CRS-9 Hosted Webcast

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SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Dragon spacecraft to low Earth orbit to deliver critical cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) for NASA.
SpaceX is targeting a July 18 (EDT) launch of its ninth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-9) from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The instantaneous launch window opens at 12:45am EDT (4:45am UTC) on July 18, and a backup launch window opens at 12:00am EDT on July 20. Dragon will be deployed about 10 minutes after liftoff and attach to the ISS about two days later.
Following stage separation, the first stage of the Falcon 9 will attempt an experimental landing on Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.

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Jul 18, 2016




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Comments 705
psycleen 6 days ago
Emman Year ago
Cute nerds at the background lol
EDIcoN 2 years ago
where are the scientist and engineers ?
RollingEyeballs 2 years ago
I love how Space X does not use airheads to do the stand-up reporting.
Nehemias Celis
Nehemias Celis 2 years ago
Gaëtan LAFITTE 2 years ago
Did the second stage land too, or just crash into ocean ?
s_hirangy 2 years ago
I'm re-watching the whole thing to feel some nostalgia since SpaceX hadn't launch anything for 4 months.
JonathanDahlq 3 years ago
Why does this only need one second stage ignition, and not two like other launches?
Artur Lalik
Artur Lalik 3 years ago
Gin-chan's Odd Jobs。万事屋銀ちゃん
Can't wait to see one of these bad boys land in broad daylight!
Weasel Level Design
Solid landing, and loved the view of IDA-2 during stage separation!
Pyrotechs 3 years ago
31:31 The Dragon was a CP 2024! Nice little Easter egg there. The point at which Mars will be closest to the Earth comes in 2024, which Elon Musk claims they will send supply missions during that period.
tzetzo 3 years ago
How can anybody buy that crap?
jon clark
jon clark 3 years ago
what's up with the sound?
Steve Madak
Steve Madak 3 years ago
The crowd of sycophants would have eaten each other had there been a failure.
Jeff Papineau
Jeff Papineau 3 years ago
Can we please agree if Elan had access to anti-grav tech, he might not be the corp shill for NASA and MJ12? Why doesn't NASA launch their own damn rockets, and why does NASA airbrush all photos released to the public? Real free energy tech is suppressed, Elan gets to show us state of the art traditional tech fail. I would be very frustrated if I was him... www.siriusdisclosure.com/
Dom Troisi
Dom Troisi 3 years ago
That's one good looking afro american engineer..
TheOneFromFuture 3 years ago
To say they are diversified, they use a black woman to do these webcasts. Lets see your whole crew, spacex,
Sebastian Körner
Sebastian Körner 3 years ago
TheOneFromFuture watch the video 'the falcon has landed' you can see asians and Indians in that video.
Vozze 3 years ago
That intro is so sexy!
David Gustin
David Gustin 3 years ago
Please do more videos like this. I loved it!
James Miolli
James Miolli 3 years ago
So we build oil rigs in sea, why not landing pads? It would increase Falcon 9's survivability and reduce future costs for all launches off said coast. (In addition, Space X could use this to charge other companies to launch rockets to their pads)
Donald Weber
Donald Weber 3 years ago
No it wouldn't. Each orbital insertion takes a different trajectory, dependent on the payloads orbit. SpaceX would need a dozen or more platforms.
World Best
World Best 3 years ago
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piratapan 3 years ago
Rasmus Oxenvad
Rasmus Oxenvad 3 years ago
Anyone know what the little specs of light are that go flying by starting at about 26:50?
AC Show
AC Show 3 years ago
go go USA!
Fantasy Stories
Fantasy Stories 3 years ago
Space X is the Salvation of Mankind!
Dave Keil
Dave Keil 3 years ago
Uhhh.. At 10:00 - Is she going to talk about the other 3 degrees of freedom... No.. No. She's just going to pretend that she's covered that topic. WHO NEEDS ROLL PITCH AND YAW ANYWAY! We're SPACEX Bitch!
Liberal Larry
Liberal Larry 3 years ago
awesome landing!!sidenote: the presenters need headsets.Background noise is too much.
Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus
That is not the spacex rocket it is a Atlas 5 • NROL-61
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
@Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus Okay so you're not confused, you're just wrong.
Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus
nope. look at launch Records atlas rocked carrying Spacex crap..
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
You seem to be confused.
Joe Robinson
Joe Robinson 3 years ago
i've seen these rocket landings a few times now and they still make me so happy and amazed. Such a big step in space travel!!! Looking forward to the future and where spaceX willl be
Tomas Hrubovcak
Tomas Hrubovcak 3 years ago
4:40 or much largher organisms?
Jason Martin
Jason Martin 3 years ago
These hosts are super hot
john halamka
john halamka 3 years ago
9 pounds / second runs the impulse turbines.
Borges Barilla
Borges Barilla 3 years ago
Elon could propose and set a CROWD-FUNDING for developing the Mars mission. A project with clear goals to achieve , time table and cost estimate. Anyway, given that Space X already plan to go to Mars, to would give them extra fuel, and I am sure many people would contribute ... Actually, people would fell in their hearts , that they are part of this giant effort ... And this is a really pleasant and powerful feeling to spread , given the world we live in. Please, someone close to Elon, propose this to him! Thanks, b.b.
NapoleonDynamiteer 3 years ago
why it says Stage 2 Telemetry at the beginning ? isnt that the stage 1 ??
NapoleonDynamiteer 3 years ago
Totally! Thanks! : )
Appable 3 years ago
No, it's telemetry from the second stage even though the first stage's engines are lifting the rocket.
Chyn fu
Chyn fu 3 years ago
when will you guys go mining teh moon and bring back helium 3 back to earth? and when will you build a space/aircraft on the moon by using space fuel?
Gunshy55 3 years ago
Feet, Inches, pounds ,Kilometres, millimetres. No wonder they had to send up a universal adapter for the ISS. When are you going to get it! The world uses the SI unit system! If you are scientists and engineers using confused measurements like these then you are doomed to fail. BTW, more space junk and an enormous amount of carbon emissions...!!!!!
PsyTech 3 years ago
Can you guys do 1080p60fps? That would be super awesome!
Konrad Dax
Konrad Dax 3 years ago
本色阁本色阁 3 years ago
Who can make friends with me
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