Cristiano Ronaldo Respect Moments

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Cristiano Ronaldo Respect Moments


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Sep 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Christanto Theresa
Christanto Theresa 4 hours ago
I dont know how people still hate cristiano.
Supratim Chatterjee
When I saw that smile on Benzema I started having trust issues again
Suzan's [PokèStudiÒ]
Why messi,why ronaldo both of them are aeasome,guyz just respect those two greatest legend player.But for some reasons we love only one player.But both of them are good guys good players.
Health Is Wealth
Health Is Wealth 19 hours ago
Kuni Khatua
Kuni Khatua 23 hours ago
Hats off to this man
prasetyo ddd
prasetyo ddd Day ago
Ronaldo ajarin trik pemain bola kaya ronaldo
CRAFT 2020
CRAFT 2020 Day ago
Soy fanático y admirador de este man, de verdad eres el mejor. Sufriste mucho en el pasado solo merece felicidad y homenajes 💪👊✊👏👏. Tal vez nunca lo sepas pero mi hermano era del Real madrid y falleció hace tres años y cada vez que juega el real ME TRAE RECUERDOS DE EL(MI HERMANO), lloro de emoción y tristeza porque el era fan número 1. Aunque te aya ido del real no me importa porque te sigo igual... CR7 ERES EL MEJOR DIOS TE BENDIGA INFINITAMENTE
篠田剛 Day ago
He is the best soccer player in the world and at the same time has the best humanity
Sachin_ Parmar_81
My favorite player
Rock N' Goal
Rock N' Goal 2 days ago
Jesus Christ the Song is Powerful
Jamshid Rahimberganov
Ronaldo is great in world, he is king I love him
Hugo Teo
Hugo Teo 2 days ago
that moment with buffon.... RESPECT!
Лори Стоянова
This is the king in football
naivedhya jain
naivedhya jain 2 days ago
messi and ronaldo are best friends as they always try to improve each other
SMUGGLER 320 3 days ago
റോണോ ഉയിർ....
Noelle Raza Raza Noëlle
Nice video
Main Bola
Main Bola 3 days ago
Yess, love it.. He is a nice person, truely
tk free fire
tk free fire 3 days ago
Ronaldo es un hijo de puta nos traiciono
JAIME COELHO 3 days ago
O Ronaldo merece tudo , pois tudo o que tem foi devido ao seu esforco, ficara para sempre na nossa memoria.
GAMEX.esp clan
GAMEX.esp clan 3 days ago
1 like: if u think Ronaldo Is soo kind
KHIYAL SAHU 4 days ago
I love u Ronaldo
JGH 95
JGH 95 4 days ago
For me personally I think Ronaldo! I did use to think Messi, but with Ronaldo he just seems to like a challenge taking his career to different countries and winning trophies as-well! Messi still is a awesome player but its Ronaldo for me hands down.
Blec Hentaii
Blec Hentaii 5 days ago
Real Hero in my life
angelia mardianti
Best of the best, CR7 you are Best player in the world, we Will miss you playing againt to Manchester united. Please Come back
Ben Ben
Ben Ben 5 days ago
I love Messi and Ronaldo the same! I miss them when they will retire from football!
D Patel
D Patel 6 days ago
From mud to gold or stone to diamond. This is the life of Ronaldo. After his very hard work and sacrifice he is today Ronaldo. Everyone from us made this but without dedication and hard work nothing is possible. There for world have only Ronaldo , Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. This all person coming from very poor family. But they proove them selves, this is the life otherwise who knows us after our death. Love you Ronaldo from India.
Finde Die Wahrheit
he is definitely a good soul 🇩🇪💐🇩🇪
Ismaïla Gueye
Ismaïla Gueye 6 days ago
For me CR7 is the best player in the world. Respect,courage to him
Vinu Mani
Vinu Mani 6 days ago
Christiano kola mass
Darwin Suarez
Darwin Suarez 7 days ago
4:08 what is the name of the song who says to me is very cute
Simon lopes
Simon lopes 7 days ago
Like for Cristiano Ronaldo
james madders
james madders 7 days ago
DR 11
DR 11 8 days ago
That kid seriously asked for his signature on his messi boots 🤦🏾
Alex Montoya
Alex Montoya 8 days ago
Wtf music?
Arif Aktar
Arif Aktar 8 days ago
He is best
Rahim Mahi
Rahim Mahi 8 days ago
و ميسي يدعم فاليهود في تل ابيب ليقتلون اطفال فلسطين
Lucky Punch
Lucky Punch 8 days ago
ronaldo is one of example, effort will never betray u. from bottom to the sky
Rohan G
Rohan G 9 days ago
Alexander Jimenez
bro at 5:32 it got me
tayeb zarkani
tayeb zarkani 10 days ago
GG la vidéo gros
Celso Pedra
Celso Pedra 10 days ago
Hey Cris, you one of the best, of Charity, Proud if you... Keep it up!!!
Maulana Gufron
Maulana Gufron 10 days ago
Love the content. Football is all about love. Not racism and hate speech!
AMİL PRO 10 days ago
Ronaldo the man is
Partho Joarder
Partho Joarder 11 days ago
1 like= thousands of love from each for Ronaldo's noble character.
D.O.G 11 days ago
ayush basnet
ayush basnet 11 days ago
ronàldo is always best
cappucino nephew
cappucino nephew 11 days ago
foda-se, nunca me vou esquecer deste bicho
Breno Lopes
Breno Lopes 11 days ago
Ele vai ser um Deus pra eles!
FOX VIRUS 11 days ago
He both love each other ( Ronaldo and Messi ) But war is always make by fan
jai narayan
jai narayan 11 days ago
बंदे में दम है भाई👌👌👌
MG arrazi Musik
MG arrazi Musik 12 days ago
RONALDO is the best friends for all. Saya tidak suka bola tapi sy begitu suka sama RONALDO karna sifat dan jiwa sosialnya yg begitu besar Mana nih fans RONALDO angkat tangan
Bastoss S
Bastoss S 12 days ago
I love this guy so much !! What a legend CR7 !! ❤️
Shabaz Hasan
Shabaz Hasan 12 days ago
Its very interesting video bro 👌
Detroitboy1975 12 days ago
WOW So famous and so humble I'm really touched what a great player 👍👍👍👍👍
Милош 13 days ago
Muthukumaran Elumalai
Like brand names the most valuable Jersey number in the world irrespective of Sports is 07
Muhammad Kashif
Muhammad Kashif 13 days ago
Yes it's true hes born with an angel heart ❤️
Isaiah Romeo
Isaiah Romeo 13 days ago
Love you for your boy Isaiah
Bheem Singh
Bheem Singh 13 days ago
Love you love you bro
Gta Community
Gta Community 13 days ago
My man couldn’t lift his leg lmaoo 😂😂
D 0
D 0 14 days ago
Dia orangnya pengen orang bahagia.
luis amoros
luis amoros 14 days ago
Precioso video, de veras, muy hermoso. Muy emotivo.
Comp Tech
Comp Tech 14 days ago
0:55 future donald trump
Bicici Abdulkerim
Bicici Abdulkerim 14 days ago
I Love this man. God bless you CR7
Andri Ansyah
Andri Ansyah 14 days ago
Saya Suka Manusia yang Satu ini. Berjiwa dan Memanusiakan Manusia.
Muhammad Abdul Malik
0:02 if I ever meet him I am 99% sure I will be as dumbfounded as the kid 🤪. Just staring at him with these googly eyes like is it really him 😳
Ndack Kebe
Ndack Kebe 14 days ago
Danilo Pessoa
Danilo Pessoa 15 days ago
O maior de todos os tempos, o futebol terá que aguardar muitos anos para ver um outro jogador assim.
fakir miskin derson
Good boy
Top 10-7 S
Top 10-7 S 15 days ago
From will you get these fotages
Jesus Suarez
Jesus Suarez 15 days ago
Cristiano es el mejor jugador del mundo y es un gran killer
Chaman Bai
Chaman Bai 15 days ago
Messi is my favourite but Ronaldo is a great footballer
Suresh Kumar Yadav
Suresh Kumar Yadav 15 days ago
Very nice movement
sugan thi
sugan thi 16 days ago
Neenga eppavum vera level Thalaiva😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🔥🔥❣️❣️
Vmagic Football
Vmagic Football 16 days ago
Love you ! from Vietnam
KARMA WRÓCI 16 days ago
Kocham takie zachowanie. RESPEKT!
AZ ARISEKOLA 16 days ago
Who God has bless no man can curse.
Bruce Roeland
Bruce Roeland 17 days ago
0:00 look how happy those two kids were❤️
Avishek Karki
Avishek Karki 17 days ago
Please makes neymar jr. Resoect moments video.
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