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Criss Angel is considered one of the best, if not the best magician in the world. In spite of all the astounding magic he has done to date, people still find it tough to figure out his amazing secrets.
So, be it his famous beach trick, or splitting a woman in two halves, in this video we are gonna unlock the top secrets behind Criss Angel's greatest magic tricks of all time.
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Below is the featured list of Criss Angel's Top 5 Magic Tricks revealed:
At number 5: The Beach Trick
At number 4: The Chain Trick
At number 3: Splitting in Half Illusion
At number 2: Walking Through Glass
At number 1: Walking on Water
Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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So guys, which trick did you like the most?
Name any Criss Angel trick you would want us revealed?
Leave us a comment below..
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Comments 80
FactoFusion Year ago
Hey Guys, as we had promised to reveal Criss Angel's best magic tricks, and we did that! hope you guys now know the exact secrets behind those tricks. Revealing Cut in half illusion was quite tricky, hope now you guys understood the secret behind it. By the way, do you have any other Criss Angel trick that you want us to reveal?
Lowcountry Native 843
What about the one where he levitates everyone in the park?
Michael Acaro
Michael Acaro Month ago
When you reveled the trick about going through the glass you didn’t talk about the fact of the open sign that is put on the glass
Carol Olson
Carol Olson Month ago
I left a comment on how Chris Angel pulled a needle out of his belly button n how he switched a pregnant woman to her daughter ?
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez Month ago
FactoFusion thanks for clear my mind
yuvaraj sankar
yuvaraj sankar Month ago
Reveal dynamos tricks
Walter Flesvig
How does chris angel levitate?
HaxorHzn Day ago
All Actors
Lila Lelu
Lila Lelu 2 days ago
Kusura bakmayin..hiçbir açıklaması yok....magia okadar!!
Veronika Romanova
Chris Angel is na Schwarze magier
qArtz 4 days ago
Ruined my childhood :(((
Duece Staine
Duece Staine 4 days ago
Wat a fuckin loser
Duece Staine
Duece Staine 4 days ago
So he's just a fake
Donny Mckinnon
Donny Mckinnon 4 days ago
What about when he walked on the lake? Was that done the same way as the pool, i would think he had to do it a different way because he walked a longer distance, the water was darker and harder to see underwater, so my guess is he had to change how he did it, compared to the pool.
little_outlaw08 5 days ago
There was a knot in the chain the false loop dosent have a knot when you pull it
I am Woke
I am Woke 5 days ago
Nicole Negron
Nicole Negron 6 days ago
hey criss angel, do you think you can make the coronavirus disappear?
Syukur Abdullah
Syukur Abdullah 6 days ago
Reveal the levitating
ivan castro
ivan castro 6 days ago
My sister tought me that
ivan castro
ivan castro 6 days ago
My sister tEntonces
jovone dube
jovone dube 7 days ago
Uhmm everyone brings a blanket to the beach??
Arijeet Dasgupta
Arijeet Dasgupta 8 days ago
It was funny to see Chris angel performing and the masked magician revealing his tricks on the same channel 😅
kkarx Day ago
Those were pretty lame tricks since everyone knows there is only one way how to do these tricks. You dont need explanation like "There is a platform in the water" or "There is a hole in the glass" or "fake legs, he really did not cut those people in a half".....
Aziz Yelen
Aziz Yelen 8 days ago
dakika 11:42 de kamera cama temas ediyor suya sokarken dikkatli bakın !
sofiaqueen UwU
sofiaqueen UwU 10 days ago
Scott Stokes
Scott Stokes 12 days ago
Talk to much, not wity
Lord of Winterfell
Lord of Winterfell 12 days ago
Why d hell we need to call him a magician...?? When everyone is paid actor.....
super rat
super rat 12 days ago
wait.. you dont bring blankets to the beach?
Stone Cold's Dad
Stone Cold's Dad 13 days ago
This isn’ t very Mindfreak of you
Tsuki Hoshi
Tsuki Hoshi 13 days ago
* 6:14 * Must be painful? Eh?
Joshua Soto
Joshua Soto 14 days ago
David Blaine's better
Steve H
Steve H 15 days ago
He's not well liked at Magic Castle from what ive heard. One reason being he doesn't dress appropriately.
OXYMORON 15 days ago
The power of emo magician king
SnootY 16 days ago
That splitting in half is plain and simple Fraud! damn.
Rob Harms
Rob Harms 17 days ago
Who brings blackets to the beach? Fuckin everybody ...
hi.1 2
hi.1 2 17 days ago
The chain trick is easy
june 18 days ago
My Mom and I were huge Criss Angel fans when I was younger, I was always so amazed as a child, now that I know that it’s all fake is saddening 😔
Knowledge Sea
Knowledge Sea 19 days ago
FactoFusin you have removed pants of all magicians in public made them naked in our eyes haha
Ahsaash Ahsaas
Ahsaash Ahsaas 19 days ago
I m biggggggggggg fan Criss
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 19 days ago
The guy's acting at 9:08 isn't fooling anyone! Hahaha
98all legend
98all legend 20 days ago
The tower transfer tho?
Izaac guerra
Izaac guerra 20 days ago
*Eu sou o Br que vc procura*
Satch Persaud
Satch Persaud 20 days ago
Hay at least he's employing the handicapped, this guy should never be called a magician
Bilal Manaf
Bilal Manaf 20 days ago
number 3 i dont nwo difecilt
stormz media
stormz media 21 day ago
wow editing, plexiglass and hired actors. he so amazing
Gamer Yensenbam
Gamer Yensenbam 22 days ago
Haters gonna hate
Asif Ghouri
Asif Ghouri 22 days ago
reveal the secret how chris & copper field flew?
Chris Styles
Chris Styles 22 days ago
All these magic tricks revealed show how naive we all r...lol...they really take advantage of the idiotic part of our brains...
Jake Dee
Jake Dee 22 days ago
There was this Philosopher talking to his buddy and he said; "Do you want to know the trick how a Magician can saw a lady in half ?" "Yeah sure" "Well this is the trick, He doesn't. He just makes it LOOK like he saws a lady in half !" "OK then, how does he make it look like he saws a lady in half ?" "How the hell should I know ? I'm a Philosopher, not a Magician !"
Wow how claver he was
sarlon51 23 days ago
Some of this stuff is kind of obvious if you know basic physics or knot tying in the case of the chain.
faisi xd
faisi xd 24 days ago
You are amazing After watching your video i am just subscribed your channel
Amarie Farari
Amarie Farari 24 days ago
I knew he was a scam 😂
Aint Rite
Aint Rite 25 days ago
Well if I were ever a Criss Angel fan I wouldn't be one now!
lnguyenmd 25 days ago
"When it comes to cutting people in half, Chris Angel is the best"; really? With camera cuts and paid actors for tv audience only? You've got to be kidding!
MakerInMotion 26 days ago
Penn and Teller are magicians. Criss Angel is a video editor.
abdul karim
abdul karim 28 days ago
There is a not in the trick idiots
ABDUL RAHMAN 28 days ago
The cutting in half , I was scared when i was kid thinking how they will live there life for ever
sideskroll 29 days ago
So? Who the fuxk cares?? Why make a video about that hack? I can do those "tricks" as well... With plants, editing and camera angles its easy as shit...
ɪɪ vince sy ɪɪ
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell Month ago
all these people in the comment section hating on chris angel im sure are the same ones who religiously tuned into to his tv show mind freak
MORAD MIMO Month ago
if you see video , before 1 mn 17 sec , you see shade of trash, and only sun, not shade of tress , after a big moment, he return and he change man and woman, with disabled man and woman, meaning without feet , because you see shade of trees and not shade of trash, ok this video have been made in who or three hours , and handicape woman is not the first woman, she lookslike and not at 100 % CRIS ANGEL HYPOCRITE AND LIE
Freddy Gamez
Freddy Gamez Month ago
The shoe is a paid actor
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Month ago
Only problem with your window explanation is that the help open sign doesn’t move.
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin Month ago
In the first one, the assistants were hiding in a hole back closer to the water. If you watch the fake Chris run in slow motion, he jumps down into a hole and disappears. Lmao
peter Junaedi
peter Junaedi Month ago
Your explanation makes no sense for me, I guess you want to lay down cris... be creative and be realistic if you want to lay someone, sorry to say l: you look stupid ...
Bobby Salisu
Bobby Salisu Month ago
All the fear I had for Criss Angel since I was 11 have just vanished tonight
Sivolee Paul
Sivolee Paul Month ago
What's the outro song???
Lak Dørñ
Lak Dørñ Month ago
Fake all 100% fake fake fake fake noob
I knew about the water one.
Jason Haradyn
Jason Haradyn Month ago
FactoFusion claims that Criss Angel is one of the greatest magicians in the world and then explains how his tricks involve camera editing and paid actors. Yeah, that makes sense.
The Groot Man
The Groot Man Month ago
Come on guys, you have to admit you were entertained by his "magic tricks". Don't act like pretentious disappointed freaks.
Carol Olson
Carol Olson Month ago
I have 2 questions on the secret's revealed for Chris Angel , the first one is , how does he do that trick pulling the needle out of his belly button ? The other question is , how did he trade a mom being pregnant to her daughter being pregnant ? Those were my favorite magic trick's . It really blew my mind , for sure ..
xerravon Month ago
When CA comes out of blanket you can kind of see fake CA way in background.
Vince Nguyen
Vince Nguyen Month ago
L A Month ago
The OG jabreezy
Wolfchacer01 Month ago
True magicians can do their tricks on the spot without needing 6 hours to create the effect. However that split in two trick would be impossible without paid actors, this is what we call TV or Movie magic which is far different than actual stage magic.
Maggy'z Lauree
Maggy'z Lauree Month ago
If he editing cut camera then the audience also are in the trick or what🤔🤔🤔
Risen Lord Lulent
Just reproduce the tricks your self
Bulb 66
Bulb 66 Month ago
Just ask him to do a trick with an actual audience without paid actors
jr reynolds
jr reynolds Month ago
Steam roller n wood chipper trick
R. Lee
R. Lee Month ago
9:31 "the fact is, it was all real" huuuuuuhhh??? Rut row Raggy!
GT. Speedin
GT. Speedin Month ago
1:00 believe it or not this is how I was born
LaraD Month ago
These are all really well done versions of pre-existing illusions, even things like the chain thing are decades old. He’s not some genius coming up with them, just very sensational about the way he does them.
Birdman PB
Birdman PB Month ago
@ 3:02 you can actually tell that the assistant is getting to his mark and going to lay down. He starts curving left and going towards the ground
Rashad Month ago
Criss just watched the program (Magician greatest secrets finally revealed) and trained hard to redo all the tricks
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