CROWN LAKE | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “Don't Tell”

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Nellie Chambers has a rough first day at Crown Lake Academy, but finds solace in the pages of a diary left behind by a former student.
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When Eleanor "Nellie" Chambers shows up at Crown Lake Academy, a fancy all-girls boarding school, she knows this school is her ticket to a new & better life. But she also knows fitting in and learning the ropes isn’t going to be easy. Until she finds a guide.
CROWN LAKE | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “Don't Tell”


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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 3 517
Brat 28 days ago
What was your fave part of the series premiere of CROWN LAKE????
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon 12 hours ago
Love ya all
Zena k
Zena k 2 days ago
Brat so if her last name is chambers is she Jo’s sister
Aminaparis101 3 days ago
Need season 2😩😩😩
Jaylynn Fernandez
Rachel Solomon
Rachel Solomon 2 hours ago
Ummmmm..... The acting tho.......
Geneva Red
Geneva Red 2 hours ago
i knew it was her😊. the hair the voice the facil structure
ZaraVlogsS 28
ZaraVlogsS 28 7 hours ago
Who sleeps in their uniform
Shacora Laney
Shacora Laney 11 hours ago
every seires I watch from brat I here attaway I love this channel
Shacora Laney
Shacora Laney 11 hours ago
the first time I saw that girl 8:44 I relised she was from andy mack
Austin Garley
Austin Garley 12 hours ago
Is this a chicken girls spin off ?
Subscribe, I dare you
Nellie was in the cafe when the boy asked her to come with him, She didn't lock it and when her mother came it was open and the men were behind her
Subscribe, I dare you
So basically, Jo's brother(Junior) was the guy who was driving Nellie to Crown Lake Which makes Junior, Nellie's Father soooooooo, Jo is Nellies Aunt
chanelle gyimah
chanelle gyimah 13 hours ago
who else realized that chambers was also Jo's last name
Nour Akram
Nour Akram 13 hours ago
Jo and nile have the same last name Wright
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson 13 hours ago
This is my first time watching crown lake and all of it is exciting cant wait for more😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁
Hannah 14 hours ago
omg i didnt even recognize the character tiffany from nicky ricky dicky and dawn!!! omllllllllll
YOURか TRASH 14 hours ago
She's the girl from dog w. The blog...omg I used to love that show...she still looks the same
aristoteles montijo
aristoteles montijo 15 hours ago
Why is everyone Chambers Jo Chambers now this girl
Migas Loucas
Migas Loucas 14 hours ago
Bc there connected duh
Matafanua Tamatoa
Why did she just leave that blue ornament lying around if it was precious?
Yoongi Suga
Yoongi Suga Day ago
Lmao I saw the girl from dog with the blog at Panda Express one time with her bf back In 2018
Jamie Hagad
Jamie Hagad Day ago
They used a Johnny Orlando folder!!!
i am jungshook
so they just sleep in their uniforms with their hair up
Your mom gave me life H Farooqi.
Brat takes the Nickelodeon and Disney kids mostly
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Day ago
I think Lilia Buckingham is playing Heather Masterson comment if u agree or disagree
taylor lydakis
taylor lydakis 17 hours ago
it is her
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Day ago
I think Heather
Miss_Hemmings in the dark
Damn we’re is the boy from ??
Nicole Soucy
Nicole Soucy Day ago
I love it
Dinah VH
Dinah VH Day ago
Chamber of secrets vibes? Anyone else? Ya know, tom riddles diary...and Ginny? No? Just me? Okay.....
Jasmine Mehmi
I’m here from chicken girls
25k subscribers within 35 days challenge
What if the cheerleading assitant coach (Soffie Dossi) from Boss cheer is Nellie's daughter?
Legit Me
Legit Me Day ago
OMG is that the Mia that is friends with annie?
Life With Molly
Emily Effert
Emily Effert Day ago
Is Nellie Jo Chambers mom?
tbh keenan
tbh keenan Day ago
Yah it has a million views!
Fallon Burns
Fallon Burns Day ago
Elena L.
Elena L. Day ago
I think is too much drama for nothing like when the black girl said " he never was into you" of course he never was into her. They didn't even know eachother. They talk for 2 minutes. So yeah...too much drama
Bby Gacha
Bby Gacha Day ago
No to be rude or anything but that was the lamest fight I have ever seen. Apart from that I love this series, probably my favourite so far.
Allison Kinkle
Allison Kinkle 2 days ago
IG: Ogeszl
IG: Ogeszl 2 days ago
Such terrible acting and unnecessary drama music 😪. Such a cliche
tbh keenan
tbh keenan Day ago
Not like you could do any better 🤣 if it’s so bad why’s it got a million views? It’s doing better than Stuck and Red Ruby
Semona Campbell
Semona Campbell 2 days ago
That's the girl on Disney on the show dog the blog chloe
Kayla Bonds
Kayla Bonds 2 days ago
Nellie Chambers and Jo Chambers hmmm..
Chuba Bae
Chuba Bae 2 days ago
Girl from the movie Max?🤔🤔🤔 I can't even recall properly!
Matilde Marginean
Omg Chloe from dog with a blog!!!!!
rokaia adam
rokaia adam 2 days ago
Who's watching this because Annie's song
T.B_ C.J
T.B_ C.J 2 days ago
7:54 got me messed up couldn't be me woulda been ready to fight
T.B_ C.J
T.B_ C.J 2 days ago
I seen Tiffany on sum before I just can't remember
SadieMae 2 days ago
anyone else notice that the yearbook pictures are literally headshots
lil_star.xox 2 days ago
Is Lilia Buckingham in this show?
Omi Rondon
Omi Rondon 2 days ago
How can I get onto a brat show like please I’m about to turn 13 July 28 and I would love to act but I already know it’s probably not going to happen....
Yetzaily Medina
Yetzaily Medina 3 days ago
10:51 and that is the reason I'm never myself
Artistic _Sunny
Artistic _Sunny 3 days ago
Jm sorry they sleep in their uniform and inky have one set
Aseel Khamis
Aseel Khamis 3 days ago
I seen a movie so similar to this wth
CaTCh ME INSIDE 3 days ago
Next videos