Crew Demo-1 Mission | Undocking

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At 2:49 a.m. EST on March 2, SpaceX launched Crew Dragon’s first demonstration mission from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The intent of this test flight without crew on board the spacecraft was to demonstrate SpaceX’s capabilities to safely and reliably fly astronauts to and from the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.
Crew Dragon docked with the ISS on March 3 at 3:02 a.m. PST, becoming the first American spacecraft to autonomously dock with the orbiting laboratory. The spacecraft undocked from the ISS at 11:32 p.m. PST on March 7 and splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean at 5:45 a.m. PST on March 8.

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Apr 9, 2019




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Din 29 days ago
......NASA has left the chat
Javier Vazquez
Javier Vazquez Month ago
Damn Kate Tice is fine af 😍
Vikalp Dixit
Vikalp Dixit Month ago
Kate you are so beautiful and sexy
issamkholoud2009 3 months ago
The can land boosters but they can’t upload in 1080p
JustAnotherEngineer 4 months ago
32:40 wtf is that yellow streak passing from left to right?
N. 4 months ago
Thought is said "unboxing"......
psycleen 6 months ago
beleive it or astronot
Rick Lake
Rick Lake 6 months ago
At 24:45 what is the bright red flare that grows, from out of nowhere, and then disappears in space behind and above the capsule?
Angelos Joseph
Angelos Joseph 6 months ago
Obediah 1:4 Though you go up on high like an eagle, though your house is placed among the stars, I will make you come down from there, says the Lord. Amos 9:2 Though they dig into hell thence shall my hand take them; and though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down.
Tb Thomas
Tb Thomas 6 months ago
I truly admire what Spacex has accomplished. However, I question the wisdom of prioritizing _making humankind a multi-planet species_, given the number of critical, but obviously dysfunctional systems we currently rely upon in order to maintain the stability of our civilization. In fact, having gone from less than 2-billion souls attempting to share this planet peacefully in 1939, as we approach a population of 8-billion, circa 2022, we remain dependent upon one and only one 'socio political stabilization system', that being nuclear weapons. At the same time, we have introduced two new, highly volatile technologies, each of which has 'holocaust potential', namely 'gene-hacking', and the Internet (social-media in particular). And, our crude attempts to regulate nuclear weapons (since 1962), have all but collapsed. Bottom-line: even though there's nobody on Mars in a position to protest setting up a human colony there, call me superstitious, but it seems to me we should be focusing every ounce of ingenuity we can muster figuring out how to modernize our 'conflict resolution' technologies here on Earth, before we become completely immersed in the wonderful fantasy of colonizing Mars. (IMHO)
Krid Adounsattapong
Krid Adounsattapong 6 months ago
Isolated its
claude robbin
claude robbin 7 months ago
Enable.ads wanna earn??
House of Teixido
House of Teixido 7 months ago
Is GOMspace with this mission?
Иван Абрамов
Какие последствия взрыва Crew Dragon, насколько это замедлит планы по строительству Super Heavy и Starship, что с полётом астронавтов, отменены?
Michael Charles
Michael Charles 7 months ago
After the capsule explosion, it should be taken into consideration that: 0-point antigravity technology is supposed to take over for classic rocket technology. Nearby alien civilizations with the ability to travel the stars... and have for over a hundred thousand years, notice when antigravity technology is being held back in favor of sheer chemical propulsion technology as that of rockets. The transition from rocket tech to the full body of antigravity tech, "hyperTech", allows for the natural evolutionary sequence of Earth, to continue and continue millions of years after humans have spread out into the Galaxy abroad, when other Earth lifeforms become technology creators.
Philip Kent
Philip Kent 7 months ago
I’m a materials science engineer with a nanotechnology background. My dream job is to protect the most vital branch of Space X (accordingly to Elon) from a fast spreading virus or disease. When all is said and done, your company is your employees I’ve learned, and if things goes sideways with widespread virus and disease randomly in the US, I know how to stop it without prescription antibiotics very quickly. I’d effectively be protecting the flock. Sigh what a dream!!
Happy John
Happy John 7 months ago
48:45 That's pretty impressive! 1:35 PM 4/19/2019
Happy John
Happy John 7 months ago
Looks like a fat astronaut! 1:36:36 PM 4/19/2019
Happy John
Happy John 7 months ago
46:00 Funny 1:33 PM 4/19/2019
Happy John
Happy John 7 months ago
32:00 Thank me later 1:32 PM 4/19/2019
JB Six50
JB Six50 7 months ago
Space X: Changing the future for many generations Me: making a meme comment on their RUvid videos Also me: like this comment
KDSwales 8 months ago
Can't wait until second launch of Crew Dragon when the first people will be launched in space to ISS, from the U.S, since the Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2011.
ZEUKI1 8 months ago
The other day I tried to have a conversation with someone about this (Space travel in general) and I was abruptly told it was just a distraction from what was "really going on in the world". It started a very disturbing conversation. "Well" I said "wouldnt it be nice if we could all try and work together to actually accomplish something"? Fearing the unknown does nothing to shield you from it, it just delays discovery.
weezilla 8 months ago
shooting star 34:23?
Canadian Man
Canadian Man 8 months ago
Holy crap, you would not want an emergency exit taking this long.
trung nguyen hoang
trung nguyen hoang 6 months ago
And to protect the station hardware from the thruster exhaust, no need to rush
Kenneth Wheeler
Kenneth Wheeler 7 months ago
This is a practice run, kind of like checking out a CNC machining program, the first run always takes longer as each step is multi- checked
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow 8 months ago
Laggy launch stream and the re-streams where filled with disgusting adds...not what I was expecting.
Antonio Flores.
Antonio Flores. 8 months ago
She is a hot blonde
edgey8D 8 months ago
Will this ever land using the retro boosters, or do NASA stipulate that it must use parachutes and splashdown?
TheRealF.B.I 8 months ago
Dumitru Langham
Dumitru Langham 8 months ago
Stamp za 😅😅😅 wrong you’re watching then
FaRo 8 months ago
It looks like an astronaut in a spacesuit moving out of a really narrow opening. :D (for example if you press 9)
LiveMedia123 8 months ago
We didnt hear mission control....................................... thanks
Riad Hossan
Riad Hossan 8 months ago
Mafiapau 8 months ago
32:45 - BEAUTY!
Matrix 8 months ago
720p ??? Where is 4k ???? SpaceX
itsThatTime 8 months ago
One step closer to Mars.
Nicolas Acosta
Nicolas Acosta 8 months ago
like por el intro
sulijoo 8 months ago
I hate the way the SpaceX crew clap and whoop every damn time something happens. You'd think they'd be used to this by now, it's pretty unprofessional and cringy. I know NASA does it, but that's usually at JPL at the culmination of a 10 year mission landing on Titan or something, when nerves are frayed.
GearheadGames 6 months ago
This is Crew Dragon's maiden voyage. If one thing goes wrong, it's over. Anything that goes right should be celebrated.
Gotenham 8 months ago
Would be awesome if you gave metric measurements aswell, for the rest of the planet
ikashibimauler 8 months ago
What was that flying by at 32:40?
lil_jamones_es :v
lil_jamones_es :v 8 months ago
3025m 8 months ago
America has the most beautiful engineers. With respect from Russia )
Iambehindyou6 7 months ago
No she is not *just* a host. She is a program reliability engineer. 0:57 written in bottom right corner.
Throngdorr Mighty
Throngdorr Mighty 7 months ago
@3025m- She’s just a host.
3025m 7 months ago
@Throngdorr Mighty yes )
Throngdorr Mighty
Throngdorr Mighty 7 months ago
@3025m- Are you referring to the lady in the video?
justinian567 8 months ago
You have the most beautiful girls, make them engineers.
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