Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱

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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Niamh Horgan
Niamh Horgan 5 hours ago
Entry completed ❤️❤️❤️
RHONDA ROSE 11 hours ago
U r so talented
Vijiya Kahar
Vijiya Kahar 12 hours ago
Oh my God it's too much iPhone 😅😅😁
Miss Rosessence
Miss Rosessence 19 hours ago
I'm so glad you film these things you do so we can see them because you are so talented and what you do is awesome!
Spring Woods
Spring Woods Day ago
Am I the only one that notices that Marko wears the same brand of Nike socks inside-out everyday?
Babane bbyy
Babane bbyy Day ago
if i was his mom, i would be so proud of him lmfao (im not joking)
Mine Knight10393
Why are people still entering for the giveaway, it’s closed 😂
Nathan Jonah
Nathan Jonah Day ago
Yo Marko where u get those markers!
Joana Mejia
Joana Mejia Day ago
I I’m not Gunna hurt them on camera
Farhana Arif
Farhana Arif 2 days ago
I don't understand, is iPhone so cheap? In our country you rarely see iPhones, ITS TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!
Nishant Bargota
Nishant Bargota 2 days ago
I did ..... But m sure i wont get anyone of that😂
Desai Shreyak
Desai Shreyak 2 days ago
I'm from India and lots of love for u pls one 11pro max is gave me if u are comefertable plZ give me one I phone
julianna anderson
I phone entry Done Why?? Bc I've never won anything and I've been needing a new phone for a vvv long time and my mom won't buy me one :((
ਮਨਸਹਿਜ ਸਿੰਘ
Give me one iphone 11 pleasee
Mj Vlogs
Mj Vlogs 2 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" I need this beauty😍
Nadeem khan
Nadeem khan 2 days ago
Where is the most important thing. Iphone logo
brylee knight
brylee knight 2 days ago
iPhone inter done I never win in any giveaway so
Ariel Oliveira
Ariel Oliveira 2 days ago
"I Phone entry" "Done" Why: I would like to won an iphone because I am a big fan and you inspired me a lot, so having your art in my hands would be SAtisFyiNg. Also love your work. Never stop❤
Yuvraj Pathania
Yuvraj Pathania 3 days ago
Great work man.,
LeRoy UINI 3 days ago
Mario please watch my videos it’s. Called Leroy uini
Caitlin Tracy
Caitlin Tracy 3 days ago
I honestly wish I could win something in my life
feriel fr
feriel fr 3 days ago
i think apple should collab with you
feriel fr
feriel fr 3 days ago
i almost allmoooost watch all the vidéos where where i for the iphones loool if u see my actuelle phone you would cry for technologie loool
Faith Smith
Faith Smith 3 days ago
wait.. he said he was gonna give the phones to people at his school. imagine going to school with someone like him
John Ray Yuson
John Ray Yuson 4 days ago
I'm not rich can I win we are just poor and I want an iPhone can I win?plsssss
steph xox
steph xox 4 days ago
I so wanna iphone but I don't have insta!!! His designs are so awesome as well
maulana syahril
maulana syahril 4 days ago
Give me bro thanks
Josh 4 days ago
whats ur kit looking like
Denisse Bayolo
Denisse Bayolo 4 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" "Why": I have never had an iphone. I love your designs. My English is very bad
Naman Kr. Sahu
Naman Kr. Sahu 5 days ago
iphone entry Done why:because i had an i phone i need it sso much
Jean JAHOSSOU 5 days ago
iPhone 11 Done Because I'm for Africa and it is very expensive here,if you do it for me,all Africa will thank you brother
Mr_ BoWbEnSkI
Mr_ BoWbEnSkI 5 days ago
What are the names of the markers that you use? p.s. Where can I buy them?
František Korunka
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Couse i like your painting style and I never won giveway🥺
Abel MAta blanco
Abel MAta blanco 6 days ago
He want to be Zack
Rana Ahmad
Rana Ahmad 6 days ago
Plz give me one only one
isaac constantine
Booga Booga
Booga Booga 6 days ago
bruh this makes me sad i want a custom i phone lol
Rio Refinaldi
Rio Refinaldi 6 days ago
I from Indonesian, I hope I can get the iPhone Instagram : riovalleri_16
Rio Refinaldi
Rio Refinaldi 6 days ago
So amazing
Krixsanium Gaming
Stop putting this music dude its so irittatibg
Luna Lewandowski
Luna Lewandowski 7 days ago
HE actually seems like the one texting his mom more
Nicole Rodriguez-W
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because I'm bored and I never had a iphone
JASON MULINGE 7 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why? because id like to eat a banana and would like to send a photo of it to my mom
Teeh N
Teeh N 7 days ago
Phone entry in the bag 💨💯
you don't care
you don't care 7 days ago
"iphone entery" "done" why: well my mom has a bad phone and she bought me a really good one so i want to give it to her
carter russell
carter russell 7 days ago
“iphone entry” “done” why: bc i have a crappy phone and it is really slow
Muhamad Ilham
Muhamad Ilham 7 days ago
bang for one, iphon 11 nyah
Kaydee Harper
Kaydee Harper 7 days ago
"iphone entry" "Done" Why: Cause i'm in high school with an iphone 6 lol and they look amazing :)
UNCLE ALBERT 8 days ago
Id love you to do a British 50 pound note (marko style of course) on the back of my Huawei. That'll be dope af.
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 8 days ago
Brianna Nichole
Brianna Nichole 8 days ago
I’m literally binging all your videos... and it’s totally with it 😭😭🤩
Mike Gamer
Mike Gamer 8 days ago
I am India one phone gift plz
Sam Foma'i
Sam Foma'i 8 days ago
I did it
Prince Ojakorotu
Prince Ojakorotu 8 days ago
“iPhone entry” “done” never won a giveaway so what the heck 🤷🏼‍♂️
Spanishjazz Nazario
I have Never owned an iphone would you like to send me one🥰 probably would not know how to use it anyway lol gramma in Pa
chanvi vlog
chanvi vlog 8 days ago
iPhone entry Done I really wanted an iPhone
Dk 099
Dk 099 9 days ago
iPhone entry Don🌈♥️ Love u all Best of luck 😘
Athaya Tazkiana
Athaya Tazkiana 9 days ago
Aku mauuuuu😭💖🤩😍
Ajay yadav
Ajay yadav 9 days ago
He is a mix between gawx art and zhc
Wyatt Standish
Wyatt Standish 9 days ago
lemme get the phone lol
hlulani mzimba
hlulani mzimba 9 days ago
Oh, its tomorrow
hlulani mzimba
hlulani mzimba 9 days ago
iPhone entry done" Silver iPhone 11 pro max "why:" I'm not gonna lie you, I need a phone (period), I will not say I cannot afford it, but I can't. I'm 13 and my birthday is on the 28 so I've said it all. Thanks
Jamicah Vlogs
Jamicah Vlogs 9 days ago
One: I’ve been subscribed , Bells on, and followed u on Instagram Two: this is a phone entry. And 3: Maybe you could you know slip me one because the one I bought said It can be shipped because of “corona” all that money went down the drain and my mom said I can’t buy another phone 🥺🥺 so it would be nice if you could you give me one since I already love you and watch all your videos (also like and comment) if you don’t you know imma still watch your videos . I would just love you a lot more than I already do ...💕💞
Tejas Thakur
Tejas Thakur 10 days ago
“Iphone entry”. “Done” Why: because my last phone antenna broke and couldn’t use network services or either call someone for more than half a year . Couldn’t find a place to fix it, and with some more bad luck the screen broke and nearly 80 percent of the display frozed. Really need a phone rn 😭
Ini Ginda.
Ini Ginda. 10 days ago
ZHC better
Customshoes Italia
Customshoes Italia 10 days ago
Woow give me one 😂😂🙈👍
Lilleaky robinson
Lilleaky robinson 10 days ago
All done I have watch u Al way I phone please
Kylee Anthony
Kylee Anthony 10 days ago
Kylee Anthony
Kylee Anthony 10 days ago
Your wall is so cool I love the design
jayfet 10 days ago
64k comments that are all mostly stupid lame ass phone entry jokes yet not one about the name of the fucken song
jayfet 10 days ago
64k comments that are all mostly stupid lame ass phone entry jokes yet not one about the name of the fucken song
Bramwel Otieno
Bramwel Otieno 10 days ago
Can you please make my legs look amazing 😞😞
Eljay Zoleta
Eljay Zoleta 11 days ago
i am yours marko im from the manila
Jozf D Beast
Jozf D Beast 11 days ago
Hey marko.. Could u give me a phone
EddDee 11 days ago
Suite for childish user's
Alex Metcalf
Alex Metcalf 11 days ago
The drip checker one is sick
Audrey Balmos
Audrey Balmos 11 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: because my Android phone i using now is broken the left screen cannot touch it and the speaker is broken too im just using earphone to hear some sounds and the cam is broken too, i hope i win because I've never experienced to have an iphone phone too it's too expensive :(
Mayur Panchal
Mayur Panchal 12 days ago
Hii marko
Abiola Afolabi
Abiola Afolabi 12 days ago
How doese the art not scrape off?
Alejandro Tejeda Gonzalez
"iPhone entry" "DONE" why: I've been wanting to get a new phone but i spent my money trying to start customizing shoes
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