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SpaceX is targeting a late morning launch of its tenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-10) from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window is on Saturday, February 18 at 2:39 p.m. UTC / 9:39 a.m. EST. Dragon will separate from Falcon 9’s second stage about 10 minutes after liftoff and attach to the station roughly two days later.
The CRS-10 mission will be SpaceX’s first launch from historic LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center. Following stage separation, the first stage of Falcon 9 will attempt to land at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

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Feb 19, 2017




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Comments 80
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 4 months ago
whos the hottie chick?
Sathira Ruwanpathirana
I think it was just a copy-paste issue, in the video feed saying "LAUNCH: IRIDIUM-1" until the point 2:22 ;)
dan wiz
dan wiz Year ago
oh my kate tice is absolutely beautiful. i can watch her all day!!
Javier Vazquez
“Iridium-1” 😂🤔
lextacy2008 Year ago
Kennedy Space Centider ...................... Lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oL
2660016A 2 years ago
I never imagined that a love of space exploration would lead to me finding my dream lady. I’d fly from Scotland to Florida just to buy Kate Tice a drink!
Plasminium 2 years ago
First 2 mins it’s apparently iridium 1 XD
Ivana Vujanovic
Ivana Vujanovic 2 years ago
How can anyone dislike this?! Stupid people.
Logan Baird
Logan Baird 2 years ago
It says iridium 1
PT Hamilton
PT Hamilton 2 years ago
Johnny D is not a good commentator. The others did well. Stop saying ‘nominal’
Jellybeantiger 2 years ago
Good to see todays gen are finally getting close to the legends of the Apollo program,gday from Australia.With all the tech todays gen have,they should have had people on Mars years ago.Anyway,good luck.
Quarantine 'em illegals!
Kate Ticee--ight! Woosh!
Plasminium 2 years ago
The animation looks suspiciously like KSP, JUST LOOK AT THAT ORBIT LINE!
nickzucc 3 years ago
So cool to watch!
Lori Evans
Lori Evans 3 years ago
how do u guys sleep at night, bullshitting the public? ALL FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrTagnan 3 years ago
Lori Evans maybe you should try working there, if they're lying you would know
Spencer Bentley
Spencer Bentley 3 years ago
Science just got sexy... only took 67 years to do that, just stunning engineering and people. Amazing work people, very impressed with the "REAL FEEL" RedBull(tm) style of everything.. just keep this up, we need more young engineers.... you inspired quite a few with your recent work.
asturias ialbuz titlis
Why so many people disliked the video?
Casa Del Amo
Casa Del Amo 3 years ago
bring back the shuttle
Tadhger Club
Tadhger Club 3 years ago
what was that coming up at 26:30?
Anton Novopashin
Anton Novopashin 3 years ago
Congratulations from Russia! Keep up spaceX. You're doing the right thing.
Gary Mills
Gary Mills 3 years ago
Is it just me, or I found her attractive as hell 3:57 :)
Phil da cubing guy
Phil da cubing guy 3 years ago
who else wanted to see this in VR?
DJay81 3 years ago
Jared Morales
Jared Morales 3 years ago
I remember the NASA's Space Shuttle.
Hannah Webster
Hannah Webster 3 years ago
I am chinese,when I saw this ,I admired Elon Musk.I like him.
Corey Rueckheim
Corey Rueckheim 3 years ago
All of the commentators for SpaceX are awesome! They are becoming like a second family to me.
BNSF1995 3 years ago
First launch from LC-39 since STS-135 on July 8, 2011.
G-Man 3 years ago
i need to send a massage to the astronaut a lego toy set
Kyle MacDonald
Kyle MacDonald 3 years ago
Flawless video of solar arrays expanding on an object hurtling through space, but the camera ALWAYS cuts out when the rocket comes back for a landing. GTFO SpaceX. You're fake as fuck.
gud mem
gud mem 3 years ago
you fucking moron if it was fake and everything was "videoshopped" why the fuck they "cut out" the part you talking about.. it easier to fool stupid people like you if they make flawless "videoshopped" video without any flaw @ cut out video..
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
Do you just look for space videos all day so you can post garbage like this?
Matt Horkan
Matt Horkan 3 years ago
(at start of the video) homeboy looks like he woke up at 6AM 2 days in a row.
Docktor Jim
Docktor Jim 3 years ago
These announcers nearly consistently call out the first stage burns incorrectly. Boostback, re-entry, then landing.
mpjopa tv
mpjopa tv 3 years ago
when the 1st stage lands it should have a parachute if it goes rong
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
That was a good launch SpaceX Launch Pad 39A is back keep them coming.
Scott 3 years ago
If you're on the East coast and not taking advantage of seeing these early live streams, you're missing out on history in the making!
FrVncs Mz
FrVncs Mz 3 years ago
these engineers are hot af omg....
Michael A. Phillips
What happens to "Merlin 1D Vacuum" does it get recovered by boat in the ocean???
Michael A. Phillips
@BadWolf HS ty
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
The second stage deorbits and mostly disintegrates in the atmosphere.
Earth 1
Earth 1 3 years ago
Who's the attractive blonde girl?
Earth 1
Earth 1 3 years ago
Gwen shoots
EDIcoN 3 years ago
why dont you show ball earth
striker eureka
striker eureka 3 years ago
no use arguing with them, no matter how complete the data you give them they'll never use their common sense
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
EDIcoN 3 years ago
BadWolf HS pseudo science is what ball earth is, fe is real science
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully you'll return to the side of science and reason some day.
EDIcoN 3 years ago
BadWolf HS thx to flat earth i dont buy this hoaxes anymore
John Stephens
John Stephens 3 years ago
Walter Eck
Walter Eck 3 years ago
0:41 I didnt know space had a senator lol
Phillip Morrison
Phillip Morrison 3 years ago
Man i've never felt like I was living history until this year
Paula J. Bean
Paula J. Bean 3 years ago
SpaceX certainly have their public relations and marketing better organised than NASA.
hellelujahh 3 years ago
I keep coming back to re-watch the stage separation sequence (22:18), oh my god is it beautiful
tazago 3 years ago
1000 people thums down. many people start to notice space x is actually space hoax.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
1000 thumbs down is not even one tenth of one percent of viewers. It's pretty clear though that the cult of trolls will actively follow NASA/SpaceX's events and show up in large droves whenever there's a new popular video because it will get them lots of attention, a few weeks later you wont find any more of them in the comments because they just feed off of the success and popularity of others.
tazago 3 years ago
BadWolf HS One-tenth of viewers are trolls? bullshit.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
no, just trolls like you
EVARATE 3 years ago
When will the Pod come back down? And will it land?
EVARATE 3 years ago
BadWolf HS Didnt know that. Thanks.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
This capsule is called Dragon v1 and can only land in water with parachutes, it also cannot transport humans (only cargo). The human version of the capsule is called Dragon v2 and it has the thrusters for landing on the ground in addition to the parachutes for traditional water landings or aborts. Initially, NASA wants SpaceX to only conduct parachute/water landings with Dragon v2 until they've proven they can land safely with thrusters on land since it's never been done before. The first missions with Dragon v2 will likely be in early 2018, and we can probably expect them to begin testing the landing thrusters around the same time. With any luck, it wont be long until NASA gives the green light to use those for landings with astronauts as well.
EVARATE 3 years ago
BadWolf HS Do you know if and when they plan to land it with its thrusters?
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
It will return to Earth in about a month, it'll parachute into the pacific ocean and SpaceX will recover it to deliver experiments from the ISS back to NASA.
Rev James Jones
Rev James Jones 3 years ago
Looks like the "Watchers" are still here.
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith 3 years ago
It really feels good to see 39A get wormed-up again. I was watching back in 1969; on a Sony Trinitron; doesn't feel so good to see the concrete turning orange. I wonder if calcium hydroxide stalactites are growing beneath the SSWS structure?
Steve Chisnall
Steve Chisnall 3 years ago
I notice the progress bar labels the launch as "Iridium-1" instead of "CRS-10" at first when the video begins. WHOOP-sy!
Gustave Viking
Gustave Viking 3 years ago
title should have said, "fat/Christina Applegate/lookalike.!?!?
Vik Divine
Vik Divine 3 years ago
Thank God for Elon Musk
MutatedPixel 3 years ago
I know you'll make it to Mars! Go SpaceX!
PavelSTL 3 years ago
Outstanding !
Mat M
Mat M 3 years ago
Buck Aroo
Buck Aroo 3 years ago
Talking heads are for Oprah. Show the equipment and let the heads talk over the video so that you don't miss historic moments....
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
You can view the "technical webcast" for that, it's just views of the equipment and telemetry without hosts.
Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης
Greetings from Greece. Elon the whole world is with you
Maximal Crazy
Maximal Crazy 3 years ago
that girl is hot af
Crusoe 3 years ago
Why there is no news about the dragon now? where is it? is it docked yet? they said it will try dock again on thursday..now its friday.. and hear nothing!? is it lost or what?
Appable 3 years ago
I always wished they did some coverage of the berthing. Not as exciting, of course, but it is the primary mission.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
Videos of Dragon usually only get posted on this channel as part of compilations/montages that SpaceX post, it's mostly just the live streams that get archived on this channel while the rest ends up on NASA's channel.
Crusoe 3 years ago
I found it but very hard to find that news... they should add it on SpaceX's website too :-) and we want more videos and photos:-)
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
It berthed with the ISS this morning, you can see the videos on NASA's channel.
Earth 1
Earth 1 3 years ago
Tell the blonde girl I'm Russian
Titan 3 years ago
I'm A Simple Guy. I See A Blondie, I Click.
Blue Origin is yawning right now.
Appable 3 years ago
And does an air-restart. And goes supersonic. Blue Origin's New Shepard is a better vehicle to demonstrate reusability tech than SpaceX's Grasshopper.
Yeah, like that except their thing flies higher than an air powered water rocket.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
Oh you mean just like SpaceX's Grasshopper, only smaller.
They were getting sleepy because of boredom from using the same equipment over and over again.
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
I guess if they were sleeping, that explains why they haven't reached orbit yet.
nothereforlong 3 years ago
So a few years back, Musk was practically broke, due to his shit Tesla cars and now, He has a contract with NASA and JPL? Well, bullshit welcomes bullshit. Fuck off!
nothereforlong 3 years ago
Brought to you by Beavis, Butthead and Kelly Bundy.
nothereforlong 3 years ago
They cannot contain their laughter because of the total bullshit involved. Fuck off!
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 3 years ago
How is this possible, the earth is flat!
BadWolf HS
BadWolf HS 3 years ago
liping yu
liping yu 3 years ago
amazing job!
Clement Limuel
Clement Limuel 3 years ago
can you add the t/w ratio ?
Sven2157 3 years ago
Musk (and your team)! YOU FREAKING ROCK! ALL OF YOU! That you for keeping humans alive!
王丹 3 years ago
who is the lady at 24:55?
王丹 3 years ago
who is the lady at 24:55?
franco lentini
franco lentini 3 years ago
What's next now?? Refueling in orbit? Or is that already possible?
Maikérumusic 3 years ago
A song about love and friendship. Check out soundcloud.com/maikerumusic/jimmy-love
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 3 years ago
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 3 years ago
I feel like I am on flouride laden chemtrails when I watch the SpaceX channel. ....because it is all fake.
Captain Sandfurz
Captain Sandfurz 3 years ago
Jeff Beck Why no caps lock? Did it break of overusage??
The Global Deception
This is all faked. There is no continuous shot. Don't fall for a his stuff.
The Global Deception
Nice use of the green screen in the background.
paras ujjainia
paras ujjainia 3 years ago
0 to 1050 km/h in 60 secs ,, nice engines. !
Irene fernandez
Irene fernandez 3 years ago
Clark Zhu
Clark Zhu 3 years ago
Anyone noticed that 26:30 something black appears on the camera ?
Appable 3 years ago
Debris, probbaly from thermal protection system or coming off the engines. It's normal.
Lanford Mims
Lanford Mims 3 years ago
Hey guys how about some of you guys keep the language clean on these post I have grandkids that's love
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