Criss Angel BeLIEve: Bug You Out (On Spike)

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Criss gives bystanders a scare when he asks them to think of something fearful, then brings their horrors to life.

Tune in to Criss Angel BeLIEve airing Tuesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.

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Nov 14, 2013




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Comments 80
Satria Lucas
Satria Lucas Month ago
LoL bug u out
Pripovedanja TV
Pripovedanja TV 3 months ago
People are afraid of animals
ivan Juarez
ivan Juarez 5 months ago
1:43 she had a cricket up her ass thats why she was walking like that 😂😂😂
Dajjal in the real world
Sophia da first teehee
I would have wrote down money and take da money lol
Xander Esparza
Wrote on someone's back when there was a flat surface next to her
Sophie e Daphne Silva
Ele e bem rápido, mas reparem no login da bolsa...ele troca com esse movimento sutil q ele faz.
Sophie e Daphne Silva
Em 0:31 da p ver ele trocando a bolsa.
Oliver c
Oliver c Year ago
1:27 he didnt even open the bag yet and they all start yelling anyway 😂
SacredLust97 Year ago
I don't know...a lot of magicians do use spirit magic to be able to accomplish such performances. Not all magic is simply mirrors and gadgets with camera tricks, that is clearly meant to mislead the people into thinking it's all fake.
Chandan Kumar.P
Chandan Kumar.P 2 years ago
boooo dk
live.your. ownway
live.your. ownway 2 years ago
Im scared of....know what surprise me...lmao👍😂
RACHEL02189 2 years ago
a ton of cash LOL
Oscar Espinoza
Oscar Espinoza 2 years ago
I like his show he's funny
Ashley Garnett
Ashley Garnett 2 years ago
well,yea it would work if in that moment you could cause yourself to be literally scared of a billion dollars.
Ashley Garnett
Ashley Garnett 2 years ago
oh those damn bus stops
Ashley Garnett
Ashley Garnett 2 years ago
Generation X
Generation X 2 years ago
Lol money I like that joke 🤣
Gurjeet Deol
Gurjeet Deol 2 years ago
People don’t be decided THIS IS REAL . but it’s not innocent . Chris doesn’t do his magic thru his own skill , but rather , he makes pacts and agreements with spirits (fallen angles) Chris is on his way to hell unless he repents and turns to Jesus Christ
Nini Tau
Nini Tau Year ago
What girl walks around with a empty purse?
Conhan D.
Conhan D. 2 years ago
Devansh Maheshwari
Devansh Maheshwari 2 years ago
Dynamo is better than u
ece kürt kızı
ece kürt kızı 3 years ago
şeytan diyor Allah sını kardeşim
Luis Paulo
Luis Paulo 3 years ago
At 0:30 he turns his glasses on and at 0:35 he turns again as he asks her questions ... fakkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee
Shadow 3 years ago
All of these videos are Fake Sorry to say that
Edward KING
Edward KING 3 years ago
people make me scared because I can't stare CRISS
Cami navarro
Cami navarro 3 years ago
sos un capo criss angel ;)
Paul Honkaneva
Paul Honkaneva 3 years ago
this is some serious mindfuck
Agigator 7
Agigator 7 4 years ago
At 1:09 she started folding the piece of paper before he told her to. Fake....
Christopher Eicher
Christopher Eicher 3 years ago
she had a conscience. hahaha...yeah.. Right.....no such thing
Obstriegel 4 years ago
she should have said rabbits.. than he would had a problem :D Well i´s eddiing and fage audiance anyway
The Magicianist
The Magicianist 4 years ago
There in on it
mst speed
mst speed 4 years ago
I shouldve wrote dow money😂
Claire Chan
Claire Chan 4 years ago
I'm afraid of snakes 🐕
Fatou Tunkara
Fatou Tunkara 4 years ago
emilio vargas04
emilio vargas04 4 years ago
1:42 if only that could work 💵💵💵💸💸💸
harold ditching
harold ditching 4 years ago
focus on his left hand,he simply reverse the wallet?
Santiago Moura
Santiago Moura 4 years ago
netas, o que é a cskbf
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 4 years ago
Hahahaha money
Nycelina/Michelle Wightman
Spiders... Don't like them...nope...and I love all Criss Angels illusions and unexplainable events....but oh no... I Carry And I'd Shoot. Fear For My Life....Got It Covered In Court :/
Rayan Liniker
Rayan Liniker 4 years ago
taa fuck
humixmusic4lyf 4 years ago
'shoudda wrote down money': this asshole X'D
Skye June
Skye June 3 years ago
humixmusic4lyf 3 years ago
@HorrorLet'sPlay report it?
TastyDoritos 3 years ago
@humixmusic4lyf report
humixmusic4lyf 3 years ago
what, say it or write it?
TastyDoritos 3 years ago
i would do it too
RACHEL02189 4 years ago
At least Criss has a sense of humor about it
Vintagegirl 241
Vintagegirl 241 4 years ago
I wouldn't run away from the mouse. I would hold it, they're cute to me. :3
Monyka Marty
Monyka Marty 4 years ago
Money 😂😂
Ryansoobin 4 years ago
BeLIEve LIE /\
NightcoreMoon 4 years ago
r u really magician?
Dougie Clemenson
Dougie Clemenson 4 years ago
Boxing greats
Chan Tat Chern
Chan Tat Chern 4 years ago
u know how to do it
Syed Zafar
Syed Zafar 4 years ago
Audrey Qiu
Audrey Qiu 4 years ago
wouldn't work on me
Chuesi Trixie
Chuesi Trixie 4 years ago
I don't Understand how he do all magics?
Neezia R6
Neezia R6 4 years ago
What happened to him how come he has no show anymore and doesnt really perform ??? Plz answer!!!
Layne Combs
Layne Combs Year ago
He makes 70 million a year doing his show at the luxor and he is getting paid even more to move his show to a Caesar's property next year in Vegas.
King Vlad2000
King Vlad2000 2 years ago
Because he was exposed as a fraud dude. ALL of his "tricks" can be revealed. Dude simply uses cgi and mirrors. He's basically the new age version of Copperfield...but "Copperfield takes the streets/Hollywood" He will never be a david Blaine, who goes up close and personal with real people(unpaid). And that's the end of it.
sky 4 years ago
he has live shows in vegas at the luxor, i just saw him & it was amazing 😍
Ảo Thuật Cho Tôi
địt mẹ cricc
Victor Alonso
Victor Alonso 4 years ago
"You should've wrote money." Damn I've gotta keep that in mind if some professional Necromancer comes up to me and tells me to write down what I fear.
lordshifu 4 years ago
+Victor Alonso be careful what you wish for, if the necromancer is trying to make your fears go away... not the best idea
Federico Garcia
Federico Garcia 5 years ago
Dat was fuckin amzing
Epic Bros Time
Epic Bros Time 5 years ago
If I knew it was him I would have wrote down money
johnbrown 60
johnbrown 60 5 years ago
Crickets? no one would even think of crickets. Staged and actress
Nathan B Ring
Nathan B Ring 5 years ago
If havent seen then dont speak his awsome
Fabri Luna
Fabri Luna 5 years ago
pero que dicen
IL 7oNiNo
IL 7oNiNo 5 years ago
la mujer rubia e la asistente :D salio en las dos seg. 0:30 etento a su mano ase el giro
taylerdurden14 5 years ago
What if she wrote down herself?
Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale 5 years ago
the girls with the purses are his paid assistants and the mouse, bugs, snakes are already inside.... two kindergarten kids could pull this stunt.....
La Manzanita
La Manzanita 5 years ago
yidigo 5 years ago
Kris yanlış sulardasınn
Preston Mccallister
J. Emy
J. Emy 5 years ago
She's like, I'm out.
Andrea Acosta
Andrea Acosta 5 years ago
Javier64691 5 years ago
I dont know if what he do is fake or not but I like it
Noel Kabiito
Noel Kabiito 5 years ago
If u can't do it shut the fuck up explaining how it's done
Rednbluescooter 5 years ago
im scared of 44543599999 dollar bills c: XD see what would i get
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 5 years ago
He knows what to pick, because he studied the female mind for years... xD
kali undescribed
kali undescribed 5 years ago
Drew 5 years ago
I wish she wrote down dinosaurs :(
Stop 5 years ago
@taylerdurden14 omg xD
taylerdurden14 5 years ago
@Dylan28969 what if she wrote down herself?
Tubby 5 years ago
Lol me too
dragonlover 231
dragonlover 231 5 years ago
if he asked me this i wouldve told him snakes
Hugo Helfenstein
Hugo Helfenstein 5 years ago
which girl would carry an empty purse with her?
Allan Planty
Allan Planty Year ago
A dead one. Lolol
Andrew [Cro]
Andrew [Cro] 5 years ago
because its all a act.
Dragon 5 years ago
เหอะๆ 0:33
MattTLM 5 years ago
do you see how she fold the paper before criss told her to, can't you see he use paid acters
DL RAMEN Negan 5 years ago
this is fake
Adelito Lours
Adelito Lours 5 years ago
Bad actor all fake
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