Cristiano Ronaldo • All 20 Goals and Assists for Juventus 2018/19 • His First 20 Games for Juventus

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Cristiano Ronaldo • All 20 Goals and Assists for Juventus 2018/19 • His First 20 Games for Juventus • HD
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 12 goals and assist 8 more goals in his first 20 games as a Juventus player. Pretty incredible numbers for someone who just came to the league and is 33 years old after all.
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Dec 19, 2018




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FELXEON 11 months ago
Problems with RUvid made me reupload the video twice. First it got removed for NO REASON at All. Should be fine now. Hope you enjoy the video even if it's not the first time you're watching it. New video on friday!
Yaseen Elshafey
Yaseen Elshafey 4 months ago
YO YO SONG NAME PLEASE PLEASE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE “ FELXEON” , I mean I know it’s not a song but I love to hear this violin , whatever the violin song name is called , text it back to me as soon as possible , I’m in love with this song 🎶🎵🎻💜🧡💚💙💜🤜🤛🏻🤜🤛🏻💙💕💘💖💗💓💞💜🖤💔💛🧡❤️
Pierre Marie Celissaint
Rat No
Rat No 10 months ago
penampakan hantu di indonesia
Kiki Tea
Kiki Tea 10 months ago
Murat Çiftçi
Murat Çiftçi 2 months ago
ronaldo really doesn't know very talented messi
Latif altundağ
Latif altundağ 3 months ago
ضايع طريقي
ضايع طريقي 3 months ago
Ronaldo was nicest and still that.!!
Mr Opy
Mr Opy 5 months ago
CR7 the best
Mr Opy
Mr Opy 5 months ago
Very good, come and visit to my channel
Nureddin İnced
Nureddin İnced 5 months ago
Ronaldo diye yazılır kral diye adam diye okudur ronaldo futbolcu olarakta insan olarak ta bana göre dünyanın en iyisi rabbim islamla şereflendirsin inşeallah müslümanlara yaptığı yardımları dünya biliyor
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy 6 months ago
Konami Game
Konami Game 7 months ago
I am messi fan , but i think ronaldo better than messi
22ФAКТ 7 months ago
Ronaldo All 30 goals for Juventus - ruvid.net/video/video-hh781aBjXfU.html
alex Cracker
alex Cracker 7 months ago
He is happy but he is lost with that team
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 7 months ago
not even a single goal that can rival Messi's performance this season.
STEEZIN HARDASF 7 months ago
That first assist tho🔥🔥🔥
Chris Tan
Chris Tan 7 months ago
Murat Bajrovic
Murat Bajrovic 7 months ago
3:32 soo he isnt a muslim?
Samuele Sandrini
Samuele Sandrini 7 months ago
enos baltazar
enos baltazar 8 months ago
More than half of this guy's goals comes from defensive mistakes or just happening to be there to tap it in. No doubt he has a strong ass leg, but not Messi
Akbar Ramdhani
Akbar Ramdhani 8 months ago
Kagakapa gakjebol yg penting udah berkunjung demi Juventus
Elvira Mirza
Elvira Mirza 8 months ago
is it just me who thinks suarez is better then ronaldo ?
olivier cara
olivier cara 8 months ago
I love you Ronaldo you are the best player you world ♥♥
Egidius Trisno
Egidius Trisno 8 months ago
Messi stupid and lol
k4bloggs 8 months ago
I don't have a preference between either of them.. but I highly doubt Messi could ever move to another team and perform as well as this. Also his legacy is cemented at Barca.. I don't think he could even leave if he wanted to.. not that he would
Rodrigo Vega
Rodrigo Vega 8 months ago
this is the best goals..?? and then we compare with messi ... this is a joke!!!
Rose Ngunangwa
Rose Ngunangwa 8 months ago
he is the best there is. I have been moving with him to every team. He makes you want to see his footwork simply entertaining!
Sembung Santri
Sembung Santri 8 months ago
Nyesel dah u madrid jual cr7
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Do you see how confident Juventus now are, this man makes a difference wherever he goes, CR7 is a MOTIVATION in any team, in fact in general, what a remarkable and phenomenal character he is. Please tell me which other player you know in football is as reliable as CR7? Please tell me who is a more bigger game changer than CR7? Please tell me who can do it better than CR7? Only if you guys can be honest.
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen 8 months ago
I love CR7 ruvid.net/video/video-aiiYS0k-4cs.html
Lionel Durga
Lionel Durga 8 months ago
Rinaldo I like you too
Enry Fax
Enry Fax 8 months ago
W l'Italia e la Juve
Tosta Details
Tosta Details 8 months ago
And this is why he is better than Messi. Messi always played for barca. Ronaldo played for 5 teams (including his childhood team in Madeira and Sporting of Lisbon) and in all 5 he has been a champion.
Adrien PAVIA
Adrien PAVIA 8 months ago
Matuidi is always here when Ronaldo finished his celebration ahahah Good fan boy 😭😭
AYDIN FİTNESS 8 months ago
*Ben demedim mi terminator yine başarıcak?!*
vanguardsky 9 months ago
man, juventus boring as fuck like old man try to play soccer so slowwwwwwww
calon imam
calon imam 9 months ago
Ronaldo the king Champions
BASAQ SPOR 9 months ago
Ronoldo harda qelebe orda
JP RV 9 months ago
The Great Portuguese Dragon Greatest Proud Of Portugal
Komik videolar
Komik videolar 9 months ago
Gevur team ne dediğinizi pek anlamadım ama adam efsane 🔥🔥🔥
Filippo Finazzi Agro
I hate Ronaldo 😠
Anson Than
Anson Than 9 months ago
Ali & Fraser, Jordan (Bull dynasty) Federer & Nadal, Messi & Ronaldo. Any idea how lucky we are? 😌😌😌
Mr. Burlon
Mr. Burlon 9 months ago
Dybala looks like the first spiderman
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