Customize Your Gaming Mouse with 7 Cheap Mods!

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Got some cool mouse mods you can do to make yours better!
Paracablemods: paracablemods.co.uk
Silicone Bands: amzn.to/35LTD9S
Lizard Skins: amzn.to/2OWx8Z8
Topographic Mousepad: novelkeys.xyz/products/randomfrankp-x-nk_-deskpad
Amp500: amzn.to/2OYsqtJ
Mad Catz Glide 38: amzn.to/2XYzoTA
Electric Screwdriver: amzn.to/2qMbj6f
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Matthew Velez
Matthew Velez 14 hours ago
What size for the wedding bands ?
Melnyx 2 days ago
This feels way more like a downgrade in quality
Jordan Rickard
Jordan Rickard 4 days ago
Changes cable for razer viper Razer: am I a joke to you
Drizzle 4 days ago
can u leave a link for the zip ties?
i duck
i duck 3 hours ago
u dont have any zip ties?
teox rubi
teox rubi 5 days ago
whats up guys im random
NaturalGangster 5 days ago
Me: ok I’m done wasting money on random gaming accessories for my computer FrankP: mouse accesories Me at 5am: I don’t need sleep, I need answers
Luc 9 days ago
I use lizard skin for my hockey stick
_VinceYT _
_VinceYT _ 11 days ago
out here keeping good care with me $18 "gaming mouse" combined with the keyboard that came with my dell computer 4 years ago
NinjaR3APER 13 days ago
U know how long 6 inches is
EzB Scythe
EzB Scythe 13 days ago
whats that small powerd screw driver called? ive been wanting to buy it for a while
SXMMY FN 14 days ago
The dislikes are the kids who broke their mouse
GamerDad 14 days ago
Zip ties hack for mouse cable is really good! Permanently erected cable!
Kitty Cannon
Kitty Cannon 15 days ago
9:40 *Puts zip tie on backwards* *cuts to after he realized*
Try Not To Laugh
Try Not To Laugh 17 days ago
Would the stuff you did to the Razer viper work for the Razer deathadder elite?
lil flx
lil flx 18 days ago
I’m triggeredddddddddddddddddd !!!!
JstKrlPhnx 20 days ago
What silicone band size should I use for model o-?
Edmund Jiang
Edmund Jiang 21 day ago
anyone know what bands I get for a razer viper wired scroll wheel
ViaisLame 22 days ago
Me: scared to break a 10 nerf gun Jerry rig everything: how bou’t a little more
mineCrafter 2014
mineCrafter 2014 10 days ago
Viaislame wot
robert 22 days ago
The rubber wedding rings should just rebrand to mouse wheel customizations
CopTube 23 days ago
Alternative title: Guy breaking mice for 13 minutes and 37 seconds straight.
Tobias Taraldsen
Tobias Taraldsen 24 days ago
omg the ziptie was just so good, thanks!
Ioannis Greece
Ioannis Greece 25 days ago
Nice video! I prefer plastic (micro-textured) mouse pads like Razer Firefly V2 or Sphex V2. They are making the mouse to move so fast will very little force. Of course it's worse from control aspect but I really love it.
Piter Ion
Piter Ion 27 days ago
It's possible to customize the glorious model O/O-?
Jackalope 928
Jackalope 928 27 days ago
What's the name of that screwdriver/drill you were using?
Артём Липко
Pls do more of these
Goujan 29 days ago
my mouse doesnt work now please help
Jesse Mason
Jesse Mason 29 days ago
Does eneyone know how to unasighn one side of the buttons on an ampidecsterious mouse if you know what I mean
The Truth
The Truth Month ago
The bungee with zip tie is actually so good.
Jeppe Month ago
Just to be clear, teflon and PTFE are the same thing
Tyler Salfai
Tyler Salfai Month ago
8:09 Teflon is the "name brand" for PTFE like tissues and Kleenex.
Forrest Barnes ツ
Yeah so umm just flame it a little ohh how’d that happen why do I feel fire ohh it’s probably nothing
Flipzy Month ago
I have a $5 mouse from amazon, and the side buttons don’t work, and I can barely lift the mouse from the mouse pad because the sensor is so bad
Midnight Zechell
is it safe to take the baseball tape off of the mouse afterwards if you want to change the tape or just keep it off?
Revrse Month ago
The thing is with the mouse scroll wheel it now has no grip 😂
asdfgh Month ago
can i know what spray paint u used?
Jack Bears21
Jack Bears21 Month ago
Like this you use Lizard Skins on your bat
jackyboyman04 Month ago
0:36 does he realize that he is using LisardSkin for a baseball bat on a mouse???
jackyboyman04 Month ago
I can’t believe you actually replied!!!!
jackyboyman04 Month ago
randomfrankp yes I did I wrote that before I watched the video
randomfrankp Month ago
Did your ears stop working when I literally said that?
Jireh Climaco
Jireh Climaco Month ago
Pro tip, instead of using a lighter for the heat shrink... Use your hair dryer on high instead, so you don't risk burning the wire insulation.
joseph salazar
joseph salazar Month ago
Snelly Sunshine Singh
That was all white. Pun intended
Team Tempr
Team Tempr Month ago
Top ten easiest ways to get hurt for cheap
Guido Alvarez
Guido Alvarez Month ago
Objective: buy a paracord for my G Pro Hero Obstacle: There's any place where you can buy a paracord cable in Argentina, and buying from another country takes too much time Edit: my friend found a reddit post which teaches you how to make one, but I can't buy the "ingredients", because of quarantine
Br1aNn Month ago
Only Randomfrankp would get a “special edition” final mouse and change all the colors that were special for the mouse lol.... the oranges and white is sick! Nvm it’s cause it’s rgb
Lyyn Month ago
I feel like the bat grips you got are a little too thick and stick out too much
Kuddos Month ago
i cant tell if this video is supposed to be a joke or not
tomattack Month ago
randomfrankp really got em
randomfrankp Month ago
This isnt a video of your mom
Pali33 Month ago
9:02 For those who only came here for the bungee
bar davidson
bar davidson Month ago
Do the deathadder V2
LavaLloyd Month ago
Donut6232 Month ago
With the bat grip I might as well buy it and apply it to my. baseball bat instead
Kazze Month ago
Whats the size of the silicone rings if I have a model O?? My schroll whell is a little slippery and i cant use the scrool wheel correctly. Someone please tell me the size for the scrool whelll for a model o.
Alan Crome
Alan Crome Month ago
Moment of silence for ruining a cape town. You are a horrible person..... Also, spray painting? That's just adding weight lol stupid.. Teal with the offwhite would look fire anyways.
KxD Galaxy
KxD Galaxy Month ago
At 13.38 in the video sounds like he swore...
Zx.xyY0UTuBe YouTube
You do know lizard skins are for baseball bats right
Henrique Bernardes
thank you frank
Surge Month ago
Shoutout to this guy for not only promoting his mouse pad
Axel Royale
Axel Royale Month ago
Bro i got a 3 dollar mouse and it has basically the same insides the final mouse
rameztypecute Month ago
Dundees De Coole
are you dutch?
Pedro Cesar Paiva
F for the kids who broke his mouse
Trxsion Month ago
Who else wants to do it but wont because there scared of breaking their mouse?
Travisty Month ago
Maybe it's just me, but I think the grip tape stuff looks awful on mice.
i duck
i duck 3 hours ago
Yeah it looks so fucking bad on the viper if you place it like that
Terakov RPG
Terakov RPG Month ago
9:58 1000IQ w0w
2k Clan
2k Clan 2 months ago
Ez to say u should mod ur mouse when ur rich and get these from the companies free of charge
Jacob clips
Jacob clips 2 months ago
Me with my Apple Magic Mouse
GN0STiK 2 months ago
Hey, what size silicone ring is used for mouse wheels?
Luis Adorno
Luis Adorno 2 months ago
What us the blue mouse called
Laufhy 2 months ago
Can you do that with a o-
CoolHattrick3 2 months ago
Warranty: *cries*
H . P . T
H . P . T 2 months ago
Can this process be applied to the Glorious Model O mouse too?
TMF_ Gungyyy
TMF_ Gungyyy 2 months ago
I guess this is an unpopular opinion but I got the final mouse for its color I picked it over the air 58 for that reason
Joon Yoon
Joon Yoon 2 months ago
The damn mouse feets/skates are not being shipped anymore =(
omx 2 months ago
im saying like is their anyway we can just make this mouse it seems so easy to make
Tyler Rumer
Tyler Rumer 2 months ago
All my baseball players cringed when they used the lizard skin on a mouse🤦‍♂️
Logan C
Logan C 2 months ago
Frank, So I really want you to see this, because I have no idea which one to choose. And I just want to know your opinion, Would you rather the Glorious Model O or the Razer Deathadder Elite.
i duck
i duck 3 hours ago
Really depends on ur grip type and what games u play
sawyerkid3 2 months ago
finalmouse to expensive to mod
nombre Apellido
nombre Apellido 2 months ago
The mouse boungee replacer was beautiful, you just got a subscriber for life, do a vertical mouse review
Lightwave 2 months ago
What is the name for that mouse?
pengudyst 2 months ago
Don't spray paint your mouse I once did it with a controller and it made my hands sweat like hell it is not a good idea
ΛB4ZΣ 2 months ago
Hey i'm actually trying to buy the mousepad with the topography lines but it's sold out, some one know other with a similar design?
Chaxzer 2 months ago
Warranty void ...
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