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Criss Angel is considered one of the best, if not the best magician in the world. In spite of all the astounding magic he has done to date, people still find it tough to figure out his amazing secrets.
So, be it his famous beach trick, or splitting a woman in two halves, in this video we are gonna unlock the top secrets behind Criss Angel's greatest magic tricks of all time.
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Below is the featured list of Criss Angel's Top 5 Magic Tricks revealed:
At number 5: The Beach Trick
At number 4: The Chain Trick
At number 3: Splitting in Half Illusion
At number 2: Walking Through Glass
At number 1: Walking on Water
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So guys, which trick did you like the most?
Name any Criss Angel trick you would want us revealed?
Leave us a comment below..
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Feb 22, 2019




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Comments 80
FactoFusion Year ago
Hey Guys, as we had promised to reveal Criss Angel's best magic tricks, and we did that! hope you guys now know the exact secrets behind those tricks. Revealing Cut in half illusion was quite tricky, hope now you guys understood the secret behind it. By the way, do you have any other Criss Angel trick that you want us to reveal?
BARACKOBAMA 15 days ago
IF FOOD has color, why is shit always brown?
mcvette1977 19 days ago
Larry Lovings
Larry Lovings 2 months ago
Please do a video on his levitation tricks. I cannot for my life figure out how he is doing it.
Lowcountry Native 843
What about the one where he levitates everyone in the park?
Michael Acaro
Michael Acaro 3 months ago
When you reveled the trick about going through the glass you didn’t talk about the fact of the open sign that is put on the glass
Daniel Hott
Daniel Hott 4 hours ago
That's why he wears all those tacky, shiny accessories, to throw you off when he's performing "magic"...
Reelando 2x
Reelando 2x 22 hours ago
Titok revealed a lot of magic tricks
JJanzel Gaming
JJanzel Gaming 22 hours ago
Duo with Michael bay and he'd be the best in magician history😯
mister dj calvz
Warwick Balor
In think David Blaine is better!
Peter Ward
Peter Ward Day ago
'Scare people's bollocks. They are mostly if not all plants for the camera.
John Braucher
What about the stuff he does right in front of our faces, and if he is using time and camers magic it's not real magic. It's like a regular movie. They do shit like that all the time in Hollywood. Not magic
John Braucher
If it was a false knot why was there a knot at the end...
Jonah Adams
Jonah Adams Day ago
My problem with the glass sliding up is the sign in the window. I know that’s easily solved but it somewhat added to the illusion. Still not a magician tho
tcomneo Day ago
12:54 ...noone
Calvin Fisk
Calvin Fisk Day ago
Is this the same guy who narrates wrestling videos?
John Blackburn
John Blackburn 2 days ago
Hes not a magician, he's a video editor. He should feel embarrassed for having to pay actors to act surprised
wertdeg 2 days ago
alcatreZ 3445
alcatreZ 3445 3 days ago
Well..thats magician..u want him cut people alive??
Adil F
Adil F 5 days ago
Conspiracy theories, Criss is a real magician.
Dmen Watson
Dmen Watson 6 days ago
I litterly think I’m a better magician then hum
Kore Sora
Kore Sora 6 days ago
You are very wrong
Kore Sora
Kore Sora 6 days ago
You are very wrong
Nika Darchiashvili
how is this guy so famous? none of his tricks require skill. Just money so that he can pay people
chiquilina4u 7 days ago
I'm sure all people commenting never saw a live show .....its shocking and I never get paid
br CD CV h FD TTY iyendanfrirtgrdrfuui drake
Not to be mean but how does he or she know what the magicians behind the scene are
Mike Killino
Mike Killino 8 days ago
6:14 Lol! The lady in green ran away and dropped that dude on his dome.
Jake Jones
Jake Jones 8 days ago
Ok, let's see you reveal the Luxor Levitation trick.
myles 9 days ago
yall need to fr pop a chill pill. phony or not, its still entertainment. i didnt even blink when i watched criss angel as a kid, and even now, its still entertaining to watch. no magic is real, all magicians and illusionists are actors
Jerry Cole
Jerry Cole 9 days ago
Funny that people talk so much shit about him because his tricks are fake, like they think magic is real or something lmao
Ron Garner
Ron Garner 10 days ago
How did he walk through the gate?
Hey that music is from WHERES BARRY’s CHANNEL!!!
Rodrigo Mondingo
Rodrigo Mondingo 13 days ago
I feel so jipped now, thanks Cris!!
Eric Walls
Eric Walls 14 days ago
Yeah this guy is really an obnoxious fraud. There is 1 problem with the sliding window tho, not defending him, but there was an 'open' sign on the window which would had slid too
Kimpo 1000
Kimpo 1000 14 days ago
Arne Dopudja
Arne Dopudja 15 days ago
He is the original prank guy. It all went downhill from there and now we are stuck with youtubers that do such shit.
jo wel
jo wel 15 days ago
Criss angel's
am i ajoke to you
am i ajoke to you 18 days ago
You just ruined my childhood
Yukyu Park
Yukyu Park 18 days ago
Now i can die in peace
Rao Rajput
Rao Rajput 19 days ago
U r amazing ❤️
robdee81 19 days ago
Best magician in the world TROLOLOLOL
Verbunden 19 days ago
You're just reading a comment from the original video. At least give credit to the guy who wrote that comment.
Elbert langhu
Elbert langhu 20 days ago
These guy is not a magician..he is someone who fools others that he is a magician
Chelsey Turnbull
Chelsey Turnbull 23 days ago
the window trick and chain trick are filmed at the same spot lol
Anthony Koeslag
Anthony Koeslag 23 days ago
I can feel my IQ dropping
Turisha Terrell
Turisha Terrell 25 days ago
Min freak
BluntBadger 25 days ago
Criss Angel is the shittiest magician of them all! What an hack!
oSiyu binx
oSiyu binx 25 days ago
I've been lied to my whole child hood :(
Tank Connors
Tank Connors 26 days ago
I Think it would have been a different story if most people had 4k Tvs when Criss Angel was doing his illusions...lol....480p helps a lot...
Gary Twitchett
Gary Twitchett Month ago
Dynamo does all these tricks, which means it's standard illusions.
lolo saith
lolo saith Month ago
What about live shows with real audience
mOejOe33 Month ago
People in the comments know Chris Angel is cheezy. Does Chris know he's a cheezy "magician"? Does Chris know that he's not fooling anyone?
Black Fairchild
Black Fairchild Month ago
What sick fucks would volunteer to tighten a chain around a strangers neck??? Lmaoooooo
Yang Gehazi Ingam
My mum said he was using satanic powers.
Isr Oz
Isr Oz Month ago
Criss Angel was neither magician nor illusionist ,,, he was world Shortest Movies actor
daniel vargas
daniel vargas Month ago
Eres el puto amo
Water trick is awsome
James West
James West Month ago
Most of the people that go see Criss Angel's Mindfreak say they hate it.
baneelmental razor
Haha theres no magic there's no power atheist is the best 😁
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Month ago
I actually found out Chris angels secret to alot of his magic tricks from an insider. He has a twin brother.
RedEyeJedi Month ago
Criss Angel is a joke
Latashia's world
I thought it would choke him
Bima Chandra
Bima Chandra Month ago
haters gonna say it was fake
Shatika Simmons
Shatika Simmons Month ago
Yeah mind blowing
Barney Ray
Barney Ray Month ago
Fäyè Month ago
vikas s
vikas s Month ago
All magicians are happy people......
unkown entity
unkown entity Month ago
Omg this dude is giving me a headache
Steve Mccart
Steve Mccart Month ago
Any trick done strictly on t.v. and not an audience is just not right. No skill there
eduar ed
eduar ed Month ago
Pretty sure magician hate this type of shows...
Abdul Jamil Akrampour
Lmao😂😝 Who else is happy be seeing that Chris is fake
primovid Month ago
Ha...I always thought those people Criss had as an audience were fake! Thanks for finally confirming that!
Altaïr Reader
Altaïr Reader Month ago
Criss Makes Me Cringe So Hard. 😬
Joseph Sailo
Joseph Sailo Month ago
Doug Bull
Doug Bull Month ago
Man so disappointed i always thought shit was real.i hate you chris angel.i really thought you sold your soul to satan
Navin Manoharan
Navin Manoharan Month ago
Thanks for the vedio!!
Mind Fresh
Mind Fresh Month ago
Not even himself he doesn't fool anymore
Tem zugaia
Tem zugaia Month ago
You can fool the shadow
Marcos Zarate
Marcos Zarate Month ago
Such a phony and even I can become a magician with paid assistants and actors. Haha
Heath Barker
Heath Barker Month ago
He's no damn magician. Not even close.
lchadwick88 Month ago
What a twat
Karl Weierstrash
well I can do this yet I'm broke AF
Luggi83 Month ago
I'll spare you a few minutes: Paid actors and editing.
MontanaxTyler Month ago
I just want to know if ice cube was in on one of his tricks on that one episode
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