Customizing 20 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 ft. Marko & Vexx (Giveaway)

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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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Comments 80
ZHC 7 months ago
Giving away 20 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 2 million likes and I will give 50 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Follow Me @zhcomicart on ig and @vexx
Explorer r us
Explorer r us 14 days ago
I really want to win a giveaway I never win a giveaway
The Legend
The Legend 29 days ago
Its Jr
Its Jr Month ago
Suzuki pick it up custom iPhone because only have an Android so I like iPhones from what you better please
Khalid Deee
Khalid Deee 2 months ago
"Macbook pro" "Philippines" Why: because I can't afford it and it is my very wish to have a laptop because I'm just a student and I want something that I can edit in Adobe premiere pro, After effects. Please choose me😭 please help me
jennica balbanida
jennica balbanida 2 months ago
Kirsten Poulsen
Kirsten Poulsen 7 minutes ago
Avtar Singh Kainth
Avtar Singh Kainth 25 minutes ago
Pls me eine in sed mein is broken Plissee and is Not Werk in
gianikka and tiktok lol
Can I please have one this is my mom's phone please a phone and earpods that's all I did evrything
hemaprabha das
hemaprabha das 2 hours ago
roDi yurdag lMohammed
Caidence Pagano
Caidence Pagano 3 hours ago
ZHC is the nicest guy in the whole woooooooooooorrrrldddddd
Denis SEFAJ 12 hours ago
Love you zch
Denis SEFAJ 12 hours ago
natalie Olvera
natalie Olvera 14 hours ago
He said no lol
ayyan rayyan
ayyan rayyan 14 hours ago
You people are soo good at art!!!!!
Dinesh Dinesh
Dinesh Dinesh 17 hours ago
I know.....i wont get 😧😧
Team Icy
Team Icy 21 hour ago
You guys are so nice and so talented I love how you always do this stuff for people I love you 💕 😘
Jemah Sujad
Jemah Sujad 22 hours ago
Love your video
Jonerlyne Olibrice
you're super nice even though they already have phones you got to give them another one like that their break they have that one so I just want to
Rosey Queen
Rosey Queen Day ago
I love you guys so much I watch your videos and subscribe
Sanne Walstra
damnn the tiger
Jezyl Mae Artagame
I wish i can win this give away
Natalia Bateman
Marypili Rodríguez
There are cool I subscribe 🙂
Leia William
Leia William Day ago
I am in Canada
Farkli Farkinda
Amerikada yaşasam ne guzel
Saipranav Yellaram
What if they forgot to tape 😱😱
Nina Godia
Nina Godia 2 days ago
Please bro gift me this I have never won nothing ever
Kadom Annan
Kadom Annan 2 days ago
I almost like all your video hope i can get a i phone 11
SONY 2 days ago
12:52 hahahahahahaha
Yodit Yosief
Yodit Yosief 2 days ago
Your awesome
Maria Diab
Maria Diab 2 days ago
You guys are real artists
Jem Bartolome
Jem Bartolome 2 days ago
so littt 🔥❤️
Burak Altunsu
Burak Altunsu 2 days ago
Bana verin lütfennnnnnn
ᖇIFᗩT ᕰᒪᒪᗩᕼ
Sir, i am your big fan
HEY GUYS 3 days ago
How many likes for me to have one
Isaac Goh
Isaac Goh 3 days ago
Nobody: Me: opens ZHC vids and skips to the satisfying part
Khusna Wibwa
Khusna Wibwa 3 days ago
1,2m like O_o
Danny Obiena
Danny Obiena 3 days ago
Mayn unicirn drow
Miss West
Miss West 3 days ago
Omg so cool u r a real artist!!!
ayu edayu
ayu edayu 3 days ago
Rose light
Rose light 3 days ago
Sweet !!
Vaseem Qureshi0001
ZHC is nice guy I really want to meet him
Adil Mulla
Adil Mulla 3 days ago
I suscribe i dont have a iphon ☹☹
Hansie N
Hansie N 3 days ago
Three amazing artist
Samantha Grabowski
I've been wanting one forever!!!
•M O C H I• •C R I N G E•
I want wan please
Eugenio Fauatin
Eugenio Fauatin 4 days ago
Come to st lucia
Aliza Husniyah
Aliza Husniyah 4 days ago
i am subscribr
Haashim Hussain
Haashim Hussain 4 days ago
Can I have one
Revathi creation
Revathi creation 4 days ago
Can I have one phone
Yamba Kodio
Yamba Kodio 4 days ago
Chrizty vlogs
Chrizty vlogs 4 days ago
Bro super . nothing to say
wuri ardya
wuri ardya 5 days ago
Wow so cool
Viranshi Shah
Viranshi Shah 5 days ago
Hey, I love your designs. I will I could get one, I am from india
Tasnim Hasan
Tasnim Hasan 5 days ago
I love turkey
MARTINA foster
MARTINA foster 5 days ago
I followed every thing by the name of Damarya
Wolfski Hall
Wolfski Hall 5 days ago
Everybody should be lucky that she is giving out free phones
Wolfski Hall
Wolfski Hall 5 days ago
You guys should be lucky that he's giving free phones
Kashif Ali
Kashif Ali 5 days ago
Please uncle grip
Augustin Tigan
Augustin Tigan 5 days ago
I always get VERY JEALOUS whatching theae
Mpilwenhle Mlilo
Mpilwenhle Mlilo 5 days ago
God had a pencil ZHC had paint,highlighters,coloured pens and crayons and a good generous attitude God drew the world me boy ZHC made it colourful and brigher
Adam Ramadan
Adam Ramadan 5 days ago
Baangg give i phonee
Elite Warrior squad
I want one
alfa 1472
alfa 1472 6 days ago
Can you give me one pls
Esther Sarmiento Calle
I like your video
Shuntelle Roach
Shuntelle Roach 6 days ago
I subscribed a year ago
Cheri Upshur
Cheri Upshur 6 days ago
How do you win a giveaway
Tiffany Noury
Tiffany Noury 6 days ago
Yo I fall asleep to this it’s so satisfying 😂😂
Gladis Camarillo
Gladis Camarillo 6 days ago
Hi zac
Osty Irvanti
Osty Irvanti 6 days ago
This is what i called talent
Ahona Ahmed
Ahona Ahmed 7 days ago
I love customizing
Zaara Khan
Zaara Khan 7 days ago
I want 1 costomized I PHONE 11 pro max plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
soumya gopavarapu
Seriously rn I wish I lived somewhere nearby to you guys!!!! I LOVE your art!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!❤❤
Elsa Sorgedrager
Elsa Sorgedrager 7 days ago
I love you so muth
슈미에챃 7 days ago
Everyday i'm was dreaming new phone:')
슈미에챃 5 days ago
@jeon luv HAHAHA
jeon luv
jeon luv 7 days ago
Army in every where😂😂💜
Pato Solorio
Pato Solorio 7 days ago
I love your videos
Pratham Singh
Pratham Singh 7 days ago
Sir you give in India
MRshiva03 7 days ago
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar 7 days ago
Love your art of customization
You can make one for me and send it to Italy
Amaan Bagwan
Amaan Bagwan 7 days ago
I'm student and my phone is broken so please give me phone to Join my online class
Akbar Shiraz
Akbar Shiraz 7 days ago
anas aziz
anas aziz 7 days ago
Can I get one please eeeeeee I am in sharjah
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