Crusader Kings 3 - PDXCON Berlin keynote

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Live from Berlin it's the Crusader Kings 3 PDXCON2019 keynote!
Find out more: crusaderkings.com/
PDXCON: pdxcon.paradoxplaza.com/


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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Enoch Thompson
Enoch Thompson 4 months ago
Love you Paradox, please never change.
Paco A
Paco A 5 months ago
I got stellaris when it first came out and was 1 of the first to review it. I just heard about CK2 and today watched a tutorial on how to play! it is a deeeep game! Based on stellaris though and from what it looks like DLC wise for CK2. I will wait a year or 2 before I pick up CK3.
murat ünsal
murat ünsal 6 months ago
Türkçe yapın oçlar
victor bruun
victor bruun 6 months ago
Joffrey, such a nice lil choirboy. Try Honorus Jorg Ancrath. He figured out a nail hammered into the skull changes people, one nail makes them angry, another pleading a third makes them drooling idiots and so on.. :p
starushok 6 months ago
That's good and all, but please next year work on Vic 3, I've been dying to see it and I think it deserves it after 10 years of a hiatus on Vic 2. Also I want to work on a mod for it later if it actually does come out
Step mum Is too fuckin hot mate
Hey hey people
Yusuf Hacıoğlu
Yusuf Hacıoğlu 7 months ago
We want Turkish language support
S. D
S. D 7 months ago
Can't wait for Paradox to release an unwanted, unfinished game (that is CK3), with base content taken out as DLC....
Hasel 8 months ago
who plays crusader kings :a game of thrones
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
WTF why arent they announcing a mobile game?
Mike Snow
Mike Snow 8 months ago
Announcer/Speaker is really annoying, hope they get someone new.
lostcause78 8 months ago
10:18 - of course not, you need to milk your loyal fans through dozens of DLC packages after all.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 8 months ago
Wow, where's Victoria III?
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
You wont see that for atleast 3 years. They work on ck3 and sin empire now. Vic3 is boring anyway
Isaias Medina
Isaias Medina 8 months ago
Very excited
RealmRabbit 8 months ago
21:19 "People have PCs, that's for sure" *Shots fired at Blizzard* Feels like they missed, but still... Shots were fired...
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky 8 months ago
What an underwhelming host
Guilherme Aranha
Guilherme Aranha 8 months ago
Imperator got some features from CK3? That's not good news... Please, don't put mana on the game, PLEASE, do it right.
jorge garcia
jorge garcia 8 months ago
Wheres victoria 3
A Dwek
A Dwek 8 months ago
I’m going to die.
mrgamerlion 8 months ago
CK2 + more depth = CK3
Garchomp Chompers
Garchomp Chompers 8 months ago
Can you confirm that all states will be playable at start dates including republic's and Muslim dynasties which are paywalls behind dlc?
cenkiss2331 8 months ago
I hope we dont have to pay for africans to look like africans now.
KostasOrig 8 months ago
where the f is vicky 3??????
Mohamad Rizal
Mohamad Rizal 8 months ago
I'm happy with ck3, ck2 is the best maybe ck3 has some improveement and new feature
Matevz Vres
Matevz Vres 8 months ago
We need Vic3 more than this..
Kutay Aksungur
Kutay Aksungur 8 months ago
Victoria 3?
Arshan 8 months ago
I understand they cant put 7 years of development to a new game but I really do hope at least they saw the overwhelming positive feedback on Holy Fury and incorporated most of the features from that to the base game in some way
archboyd 8 months ago
No China, no buy!
Randy Aniel
Randy Aniel 8 months ago
i hope this game suffers from its DLC model
Kong Deffer
Kong Deffer 8 months ago
Please limit the amount of paid DLC's
Sevven 8 months ago
censored kings
Devastation996 8 months ago
Make it run smoothly!
Herzog Andrean
Herzog Andrean 8 months ago
Crusader Kings 3 is a very weird way to spell Victoria 3.
MrReason7 8 months ago
People, you realize that one game differs from another. You can find what you like. Right now they are trying to mix mechanics in Imperator: Rome... not everything went right, but now (after patching and developing) the game looks nice and have unique flavor. It's like never-ending experiments. I buy some Paradox games cause I play it and simply support them. There are only few other companies doing such complex and experimental games... none actually. Like, cmon.
greywolf99032 8 months ago
Let me start as a lowly sell sword and work my way up. That would be killer.
greywolf99032 8 months ago
@Peo Fr Bloodlines have to start somewhere.
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
That would make no sense whatsoever this is a lord game.
Schnekkie22 8 months ago
Most importantly an updated AGOT mod
Davie Donna
Davie Donna 8 months ago
Sports coat with a Star Wars t-shirt underneath. Nice.
CheezyDrool 8 months ago
Still no naval combat. Sure, naval combat was largely concentrated in the Mediterranean but there were naval combat and blockades elsewhere. There are ways to make sure naval combat would feel more historical but omitting it entirely is just wrong. Naval combat has been one of the most requested features since CK2 came out and they just continue to omit it in CK3 with an entirely new engine and an entirely new game? WTF is this?
Kdogg788 8 months ago
I'm hoping they use everything in CK2 and its DLCs as the START point for this game, and then grow from there, not cut everything out to make the base game then re-add later.
TheGameFactor007 8 months ago
Why no vic 3?
Max S.
Max S. 8 months ago
I need help understanding Crusader Kings 2-3. The paradox grand strategy games that I played before were HO4, Stellaris, Imperator Rome (which I found boring) and Victoria II (which I only learn enough about the economy to be stable just to do nothing until the modern day). Would any of you please explain what type of game it is and if it would be difficult for me?
Lilitari 8 months ago
They need to bring back the possibility to murder your children
Lostybo1 8 months ago
Next up, Victoria 3
berlindude75 8 months ago
Hopefully, at the highest settings, the CK3 AI will finallly be challenging enough for streamers like Arumba so they do not stop playing the game out of boredom. I also hope that CK multi player games will finally be stable.
The glorious Hogg
The glorious Hogg 8 months ago
Deus what?
Astra Dominus
Astra Dominus 8 months ago
Will the nomadic system be absent only at the start or will not be in the game at all?
ZakTheFallen 8 months ago
There had better be an EU 5 in the works then. That game is 6 years old, let it actually become a final release and move on. We lost EU 4 years when you replaced 99% of its mechanics, at least have the courtesy to make a new game with a decent ledger (that saves its order!) and maybe not restarting the entire game every time I want to start a new save.
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson 8 months ago
First mod: Safehold map.
Günni Peters
Günni Peters 8 months ago
Vic 3 or riots!
Jacob Werner
Jacob Werner 8 months ago
vic 3 when
Scolar Visari
Scolar Visari 8 months ago
When we Getting Hearts of Europa Kingtoria V?
Sullied Saint
Sullied Saint 8 months ago
When you wear a star wars shirt to fit in but have to slick your hair back, wear a sportscoat and flaunt the wrist bling cuz... Well... Sales... Sry, they just keep coming to me
SultanTrk 8 months ago
I was concerned at first about how much of the content from ck2 was going to be missing from ck3 but after this interview I’m pretty optimistic. Character customisation also sounds like it could help further immerse myself into the characters of my dynasty, so I’m fully hooked onto ck3 news atm.
Ben Guerne
Ben Guerne 8 months ago
Victoria 3 when?
Pike Stance
Pike Stance 8 months ago
I have to say, either no one is actually there or this have to be one of the the least enthusiastic crowds ever.
And this time we won't have to open a trust fund for DLC? PLEASE?
H Im
H Im 8 months ago
Will we finally have naval battle and siege defenders sally out?
Dex Belis
Dex Belis 8 months ago
Battlemap like MTW2?
Ethan K.
Ethan K. 8 months ago
Some of this was so cringe
Coffee Creamerstein
Coffee Creamerstein 8 months ago
In some ways yes. E3 was crimgier tho.
Kaiser Joe
Kaiser Joe 8 months ago
so ck3 will include everything that 2 has ....righhhht?? No DLC for a while beacause hoestly HOI4 DLC's and and imperator release have been dismal
Sasop 22
Sasop 22 8 months ago
Its a good thing its coming out on Xbox because I doubt my laptop could run it (it struggles to run CKII sometimes as it its) Looking forward to it!
Stijn Groenendaal
Stijn Groenendaal 8 months ago
Its not coming out on xbox
Slvrbuu 8 months ago
Huh? Why no merchant republics? :/
Coffee Creamerstein
Coffee Creamerstein 8 months ago
Probably to curdle up a DLC to swindle the masses
Dallas Riehl
Dallas Riehl 8 months ago
Base Game=$60-80. DLC = $4000
Weststarman 8 months ago
Plz after this make EU V/5
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 8 months ago
Is this coming to switch as empire of sin
Jokolo 8 months ago
I'm still waiting for Victoria III
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
Lebendiges Gespenst
Lebendiges Gespenst 8 months ago
What if moving troops was more realistic, like you have to send a letter of the movements request you want and you have to wait for it to arrive, possibly (though unlikely) the letter could be intercepted or the commander could even entirely ignore the orders or maybe maybe make their own when they think you’re stupid. Maybe in a different game too there could be lines built up to make instantaneous orders in a certain vicinity vi telegram or telephone.
renifer rr
renifer rr 8 months ago
CK3 will be unplayable after the launch like every Paradox game, but after 3 years and spending three times the price of base game on dlcs it will be probably better than ck2
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
WTF are you stupid???? Hoi3 and 4 and ck2 and stellaris are all great games which had good releases so stop bulshitting you infantile hack.
x Claydee
x Claydee 8 months ago
I personally only bought ck2 base game and after that got all the dlcs from igg-games because dlcs on this game are things that should’ve been released with the base game... ill do the same with ck3
Kenneth Turner
Kenneth Turner 8 months ago
Naval battles please!
Laurynas G
Laurynas G 8 months ago
Epic store exclusive as well?
Samusha 8 months ago
ive popped a boner
rubaiyat300 8 months ago
I would have expected a more crazed response to CKIII. Was the crowd small or sedated?
Jibster 8 months ago
yay so crusader kings II but its some kind of dlc which gets its own dlcs which anitially costs 60 euros thnx paradox
wingsclippedwolf 8 months ago
How many DLCs will this video game take before it doesn't feel like an empty shell of its predecessor?
Ministerio de Interior de Mayoria
It looks so dumbed down from the images presented
Peo Fr
Peo Fr 8 months ago
WTF they look awesome a big improvement to ck2. You suck.
Andrew 8 months ago
I hope they will add smth for nomads tho..
Bander Omar
Bander Omar 8 months ago
I hope Islamic countries can be played in the main game
Bander Omar
Bander Omar 8 months ago
I think when they say a feature will not be in the game it means it'll be a DLC for it! Classic Paradox
Nippy Bridge
Nippy Bridge 8 months ago
10:58 "user friendly" i didn't know people at paradox knew that term!
victor bruun
victor bruun 6 months ago
after victorias and imperium rome they do begin to understand the concept :p
ZakTheFallen 8 months ago
Considering EU4 doesn't have keyboard shortcuts that can be customized, the ledger doesn't save its order and frequently resets it... Can't imagine why "user friendly" isn't in their knowledge base.
Jet 8 months ago
make more youtuber wars. for ck2 not just stellaris
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