Cristiano Ronaldo • All 20 Goals and Assists for Juventus 2018/19 • His First 20 Games for Juventus

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Cristiano Ronaldo • All 20 Goals and Assists for Juventus 2018/19 • His First 20 Games for Juventus • HD
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 12 goals and assist 8 more goals in his first 20 games as a Juventus player. Pretty incredible numbers for someone who just came to the league and is 33 years old after all.
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19 дек 2018

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FELXEON 2 месяца назад
Problems with RUvid made me reupload the video twice. First it got removed for NO REASON at All. Should be fine now. Hope you enjoy the video even if it's not the first time you're watching it. New video on friday!
Pierre Marie Celissaint
Pierre Marie Celissaint 14 дней назад
Rat No
Rat No 20 дней назад
penampakan hantu di indonesia
Kiki Tea
Kiki Tea Месяц назад
trinh thai nhon
trinh thai nhon Час назад
Cr7 mi10 #1
Just Normal
Just Normal 3 часа назад
The Knuckle ball and the volley goals are my favorite.
Druid Bard
Druid Bard 7 часов назад
A.perfect consumers footballer, good pr, good sponsors and a team that feeds him the ball, nothing special . Suarez has been a much betrer complete player than Ronaldo for at least 3 seasons.
Mugiwara Luffy
Mugiwara Luffy 14 часов назад
To score with weak foot mire than 50. Goals ,headers more than 70 free kicks more than 70 u missed only 25 penalties to be awarded in 4 leagues for me no need to prove more sorry i forget he’s the top scorer of UCL. This CR7
Luis Silva
Luis Silva День назад
é o maior de sempre no futebol
Luis Silva
Luis Silva День назад
é o maior de sempre
areen malik
areen malik День назад
Mochammad Andrew Fickry Mahardikha Tamin
And no one could stop me within juve on pes by now😎 No kidding ty
Moises Lopez
Moises Lopez 2 дня назад
Eres el mejor
Vito Bambang
Vito Bambang 2 дня назад
The best Cristiano Ronaldo
frafrafra frafrafra
frafrafra frafrafra 2 дня назад
grande cristiano un'onore averti alla juve. ora vediamo domani con l'atletico mi aspetto un bel calcio. vediamo
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 2 дня назад
Ronaldo is the best❤️❤️
Rishabh Shakya
Rishabh Shakya 2 дня назад
Ronaldo is hero
Ibramovic Membappe
Ibramovic Membappe 2 дня назад
Very unlucky with the Posts this year
SD goals
SD goals 2 дня назад
still Ronaldo is better than Messi
Kasia Brian
Kasia Brian 2 дня назад
Why make it end in a sad way? Now re-edit this video.?
Scorpio Snake
Scorpio Snake 3 дня назад
Ronaldo is not a bad player . He's quite alright .
Thanh My
Thanh My 3 дня назад
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Sean Usmanovich
Sean Usmanovich 3 дня назад
Let’s take a moment to applaud that save by De Gea. 👏🏼
Alex Alessandrini
Alex Alessandrini 3 дня назад
Il migliore di sempre!
Gantavya R
Gantavya R 3 дня назад
Even though the first assist wasn’t really an assist,It was really cool.
Zero. 3 дня назад
prince saturnin gueye
prince saturnin gueye 4 дня назад
he is the best
Ataques De Piezas
Ataques De Piezas 4 дня назад
Y asi los cules ardidos se atreven a decir que su enano pichi frío de Messi es mejor que Cristiano, ni sueñen farza 😆🤣😂😎
Atlac Pescador
Atlac Pescador 4 дня назад
P H E N O M E N A L . 🥇 Vs Man United Vs Milan Vs Napoli .... Vs série A
Joao jr79
Joao jr79 4 дня назад
Yes, he is the best. While he plays will be.
Tarlie Souza
Tarlie Souza 4 дня назад
Confesso que pensei que ele ia cair de produção, sei lá, idade, troca de time... Mais o cara é sinistro mesmo, um vacilo e ele resolve ! 👏👏👏👏👏
Vladimir Popovic
Vladimir Popovic 4 дня назад
john edwards
john edwards 4 дня назад
Why is everyone showing honour to a man with no dignity??
Aleksandar Kurčić
Aleksandar Kurčić 5 дней назад
Bashar Akkad
Bashar Akkad 5 дней назад
He will score 40 goals - best goal was with Manchester United.
Henrie Fau
Henrie Fau 5 дней назад
Good, and shit for milan & intershit
Trương Phương Nam
Trương Phương Nam 5 дней назад
Matheus Alexandre
Matheus Alexandre 5 дней назад
Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo matheus Alexandre dos Santos Silva
DC 5 дней назад
42 seconds in... first one is not his assist...
Fasiha Doll
Fasiha Doll 6 дней назад
Yeah Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Player In The World............
ThePangeranz 6 дней назад
Best in the world
Ullyani Chanel
Ullyani Chanel 6 дней назад
CR 7😘😍😍
Jonathan Spinoni
Jonathan Spinoni 6 дней назад
20 goals now... and counting!
Mr GOAT#1 6 дней назад
S ils vous les fans de CR7 pouvez vous allez voir les buts de messi cette saison et tapez votre comparaison svp merci🙏🏾🙅🏾‍♂️
Francisco Rubalcaba
Francisco Rubalcaba 6 дней назад
Cr7 plays so good with mandzuci , just like how he use to play back then with Marcelo
Francisco Rubalcaba
Francisco Rubalcaba 6 дней назад
Cr7 plays so good with mandzuci , just like how he use to play back then with Marcelo
Viking of Skandinavia
Viking of Skandinavia 6 дней назад
Best ever - JUVE
Andrej Dukoski
Andrej Dukoski 7 дней назад
joksaxd 7 дней назад
Before you make any comments on "Messi being the GOAT", please keep in mind he's been playing in the era of Puyol, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Eto'o for his first few seasons. He plays for 1 Club for the past decade, same teams, same players, same routine, same goals over and over and over again. If he went to any HIGH tier league in Europe he would struggle, trust me. If he didn't struggle against any other team outside of Spain he would win the champions league atleast twice in the last 5 years. This is just FACTS. He can't win anything with Argentina either, because It's not Barcelona.
Leo Michaels
Leo Michaels 19 часов назад
Ronaldo didnt play with legends? Serie A is below la liga in skill and ronaldo stood on the sidelines as PORTUGAL won the euros, the most ronaldo did in that euro final was cry
The Joker
The Joker 2 дня назад
joksaxd true same league same club for his entire carrier
Fanatactical 00
Fanatactical 00 7 дней назад
Matuidi est toujours à ses basques comme un gosse XD
Dorzho Erdyneev
Dorzho Erdyneev 7 дней назад
GENIUS. Troubleproof machine. What can i say )
Bijay Khanal
Bijay Khanal 7 дней назад
infinity goals best player #ronaldo #juve
Kevin 7 дней назад
Marie Bassimont
Marie Bassimont 7 дней назад
Cristiano Ronaldo • All 20 Goals
Rahul Thakur
Rahul Thakur 7 дней назад
Ronaldo sabko mardo
Narayanan Narayanan
Narayanan Narayanan 7 дней назад
He was super😚😚😚😚😚
Zeljko Ilic
Zeljko Ilic 8 дней назад
No one never like Ronaldo,absolute monster!
ちゃんゆう 8 дней назад
献身性もあるんだよ編集いいね♩ 最高の編集だと思う
FunnyLifeMoments 8 дней назад
e um orgulho presenciar a carreira do Cristiano Ronaldo eu como Português admiro a sua dedicação ele subiu a pulso para ser o que sonhou obrigado Cristiano e que a vida te continue a sorrir e que tu continues a fazernos sorrir xD
Ricardo TR
Ricardo TR 8 дней назад
Great video! Greetings from Nuevo León, Mex.
Slayer - Angel Of Death
Slayer - Angel Of Death 8 дней назад
Messi is and always will be the best in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who needs to train to be what he is! Messi was born with Magic!
Remix Ranks
Remix Ranks 8 дней назад
Manchester Ronaldo is BACK 👌 Dribblings 😍😍😍😍😍
Damiano Messinese
Damiano Messinese 8 дней назад
I'am supporter JUVENTUS only who see it understands the greatness
Quattro4life t
Quattro4life t 8 дней назад
Ronaldo is the lion and manduziek is like the hyena
Gaming Warriors
Gaming Warriors 9 дней назад
Consistency = Ronaldo and Messi ( Football ) Virat Kohli In cricket. We Indians love Ronaldo and Messi But we proud to be Player like Virat kohli if you never seen cricket than must watch
Julie Anne
Julie Anne 9 дней назад
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best. Change my mind.
Aromal S
Aromal S 9 дней назад
Messi is best
Bagus jati nugroho
Bagus jati nugroho 9 дней назад
Simply the best
sainaykha64 09791026585
sainaykha64 09791026585 9 дней назад
C R 7
Made In PiraYu
Made In PiraYu 10 дней назад
Hala Madrid y Nada Mas
nicky Gospel-thanga Hauheng
nicky Gospel-thanga Hauheng 10 дней назад
CR 7.serial top man skill
Ahmad Wildan
Ahmad Wildan 10 дней назад
1:39 he got 6 bodyguards but still make it gol.
elias alvarado
elias alvarado 10 дней назад
always the best. He is still the best.
Miguel angel Hernández Camacho
Miguel angel Hernández Camacho 10 дней назад
Cristiano goals ever
Bryan Guaraca Quito
Bryan Guaraca Quito 10 дней назад
El mejor jugador de la historia !!!
Ronald Lopez
Ronald Lopez 10 дней назад
This debate...is simple. Messi = lebron James. Ronaldo= Michael Jordan. I'll take Ronaldo.....but not easy choice
James Coco
James Coco 11 дней назад
I think he is way too overrated, most of his goals are tapins and penalties... nothing near the complexion of Messi goals .
SigitAS sigit
SigitAS sigit 11 дней назад
Ãlį Ńóløvé
Ãlį Ńóløvé 11 дней назад
The best💪
Rather Feik
Rather Feik 12 дней назад
Gran jugador! Mucho mejor que Suarez.
Sarah Azza
Sarah Azza 12 дней назад
I love Ronaldo so much 💖💖💖
gamer uk1989
gamer uk1989 12 дней назад
ronaldo is a legend!!!
edward miller
edward miller 13 дней назад
You just gatto love him
Ronaldo rich
Ronaldo rich 13 дней назад
Can you send me your email I want to talk
Joshua Mimana
Joshua Mimana 13 дней назад
Look at his goals, his assist, his creative ability........, He is not Messi. Ronaldo is good but to think he is better than Messi is just ridiculous. Look at Messi goals, assist, dribbles, creative ability......., That's a complete footballer. Ronaldo could be second, not first. He is good, but not Messi good.
ayieu medom
ayieu medom 13 дней назад
He made Juventus great.
redeyemc 13 дней назад
1 like = 1 part of sala gypsie body recovered in the sea.
dendi setiadi
dendi setiadi 13 дней назад
He is insane as a human
mgingle1 13 дней назад
Most of his assists are missed shots 😂
CrysisFear 14 дней назад
Legend already.
Cristiano Redoy
Cristiano Redoy 15 дней назад
N O V A 16 дней назад
Happy birthday 🎂🎈 to legend
E-Gaming 16 дней назад
ASİL İNSAN 17 дней назад
Isma elmara
Isma elmara 17 дней назад
What does CR7 eat or do in order to make those hard shoots when he doesnt have space at all
bhushan patil
bhushan patil 17 дней назад
Most valuable player on planet
bhushan patil
bhushan patil 17 дней назад
Cornelius Odonoghue
Cornelius Odonoghue 18 дней назад
1 word Ronaldo
BacInTime 18 дней назад
I hate when people are comparing Messi and Ronaldo and starting to have arguments who's better , who scored more goals and all this shit. STOP doing this and START enjoying their game because when you will realise you can compare them it could be too late. BTW subscribe to my channel is for free and I will subscribe back just to support each other @UCtQdVjVaddGJmpyeKTCPPLQ/featured
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