Culture of Bali I tribal tradition of ancient society, legong bali indonesia (1935)

CuLture triBes#
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Culture of Bali I tribal tradition of ancient society, legong bali indonesia (1935)

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Nov 11, 2017




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Pandya Pavan
Pandya Pavan 4 days ago
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Terima I Made
Terima I Made 2 months ago
Thanks for MILESTONE for publishing this invaluable art. I am Balinese now know as this video says to have been based on fact what I heard many from old people. Children were so open with parents, but fate can not be avoided due to metaphisycal concept of thinking - this might be producer's statement that our race was not touched by civilization. Karma seems something can not just let it do as it is, every one needs to see again dharma repeatedly.
MFS neko
MFS neko 3 months ago
Very sad love story
atsya romantika
atsya romantika 3 months ago
Apa ada ketentuan/kasta shg cewenya ada yg dada ditutup ada yg ngga?
Ohm Surpsug Art
Ohm Surpsug Art 3 months ago
very sad
Fa mily
Fa mily 3 months ago
is this real? or a movie?
Rahman 2 months ago
@CuLture triBes# only this film .lol
CuLture triBes#
CuLture triBes# 2 months ago
real, life in bali a long time ago
C. Fariddio 7
C. Fariddio 7 4 months ago
Orang bali turunan orang jawa
C. Fariddio 7
C. Fariddio 7 3 months ago
made bawe dari pemandu wisata di bali, turunan orang jawa karena dari segi bahasa masih sama tepatnya dari pesisir madura, situbondo, banyuwangi
made bawe
made bawe 3 months ago
Tau dei mana mas?
Zaimar Zakaria
Zaimar Zakaria 4 months ago
Klu skrng malah bule2 yg ga pakai bra.. #justkidding
Abdul Abdul
Abdul Abdul 4 months ago
Suami pergi istri menyusul Kesetiaan sejati :)
Rosa Pule
Rosa Pule 3 days ago
filmnya bagus tapi lelaki itu sangat playboy kamu pikir kamu tampan
Sandik Santoso
Sandik Santoso 4 months ago
I like that this film,s,,, Salam santun dari kota Malang Salam Satu Jiwa
Olivia -
Olivia - 4 months ago
so sad story, the father waiting until everything burn to send his beloved daughter through fire, it was the sadness part when all the people already come back home, the father still there until the end.
Leni Suryaningsih
Leni Suryaningsih 5 months ago
Ini sejarah a flem ya
Bunny The Rabbits
Bunny The Rabbits 5 months ago
filmnya keren bikin sange
yogi adi prasetyo
yogi adi prasetyo 5 months ago
Kalo ada Doraemon aku mau ke mesin waktu, nangkep gadis yang loncat dari jembatan. Tak bawa ke masa kini, tak nikahin. Tapi kalo ke luar rumah teteknya ga ditutupin tak jewer. Ngenakin tetangga gua yang hidung belang dongπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Abdul Abdul
Abdul Abdul 4 months ago
Lanjutkan hayalan mu nak
Mochamad Iqbal wahyudi
Disini yang anak unpas ngacung
Andika Satriya Nugraha
Pasti tugas filmologi
Bunny The Rabbits
Bunny The Rabbits 5 months ago
anak buah pak jaeni hadir
I Ketut Semadi
I Ketut Semadi 6 months ago
Memang adanya begitu ,mau diapain,dulu ya dulu sekarang udah beda ya nggak om.sukseme.
Wildan Chilmy
Wildan Chilmy 6 months ago
Memang orang Bali itu dari dulu udah anggun ya ?
manik Thakare
manik Thakare 6 months ago
It shows Hindu culture
manik Thakare
manik Thakare 6 months ago
Hindu culture
Sudisu dharma
Sudisu dharma 6 months ago
Subcribe balik ngh bli,, baru buat youtube sudisu vidio
Tri sugiarto
Tri sugiarto 6 months ago
Seharusnya tetap dipertahankan budaya tanpa kutang begitu..
puja sugiantara
puja sugiantara 5 months ago
Yg gw takutin orang2 yg sangean pada menjajah bali
Tri sugiarto
Tri sugiarto 6 months ago
@San_ditya Ibnu 🀣😁
San_ditya Ibnu
San_ditya Ibnu 6 months ago
Dasar kau 🀣
bingchun Huang
bingchun Huang 6 months ago
amazing film, the scene and music are so beautiful
ZERIX 7 months ago
Cahyo 245
Cahyo 245 7 months ago
StarWars R
StarWars R 7 months ago
mengandung Porn Child video gini harusnya dihapus kemanakah komisi perlindungan anak ?
Ronando Roeo
Ronando Roeo 8 months ago
Wow boobs
Bimantara champ
Bimantara champ 8 months ago
I think indonesian/filipino native gen have conection with brazil amazon native,hawai native,and new zealand,samoa and other austronesian gen
Hafian Stuff
Hafian Stuff 2 months ago
Nope, fillipino same face because we javanese united pinoy and mixing with pinoy native with javanese. We from yunnan china
Dessy crishtina Soejanto
No but Indonesia ancestor from Yunan china ,yes Indonesia language family of Austronesia
V Tusar
V Tusar 8 months ago
Indonesian Tangkas
Indonesian Tangkas 8 months ago
SUPER (susu perawan)
Ariarta Nyoman
Ariarta Nyoman 9 months ago
Amazing film, love bali , and proud as a balinesse. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜Œ
Monalisa Christ
Monalisa Christ 9 months ago
Aaaaaa that's cool
BILLIO NAIRE 8 months ago
Hi friend Can we make friends?
febri awan
febri awan 9 months ago
Amazing film.😭😭😭😭😭
Alex Undiscovery
Alex Undiscovery 9 months ago
cewek galau gara2 laki bunuh diri loncat dari jembatan, sampe sekarang gitu juga, bedanya skr naik ke sutet atau apartemen
RAVI DHYANI 10 months ago
wsnfltops 11 months ago
anybody knows in what district of Bali that fim make it?????
wsnfltops 8 months ago
Owhh WOW,,, So the movies was taken at Gianyar district. AWESOMENES@Stephen Rajczyk
Stephen Rajczyk
Stephen Rajczyk 8 months ago
In the beginning of the movie, it states it is Tampaksiring. . This is where Istana ( the President's palace ) is.
anthony jones
anthony jones 11 months ago
Bro music hard af playing the shit out the zyliphoine ish things
Abhijit Nayak
Abhijit Nayak 11 months ago
No body shaming...just a open minded society....men women all are equal....
BILLIO NAIRE 8 months ago
@My Name is are you mad
My Name is
My Name is 9 months ago
hindu men loved to see naked women ..even goat dies after being raped by the hindu men.
Sky Lake
Sky Lake 11 months ago
Amazing culture while nurturing nature. Keep bali away from Islam. Rest of Indonesia has bn ruined by Islam
Chinese Jesus
Chinese Jesus 2 months ago
Said the one who dressed, eat and speak and have a western nickname LOL... Gotcha you hypocrit
andi sirait
andi sirait 7 months ago
Ashok KP this is Indonesia bro,maybe in India showing boobs n belly is culture but not in Bali. coz Bali is part of Indonesia.
MyUnknowing 11 months ago
does anyone have the soundtrack ?
BARONG BANGRAS 7 months ago
gamelan Bali
Rapeli Ajemi
Rapeli Ajemi 8 months ago
I'm Indonesian but I don't know well about Bali if you like these sound track you can find it, the musical instrument is gamelan
Crim Sin
Crim Sin 11 months ago
Now Indonesian is infested by Islam
atsya romantika
atsya romantika 3 months ago
@Sky Lake r u sure the cancer is islam? Who stole oil? LOL
TANGT2 5 months ago
@Sky Lake FUCK ISLAMIC TERRORIST I HOPE THEY ROTS IN THE JAHANNAM. true Islam is not like that we live in peace and not discriminating other religions.
Iman Santoso
Iman Santoso 7 months ago
@Sky Lake May you imortal at hell, hey you KAFIR!!
Sky Lake
Sky Lake 7 months ago
@andi sirait Everyone knows what is Islam. The evil was borne in the tribal desert in East Asia. The proponent was the paedophile child rapist Mohammed Nabi. Out of imagination, he created a fake God called Allah only to control and frighten ignorant tribals and forced them to wage war for him. The cancer has been spreading all over the world since the 7th century. Now, i see everyday members of this 'peace loving community' being regressive and impose Sharia to establish Caliphates all over the world. Thus murdering innocents in the name of Jihad and fucking Allah. Evil be upon the fake Allah, rapist Nabi, fakcking terrorists and dangerous Islam.
andi sirait
andi sirait 7 months ago
if u dont know about Islam, Indonesia n Bali please don't comment anything. if muslim kingdom in the past hate hindu,u'll never typing that comment.
Vaisal Energy
Vaisal Energy 11 months ago
Dulu bugil tapi masih perawan😍😍 Sekarang pakai pakaian malah banyak yg gak perawan πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
No Name
No Name 4 months ago
Karena orang dlu pny moral, kalo sekarang kebanyakan sdh ngga makanya banyak kasus cabul
sabrina salsabila
sabrina salsabila 5 months ago
di film kaya ginipun masih ada aja komentar kaya gini dah ancyurrrr.
Eiphel Mercedec
Eiphel Mercedec 5 months ago
semakin ditutup malah semakin penasaran :p
Gabriel galenus
Gabriel galenus 6 months ago
cara berpikir pria di jaman itu pun gak kayak sekarang
Dulu orang peka akan itu nama nya persaudaraan sekarang keluarga aja tak dihargai apa lagi orang
beyizzz :v
beyizzz :v 11 months ago
I'm proudπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŽ‰
Art of James Patrick Lane
This is an important film. It was filmed by a French director in 1935 and was lost for decades. Someone found it in a warehouse and it was restored. The gamelan music was added later and the film was re-released in the late 1990's. Here is more information about it. www.imdb.com/title/tt0129196/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Ian Chairul
Ian Chairul 11 months ago
what a fine culture we ever had.
Chinese Jesus
Chinese Jesus 2 months ago
@Crim Sin said the one who dressed, eat and commenting in the western style. YEAH RIGHT LOL...
Crim Sin
Crim Sin 11 months ago
now is fucked by Islam
Wildan Cass
Wildan Cass 11 months ago
Zaman skrang cewe pada gtu pakaian.a. perawan mual ngari. Jahahahhaaa
franklyn flores
I'm a Filipino but these are our ancestors the Indonesians. We look desame and alot of their words are similar. Looking at this I can imagine our Filipino ancestors doing the same thing.
Jacky Phantom
Jacky Phantom 2 months ago
@Hafian Stuff Javanese are Austroasiatic origin, they've high o2, but such genetic marker is not detected in Filipino, at least very low. Filipino are o1 and o3. Maybe the Javanese admixture u claim is mostly matrilineal.
Hafian Stuff
Hafian Stuff 2 months ago
@Jacky Phantom No, pinoy just mixing with javanese blood because java majapahit unite nusantara we are from yunnan china
Jacky Phantom
Jacky Phantom 5 months ago
@AudioGem Yeah but Filipino and Indonesian are Malay race! Both populations have high frequencies of Y-haplogroup o1 which is known as Austronesian DNA marker. While haplogroup o3 is also detected at a relative frequency in the Austronesian populations. The populations in the West dominantly belongs to haplogroup r.
AudioGem 5 months ago
​@Jacky Phantom Descendent yes, but not purely all Austronesian speaking. It's a little bit more complex than you are putting it. Here is some links that explain it better in higher detail. Also Austronesian is family of Languages, not a race of people. For example there is not such thing as Austronesian people. but rather Austronesian speaking people and then you have further racial and genetic markers and genomes, also further than that you have things like different racial groups and sub-racial groups breeding and creating new genetics etc. Geology is complex subject. It's why I laugh at people that say they are "pure" race, like nationalists of country or racial supremacy because the reality is none of us are pure racially anymore, as race is a fluid thing, it's not stationary and of course due to humans being nomadic, it means centuries , upon centuries of people have cross-bred and formed new races and sub-races etc. www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rwest/wikispeedia/wpcd/wp/d/Demographics_of_the_Philippines.htm en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austronesian_peoples
Jacky Phantom
Jacky Phantom 5 months ago
@AudioGem Hmm... Both Filipino and Indonesian belongs to the Austronesian family.
Raizel Knight
Raizel Knight Year ago
Auto sange
Krystal Li
Krystal Li 11 months ago
@Raizel Knight they're just different, alah Jawa dulu juga kaya Bali, orang2 Bali kan pelarian dari Jawa dulu.
Ian Chairul
Ian Chairul 11 months ago
@Raizel Knight referensi ibnu batutah terlalu lama, terlalu kuno.
Ian Chairul
Ian Chairul 11 months ago
@Raizel Knight referensi ibnu batutah terlalu lama, terlalu kuno.
Ian Chairul
Ian Chairul 11 months ago
@Raizel Knight peradaban rendah itu kalau suku masih nomaden, senjata panah, kapak batu. ini sudah punya aksara sendiri sejak ratusan tahun, bisa membuat kain, konstruksi yang rumit dll. hanya saja batas batas keintiman dan privasi yang msaih rendah, seperti bangsa viking, dinasti china, india roma, persia, bahkan arab beberapa abad lalu. sekarang banyak terjadi di negara liberal, batas batas ini semakin turun, tapi secara peradaban, mereka lebih maju dari indonesia.
Ian Chairul
Ian Chairul 11 months ago
@Raizel Knight peradabannya tidak rendah, hanya tingkan kepekaannya dalam menjaga batas intim rendah. bangsa roma, ribuan tahun berjaya, chin ribuan tahun berjaya sampai punya tembok besar, india pun sama, masalahnya ketika suatu peradaban memiliki kekurangan, dan eropa yang menguasai, kekurangan itu tidk diperbaiki sama mereka, mereka cuman mengambil kelebihan yang kita punya baik ilmu, kekayaan dll. contoh seerhana, pedalaman papua, orang barat sudah sering masuk, tapi mereka tidak mau mengenalkan pakaian, obat obatan dan hal modern lainya, begitupun di pedalaman afrika, amazon, atau di kepulauan karibia seprti haiti dll, sampai sekarang, ratusan film dokumenter dibuat dari tahun 70an, ratusan kali bule keluar masuk, tapi penduduk pedalaman masih sama, bersenjatakan batu, berpakaian kulit kayu, telanjang dada, mereka sengaja menjaga kekurangan ini supaya mereka bisa jual di majalah, film dokumenter dan wisata, seperti kebun binatang manusia. begitupun dengan bali waktu belanda jajah kita, ilmu, kekayaan, diambil, tapi mereka menjaga agr kita tetap rendah dan tidak melawan.
willy rachmansyah
Aurat, judi, sabung ayam, bebas euy.......itu dulu. Skrg sdh tidak kan?
One MinuteMan
One MinuteMan 11 months ago
@Ananta Putra tidak gan Saya ngobrol sm gaet disana katanya kenapa dia biarkan ? Karena untuk menghormati budaya Bali yang lama hilang kalau orang Bali melarang tsb sama saja tidak melestarikan budaya Bali Katanya begitu Tp sy tidak Tau juga kalau emang kakaknya lebih Tau mohon di koreksi ya ,πŸ™‚
Ananta Putra
Ananta Putra 11 months ago
@One MinuteMan kalau itu sebagian besar turis asing... Ya kita hormati lah kebiasaan mereka... Kan merekan juga yang ikut menghidupi bali lewat pariwisata
One MinuteMan
One MinuteMan 11 months ago
@Ananta Putra dipantai masih banyak yg bugil
Ananta Putra
Ananta Putra 11 months ago
Aurat sih udah gak ad... Tpi judi sama sabung ayam masih ada... Kira kira frekuensinya sama lah kaya daerah di luar bali
Free nipples to suck
Starstone 7 months ago
Meli Matanatoto
Is balinese culture different from Hinduism. Or the culture was already there before the arrival of Hinduism and made part of it??
The Ajayy
The Ajayy 7 months ago
Evan Price yes it is......noone exactly knows when hinduism ( sanatan dharm) arrived.....
Evan Price
Evan Price 11 months ago
I believe many of the Balinese Dances are based on stories from the Ramayana, which is Indian in Origin
I Putu Mei Arta Wijaya
That true
phirdaws ady
phirdaws ady Year ago
They have their own indeginous cultures beforethe arrival of hindu buddhism
Infinite Sky
Infinite Sky Year ago
Balinese culture is heavily influenced by India and Hinduism but there are also many difference between Balinese culture and Hindu culture of India, for instance Gamelan and Legong are both uniquely Indonesian
Ngurah Putra
Ngurah Putra Year ago
Very good film, as a balinese I wanna say : your video is amazing..😊😊
Alexandre Lisboa
Any more infos about this film? Beautiful!
MyUnknowing 11 months ago
legong bali dance of the virgins 1935 on imdb, i'm looking for this music track, it beautiful
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