Crew Demo-1 Mission | Splashdown

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Crew Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean at 5:45 a.m. PST on March 8, 2019.

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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 253
Scavenger 29 days ago
i bet this hairless guy is a pedoras
Helder De Almeida
SpaceX is the best thing that happen at least they give some competition to NASA because NASA is a sleep for many years now so thank you Elon Musk for all you've done for humanity we will never forget you.
yunsag 3 months ago
지상에 정상 추진 착륙이 안되서 차선 및 비상착륙인 낙하산 착륙을 한 것이 맞나요? 원래 크루드래곤은 지상에 추진착륙 가능한걸로 알고 있는데
Mike .R.
Mike .R. 4 months ago
1:08:00 You REALLY needed to explain that?? *smh* Maybe LBGTQs needed it spelled out - but for the 'rest of us' it's pretty much a given.
N the Otaku
N the Otaku 4 months ago
Dude Not cool
ChoppersBBQ 6 months ago
Do you recover all debris that lands in the ocean, parachutes etc?
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 7 months ago
Yesterday night? Does she mean last night?
Sara Simão
Sara Simão 8 months ago
I just wished they wouldn't focus so much on "great achievement for AMERICA" and America this and American that. Yes, I get you are a patriot and ofc most of all the work in these missions are made by Americans in the USA and you should get credit for it but ultimately this is a great achievement for all humanity! Space exploration should bring us together as one despite nationalities. I tune in very often to the live feeds or videos and I get so excited, anxious and proud for these achievements although I'm not from USA. 👍
Sara Simão
Sara Simão 7 months ago
@x1LuCkySob you need to grow up... "that's one step for man, one giant leap for HUMAN KIND".
x1LuCkySob 7 months ago
USA USA USA, don't be jealous
Ray Stroud
Ray Stroud 8 months ago
Congratulations - inspirational. Onwards and upwards :-)
custard the pipecat
custard the pipecat 8 months ago
good too see twice gondgrats spacex !!
R230Tuner 8 months ago
Awesome SpaceX
C Wel
C Wel 8 months ago
2:22:05 Feels good.
C Wel
C Wel 8 months ago
10/10 TOP TIER WORK!!!
пусто пусто
Слава Илону Маску, позор Роскосмосу.
пусто пусто
12 Апреля - даже нечего сказать про наш космос - одно позорище, то ли были времена в СССР, где мой папа заслужил золотую медаль им.Королёва от ИКИ... а сейчас: Рогозин, Батут, Святая вода...
Rahul A
Rahul A 8 months ago
congrats america
ΜrCookie 8 months ago
This makes me happy!
Sklawz Einstein
Sklawz Einstein 8 months ago
Hi Kate Tice. You're looking very beautiful as always. You're glowing morenthan usual 😍 It might be the light reflection off your co-hosts head. Either way you look nice. Good job. Wanna go and see a Falcon launch and maybe a coffee or something afterwards?? 🙄
Matija Ilic
Matija Ilic 8 months ago
preatorian 8 months ago
I think SpaceX and unknown worlds should partner to make music for the background music, anyone else think that is a good idea?
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 8 months ago
March 8th 2019
Franc Franc
Franc Franc 8 months ago
Shadman Chowdhury
Shadman Chowdhury 8 months ago
Dayum! These guys are nailing it!
terrahawk2003 8 months ago
Very cool!
Dystopic Rodeo
Dystopic Rodeo 8 months ago
Thank you SpaceX for bringing back the joy and amazement I felt as a child watching the Apollo missions.
epSos Premium
epSos Premium 8 months ago
*Mission Accomplished !* Space tourism is now in commercial phase #2 :-)
Miguel Ferreira Mouta Junior
Koaasst 8 months ago
video was so hyped it took a whole month to finish uploading!
M B 8 months ago
Bosingr 8 months ago
Why did it take you a month to upload this SpaceX?
Evitable 8 months ago
Kerbal IRL
Parrot Raiser
Parrot Raiser 8 months ago
I wish the makers of videos would resist the temptation to fill silences with irritating "music" soundtracks.
M P 8 months ago
Damn their work is great
Veysel 58
Veysel 58 8 months ago
YokeTB 8 months ago
1:12:04 Anyone have a good explenation on why it takes so long for the chutes to deploy fully? i would doubt they use slider as in normal parachutes?
jedi1357 8 months ago
Multi-stage reefing devices. It opens the parachute in several steps slowing it from 400mph to 40 ft/s over 40 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
Baleur 8 months ago
Builds real life spaceship to travel to Mars and set up a colony to ensure humanitys survival. Uploads youtube vids in 720p 24fps. *JK JK* _(rowling)_
Rudolf Graspointner
Rudolf Graspointner 8 months ago
1:15:00 I do not understand the breaking wave crescents on the horizon but no white splashes in the foreground ???
Benjamyn Hazelton
Benjamyn Hazelton 8 months ago
yesssss, lets go back to the moon!! why not!? ;)
Fading Wolf
Fading Wolf 8 months ago
lovely splash down. soft and graceful
Javier Pacello
Javier Pacello 8 months ago
Gracias por impulsarnos al futuro!
Exotic_Ghoul 8 months ago
damn this reminds me of subnautica! even the music makes me think of subnautica !
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