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Rudy Mancuso
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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 11 716
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 3 months ago
Enjoy. Watch more Stories From Our Future here ruvid.net/video/video-gCwEJiQpaXc.html
Bell Barahona
I love you guys
Zkenyah Webster
Zkenyah Webster 2 days ago
I love it
Ellastar Gachaverse
The second robot was Hannah stockings
baijayanti nayak
baijayanti nayak 26 days ago
Muna luul dds guhihjuiuuu5),8(1
Lnguyen19 28 days ago
who's the girl with black hair?
Nicoleg ._777
Nicoleg ._777 8 minutes ago
But the boy robot found out but how from a broken hand?
sharp blades
sharp blades Hour ago
Bruhh this is gold
guiSaSeo YT
guiSaSeo YT 2 hours ago
If we think about his routine He never has a shower
Дима Инюшев
that's actually cool concept of future,thx NetFlix for help to create.Peace all)
Jackray Playz
Jackray Playz 2 hours ago
Actually felt sad for Anwar
Huan Tran
Huan Tran 2 hours ago
This is insane
Donuberry 3 hours ago
Is this inspired by Detroit: become human?
Crazy Dayz
Crazy Dayz 3 hours ago
Wait... so everybody is a robot and the last thing they need to become 100% human is to become self aware that they are robots.
LiaPlays 9 hours ago
This really made me think. What if life was like this..
Cloudy`Boba 10 hours ago
Idk why but the end scared me😂😂🤦‍♀️
Blessings Mudarikwa
Blessings Mudarikwa 11 hours ago
Even in the future iPhones have notches....😑
Kash The Gamer
Kash The Gamer 13 hours ago
Now that was a twist...
Poke Mania
Poke Mania 14 hours ago
I watch this as Rudy is at 6.66m subs ......... and the friday before i made this coment was friday the 13th
Sahil Saboor
Sahil Saboor 15 hours ago
Damnnnnn !!!!!! Masterpeiece 😍
furious Tom Tom
furious Tom Tom 15 hours ago
dung truongtan
dung truongtan 18 hours ago
Anwar is sad 😞
safalafagins 20 hours ago
Anwar killed it. This is an amazing video, Rudy. Very Black Mirror-esque.
kHing vids
kHing vids 20 hours ago
lol, like if you see that girls lips 7:50 Edited: that was deep
Natty Films
Natty Films 22 hours ago
Wait waaaaaaaah????
_ Respawn_
_ Respawn_ 23 hours ago
Current mood 8:16
alex C
alex C Day ago
Elane Veras
Elane Veras Day ago
Eu vi o Rudy comendo arroz com feijão ? Kkkk
Elane Veras
Elane Veras Day ago
Meu Deus, isso ficou ótimo!!!
choi julina
choi julina Day ago
Oh my god thats very good i'm crying😣😭❤
JACKY1396 GT Day ago
The robots are so creepy
• RedNinja •
How robots have teeth's (●__●)
Aria DeWitt
Aria DeWitt Day ago
Aria DeWitt
Aria DeWitt Day ago
This got so sad towards the ending
Tsveti Tsvetanova
But he slept on the couch and he woke up in the bed?!?!
Kimberly Samin
Background music with the routine part is addictive.
dommul doamna
5:55 was that a blooper??
Flexy Day ago
Why is no one talking about how he has 666m subs
Byul Nim
Byul Nim Day ago
100% human because we don't care about others feelings 💔
Xxx Rrr
Xxx Rrr Day ago
Phase_x_ghost Playz
Great acting to Rudy, anwar and Hannah 👍🏻. Great story
Watcher hp
Watcher hp Day ago
husan sidhu
husan sidhu Day ago
Best of all
Guilherme Campos
Ele é BR ?
Mai Phuong Lillian Vu
its so good that i had to watch this video twice
Cornelio Osorio
Unexpected finish😱
Copycat 83
Copycat 83 2 days ago
Woah. That was woke
Zkenyah Webster
Zkenyah Webster 2 days ago
I love the vids 😍😀😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😘❤️😍😍😝😆😀💖
yuki storm plays
yuki storm plays 2 days ago
not the enddd
Jaime Figueroa
Jaime Figueroa 2 days ago
I want them shoes...can anyone tell me what they are?
• Bloomy •
• Bloomy • 2 days ago
I just watched a movie...
c-dogKRonos styles
Damn that was good
Bruh Saday
Bruh Saday 2 days ago
Who else couldn't recognize anwar in the beginning ...
itz_mail boxツ
itz_mail boxツ 2 days ago
No one just you
Pusheencat _love
Pusheencat _love 2 days ago
Hannah is WHY too big lolol
شانكس Shanks
Part 2 pls
Pink-teal-green hibrid
I loved this so much I’m going to cry!!! Tho the black suits scare me 😳
Evita Jager
Evita Jager 2 days ago
Ughhh this is so gooddddd
blynk 2 days ago
Literally having friends cure life if you have non your life eat work sleep and repeat its better to have frienda
Omg this is amazing
Klinsmann Otte
Klinsmann Otte 2 days ago
Ash Sakai
Ash Sakai 2 days ago
I just wanted to say, You could be meeting your soulmate right now but you’re watching Rudy Mancuso’s masterpiece I don’t blame you :3 I am too :3
Sourav Shanu
Sourav Shanu 2 days ago
such a lovely sketch
khalid archan
khalid archan 2 days ago
Bkack Miror
The Red One
The Red One 2 days ago
Who else knew that they were robots
Clayder Dotillos
Clayder Dotillos 2 days ago
is anwar and hanah death
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