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Wish you could be a little more creative lately? Believe it or not, you’re more capable of making art than you think you are.
Don’t believe us? You may change your tune after learning some of these fantastic creative drawing tricks and hacks.
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 1 891
Aleah Brenner
Aleah Brenner 18 hours ago
Explain to me how Bella takes a whole glass of water blow a balloon and draw on it while all he had to do was pick up a fork?
Alyx Martinez
Alyx Martinez 18 hours ago
I love you
o Hershey Moon o
o Hershey Moon o 19 hours ago
Getting marker rubbed on your skin isn’t the worst it happens to me all the time
o Hershey Moon o
o Hershey Moon o 19 hours ago
How does just painting jeans help with your paint covered foot? ? 😑
jroberts3001 22 hours ago
Addy Ghali
Addy Ghali Day ago
You made me go draw
Curt Hildebrand
Have you heard of soap and water??🤗😝😝😝😝😝 . LOL
CALVIFACE 2 days ago
Just pick up the fork dude like you been down there for like, 15 minutes like jeez your a slow poke
Ghab Rocillo
Ghab Rocillo 2 days ago
pls shot out on me gab rocillo
*hotslut.ru* 4:15
Victoria L
Victoria L 2 days ago
You clearly coloured before. You should know what to do.
Victoria L
Victoria L 2 days ago
The tree painting is impossible it's so fake.
marie04012011 23 hours ago
Yeah they painted it
They probably just printed the tree out and put pink on.
Maria Jose
Maria Jose 2 days ago
# it’s Just Anaiah pina
Ps watch my channel (anaiah pina)
# it’s Just Anaiah pina
For the marker did u use a special marker
Shaneika Lewis
Shaneika Lewis 3 days ago
The last one she could of used water duh
Melissa Becerra
Melissa Becerra 3 days ago
I love your RUvid channel from.isela 100000000😔😪🤤😷🤒🤕🤒🙄😒😏🤭🤭🤭🤭🖖🖐👋💤🤏🤞🤞🤟🤙
soniagabriela122 3 days ago
i like her pants now
Mia Mia
Mia Mia 3 days ago
The first one was so fake
Gina Ulit
Gina Ulit 3 days ago
Its smart to put your foot in paint very smart
7171jed 4 days ago
5:25 whoever is gonna use that toothbrush after bella, I literally feel sO bAd ;-;
Jorge The Gamer
Jorge The Gamer 4 days ago
SuperSeaChicken 4 days ago
Why does it take him so long to pick up a fork?
sparx GAMING
sparx GAMING 4 days ago
bella is a artiest
Dr. Mad
Dr. Mad 5 days ago
Joaquin Ascencio
Joaquin Ascencio 5 days ago
Joaquin Ascencio
Joaquin Ascencio 5 days ago
Cc q.
Zainab Nuri
Zainab Nuri 5 days ago
On the first one it’s fake cause their are still the paint stains at the back Click the like button if u saw it too
Valerie Bushell
Valerie Bushell 5 days ago
Genesis Flores
Genesis Flores 5 days ago
I was following along and i did it
Alona Dalanon
Alona Dalanon 5 days ago
Alona Dalanon
Alona Dalanon 5 days ago
Tgi is how mnay
Drax Gamer pro
Drax Gamer pro 6 days ago
Subscribe me
H Makaoui
H Makaoui 6 days ago
The first one Is a lie
Kwestion Merk 2
Kwestion Merk 2 6 days ago
It took him that long to pick up a fork
Adele Moore
Adele Moore 6 days ago
I love your video it’s cool
Mouza Al Mansoori
The first one blew my mind
Airey Gaming
Airey Gaming 7 days ago
they used a wipe to get rid of le marker -.-
Airey Gaming
Airey Gaming 7 days ago
WOW just me or do you not believe the first one
Jandira Silva Nascimento
Girls commentso
tina 7 days ago
I Love art.
Farah Carelus
Farah Carelus 7 days ago
13 Funny hacks that you can do when you're bored
Jamal B
Jamal B 8 days ago
Youre videos are always 8 minutes and i always wanted them to be longer than 8 minutes and in this video it is 7 minutes and 37 seconds *I WANTES MORE NOT LESS*
John Nixon
John Nixon 8 days ago
Jazzy Akaveka
Jazzy Akaveka 8 days ago
She ain’t brilliant :]
Art with Anushka
Art with Anushka 8 days ago
2:32 THATS NOT HOW A PAINTED WALL SHOULD LOOK! ( and in an art vid u cant even match ur colors) pathetic :o
Carolina Ortiz
Carolina Ortiz 8 days ago
Anabey's World
Anabey's World 8 days ago
How to make Keke
Roshawn King
Roshawn King 9 days ago
I was still seeing high-lighter on you r hand
Roshawn King
Roshawn King 9 days ago
Not to me rude but your looks dry 😕
Potpot Parungao
Potpot Parungao 9 days ago
6:25 lol water
FATEMA MUNNI 9 days ago
5:45 -the drawing is still at the table...
Norfahmi Mohd Noor
Norfahmi Mohd Noor
Chris P Doritos
Chris P Doritos 9 days ago
You posted cringe. You always post cringe.
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens 9 days ago
One of the best videos ever
Cori Avery
Cori Avery 10 days ago
AaaAsld,cc,c,c. C,c,ccddkdkfffidddddfteyeyewwuehedkdndkdkdzlapq Z.x.s,XX,XX,xx,x,x,xx,x,x,XX,XX,s,XX,s,s,s,xxx X,xx,x,XX,XX,x,c,c
Karina Torres
Karina Torres 10 days ago
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