Criss Angel - Angel & Demon show

Yana Maximkina
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Apr 28, 2015




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Comments 18
drip feet
drip feet 3 months ago
What in the actual fuk😱😱😱😱
Jonathan Arokapiti
Jonathan Arokapiti 5 months ago
Criss you getting creepier 😱😱😱
Holy Jonson
Holy Jonson Year ago
Amazing show I have ever seen 🤗.
drop it opss
drop it opss Year ago
Wtf wowww
Luis Duarte
Luis Duarte Year ago
Dwayning Palacios
I've always liked the programming of criss angel the illusionist.
Nick Rolando
Nick Rolando Year ago
Pretty fucked up Adam and eve mockery a
Bane Sibuna
Bane Sibuna Year ago
It’s all illusion.
Nick Rolando
Nick Rolando Year ago
Bane Sibuna obviously not hard to tell real from fake
Bane Sibuna
Bane Sibuna Year ago
The cool thing about criss angel is that he never had to claim supernatural or special power to gain popularity.
Nick Rolando
Nick Rolando Year ago
Bane Sibuna dude don't judge me you don't know what I think about that topic. Nobody knows the real story for all we know its bullshit like this guy Chris angel
Bane Sibuna
Bane Sibuna Year ago
That’s the problem, it’s falsely interpreted And mistranslated, deliberately. Which is why you think it’s some wonderful fuzzy story. It’s not. But church people and KJV “sheeple” will never come to that understanding.
Adrian Year ago
very satanic
Bane Sibuna
Bane Sibuna 10 months ago
God/Devil=Universe/Humanity one is to the other what the other is to the one. This was understood by the Gnostics, Jesus and many others before the Roman Catholic Church pushed false narratives that are now embraced by the religious. Back to my main point, the artistic value of this comes from the artist, as does the intent behind it, whether good/evil which also comes from within. Satanic is a boogeyman label used by the religious to perpetuate false narrative and stifle creativity, which is the epitome of “ungodly”.
celess21 10 months ago
@Bane Sibuna Well, it's still satanic, it is a religion followed by many people too, what do you think motivated art throughout all centuries? The Divine, whether it is God or the Devil.
Bane Sibuna
Bane Sibuna Year ago
Actually very original, and very artistic. But then, artistic is something hated by the religious, along with education. But hypocrisy is loved and embraced.
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