape
Pape Pape 8 hours ago
KingKash Killer
KingKash Killer 8 hours ago
can i hellp
kim lara
kim lara 8 hours ago
Hi zhc
C10UD N1GHT 9 hours ago
2040 ZHC: I am going to customize this entire city in 24 hours!
Selinnah Vielle Areniego
ZHC in 2030:costumizing Earth so it would be colorful
Imong Barbie
Imong Barbie 9 hours ago
im so loving those paintings and the house as well... I JUST TOTALLY HOPE I CAN HAVE A HOUSE LIKE THAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless us all keep safe ❤️❤️❤️
thirdy baluyot
thirdy baluyot 9 hours ago
Leo thou
Sanjay Makes
Sanjay Makes 9 hours ago
Please support my channel.....I will support your channel......
Areen 9 hours ago
Is this house feom you?
Nyah unicorn
Nyah unicorn 9 hours ago
can someone tell me who edits his videos
Nick Arias
Nick Arias 9 hours ago
Fia sweet-crystal :3
𝚠𝚘𝚠 𝚒𝚖 𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚞𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚉𝙷𝙲 𝚒𝚜 𝚐𝚘𝚗𝚗𝚗𝚊 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊 𝚖𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚙𝚒𝚎𝚌𝚎 ♕︎𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕗 𝕒𝕣𝕥♕︎
Carlos Vlkos
Carlos Vlkos 9 hours ago
M I K E E The weirdo
This dude is literally the art version of Mr.beast
Firecorps 9 hours ago
Can you custimise a yaut ?
Sarah Pool Tammymum
ng Natalie e Eriksson
i hade do all i want a phobe my is now a iohone 4
Nael Syum
Nael Syum 10 hours ago
Kan i hav ifhon11
Kelly Barr
Kelly Barr 10 hours ago
Mushel is my favorite
Toca Boca love Tbl
Toca Boca love Tbl 10 hours ago
Ikr your amazing
Kennedy Playz
Kennedy Playz 10 hours ago
Zhc :looks like I did not throw it far enough Zhc : poop
Kristy Austin
Kristy Austin 10 hours ago
Are you Married
Elke Dewit
Elke Dewit 10 hours ago
Kennedy Playz
Kennedy Playz 10 hours ago
The dragon just looks sick
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