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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 4 775
Ecelini Owen
Ecelini Owen 11 hours ago
Hoo loves him🏪🏟🎡🏝🏔
Ruby Robles
Ruby Robles 15 hours ago
Wait Gabe likes cups?
Joanna Natuel
Joanna Natuel 17 hours ago
I love hot pockets i even eat them at school damn that pepperoni
Missy Kaiser
Missy Kaiser 20 hours ago
0:46 Check out the blur
Aine Clarke
Aine Clarke 21 hour ago
i made up a song for hot pockets and symths it goes like if i were a toy even just for a day i’d be flying like a rocket and eating hot pockets all day yeah i know it’s really bad
Otto Grimm
Otto Grimm 22 hours ago
Can i play minecraft with you my name is ottogrimm
Ry5n _
Ry5n _ Day ago
🤚🏻 bye shaving Cream
Kenji angelo Delrosario
I felt so bad for the i pad and the toy thing whatever hahahah
Dylan Hanson
Dylan Hanson Day ago
You are rude unspeakable
Lucio Robles
Lucio Robles Day ago
Can we see your mom
Jaycee Berry
Jaycee Berry Day ago
inanimate object lives matter
X woodman
X woodman Day ago
You’ve technically just destroyed perfect fruit he just took a hot pocket
X woodman
X woodman Day ago
I didn’t mean to text that sorry it was my 6 year old friend just rocked it
hunter may
hunter may Day ago
William Pringle
The gummy bears going under:🤢 Me: 😱
Colton Hammond
Colton Hammond 2 days ago
That’s a old iPad
rigo delacruz
rigo delacruz 2 days ago
unspeakable what did you blank out at the end
Juliette Legge
Juliette Legge 2 days ago
What was blurbed
Carlos Panameño
Carlos Panameño 2 days ago
I could not stop laughing after this.it's a small thing,yet it kills me lol ⬇ 6:29
Star2rose12 Gaming
I know who stole all your fav food hot pockets gabe did!😎😎😎
Science, Minecraft Pro 265
He is a Handsome man😀😀 But still want to see him in person even without his Hat.
9:43 "NOT CUPS ANYMORE" -Unspeakable Me: "NOT CUPS ANYMORE but, FLAT soda cups!" Joke is, FLAT soda
PuppiesAndRoblox 2 days ago
And That's Why You Don't Take Unspeakables Hot Pocket
Edgaras Gustys
Edgaras Gustys 3 days ago
Unspeakable is rude :(
Cath Kirkland
Cath Kirkland 3 days ago
I think unspeakable is being mean to Gabe😭😢😭
Anna Fox
Anna Fox 3 days ago
If it was things like shaving cream, juice, fruit, yeah that’s okay but to me, an iPad is just crazy expensive to just destroy without thinking twice. A hover board costs like over $500. They’ve gotta be rich if there just crushing an iPad AND a hover board. It’s kind of disappointing seeing expensive items go to waste like that. If it was already broken and not fixable, that’s one thing, but to destroy a perfectly good iPad?? Just disappointing.
xX flυffуlσνє Xx
6:45 We're taking "sticks and stones, may break my bones" to a WHOLE different level..
Liam Robert
Liam Robert 3 days ago
R.I.P iPad
Miguel Dela Cruz
Miguel Dela Cruz 3 days ago
Would you have done to the paper some ripping or you just made it stuck to your stream roller
Rico Aldecoa
Rico Aldecoa 3 days ago
Your hansome
Rico Aldecoa
Rico Aldecoa 3 days ago
Im adrian
Rico Aldecoa
Rico Aldecoa 3 days ago
Your hand some
Delaney Schultz
Delaney Schultz 3 days ago
or steamrolled
Delaney Schultz
Delaney Schultz 3 days ago
The gummy bears are rising against us, they cant be crushed!
Ice Shard
Ice Shard 3 days ago
This is turning to unspeakable's steam roller hour
Joy Zeigler
Joy Zeigler 3 days ago
Crush James stuff next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
McKinzie LeBlanc
McKinzie LeBlanc 3 days ago
does have live with you
Xx_Vivi anne_xX
Xx_Vivi anne_xX 3 days ago
😂those aren't Jack fruits they're dragon fruits Jack fruit is different it's big like a watermelon Yellow and tastes like a mango
Aine Clarke
Aine Clarke 21 hour ago
nope that’s a jack fruit
joshfoos the beast
I like it when he broke his steering wheel when crushing the skeleton it made me laugh so hard😂 6:26
WulfPack 3 days ago
just saying but you are kinda the worst friend trying not to be rude
Bryan Makarowa
Bryan Makarowa 3 days ago
Crush obleck
Natalina Eskridge
smile 4 days ago
One second has passed...........
Amelia Croce
Amelia Croce 4 days ago
Seren Mahoney
Seren Mahoney 4 days ago
Seren Mahoney
Seren Mahoney 4 days ago
😈😈😈😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 GRE
Connor Walker
Connor Walker 4 days ago
Unspeakable you need to prank shark by telling him he left his keys in his house then take his car to Texas
SummerSunshine 4 days ago
You're being so mean😡. Please don't be mean again 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞
Kenny Pruitt
Kenny Pruitt 4 days ago
Gabe comes in, Nathan's mind:I'm toast
Kyle Wanielista
Kyle Wanielista 4 days ago
Unspeakable who do you like more Gabe or James
john pazera
john pazera 4 days ago
And mean
john pazera
john pazera 4 days ago
You do to much unspeakabl
Kay Jackson
Kay Jackson 4 days ago
Gummy bears 😭
Glenn Babicky
Glenn Babicky 4 days ago
Love ya!💚🐸😝
toothless 4 days ago
4:36 i though he sweared L,O,L
Pat Dyal
Pat Dyal 4 days ago
Jennifer Donahue
Jennifer Donahue 4 days ago
He is going to get revenge
Roberta Hop
Roberta Hop 4 days ago
i feel bad for whoever he rented this from
Nathan Dawes
Nathan Dawes 4 days ago
Did he have to break his i pad
Susan Cooper
Susan Cooper 5 days ago
Ashley Windholz
Ashley Windholz 5 days ago
Whatever do whatever you don't wash does Gabe get back
Trey LaBrosse
Trey LaBrosse 5 days ago
What if the gummy snake subscribed and clicked that Bell button
Trey LaBrosse
Trey LaBrosse 5 days ago
Weirdest gummy snakes subscribed and
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