Credit Card Skimmers

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The Lookout team goes undercover to find out if your credit information is at risk at the gas pump.

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Aug 29, 2013




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dimeandbiggie 22 days ago
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Larz Alexander
Larz Alexander 23 days ago
Are they blurry out the thieves?
hand some
hand some 24 days ago
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Daniel Roman
Daniel Roman 25 days ago
I always pay with cash to prevent this
Anime Good Anime
Anime Good Anime 25 days ago
Who else is going to go tell their parents about this?
glorieux byebi Sawasawa
Tesla Owners: 😂
ronnette harvey
ronnette harvey 27 days ago
Well another video cut short
crisco gwop
crisco gwop 28 days ago
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Northward Bound
Northward Bound Month ago
Shake the reader and keypad to see if anything comes loose. Then look for certification stickers. If there aren't any, or they say void or look damaged, might be skimmed
Northward Bound
Northward Bound Month ago
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Fikesei Ofoetitan
T W 2 months ago
What does the skummer actually read. Is it only card number it reads or what does it
Milton Livramento
Milton Livramento 2 months ago
I pay cash
William Dylan
William Dylan 3 months ago
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Dboii Nasty
Dboii Nasty 3 months ago
Its always a broke person who doesnt like to work and smoke meth all day.
OG 516
OG 516 4 months ago
Little tip. This is the new generation of organized crime.
L.E K 4 months ago
Very easy to still your card info. Cashiers, waitress / waiters, Take a picture. front and back of card with phone.
randy tabron
randy tabron 4 months ago
I only use cash at gas stations
randy tabron
randy tabron 4 months ago
I only use cash at gas stations
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caryl sitler
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Steven Lee
Steven Lee 5 months ago
I can't stand thieves.
alton Jones
alton Jones 5 months ago
Yea the bad guy's, set behind the desk.
How to Samsung
How to Samsung 5 months ago
Just put small magnetic alarms on the pump doors
dent lee
dent lee 5 months ago
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LizHoney 5 months ago
How do they get inside the pump???
Steven Willow
Steven Willow 5 months ago
There’s a special place in hell for people like this.
ARJUN SAHA 6 months ago
new breed.
Doctor Teeth
Doctor Teeth 6 months ago
So, why would you even try to ruin someones name, when you can Commit Identiy theft just as easy as any hacker.
Doctor Teeth
Doctor Teeth 6 months ago
Yeah she got into his wallet, you can get into someones mail, exspecialy at Tax time. Found someones W2s lying on the ground, picked it up, took it to the Social security office. Had his S. S numbers on it.
Doctor Teeth
Doctor Teeth 6 months ago
Yeah, when I was younger I got a call from one of my moms friends when she was not home. On the caller ID showed up another friend of hers name. She laughed and told me that she took his S.S number and Got her phone turned on. I thought nothing of it, untill she asked who called from this number, I told her that her friend, and not the name of the friend on the caller I.D. she got caught up, because I didn't cover for her, did not know I had to.
Angel E
Angel E 6 months ago
Damn they found my method
Steph c
Steph c 6 months ago
You can’t steal from me. I’m broke so my credit card will definitely decline.
Mikey Gee
Mikey Gee 6 months ago
Consumers: use tap and pay. Merchants: support tap and pay
Mikey Gee
Mikey Gee 6 months ago
“The same guys who protect the president” lmao wtf they’ve been doing this longer than they’ve been protecting presidents
Pokemon Pokey Journeys
Or you can always pay in cash
Gavin Kendig
Gavin Kendig 6 months ago
That's why you always pay in cash inside
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor 6 months ago
This is a new breed of scumbag parasite losers. Sucking real men and women's hard earned money from them. Just get a real job and get sober u fucks.
Petrotech 6 months ago
That's why you don't buy Gilbarco
Noobs GOOSEY 6 months ago
I check for credit card skimmers everyday at the gas station i work at. And even though i only found two in the two years ive worked so far i still never pay at the pump. Even at my own gas station i work at. I either pay inside with my card or cash. I never pay at the pump. I don't trust pumps.
Charles Yates
Charles Yates 6 months ago
I know the cops are too dumb to figure it out in Tampa . One thing is alot of the skimmers are put in place by the station owners or managers so cops never suspect that .
I'm Not-Tarded
I'm Not-Tarded 6 months ago
Start killing thieves on the spot
professorquack 6 months ago
Can you show a shot for more than 5 seconds or provide any useful information ?
Dino E. Schwartz
Dino E. Schwartz 6 months ago
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x1day iwnl
x1day iwnl 3 months ago
cleotilde pettus
cleotilde pettus 4 months ago
Wow love it!
Nu Myrna
Nu Myrna 4 months ago
very very good place
anneliese quandt
anneliese quandt 4 months ago
very very good place
K M 6 months ago
So the monney you lose does it get enshured?
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