Credit Card Skimmers

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The Lookout team goes undercover to find out if your credit information is at risk at the gas pump.

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Aug 29, 2013




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diztrin 4 days ago
Easy just have a sticker on the machine like that do on electronics. Like those "warranty void if opened" stickers. That way no one will use the machine if the sticker is ripped. Or make a sensor on the door, and every time it's closed it needs a password to function again.
Mlchael Wray
Mlchael Wray 7 days ago
Cara Crawford
Cara Crawford 8 days ago
I always pay inside. NEVER outside.
Redskullhead39 • 50 years ago
So all the redeem code and cheat engine came from credit card skimmers?? 😱😱
Cash Money
Cash Money 22 days ago
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GG Baby
GG Baby 27 days ago
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David Fred
David Fred Month ago
i'm grateful i got $5k balance in my blank atm card sent to me by vastrangelinks com
nicegaming 60
nicegaming 60 Month ago
Like is he high or some a damn gas station? Bro u ain't bout that shit
Simon Hôran
Simon Hôran Month ago
If u stole a credit card then send it to me via email or fb I buy stuff n send some to you I'm from Africa n they can't catch a none Eu or us citizen here .
TheLoganator Month ago
That’s why you pre-pay for gas
Martin Desrocher
this is funny the guy adds a master lock to is gas pump to keep it safe...the easiest locks to open without a key after a dollar store padlock ! hahahaha
k Month ago
just dont go out and shop online
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez Month ago
The guy from the peak ad sounds like Scotty Kilmer hahahaa
flex jonathan
flex jonathan Month ago
crime doesnt pay
ferkemall Month ago
UK this week there has been a 60% increase in cyber crime ,and they want a cashless society And everybody to have everything on line well fk off with that one ,i do everything in cash & my money is not in a bank ,+ my semi auto has a 1 lb trigger !
veg4life 2 months ago
i doubt withdrawing or purchasing or transferring a single penny will work in 2019 because everyone has a smartphone , online banking & bank apps on their phone so soon as any thief tries it , before the transaction is made dosent the actual owner need to confirm the sale & get permission first , or am i wrong did i miss something , coz im tired of being broke either i go out in a bang or get a permanent job with mr beast n be sorted for life , someone please reply
james williams
james williams Month ago
Get telegram app and add @wealthygate he will link you up if you wanna get into this shit.
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy 2 months ago
When you have taken your Money put any NOs in the Machine it confuses the machine and won’t pay the thieves.
EMP TiBeR 2 months ago
Homeboi pulled a 6ix9ine
Cash King
Cash King 2 months ago
It's real..I have come in contact with dudes doing this shit in the neighborhood..big dudes with balls..😎😎..When I entered their online forum when one of them gave me their forum IV..damn..I saw things there folks..different ways to trick cash dispensers/atm with both hardwares and softwares to cash out raw cash including skimmers..one was introducing his latest atm skimmer that is undetectable and another one was showcasing a device that can be used to get raw cash out of cash machines without card or pin and they actually show proof of themselves doing it🤓🤓..underground is where things happen..☻☻☻..but I got no balls to join that shit man because of jail😅😅..can't go jail for even a million dollars if those prison movies are real😆😆..though to be honest most of them seems to get away with it..90% of them do..it's all about balls at the end anyway..if you got it download telegram app and then add @wealthygate he guide you further..
james williams
james williams Month ago
You are very right. There are different kinds out there now
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura 2 months ago
3:22 shh, don't show it to LPL
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura 2 months ago
7:15 master lock sighted
Not today Satan
Not today Satan 2 months ago
Why didn't they just arrest " Mr and Mrs Skimmer" right then and there when they caught them on camera?
Big Dawg
Big Dawg 2 months ago
Not today Satan because they’re white
Ryan B
Ryan B 2 months ago
This could never happen at a QuikTrip. Just so you know!
Ron Thunders
Ron Thunders 2 months ago
Uh...... wait, so if the skimmers aren’t able to open up the box, the scam wouldn’t work???????
흙수저의반란 2 months ago
Use cash
black widow
black widow 2 months ago
Theres still a lot to be said for cash,credit cards are a key to your account
edward farrell
edward farrell 2 months ago
That's gass
Drake LXIX
Drake LXIX 2 months ago
Ik this is bad to say but this is some clever shit, like people aren’t physically harming others (besides financially) and they’re getting smatter.
Prophete Aris
Prophete Aris 2 months ago
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Cobis 2 months ago
if they wanna put a stop to skimming I don't think putting a tutorial on how to do it in the video is a great idea lmao
Foox Wayward
Foox Wayward 2 months ago
Robert Berthaut
Robert Berthaut 2 months ago
If you buy gas, pay with cash.
Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir 2 months ago
But why would u pay by card at pump ffs looks so fake paying at pump
Eboney Nicole
Eboney Nicole 2 months ago
They got my ass today lol
alexansBROS 2 months ago
In Europe we don' t use swipe. We use EMV so no problem!
흙수저의반란 2 months ago
Ye its called shimming. You can never be 100% safe with data
Diamonz 2 months ago
Emv has already been compromised, it’s called “Shimming”
Darrell Stewart
Darrell Stewart 3 months ago
I just go inside and pay for gas
Rap Leaker
Rap Leaker 3 months ago
Teejayx6 wya
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes 3 months ago
Thumbs down because the flaky background music is so loud, Can't hear what the narrator is saying!
Quiet 2 months ago
Jim Holmes i know how to fix this. It’s called stop being a pussy
JuergenGDB 3 months ago
How the fuck do they have time to open these machines so easily.. if this is such an epidemic, then this should demand better security for the consumer. Seriously gas pumps should be locked and well secured. Total BS that they can open it up in seconds and attach a fucking board and skimming machine.
1776 over 1984
1776 over 1984 3 months ago
Cash is safer...it's guarded by my gun!
1776 over 1984
1776 over 1984 3 months ago
Bothers me when criminals get a better job then you after they robbed you.
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