Criss Angel & Jonathan Davis Exclusive Music Video Premiere

Criss Angel
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Exclusive music video premiere from the first immersive Vegas spectacle - Criss Angel Mindfreak at Planet Hollywood! A haunting collaboration by Criss Angel & Jonathan Davis of Korn for Criss' alter ego "Xristos" NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!


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Dec 11, 2018




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Comments 80
José Rodríguez
José Rodríguez 24 days ago
The crow
Dysruptionz Month ago
Actually you'll find it literally is a Jonathan Davis featuring Criss Angel track, Korn has way too much talent to be played off as second in this..
BillyJack85 3 months ago
You would think selling your soul to the devil for millions of $$s would give you the ability to make a halfway decent song
Andrea Owen
Andrea Owen 3 months ago
That was disturbing, I can honestly say that was the only time I couldn't stand to watch criss angel
Alex Robbins
Alex Robbins 4 months ago
Awesome 😎 really awesome 👏 nice 👍
DJ Blur
DJ Blur 5 months ago
sounds like needs a good Remaster....
Rubén el Magias
Rubén el Magias 5 months ago
why are you so fucking good at everything, I wish I was your son
Esmeralda Glandon
Esmeralda Glandon 6 months ago
I love this, great job guys!❤❤❤
Truck93 7 months ago
I love this song
Kyle Salisburg
Kyle Salisburg 7 months ago
What song is this
ManubrioReds 8 months ago
Ya Marilyn Manson ha hecho todo esto...
Mlad Zuzana
Mlad Zuzana 9 months ago
you are mi favorite
Luckky One
Luckky One 10 months ago
I saw Criss' show on broadway a couple weeks ago, and this built up to his appearance on stage and it was DOPE. YO. So sick.
Iqra Waqar
Iqra Waqar 10 months ago
My love
Lunar Child
Lunar Child 11 months ago
I need this now!!
ThunderHorsePyro 11 months ago
Love it! More please.
Kim Twister
Kim Twister 11 months ago
Lunar Child
Lunar Child Year ago
I'm here for them both . He picked criss for a reason 🤟🏽
GhostVR Year ago
Anybody think Criss Angel would be a perfect Joker? After seeing this video....i seen Joker.
Vinnie TheMovieMan
This is sick I love the video it's inspirational I wanna do a short film like this!
Enrique Araujo
Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce Year ago
Hi !
Mist 696
Mist 696 Year ago
where can i find the song from 2:04 it's soo cool.
John Year ago
He’s definitely a satanist
Sean Santamaria
Diarrhea Halloween
Love the show
Heba Hisham
Heba Hisham Year ago
Ok...... Criss Angel is doing too much really
Taja Devi
Taja Devi Year ago
i wish their pain will dissapear sometime soon
Bts.Monsta X. Edits
If y’all have a problem with CRISS DONT WATCH IT simple as that just go search up Jonathan Davis’ name on RUvid and you’ll find videos but leave Criss the hell alone I’m just proud that he’s still doing magic and still amazes fans why are y’all talking shit like omg he’s 50 and still doing magic at Planet Hollywood so next time y’all wanna talk stuff look at how successful he’s doing with MINDFREAK LIVE!!!
Ram Ayala
Ram Ayala Year ago
Is this a solo project that JD is working on or just a video CA and JD wanted too do
Cris Mauro
Cris Mauro Year ago
Luc3r01 Year ago
Just here caused the Mindfreak show in Vegas this song video came out so awesome 👏 show!!!!!
A5AP KillThemAll
When did Criss Angel get so fucking weird? His Vegas show is kinda weird I guess but damn
Wendy A. Presley
Much a do about nothing
Reed Gill
Reed Gill Year ago
That's so hot.
Rebecca Benway
Why am I turned on by this?
Imane Eddahbi
Imane Eddahbi Year ago
Sry (I like it ♥♥♥)
Imane Eddahbi
Imane Eddahbi Year ago
Sry (I like it ♥♥♥)
Imane Eddahbi
Imane Eddahbi Year ago
Awsome I love it ♥
Gotti 35
Gotti 35 Year ago
Esse clip ficou bem mais louca que o oficial mesmo onde ele caminha em um beco onde há moradores de rua (fictício)!! Curto porém bacana
Loyal Year ago
Crazy ass video for crazy ass people. ✌✌ Right on Criss 💀💀
v mun
v mun Year ago
This video would have been better if it was just jonathan alone doing all of what chris is doing.
Dawn Hughes
Dawn Hughes Year ago
Killa thanks!
simon centeno
simon centeno Year ago
Fucken Blows!!
Micaela Mariel Bustos
like si jonathan tiene la cara como una papa
محمد المبيض
Nathan Vigil
Nathan Vigil Year ago
Mikan's Giant Bongos
I'mi not the only one that hears that sample of "Birthright" by celldweller right at the end, am I?
VESSEL Year ago
Why did they use the bass riff to Celldweller's birthright at the end? It's an EXACT rip from the song too :/
Sandra Davis
Sandra Davis Year ago
Fadil Fawzi
Fadil Fawzi Year ago
Well, it's time for JD to collaborate with Klayton Celldweller, oh wait, he used the Birthright riffs at the end.
Nathan Mondragon
Nine Inch Nail.. Tool.. Alice Cooper..The Crow. Was all I saw in that video. Criss Angel is Garbage
Vanis Navarro
Vanis Navarro Year ago
My infancy ❤
Badkittymia meow
The guitar riff at the end that leads into that Celldweller song sparked a primal excitement within me.
Amber Meeks
Amber Meeks Year ago
Love this video with Jonathan
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Dam i wanted to hear criss
Tad Dunavan
Tad Dunavan Year ago
Awesome track, but the video certainly didn't need to have "Mind Freak" in it! But, then again if you're making the video why not have your mug plastered all over it!
Miguel Aguero
Miguel Aguero Year ago
satanism pure
polie79 Year ago
Disappointed ...weak song, terrible video. C'mon JD...one of the worst Kornish ever
Iqra Amjad
Iqra Amjad Year ago
God satan🙏
Iqra Amjad
Iqra Amjad Year ago
Hail satan
Iqra Amjad
Iqra Amjad Year ago
Really if Iam there criss and me in this drakness and we star sex really I feel this drakness like heaven and I would like to do all night and day😍😘
Iqra Amjad
Iqra Amjad Year ago
Real satan 💋
Iqra Amjad
Iqra Amjad Year ago
Omg my real satan
EL Parasito de la Web
Joshua Plummer
Song sucks
Luckky One
Luckky One Year ago
For those completely misunderstanding, read the description. This is a part of Criss' new show, which is why he's in it. It follows a performance in the show that plays Birthright which is why u hear it in the end. Really cool vibe to this video, perfect display of the Xristos character.
Tara Firman
Tara Firman Year ago
I think Criss is an amazing artist he's been threw way too much.Great song too I know what to do when it comes to the gun thing I watched a self defense guy Oren on ruvid.net/video/video-FQY4GIu4nbU.html … CRISS GET WITH THIS GUY OREN HE'S EXCELLENT HE COMES ON DIRECT TV CHANNEL 366 ISRAELI KRAV MAGA
Misaki Akuma
Misaki Akuma Year ago
I love you Criss ,i'm your loyal since long time, n you are always the best!!
السعوديه جراريين
ان احب كريس انجل
Ana de Grey de harlock Gabriel biagosh XYZ
Me encanta criss angel
Cat Phillips
Cat Phillips Year ago
Where's the rest of it?
Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. Year ago
hahahahaha the parts where he has the gun pointed at, or strangling Johnathan Davis looks like he is contemplating really hard about choosing to have this loser in this video hahahahaha Happy New Year!!! Honestly looks like you are trying to promote Knott's Scary Farm.
Steven Morris
Steven Morris Year ago
The song is great but this is the worst
Loudon Heimsoth
Remember Criss Angel?
Asmr Squire
Asmr Squire Year ago
Good song wish it was longer tho :(
Sander de Moenk
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Elijah Odonnell
I hated this. Ruined my thoughts on this.
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