Crusader Kings III - Announcement Trailer - An Heir is Born

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An heir is born! In real strategy, your greatest weapon will be your cunning. Prepare yourself to secure the throne in Crusader Kings III and unlock rewards: pdxint.at/35xvuol
- Unlock The Old Gods expansion for CK2
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- Unlock the exclusive Forum Pack, Official Wallpapers + Pagan Fury Music Pack
Play CK2 - Now Free To Play on Steam
- Unlock rewards for CK3

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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
The GhostSkull
The GhostSkull 6 days ago
hehe i hope this time i get how to play this game hehe
ng kahon
ng kahon 8 days ago
First 10 hours playing.. *Oh baby..although you are incapable , but I still love u..* 100 hours playing.. *Kill this stupid baby , my heir don’t need any brothers.* 1000 hours playing.. *Let’s open the console ~*
Hüseyin Gülerce
please bring Turkish language support to these games. There are many people who play the game in Turkey
Gabriel Caramalac
Gabriel Caramalac 13 days ago
Why do you always ignore the Brazilian market? Almost no game of yours has PTBR language. Is our market not strong enough for your games? And the worst thing is that even when the fans do the translation, the lack of communication between you and the Brazilian community, makes the game updates prevent the translations from working. Many translators have given up on translating Paradox games.
WishYourLife 16 days ago
The Emperor just put a snake in a crib. Star Wars Crossover confirmed OMG ?!?!
Gurgel 16 days ago
God i want to work here
Grug The Caveman
Grug The Caveman 18 days ago
There goes my strong genius attractive baptized by the pope heir
Sheila Fal
Sheila Fal 18 days ago
seem nice, the only thing i would like it better with a fictional map instead based of our actual map world.
itkovian1128 18 days ago
Poland leanguage version please....
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 19 days ago
Is this coming to PlayStation?
kurojima Month ago
now we just have to wait for the 250+ $ dlc train, because why make a full complete game when you can sell an incomplete one for full price and abuse your fanbase for wagons of cash and trickle-feed them the rest of the game for years to come
Wrath-Amon 8 days ago
@kurojima Exactly. And they're adding freaking experience points and a skill tree instead of traits happening from random events and WOL focuses. Dead on arrival.
Al As 57
Al As 57 17 days ago
Dan Month ago
Baby snake nigga 😳🤪
Blue Lion
Blue Lion Month ago
VICTORIA 3!!! *Empire in Africa intensifies!*
Bor Nock
Bor Nock Month ago
just put the price so high, but please dont make sooo much DLC
Al As 57
Al As 57 17 days ago
So stop supporting the game after 2 years and pump out sequels instead?
Lorde Melodrama
Lorde Melodrama Month ago
plss victoria 3!!!
Rotore GradienteDivergenza
holy yeah
Olaf Widuliński
0:50 this music is btfl
Vexillarius Month ago
This baby was only the last obsatcle for me to become king, good new is dead. When a game in which babies dies on your command and you're very happy about it lol
Turtles Month ago
Maybe secret vicky 3 announcement at the end...? No? Okay then...
mwells219 Month ago
Spymaster confirmed op.
elder magi
elder magi Month ago
CK3? Paradox, I thought you wanted my money? See, I consider myself a fan of Victoria 2. Had it been Vicky 3 instead of this, I would have bought: Victoria 3 Hearts of Iron 4 (for grand campaign continuation) V2 to HoI4 Converter EU4 to V2 Converter probably at least 75% of Vicky 3's expansions at least one HoI4 expansion But now? Well, one can dream.
Beyond Namez
Beyond Namez 27 days ago
A Dwek
A Dwek Month ago
Angegardien Month ago
please italian language.
Supernova Month ago
krystal cz
krystal cz 2 months ago
If this game won't have Deus Vult-I will not buy this shit paradox....
Lenss89 2 months ago
Will the game be released in Polish?
Zaid Al Abassi
Zaid Al Abassi 2 months ago
Can't wait to.make my family tree look like alabam
Leitseig Arett
Leitseig Arett 2 months ago
Baby steps to 8000 hours shall not be foiled
The Zoque
The Zoque 2 months ago
can we talk about just how good this trailer is though
Oğuzhan Hayat
Oğuzhan Hayat 2 months ago
They spelled vicky 3 wrong ?
"So how many DLC's are you planning to release for CK3?" Paradox: Yes.
ubivayzer 2 months ago
Victoria 3!!!
Anthony Cox
Anthony Cox 3 months ago
But does this one let me warmonger my way to an empire without all those silly politics and marrying into bloodlines?
Lucious 3 months ago
So.... anywhere I can go to see some actual gameplay footage instead of some non-descriptive cinematic?
Romet Monte-Cristo
Romet Monte-Cristo 3 months ago
the balls on these guys to make a trailer like this
Tiago Pires
Tiago Pires 3 months ago
Antonio Carnevali
Antonio Carnevali 3 months ago
Wait, is this a medieval II total war reference?
Jamie Belford
Jamie Belford 3 months ago
XBOX one?
RevolverRho 3 months ago
Inb4 it doesn’t work at launch
RowdyClouds Unbound
RowdyClouds Unbound 3 months ago
Dont get me wrong, Im excited...but man was I hoping to see Victoria 3 announced
akouek3 4 months ago
Asian nations like China and Japan this time please!!!
N Q H 4 months ago
Can't wait to keep my bloodline pure, again.
Revilleza Lucky
Revilleza Lucky 4 months ago
I've spend countless hours on the CK2, hell yeah I'm preordering this!
Alnaan 4 months ago
The Paradox franchise is the Irene of Athens of political games. The Total War franchise is the Charlemagne of political games. Ergo, a marriage needs to take place.
The Knight
The Knight 4 months ago
We... Need... Victoria 3!!! CK3 is interesting, but... Boy, if you would ever announce Victoria 3...
NorseKorean 4 months ago
Extended trailer will reveal the baby waking up and strangling the snake.
Kawa YouTube
Kawa YouTube 4 months ago
Lol that shit ain't legal 4 me yet XD
Selçuk Sektan
Selçuk Sektan 4 months ago
Victoria 3...
q0w1e2r3t4y5 4 months ago
I'm so hyped I can hardly wait to play it in 2028 :D
q0w1e2r3t4y5 4 months ago
with all the DLCs xD
Marcos Antônio
Marcos Antônio 4 months ago
Where is Victoria 3
Khôi Phạm
Khôi Phạm 4 months ago
That Child of Destiny would soon to be the Bastard Conqueror of England
Brubarov 4 months ago
PLEASE MAKE THE UI SCALABLE!! PLEASE PARADOX!! Playing CK2 gave me so many headaches I had to stop playing after 3 attempts.
Edoardo Viola
Edoardo Viola 5 months ago
Please add Italian as language 🙏🏻
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 5 months ago
Are y'all going to put it on PlayStation
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 5 months ago
1:10 soundtrack?? Where is it from? Or when will they release the soundtrack
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 5 months ago
Neven Karas
Neven Karas 5 months ago
Oum 3imad
Oum 3imad 5 months ago
asdf123311 5 months ago
Parikshit Rao
Parikshit Rao 5 months ago
Things I'm praying for in ck3 1) Add China, Japan, Korea and/or America in the map (jade dragon was so shit it made me cry) 2) Implement a proper medieval economy with inflation, hyper inflation (during extended wars and economic crisis) and inter continental trade which actually is trade rather (where you give something you have extra while taking something that you need or with gold) What we have right now is just yellow mana which we are waiting to recharge. 3) Improve the combat system for god's sake. 4) Improve upon the culture and how its interactions with other cultures, work upon the melting pot mechanics like in HIP. 5) Make late game harder by stopping blobbing like in HIP with imperial decay mechanism. Make large empires unstable even with players at the helm. 6) Make bad rulers count. One single bad ruler could f up an entire country. In ck2 you basically have an immortal god emperor reincarnated in each generation. So when a bad or even average ruler comes up make it harder. Really harder. 7) add new bookmarks (is other historical time's) Bonus point - basically just employee the entire WTWSMS team and give them money to basically add the entire Roman period for playing. Fingers crossed.
явная Коммунистка
Где русский?
nulero82 5 months ago
Please no more stupid dlc and more free content with this new game, or it will be another "demo" game with expensive and lot of stupid dlcs?
Sd145 5 months ago
Вы собирайте на андроид
Milk 5 months ago
Embrace for the impending bombardment of DLC’s. For real though Paradox I love you
Volerm 5 months ago
Me: "Man, I'm really worried that they'll turn down the darker themes of these games" Paradox: "Here's a baby dying!" Me: *oh*
vinkhe lada cross
vinkhe lada cross 5 months ago
I am ready to have incest
TRUKI V 5 months ago
I want language Arabic please please paradox to I don’t understand ck3 without google
Yusuf Hacıoğlu
Yusuf Hacıoğlu 6 months ago
We want Turkish language support
Caleb Culli
Caleb Culli 6 months ago
Is it come in on ps4
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive 5 months ago
Crusader Kings III will launch on PC, Mac and Linux.
Tzirrit 6 months ago
Old Gods, when?
thecrazyloner 6 months ago
This is going to be like the sims4 right?
DJohnson 6 months ago
>killing a baby with a snake you are never getting any money from me now.
Ádám Tóth
Ádám Tóth 6 months ago
I hope we get a good game that covers all aspects of CK2, (i don't want to buy that many dlc again just now for Ck3) if you accomplish that then I'll be happy to buy the game. (PLEASE, Paradox don't be jerk. I love your games but i hate the expensive useless dlc which only slightly improve the game)
Lorde Melodrama
Lorde Melodrama 6 months ago
V I C T O R I A 3 ?
Bimo Satriyo
Bimo Satriyo 6 months ago
Imagine CK4 + Mount and blade
Nicolás 6 months ago
Victoria III?
alabdaly891 6 months ago
all i want is a good songs and music something like till the day we die and i want the same ck2 mechanics
Botin 10
Botin 10 6 months ago
Where's Victoria 3
Ceriza Jofer
Ceriza Jofer 6 months ago
all victorian people gain 0.01+ consciousness each month for victorian 3
Andrej158158 6 months ago
I hope there will be possible to do 'Red Wedding' or some shit like that
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