Cuphead Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

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Cuphead, the all-cartoon Magical Wondergame, is coming to Nintendo Switch! Play as Cuphead or Mugman (in single player or local co-op) as you traverse strange worlds, acquire new weapons, learn powerful super moves, and discover hidden secrets while you try to pay your debt back to the devil!
To stay informed of all-things Cuphead, follow Studio MDHR online at twitter.com/studioMDHR and facebook.com/studioMDHR.
Chris Lightfoot - Actor
Peter Strauss - Producer
Kieran Crilly - Director of Photography
Ryan Haas - Gaffer
Mike Kane - Audio Recordist
Music by:
Colleen Allen - Clarinet
Bob Venables - Trumpet
Tom Richards - Trombone
Ben Bishop - guitar
Jeff McLeod - piano
Jim Vivian - bass
Kristofer Maddigan - drums, composer, arranger
Vocals by:
Heather Bambrick
Shannon Butcher
Susan Enriquez
Music was recorded at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto, Canada
Engineered and Mixed by Jeremy Darby
Studio assistant: Julian Decorte
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering
Contracting and additional ears by John Herberman


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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 8 602
Brandon Soya
Brandon Soya 19 minutes ago
Please tell Well be able to get save data from the Xbox for this
Quentin Brunetta
Quentin Brunetta 2 hours ago
The Original theme song of cuphead should be a setting, because it’s better then the one we have
Super Luigi
Super Luigi 21 hour ago
Back before Nintendo switch, before cuphead, even before Nintendo was a thing, three dimensional beings far from the solar system said "hey, this "cup thing" we are about to do, let's make tech possible so earth Isn't living down in the dumps." They all agreed, shot a lightning bolt at earth and fortunately Ben Franklin caught it with his kite. Then cuphead was created and put on tv. Then the switch was made and some people thought "hey something says cartoon like switch game" and cuphead for the Nintendo switch was born.
Sully Gamez
Sully Gamez Day ago
Do the behind-the-scenes
ShadowCat707 Day ago
capru xd
capru xd 2 days ago
Cuphead Android
Yutub Plz Subscribe II
Cuphead isn't coming to my switch, isn't he?
EdgarGaming YT
EdgarGaming YT 2 days ago
Just Beated the game
Mr. Grifo
Mr. Grifo 2 days ago
And the new DLC? :/
LooL DooD
LooL DooD 3 days ago
I like dick
Gummy vs Fidget
Gummy vs Fidget 3 days ago
Can you guys do that new updates on our X Box 1 Boss? Love Cuphead
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 3 days ago
What a great port, thanks everyone!
First Undertale now Cuphead... Soon Bendy?
armeeb 3 days ago
For his neutral special he wields a gun
Áxia 4 days ago
It would be great a Nintendo Switch edition of Cuphead, with Cuphead and Mugman on each joycon!
Isaiah Party
Isaiah Party 4 days ago
When is the DLC coming out?!?!
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
XxlinkxX 5
XxlinkxX 5 4 days ago
The game hasn't come out yet and it's April 18th (for switch)
XxlinkxX 5
XxlinkxX 5 4 days ago
Just saw the tweet thanks any ways
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia 4 days ago
It still shows that it hasen't been realeased even though its the 18 and they said that it comes out on the 18 and yet nothing.
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
Owyn Davis
Owyn Davis 4 days ago
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
Fung Mona
Fung Mona 4 days ago
Yeah great when it's April 18 you still can't play
Just a viewer lol
+Fung Mona it's out!
Fung Mona
Fung Mona 4 days ago
+Just a viewer lolwait what time is it to you mine is 11:57pm
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
Alexander Damian
Alexander Damian 4 days ago
I’m having problems playing with it because it comes out today but it says it didn’t
Alexander Damian
Alexander Damian 4 days ago
Just a viewer lol thanks bro
Just a viewer lol
+Kyle Bergman no it's not homie, it's the truth, it even says it on the news tab, cuphead will be playable at 9am Pacific time which is 12:00pm EST.
Kyle Bergman
Kyle Bergman 4 days ago
+IVGlitch that's bull sh*t
IVGlitch 4 days ago
It might come out at 12:00am est
PokeSam1211 4 days ago
What time is it coming out?
Just a viewer lol
It's coming out in 20 minutes, at 12:00pm.
Ninja Cake
Ninja Cake 4 days ago
Mg 30
Mg 30 4 days ago
Its the 18ths let me play it
Dcn. Victor Lobaton
i-m SOOO EXITED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙃🙂😆😆😆😆😆
da weak pirate
da weak pirate 4 days ago
FINALLY, cuphead on my switch
Lucky Shark
Lucky Shark 4 days ago
It will probably be out sometime today. I’m guessing
Kevgames13 Z
Kevgames13 Z 4 days ago
Bro warum kann ich es nicht spielen 😐
Kevgames13 Z
Kevgames13 Z 3 days ago
Ja vor 2 Stunden könnte man es spielen
Ninja Cake
Ninja Cake 4 days ago
Ich auch nicht
Plam Plam
Plam Plam 4 days ago
Cuphead is on Switch today!
Gaming Bat
Gaming Bat 4 days ago
It’s the 18th and still why can’t it be played yet it won’t allow me to WTF
What time does this come out today? In Eastern standard?
Already on inkwell isle 2
Andres The Ink Demon
ThoughtbubbleTech Yeah And Cuphead Finally Out!!!
+Andres The Ink Demon SOOO TRUE!
Andres The Ink Demon
ThoughtbubbleTech Same Right Here And Sony Is The Lonely Child Not Wanting To Play With Microsoft And Nintendo
+Andres The Ink Demon Thanks so much! I pre purchased it on my switch and am so excited to play it. Love that Microsoft and Nintendo are getting along!
Rechelluul 4 days ago
Nintendo I can’t play cuphead even though it came out today WHaT Do I dO
Mario the hedgehog Gaming Silvestre Ojeda
This is a Cool trailer for the game, showed this to my family and life class teacher and she looked like she was about to cry since these look like cartoons from the 1920/30's, also, today is the release date for the port and it's still not playable yet which confuses me when if it gonna become playable today unless they changed the release date.
Freddy's Plushverse
what is the REAL release date?
Freddy's Plushverse
+Ena Kanali ok
Ena Kanali
Ena Kanali 4 days ago
April 18th
Freddy's Plushverse
I can't play it it's not working!
広陸市環奈 4 days ago
Henry Redaknight
Henry Redaknight 4 days ago
How come cuphead isn’t working on switch on release date
Evil guarding Tubbie/Evil walten
It's already out why can't I play it
Bowman Arey
Bowman Arey 4 days ago
That's today!!!!!🙀
A_Dog 4 days ago
Woah Tastic
Woah Tastic 4 days ago
I pre-ordered the game and its 18/4 and 11:12 pm where i am and it doesnt released
techno viking
techno viking 4 days ago
Im having the same issue lol
Kyle Bergman
Kyle Bergman 4 days ago
4/18/19 3:23 am and nothing
Darius seine Depressionen
this moment when you stay up till midnight and it doesn't release...
Liam O'brien
Liam O'brien 4 days ago
It's fucking annoying
Liam O'brien
Liam O'brien 4 days ago
I know
Kyle Bergman
Kyle Bergman 4 days ago
It isn't working, please unlock it please!
Ness 4 days ago
Does anyone actually know what time it'll release?
Andres The Ink Demon
12:00 PM EST
codename Lg
codename Lg 4 days ago
Yazi Kaze
Yazi Kaze 4 days ago
Sucks for those staying up for a late night rage session 😂
codename Lg
codename Lg 4 days ago
It isn't out yet
MovieGuruThe 4 days ago
it's 12:28 am EST 4/18 O_O
Davis Darvill
Davis Darvill 4 days ago
anyone else trying to play it but can't?
Davis Darvill
Davis Darvill 4 days ago
​+Hector Banuelos Ok, I found out a pre-purshised game will become playable at 12pm of that day, so if you live in the US, only 1 more hour
Freddy's Plushverse
Omar Dos Santos
Omar Dos Santos 4 days ago
codename Lg
codename Lg 4 days ago
Same here
Just a viewer lol
+Hector Banuelos yup.
NateyNate / FancyYouABeating?
The update’s coming in 2 hours!!
Josh8230 4 days ago
Everyone's talking about Cuphead on Switch, yet I'm over here questioning the validity of the milk pouring tutorial. EDIT: After putting it to the test this morning with my milk, I can confirm it is legit and works marvelously. Splendid.
Diego Bazan
Diego Bazan 4 days ago
The new game starts tommorow
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
*cough* port (with more content)
Mr.DigBears Fortnite
What day does it come out for the switch
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
Dayne 4 days ago
Guys its coming tommorow!
Cynic 4 days ago
Zito3003 2018
Zito3003 2018 4 days ago
Ninja Cake
Ninja Cake 4 days ago
Ich fühle mich gemopt
Darius seine Depressionen
ich mich auch :(
Ninja Cake
Ninja Cake 4 days ago
Es ist nicht spielbar
NAVI SEEL 4 days ago
Dennis xm
Dennis xm 5 days ago
Can you please add Mugman as a playable character in single-player mode?
blungus 5 days ago
That’s a thing in the switch version and it’s a free update same day as the switch version releases on other consoles that adds that.
Cintia Gallo
Cintia Gallo 5 days ago
Cuphead on android plis
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
No i don't agree on that
悪鳥Punchdird 5 days ago
1 more day guys
Adrian 5 days ago
Microsoft and Nintendo best friends
Malcolm Nadeau
Malcolm Nadeau 5 days ago
So glad you made it... give me some cuphead... (no sexual undertones intended).
mr. boss
mr. boss 5 days ago
You'll regret playing this game
Raul's Discontinued Channel
Got it pre purchased
Anime Freak
Anime Freak 5 days ago
Will the Nintendo Switch version get the upcoming DLC?
Anime Freak
Anime Freak 4 days ago
+Klonoa1211 hopefully. it's the 18th now
Klonoa1211 4 days ago
We'll find out tomorrow!😃
Great. Now I can rage on the go!
awev the 1st
awev the 1st 6 days ago
I'm so ready
A Gaming
A Gaming 6 days ago
Take me damm money
A random user On a website
well guys i guess its here
SlugyTinky21 LOL
SlugyTinky21 LOL 6 days ago
At first I thought the first part said: Well Cuphead is on his way, his pal mugging the toe Go swing that nectarine, to escape the devil’s drum Clearly I was wrong!😂😂
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
F Un F U N N Y
Sa i
Sa i 6 days ago
All the dislikes are ps4 master races people
John Patrick Maliwanag
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
Is for broke people (expect for expensive and higher price)
Fly 6 days ago
alianys gonzalez
alianys gonzalez 6 days ago
I preordered it
una patata comun y corriente
1:10 me gusta el baile
Anakin czsk
Anakin czsk 6 days ago
Ps4 ?
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
Jake Mayorquin
Jake Mayorquin 7 days ago
The single player Mugman adventure I've been waiting for
FNAF Fan 7 days ago
Isn't it funny that the colors of Cuphead and mugman match the colors of the Nintendo switch Love: FNAF fan
The Meme Guy
The Meme Guy 8 days ago
thursday is the day i go on spring break. *_I KNOW WHAT IM DOING THIS WEEK_*
jairoanima 8 days ago
Android pls 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 pls, pls, pls
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
Nah that's for broke people *laugh android emoji*
Tim Sheppard
Tim Sheppard 8 days ago
It's not on Amazon it's not digital download only right?
BigOAT21 8 days ago
When will the Dlc come out
Minecraft gamer
Minecraft gamer 8 days ago
1:21 how do they 💠 the cat ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia 8 days ago
I want to know the date of when the dlc is being released
Emani Diaz
Emani Diaz 8 days ago
If cuphead and mugman had Mountain Dew in their cups would they be gamers?
Mariocat99 8 days ago
E3 details with the chalice DLC?
Kawaiipony Productions
Does this mean Cuphead for Smash? Cuphead gets this battle red hot!!!
Redthehedgehog 159
Is it to late to say “You’re Watching, Cuphead! On Boomerang, from Cartoon Network.” (the boomerang I’m talking about is the old boomerang.)
Redthehedgehog 159
It was a joke.
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
But boomerang is for 1970s cartoons not 1930s
Sonnet 8 days ago
I genuinely do not understand the hype of games that you already own coming to a handheld device. Why are you buying the same game twice? I’m not trying to belittle anyone I am actually confused as to why someone would spend +-$60 on something that isn’t even new to them.
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
But this game ain't worth a AAA game price now is it? Also how else are you gonna play the game on the go if you don't own a gaming laptop?
RAGNSROCK510 9 days ago
Ps4 plis
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
CUPHEAD & MUGMAN 9 days ago
Where the cuphead dlc!!!!!!
Bookie Gilyard
Bookie Gilyard 9 days ago
Man just pls realse it on PlayStation 4
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
Yea never
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley 8 days ago
You know that's not going to happen.
Paulo Souzaa 保羅索薩
Have already released for the Pc, Xbox one and now for the nintendo switch. Why not launch for the PlayStation 4?
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley 8 days ago
Because Sony.
Tomasz Gajewski
Tomasz Gajewski 9 days ago
I want cuphead for ps4
Tomasz Gajewski
Tomasz Gajewski 4 days ago
+Slow Hihhe no
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
+Tomasz Gajewski this is fun but stop trying
Tomasz Gajewski
Tomasz Gajewski 8 days ago
+Kawaiipony Productions now its note exclusiv
Kawaiipony Productions
When you realize that it will never happen since Microsoft and Nintendo are friends while Sony is p*ssed off.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 9 days ago
That's cringe but I'm waiting cuphead for switch so.... THAT'S FUCKING APPROVED
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
I would remove every sentence you made a d that profile picture
jayden denyaj
jayden denyaj 9 days ago
Slow Hihhe
Slow Hihhe 4 days ago
And yes lord we have company making friends
Bruce Oricchio
Bruce Oricchio 9 days ago
Hell yeah
BFTROP Offical
BFTROP Offical 9 days ago
Now Cuphead Is Gonna Stalk Me In The Form Of A Ad.
ScooperDooper 9 days ago
Where’s the dlc
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