CS:GO - Team Liquid vs. Astralis [Dust2] Map 3 - Group B - ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals

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ESL Pro League Season 10 - Odense Finals
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Dec 5, 2019




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Comments 73
Juib Morrowind
Juib Morrowind 24 days ago
Stewie2K needs to stop taking himself too seriously.
Kai Anderson
Kai Anderson 2 days ago
@Ihaveseenhell lol
Ihaveseenhell 15 days ago
Tf does that even mean
Juib Morrowind
Juib Morrowind 24 days ago
freakin silvers can't hold B
RƏVƏRSƏ 27 days ago
the first caster sounds like chris hemsworth.
Radek Dziura
Radek Dziura 28 days ago
It A Player gets less kills than his igl constantly, he should be kicked off The team
Frelted 20 days ago
If they are consistently underperforming they do tend to get kicked. That’s what happens. If a player hasn’t been kicked it means they hold some value to the team.
Gaming Life
Gaming Life 26 days ago
What if somebody is having a bad day it's not like luck always favours you
Jason Month ago
tarik change for stewie2k, astralis destroyed
mayankrocxxx 18 days ago
@GIORNO giovanna IM SAYING STEWIE be relaced by tarik...not that they should be together
GIORNO giovanna
GIORNO giovanna 18 days ago
@mayankrocxxxi does not work like that, if stewie and tarik are in the same team, they can't have the same role,
mayankrocxxx 18 days ago
@GIORNO giovanna idiot stewie is not an primary awper. NAF and nitro are their awpers....stewie is primary rifler of team with elige and twistzz. And two awpers like naf and nitro is enough for any team.
GIORNO giovanna
GIORNO giovanna 25 days ago
stewie is a awper dumbass
Euro Rubinn
Euro Rubinn Month ago
Astralis 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker Month ago
I go for team liquid! Like team liquid Reply Astralis
Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker Month ago
Well good job at least you like astralis
SuperSonicB00M Month ago
lol rip
Rajveer singh
Rajveer singh Month ago
Did tsm rebrand to astralis?
DominusFelis 25 days ago
Yeah. They've been Astralis way longer now.
Flan Ben Flen
Flan Ben Flen Month ago
Welcome to the future, caveman
Lightning Prowess
Nope The players left TSM and created their own brand,Astralis Tsm still Tsm
sharkbaitj Month ago
WE are the Danes We are the Danes We are We are We are the Danes
Mason Croley
Mason Croley Month ago
cs and top gear together... amazing!
SuperCharleh Month ago
Can someone please just destroy Astralis for once? It's all I want ...
mayankrocxxx 18 days ago
@games. bro astralis didnt win any single esl cologne tournament....they got destroyed by navi, evil genuises, mousesports and fnatic recently. In past virtus pro dominated them
Frelted 20 days ago
No. They can’t. They’ve tried and they can’t.
games. 29 days ago
Arct1s G Howbmany times
Arct1s G
Arct1s G Month ago
Wdym they have lost many times
Sam Higginson
Sam Higginson Month ago
I am by no means a god at CS, but NAF seems to miss some really easy AWP shots.
Frelted 20 days ago
Watching them play is probably easier than playing. They have to focus for even slight audio queues, watch radar and listen for comms to have a perfect understanding of the map and angles at play. Sometimes nerves just get to people in intense situations, it’s one of the reasons astralis beat liquid, they don’t crack under pressure
Dejan Berdnik
Dejan Berdnik Month ago
I love how Stewie2K screams in every round they win and still plays as shit and get deleted for the second time in 1 week LOL hahhahahahaahahah
Frelted 20 days ago
Juib Morrowind also astralis don’t need to celebrate winning rounds when they’re winning majors
Frelted 20 days ago
Juib Morrowind yeah but that’s astralis. Astralis wins these because they don’t do that sort of thing. They’re cool and collected until the end, that’s when they celebrate.
Juib Morrowind
Juib Morrowind 20 days ago
@Frelted Just compare Stewie's reactions and attitude to Xyp9x or Magisk
Frelted 20 days ago
XR Sera I just got into watching pro CS but I can understand how liquid and astralis keep clashing in tournies and why stew is happy to beat them. You see the same reaction from some of the astralis players (mainly zonix) when they win.
Frelted 20 days ago
Juib Morrowind you don’t know him right? You’ve seen him in a few clips where he’s playing a professional tier CS? Competitive and going for trophies and tons of rewards? So you really don’t have any clue what he’s like.
michael martin
michael martin Month ago
Again astralis win . Boring it's monopoly n dominant . We need new team equal like astralis
Frelted 20 days ago
There are teams that fight back and are slightly better mechanically, but until the game gets more players that can beat astralis, astralis are going to dominate.
Athinira Month ago
Boring? This was a close and epic match.
Valentine Month ago
1:00:50 Xyp with the awp kill :D
Kargo Month ago
really nice commentators as well.
Bipul Kumar Shaw
I root for Liquid just for Stew but this match he just completely fcked up nuke and dust 2
SuperCharleh Month ago
Too many risky plays - like pushing through the smoke late on Dust2 on CT side when Astralis were in the site - all he had to do was cover the right hand side of the smoke for the cross
Siyap Month ago
Stewie so bad on 3rd game
Kaustubh Vaid
Kaustubh Vaid Month ago
Young stew could have done better
antidote-_ Month ago
TenMinutes Month ago
Nau Month ago
That hilarious scream at 1:00:53
TenMinutes Month ago
That caster's balls hasn't dropped yet
Thomas Broker
Thomas Broker Month ago
Think it was a girl who almost stepped on a snail
urotsokidoji69 Month ago
G B Month ago
for the top 3 team liquid sure loves to throw rounds away
Manojit Biswas
Manojit Biswas Month ago
⭐Astralis⭐ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Thomas Broker
Thomas Broker Month ago
Astralis Liqiud is always a great match up GG
Corajaso CSGO
Corajaso CSGO Month ago
Hans Filbert
Hans Filbert Month ago
Not always. Nowadays.
Jean pierre Mejia
im so tired to see astralis agian and again, just their tacts is the same in everymap, device damn i cant believe ur the bitch of the group that they need to save u everytime hahahhhaha go play fornite brh
dajana coric
dajana coric Month ago
2nd half 34:00
Kargo Month ago
^ the real mvp
Phlex Woo
Phlex Woo Month ago
You’ll never know how this comment got so many likes
Valentine Month ago
the people who watch thses videoes aren't really the same people who like random comments like this (i hope)
HerrSteinpilz Month ago
Well yes i know
- Joshwa34_Master -
So dumb lmao
Ookgluk32 Month ago
Was watching it live. Nice.
Corajaso CSGO
Corajaso CSGO Month ago
Next videos